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Nuckolls County, Nebraska
extracted from Newspaper Articles

This page is dedicated to
the memory of

Introduction: Mrs BENNETT must have loved her friends and community very much because she placed in scrapbooks many articles about people and events surrounding the community of Superior in Nuckolls County, Nebraska. The scrapbooks as they came to me were well used, yellow with age ... and in some instances very brittle from age. There were five of these scrapbooks and they are in the process of being indexed and genealogical information extracted from them.

There is no attempt to portray this as a complete work. This page consists of extractions from articles [mainly obituaries and wedding anniversaries] clipped from a newspaper [probably The Superior Express] and pasted in scrapbooks. These extractions serve primarily as an index of names that would be of interest to genealogists and family historians. They center around the community of Superior in Nuckolls county, Nebraska and range from about 1910 through about 1965. At this time they are just entered, but eventually they will be alphabatized by the SURNAME most prominant in the article. The Roman and Arabic numerals in brackets identify the scrapbook and location within that these articles are found.

Many thanks to Bobbi Bonetti for some of the coding and initial listing.

ALFORD, Wilder M  [BIV,p48,c1]
ALFORD, Ardilla(SHAFFER)(Mrs. Wilder W.)  [BIV,p48,c3]
ALLISON, (Mrs. Hugh)  [BIV,p49,c1]
AMACK, Clifford R. [BIV,p13,c2]
AMY, Frank A. [BIV,p2,c1]
ANDERSON, Guy [BIV,p1,c4]
ANDERSON, Kathryn M [BIV,p15,c4]
ANDERSON, Anna (Mrs. Tony)  [BIV,p50,c2]
BAIRD, Nelle A.(MINOR)(Mrs .A. J.)[BIV,p18,c1]
BAIRD, Estella Catherine [BIV,p14,c1]
BALLARD, Nellie (MYERS)(Mrs. Rollie E,) [BIV,p18,c3]
BARNES, Jeanette(CROOK)(Mrs. B.W.)[BIV,p18,c1]
BARNHART, Betty(STRINE)(Mrs. George) [BIV,p14,c2]
BEAL, Wendell Clayton [BIV,p5,c1]

Dinner Hosts 1960 [BIII,p1,c1]
BENNETT, Clarence W [Mr & Mrs]
   FENIMORE, Lyle [Mr & Mrs] 
   YOUNG, Hugh  [Mr & Mrs]
   Lervald, Martin [Mr & Mrs]
   MOORE, Leroy  [Mr & Mrs]
   ???, Glen & Anita
   RITZLAN, Merle  [Mr & Mrs]
   JOHNSON, Charles
   BENNETT, Leonard

BERRY, Minnie (Mrs A. S.)  [BIV,p4,c2]
BLACKSTONE, Bertha Ann(MELLOTT)(Mrs. John Henry) [BIV,p19c3]
BLOCK, Julius [BIV,p49,c3]
BODEN, Myra Jeannette [BIV,p19,c2]
BOURNE , Harry Berton [BIV,p11,c2]
BOYD, Gladys(CHANEY)(Mrs. Joesph W) [BIV,p12,c2]
BREHM, Minnie Alta(STINEMAN)(Mrs. Alex) [BIV,p20,c4]
BRICKA, Winoma Ellen(RHOADS)(Mrs. Bert) [BIV,p12,c3]
BROOKS, Ollie Esta(BRANDT)(Mrs. Homer)  [BIV,p9,c1]
BROWNING, Jennie Mae(SCOTT)(Mrs.Franklin Elmer) [BIV,p8,c3]
BROWNING, (SCOTT)(Mrs. Frank)[BIV,p7,c1]
CALHOUN, Bessie (Mrs) [BIV,p8,c4]
CHANEY, Emma(BAIRD)(Mrs. William Edward)  [BIV,p16,c2]
CHESNEY, Albert Prather  [BIV,p19,c3]
CHESNEY, Charles[BIV,p47,c2]
COATES, Frank Melvin  [BIV,p8,c2]
COCKRAN, Irl V. [BIV,p17,c1]
COLBURN, Clarence Glenn  [BIV,p18,c1]
COMBS, Thomas Herbert [BIV,p5,c4]
COMBS, Tom [BIV,p3,c4]
CRAIG, Lewis Lawrence [BIV,p49,c1]
CRISPIN, Charles Arthur  [BIV,p17,c3]
DAILEY, Charles M. [BIV,p11,c4]
DAVENPORT, Joseph W.  [BIV,p20,c2]
DAVENPORT, Mary E.(WADLEIGH)(Mrs. Dave) [BIV,p20,c4]
DAVIDSON, Walter D. [BIV,p47,c1]
DAVIDSON, Myrtle(Mrs. James M.)[BIV,p20,c2]
DAVIDSON, Frank L.  [BIV,p20,c1]
DAVIDSON, Alice(GRAHAM)(Mrs.John W.) [BIV,p48,c3]
DAVIDSON, Opal Garnet [BIV,p18,c4]
DAY, Charles [BIV,p20,c3]
DEERE, William[BIV,p16,c3]
DICK, W. S.  [BIV,p15,c1]
DISNEY, Benjamin Levi [BIV,p8,c4]
DISNEY, Robert L.  [BIV,p16,c4]
DOBBS, Thomas Herbert [BIV,p5,c3]

