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Superior Express
Section II, Thursday, Aug. 23 1945

The names printed on this page are of service people who have served in the Great World War that has just come to an end. The list is as complete as could be secured from the records of the Nuckolls County Selective Service Office. The local board has no record of Nurses, Waves, Wacs, Spars or Lady Marines. Likewise there are many men who belong in this county but who have registered elsewhere and there is no record here of their service. Names of all of these service people are desired in this office as we expect to publish a complete list later. Please help us make this list complete.

Adams, Bruce Edgar
Adams, James Bryce
Adams, Rolland Bernard
Adams, Ray Dean
Adams, John William
Adamson, Dwight LeRoy
Adamson, Dale Eugene
Ahrens, Edwin Donald
Ahrens, Kenneth Henry
Alken, Joe Raymond
Albertson, Ray Darrel
Almond, Kingsley
Albrecht, Edwin Fred
Aldrich, William Wyatt
Alford, Henry Samuel
Anderson, Allyn Fred
Amack, Raymond Clifford
Anderson, Andrew Peter
Anderson, Alfred
Andreas, Ralph LeRoy
Anderson, Arthur Ellis
Anderson, Floyd Henry
Anderson, John Halvor
Anderson, Leland Irvin
Anderson, Kenneth Hartley
Anderson, Francis Eugene
Avers, Byron, Chester

Bacon, Robert Earl
Bagley, Glen LeRoy
Bagley, Edward Oren
Bagley, Bernard Charles
Bagley Roy Eugene
Bagley, Arlis Eugene
Bailey, Bert James Jr
Bailey, Raymond Eugene
Baker, Ralph James
Baker, Robert Kent
Bangert, Raymond Waldemar
Barchus, John Alfred
Barker, Claude Emery
Barker. Vernon LeRoy
Bargen, Albert John
Bargen, Frederick Dick
Hargen, Lloyd Eilert
Barfknecht, Harold Lawson
Barrows, Frank William
Bargen, James Andrew
Beikman, Frank Eugene
Bjorling, Freddie Dean
Bellus, Danny E
Bellus, Forrest Arnold
Bennett, Glen Alden
Benjamin, Floyd Elmer
Bennett, Leonard Clarence
Benker, Alfred August
Bickley, John Rogers
Bixby, Berwyn Dale
Bixby, Grove
Blackstone, Ronald
Blauvelt, Roy Clifford
Blevins, George Donald
Blevins, William Deane
Booker, Harold Earl
Boosemeyer, Alan Frank
Bottenfield, Von Wehrman
Bowes, Ivan Eugene
Boyd, Don Allison
Boylan, Cheslie Carl
Braun, Irvin Christian
Bradrick, Keith Eugene
Braden, Carl Eldon
Brumley, Dee A
Bridwell, Charles Haskall
Brandt, Donald Roy
Brant, Larry Dale
Brant, Dale Eugene
Brehm, Donald Dean
Brehm, Arthur Eugene
Brink, George Otis
Brockman, Gilbert Joseph
Brockman, Leander
Brockman, Leonard Joseph
Brockman, Maurice Louis
Brockman, Vincent E
Brown, Robert J
Brubaker, Cecil Shannon
Bruns, Herbert Wilfred
Buckles, Roy Lee
Buescher, Cornelius Joseph
Buckwell, Claude Lester
Bueoy, Alvie Marion
Bucoy, Ancel Marvin
Burge, Miles Richard
Burge, Lyle Elwin
Burd, Ross Hamilton
Busey, Jay Jr
Butler, Sidney Reed
Butler, Jerry Robert

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