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Nuckolls County Newspapers
Inventory* of Nuckolls county, Nebraska Newspapers and 
Editors/Publishers.  Note:  The dates of establishment and 
demise sometimes differ according to the source.  Therefore,
the dates listed should be accepted as general only.

The Nebraska State Historical Society may have some or all 
of these newspapers on microfilm.  Contact them for details at:

Nebraska State Historical Society
1500 R Street, POB 82554
Lincoln, NE 68501-2554

_Cadams Progress_, Cadams, NE [May 1916-Dec 1916] Editor/Publisher: J Ord Cresap
_The Hardy Herald_, Hardy, NE [Aug 1880-Sep 1957] Editors/Publisher: Ralph K Hill [1880-1909] Bort Ballard, associate ed. [1901-1905] John B Barton, ed & pub [1909-1917 Earl B Morris, own & pub [1917-1939] Mrs. Edity L. Morris, owner [1939-1941] Lyle C. Morris, bus mgr [1939-1941] Mrs. Loy Davidson, owner [1944-1945] Hardy Business Men, pub [1945-1945] G.G. Nutter, ed [1945-1945] Marjorie Smith, ed [1945-1947] M & M Max Bixby, eds [1948-1957]
_The Lawrence Enterprise_, Lawrence, NE [1928-1928] Editor/Publisher: George Ewing, ed [1928-1928]
_The Lawrence Locomotive_, Lawrence, NE [ca1887- ] Editors/Publishers: S.B. Newmeyer, pub [1888, 1889] J Hill, pub [1891- ] Pope & Flaharty, pubs [1893, 1895] P.F. Flaherty, pub [ ] Flaherty & Co, pub [1896, ] Daniel Livingston, pub [1902-1927] John Livingston, pub [1927-1928] J.V. Wiebeler, pub [1928-1941] N Wiebler, pub [1942, 1943] H.C. Ostdiek, pub [1943-1970] Louise C Ostdiek, ed [1960-1977] Ostdiek Publishers, Inc, pubs [1970-1977] Allen Ostdiek, ed [1977- ]
_Nuckolls County Herald [Alliance Herald]_, Nelson, NE [1876-1948]
_The Nelson Gazette_, Nelson, NE [1884-- ]
_The Nuckolls County Sun_, Nelson, NE [1899-1900]
_The Oak Herald_, Oak, NE [1874-??]
_The Oak Leaf_, Oak, NE [1914-1920]
_The Weekly Tribune_, Oak, NE [1911-1913]
_The Ruskin Leader_, Ruskin, NE [1900-1911]
_The Ruskin Leader_, Ruskin, NE [1912-1978]
_The Superior Daily Journal_, Superior, NE [1888-1902]
_The Superior Daily Express_, Superior, NE [1908- ??]
_The Superior Express_, Superior, NE [1900--- ]
_The Superior Guide_, Superior, NE [1878-??]
_The Superior Weekly Journal_, Superior, NE [1882-1951]
_The Superior Sun_, Superior, NE [1893-1900]
_Superior Times_, Superior, NE [1890-??]
Newapapers from towns close to Nuckolls County which might have stories and/or columns about Nuckolls County. _Deweese Booster_, Clay County [1915-1918] _Edgar Index,_ Clay County [1898-1899] _Edgar Post_, Clay County [1895-1921] _Edgar Sun_, Clay County [1902-1976] _Byron Blade_, Thayer County [1908-1912] _Byron Herald_, Thayer County [1896-1904] _Davenport Chronicle_, Thayer County [1898-1899] _Davenport Lancet_, Thayer County [1888-1891] _Guide Rock Signal_, Webster County [1883-1957]
1. _A Research Guide to Genealogical Data in Nuckolls County, Nebraska_, Nebraska State Geneological Society, County Guide Series, April 1988 2. Inventory of Microfilm for Newspapers, Nebraska State Historical Society, January 1998

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