Obit Oct 1961 [IV-1,c2]
DUNN, Jess E
     DUNN, Joseph [father]
     DUNN, Ada Linsay [mother]
     DUNN, Bessie COMSTOCK [wife]
     DUNN, Raymond [son]
     SERIVNER, Mrs Sherman (Norma) [daughter]
     DUNN, Dale [son]
     DUNN, Robert [son]
     DUNN, Wayne [son]
     DUNN, Harold [son]
     FULLERTON, Mrs Charles (Donna) [daughter]
     DUNN, Ronald [son]
     DUNN, Lloyd [brother]
     DUNN, David [brother]
     DUNN, George [brother]
     McGOVERN, Mrs Elsie [sister]
     KOSTIC, Mrs Zelma [sister]
     [DUNN, Donald; deceased son]
     [DUNN, Loren, deceased son]

DUNN, Lloyd William [BIV,p16,c2]
DYE, Loretta Laurene(PECK)(Mrs. Thomas B.)[BIV,p18,c3]
EBERSOLE, Carteret  [BIV,p14,c4]
EDGAR, Elva Margaret(Mrs Lewis)  [BIV,p3,c3]
EDWARDS, C. H.[BIV,p9,c4]
EISEMAN, Lewis[BIV,p8,c2]
EISENMAN, Salome (BECK)(Mrs. Robert)[BIV,p8,c3]
EISENMAN, Salome(Mrs. Robert)  [BIV,p7,c2]
ELLSWORTH, Roy A.[BIV,p47,c3]
EYRE, John E. [BIV,p9,c3]
FENIMORE, Ray D.[BIV,p4,c4]
FENIMORE, Lyle Surgery 27 Nov 1962 [BIII,p4,c2]

Obit 5 Mar 1964 [IV-1,c3]
     FITZGERALD, Cecile [wife]
     FITZGERALD,Robert [son]
     FITZGERALD, Jean [daughter?]
     FITZGERALD, Vern [brother]

