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of the Lincoln State Journal
Sunday 5 June 1887.

This special edition was intended to
PROMOTE Nebraska
as a state and provide the towns
with an opportunity to advertise their status,
thus attract new residents.


Situated in Nuckolls County - On the Burlington & Missouri and Missouri Pacific Railroads - One Hundred and Thirty Seven Miles From Lincoln - Population One Thousand.

      Hardy, Neb., is situated on the Republican river in Nuckolls county, adjoining the north line of Kansas. Populations 1,000. Established 1880, at which time the Burlington & Missouri completed its Republican valley division to this place, and the Missouri Pacific extended its Central Branch division to the state line at this point. Its two railroads give the town excellent shipping facilities. A $10,000 brick school house and two church edifices are all the public buildings yet erected, although a town hall movement is about established. The shipments of gran and stock are very large from this point owing to the competition afforded by railroads and buyers.

      There are two banks, two grocery stores, two bar rooms, two drug stores, one boot and shoe store, two hotels, one lumber yard, one grain elevator, two coal dealers, four general merchandise, one steam feed mill, one furniture, one newspaper, two agricultural implement dealer, two restaurants, three millinery, two jewelers and a good brick yard, besides blacksmiths, carpenters, wagon makers and the usual accompaniment of wood workers. There are three organized church societies, two Sabbath schools, Masonic, A.O.U.W., G.A.R. and a large Chautanqua circle thathold regular meetings.

      The town enjoys a fine business from the surrounding country, the territory tributary being large, well settled and imporved. The soil is not excelled by any, being a light loam common in Nebraska, and the surface of the ground is unusually level. Nuckolls county has plenty of water, good soil, nice laying land, fifty miles of railroad, no county indebtedness, everything cash at the treasurer's office, and Hardy township owes nothing except $4,000 on her school house at 6 per cent. Good improved farms with young orchards beginning to bear fruit on wood land can be had at reasonable figures.



Situated in Nuckolls County - On the Burlington & Missouri Railroad - One Hundred and Twenty-two Miles from Lincoln - Population Eight Hundred.

      Nebraska is a state to be rpoud of. In general intelligence, patriotic aspiration and pure hospitality her citizens are not surpassed by any people on the face of the earth.

      Though eminently an agricultural state, yet her natural resources afford wide scope for diversity of industry.

      No section of the state combines those things desirable in climate, soil and water in a more satisfactory a degree than the souther[sic] section of the state and notably so the Republican valley.

      This valley comprehends an extensive area of most fertile agricultural county and within its bounds is limitless wealth in soil and water power. The city of Superior is located on the Republican river in this valley and at the junction of the Denver & Kansas City branch of the Burlington & Missouri railroad and Missouri Pacific railroad from Achison. This rising city of less than a dozen years of history has assumed the proportions of a well organized city of the second class. Its location is invitingly beautiful and healthful. Good judgement in latting the city with broad streets and beautiful avenues, now adorned with shade trees, together with much good taste displayed in the many fine residences, supplement nature in making it the most beautiful city of the valley. It is greatly to its advantage that the real estate of the town is not owned by speculators or foreigners, but by residents who dispose of it at reasonable figures and are able to offer substantial inducements to a desirable class of citizens.

      Superior is the commercial center of a large area of rich producing country. Its annual volume of trade amounts to three quarters of a million. Three substantial banks, two lumber yards, eight general stock stores, three drug stores, two hardware, four millinery, also some heavy stocks in exclusive lines. The usual other lines of commercial trade are represented with greater or less capital As the city is growing, new opportunities and openings for men of means and western business grit may be found in the various avenues of trades. This is the distributing point in southern Nebraska for "The Denver Live Stock company," a syndicate of ample capital, to furnish the great corn districts of southern Nebraska thousands of feeding cattle, as well as the Denver market with excellent beef. Local transactions in the live stock amount to one million dollars annually. A capital of one hundred and fifty thousand is employed in the grain business.

      The Gutherie Brothers' famous roller mills are located here with a water power capacity of five hun;dred barrels per day. Brick yaards with most improved patent killns have a capacity of one and a half million per annum. A fence factory, glove factory, wagon and carriage factory, windmill facotries all do a prosperous business; church demominations are well represented while good schools are a source of public pride.

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