FITZGERALD, Robert E. [BIV,p13,c4]
GALLOWAY, John M.[BIV,p47,c1]
GIBSON, William [BIV,p7,c4]
GODSEY, Robert  [BIV,p6,c4]
GOOD, Benjamin Harrison  [BIV,p7,c4]
GOOD, William I [BIV,p15,c1]
GRAHAM, Harry B.[BIV,p20,c3]
GRAHAM, Everett James [BIV,p17,c1]
GRAHAM, Harry B.[BIV,p19,c2]
GRAHAM, Ernest M.[BIV,p9,c2]
GREEN, Shirley(REBER)(Mrs. Zohnne)[BIV,p50,c2]
GREEN,  Zohnne[BIV,p50,c2]
GREGORY, Lewis P.[BIV,p9,c2]
GROVES, Charles O. [BIV,p10,c2]
GROVES, Harry L. Obit, 1953 [BIII,p1,c1]
HALL, Muriel Angeline(LOWE)(Mrs. Ray W.)  [BIV,p13,c1]
HALL, Ralph B.[BIV,p11,c4]
HANSEN, Emilie O. (Mrs. Anton)[BIV,p5,c3]
HARBOLT, Ray  [BIV,p48,c4]
HARDING, Mable Ellen(RICE)(Mrs. Mont)[BIV,p20,c1]
HARIG, Henry  [BIV,p49,c2]
HARKINS, A.H.(Ek)  [BIV,p12,c4]
HARRIG, John  [BIV,p50,c2]
HAYES, Sarah Ann (Mrs. James)  [BIV,p5,c2]
HAYES, Sarah Ann(PATCH)(Mrs, James G.)  [BIV,p6,c1]
HAYES, Effie Verden(DURHAM)(Mrs. Thomas B.)[BIV,p47,c2]
HEATH, Curtis [BIV,p48,c2]
HEATH, Wadena A.(RUSTOW)(Mrs. Ivan)  [BIV,p20,c1]
HECKMAN, John E Jr Wedding [BIII,p2,c1-3]
HELTMAN, Levi N.[BIV,p48,c2]

Obit 5 Oct 1961 [IV-1,c2]
     HENDRICKS, Charles [deceased husband]
     HENDRICKS, Vida [daughter]
     HENDRICKS, Hollis [son]
     HENDRICKS, Roy [son]
     HENDRICKS, Ralph [deceased son]
     HENDRICKS, Lulu [deceased daughter]

Obit Oct 1961 [IV-1,c3]
     WARREN, Thomas [father
     WARREN, Louisa [mother]
     HENDRICKS, Charles [deceased husband]
     HENDRICKS, Ray [son]
     HENDRICKS, Ralph [deceased son]
     HENDRICKS, Lulu [deceased daughter]
     HENDRICKS, Vida [daughter]
     HENDRICKS, Hollis [son]

HENDRICKS, Vida Marie [BIV,p47,c3]
HENDRICKS, Vida Marie [BIV,p49,c4]
HENSLEY, Carl C.[BIV,p50,c3]
HENSLEY, Cecil[BIV,p7,c4]
HIGER, George Amos  [BIV,p16,c1]
HILLER, Ray C.[BIV,p14,c3]
HILYARD, Joseph P.  [BIV,p3,c4]
HODGES, Paul(Cty Judge)  [BIV,p3,c2]
HOKENSON, Mary Evelyn Louise[BIV,p7,c1]
HOLMBERG, Sigrid W. (Mrs)[BIV,p11,c1]
HORNBUSSEL, Frederick W.  [BIV,p5,c2]
HOWARD, William Edward(Bud) [BIV,p21,c1]
HUDSON, Bliss [BIV,p48,c1]
HUDSON, Maude May[BIV,p16,c1]
HUTT, Walter  [BIV,p6,c2]
JOHNSTON, Margaret Gertrude(GUTHRIE)(Mrs H.Clyde)[BIV,p10,c1]
JOHNSTON, Margaret Gertrude Estate Article May 1962 [BIII,p3,c4]
KOHL, Emily(TAYLOR)(Mrs. Richard) [BIV,p49,c2]
KOHL, Andrew L. [BIV,p17,c4]
KRAMER, Lawrence[BIV, p12,c1]
LAKE, Lester Earl  [BIV,p2,c3]
LANGER, Jennie Margaret(FULTON)(Mrs. Roy) [BIV,p1,c4]
LARMER, Camiele Ellen (Mrs. Charles)[BIV,p19,c1]

Obit 16 Jul 1961 [IV-1,c1]
LARSEN, Mrs Harold L (Gaidy W)
     WESTBEAU, Georg H [brother]
     WESTBO, Leonard A [brother]
     WESTBO, Arthur L [brother]
     THORSTENSON, Mrs Gunda

Obit [IV-1,c2]

LATHAM, M. A.(Dr.)  [BIV,p10,c2]
LeMAY, Ruth Irene(HONEYCUTT)(Mrs. Albert) [BIV,p49,c1]
LENTER, Eugene (Bud)  [BIV,p16,c3]
LIONBERGER, Earle[BIV,p17,c4]
LIVINGOOD, Mont C.  [BIV,p6,c3]
LYNE, Arthur Allen [BIV,p10,c4]

Obit 11Oct 1961 [IV-1,c1]
McALISTER, Mrs Robert (Blanche Estelle) 
     LAMB, (Mrs) Florence [sister]
     STEWART, (Mrs) Arta [sister]
     SMITH, Walter [brother]
     SMITH, John [brother]

McBROOM, Clinton C. [BIV,p10,c3]
McKEOWN, Maxine (DOCTOR)(Mrs. W. E.) [BIV,p16,c1]
McNICHOLS, Glenn LaVelle  [BIV,p4,c3]
MADSEN, Carl Marinus  [BIV,p16,c4]
MALLAM, Elsie Elviria(ESSEX)(Mrs. Harry Alton)  [BIV,p13,c1]
MALLEN, Elsie (SHAFFER)(Mrs. Harry) [BIV,p12,c1]
MARTIN, Eva (Mrs)  [BIV,p14,c2]
MASON, Mayme Edith (Mrs)  [BIV,p4,c2]
MATTHIESEN, Chris William[BIV,p14,c2]
MAXWELL, John Earl  [BIV,p11,c1]
MEIER, Gertrude (ZIMMERMAN)(Mrs. Karel) [BIV,p9,c2]
MENTZER, William E. [BIV,p47,c2]
MESSERSMITH, Leona Maude(WILLIAMS)(Mrs. C. R.)  [BIV,p16,c2]
MILLER, (Mrs. Milton) [BIV,p10,c3]
MILLER, Thomas G.  [BIV,p5,c4]
MINICH, Jack  [BIV,p8,c4]
MOFFATT, Harold C.BVI,p15,c3]
MOFFATT, Harold [BIV,p12,c1]
MOORE, Daryl Lee[BIV,p49,c1]
MOORE, Edwin P Marriage 1959 [BIII,p1,c2]
MOORE, Roy Wedding Anniversary [BIII,p4,c1]
MULLETT, Albert Wedding Anniversary 13 Jan 1963 [BIII,p4,c1-2]
NELSON, Herbert S. [BIV,p2,c2]
NICHOLSON, Benjamin Foster  [BIV,p2,c1]
NOBLE, James William  [BIV,p15,c2]
NOEL, Robert G. [BIV,p10,c3]
OLENA, Donis Allene (FENIMORE)(Mrs. Floyd)[BIV,p18,c2]
OLENA, Louis  [BIV,p19,c4]
OWEN, George Picture of Twins [BIII,p3,c1-3]
PIERCY, George F. (Dr. ) [BIV,p5,c4]
PORTWOOD, Alice(Dollie)(ORNER)(Mrs. J.E.) [BIV,p17,c2]
RABOURN, Clarence[BIV,p11,c2]
REGISTER, Harry E.  [BIV,p17,c2]
REID, Nettie Roselen(WOODWARD)(Mrs.Thomas John) [BIV,p15,c3]
RENO, O. E.(Dr.)[BIV,p4,c4]
RENSCHLER, Arthur Lewis  [BIV,p12,c4]
ROBIN, Fred W.[BIV,p8,c1]
ROSS, Emmet Haydon  [BIV,p2,c4]
ROTHCHILD, Emmett [Mr & Mrs] Wedding Anniversary [BIII,p4,c3-4]
ROWLEY, Thelma Frances(WYSCAVER)(Mrs Walter W.)  [BIV,p10,c4]
RUSTOW, Hugo Alfred [BIV,p19,c1]
SCHAER, Carl  [BIV,p50,c3]
SHAW, Charles E.[BIV,p9,c1]
SIBERT, Sandlin [BIV,p6,c1]
SILVER, Daisy (CONLEE)(Mrs. John M.)[BIV,p7,c3]
SISSON, Alma A.(SKEELS)(Mrs. James A.)  [BIV,p13,c3]
SLATER, Frank Clarence[BIV,p49,c2]
SMALLEY, Floyd W.[BIV,p50,c1]
SMALLEY, Nellie(Mrs.) [BIV,p21,c1]
SMITH, Roy[BIV,p48,c1]
SMITH, John J.[BIV,p18,c2]
SOWERS, Thurman F.  [BIV,p4,c4]
STEVENSON, Clifford E.[BIV, p8,c4]
STEWART, Ellen(HANSON)(Mrs. Arthur) [BIV,p10,c1]
STINE, (Mrs. Clarence E.)  [BIV,p50,c4]
STINEMAN, H. T. [BIV,p10,c4]

Obit 27 Sep 1961 [IV-1,c1]
THOMAS, Earl (Bud)
     THOMAS, Dorothy [wife]
     DARLING, Mrs Rex (Shirleen) [daughter]
     THOMAS, Glenda [daughter]
     MALLAM, (Mrs) Elsie [mother]
     THOMAS, Herbert [broher]
     SCRITCHFIELD, Mrs Jack (Velma) [step-sister]
     MALLAM, Donald [step-brother]
     McCARTHY, Mrs Charles (Alice) [step-sister]
     MALLAM, Charles [step-brother]
     PETTIT, Mrs Hughes (Dora) [step-sister]
     MALLAM, Bill [step-brother]

THOMAS, Jennie Lucretia (Mrs James R.) [BIV,p4,c1]
THOMAS, Herbert [BIV,p15,c3]
TIPTON, William Y. [BIV,p50,c1]
TROUDT, Minnie Wilhelmina(KLAWITTER)(Mrs. John) [BIV,p7,c2]
TROWBRIDGE, James Allem (Dr.)  [BIV,p14,c4]
TROWBRIDGE, Nancy Mabel(MONTGOMERY)(Mrs.J.Allen) [BIV,p49,c3]
UTTER, Fred  [BIV,p3,c4]
UTTER, Fred Leo [BIV,p6,c4]
VADER, Josie(Mrs. Leman B.) [BIV,p15,c2]
VAN GILDER, James Lowell  [BIV,p21,c3]
VANDEVEER, Charles Calvin[BIV,p9,c4]
VANDEVEER, Charles C. [BIV,p13,c2]
VANDEVEER, Nellie Olive (VADER)(Mrs. Charles C.)[BIV,p7,c1,2]
WALDEN, Jim[BIV,p13,c4]
WARD, Herbert Leroy [BIV,p7,c3]
WARREN, Maggie Mae(HARKENS)(Mrs Charles)[BIV,p11,c3]
WAUGH John R. [BIV,p14,c3]
WEBBER, Jimmie[BIV,p5,c1]
WEBBER, Chester A.  [BIV,p6,c2]
WEBBER, Clayton Edmond[BIV,p11,c3]
WEBBER, Chester A.  [BIV,p4,c1]
WEIR, (Mrs. Ed) [BIV,p12,c4]
WHITMER, Elmer[BIV,p14,c3]
WINEBAR, Edward Raymond[BIV,p17,c3]
WINTER, Earle A  [BIV,p21,c2]
WOLFSKILL, Lydia(JONES) (Mrs. Levi Clay)  [BIV,p12,c3]

Obit 19 Oct 1961 [IV-1,c3]
WOOD, Mrs Edna
     ERSEINAN, Mrs Harold (Margaret) [daughter]
     WOOD, Eugene [son]
     WOOD, Michell [son]

WOOD, Edna Ethel(HARKINS)(Mrs.Herbert Charles)  [BIV,p49,c4]
WORDEN, Glenn S.  [BIV,p10,c2]
WORDEN, Jennie(WICKERHAM)(Mrs. Ashel J.)  [BIV,p15,c1]
YOUNG, Fred Oliver (Ted)  [BIV,p4,c3]
YOUNG, F.O. (Ted)  [BIV,p8,c1]