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for 1890-91 J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890


Towns included: Barney, Berlin, Burr, Delta, Douglas, Dover, Dunbar, Nebraska City, Minersville, Osage, Palmyra and Paul. Some "towns" are small locations along the railroad lines.


Barney, a flag station on the B. & M. R.R., in the southeastern part of Otoe county, eight miles from Brownville.


Berlin is an enterprising village on the M.P. RY, and is located in the north central part of Otoe county 12 miles northwest of Nebraska City, the county seat. There are about 100 people residing here. They have a feed mill, an elevator, a hotel, and a Congregational church, etc.

Berlin House, H F Blume prop.
Blume H F, prop Berlin House.
Bowen A F & Co, agl implts, harness.
Clark C E, drugs.
Clark E J, sta, tel and ex agt.
Duff N A & Co, grain elevator.
Fastenau Conrad, livery.
Fastenau & Hillman, saloon, billards.
Flamme Wm, postmaster.
Hillman G H, furniture, undertaker.
Knabe & Co, genl mdse.
Millbradt Emil, live stock.
Manville H M & Co, genl mdse.
Marshman John, feed mill.
Sanders Fred, blacksmith.
Schenk & Harris, blacksmiths.
Sherman W H, phys.
Shreves Grant, barber.
Street W L, millinery.
Young O M, hardware, lumber, grain.


Burr, a town of recent growth on the Missouri Pacific Ry, from Talmage to Crete, in the southwestern part of Otoe county, 35 miles from Nebraska City, the county seat. Population 250.

Barstler & Goerke, genl mdse.
Barstler M, postmaster.
Buter H H, hardware, agl implts.
Cole Tom, blacksmith.
Goerke E H, saloon.
Hauptman J H, drugs.
Holden House, C Ray prop.
Lowrey & Ray livery.
Menke & Meyer, genl mdse.
Ray C, prop Holden House.
Schminke Paul & Co, grain, lumber.
Sinclair John, justice, live stock dealer.
Summerfield E, sta agt.
Zumbraun F Mrs, millinery.


Delta, a postoffice on the M.P. Ry, in the southeastern part of Otoe county, five miles south of Dunbar. The station is called Scio. Population, 30.

Clair, A, justice.
Farrar Saml H, sta agt.
Franklin Dr, phys.
Snyder Joe, saloon.
Strahley I, blacksmith.
Whittaker T R, genl mdse, hardware, agl implts, postmaster.


Douglas is a town in the southwestern part of Otoe county, on the South Branch river, a tributary to the Nemaha. It is on the Crete branch of the M. P. Ry., 24 miles west of Talmage. There is one bank occupying a fine brick structure, which cost $22,000, a hotel, school house, Methodist church, and one newspaper, the New Era. Population, 300.

Bank of Douglas, C Marshall cashier.
Beck F W, blacksmith.
Castleman C B, hardware.
Clark C E & Co, drugs.
Denel I J, carpenter.
Emerson Robert, paints, oils.
Haas & Page, genl mdse.
Harp Edward, carpenter.
Hastie John, livestock.
Hazelton F P, postmaster.
Heinke A, furniture.
Hendricks Hotel, D A Stoke prop.
Hostetter A H, phys.
Le Gore M K, genl mdse.
Long J A & Co, grain and stock.
McGinley H, livery.
Malcom J E, meat market.
New Era, J T Wren editor and prop.
Noyes J E, agl implts.
Pierce J M, shoemaker.
Riley E, painter.
Roberts I M, grain.
Ross S B, harnessmaker.
Siple J, barber.
Stoke D A, prop Hendricks Hotel.
Swarts W, hardware, groceries.
Thompson J A, restaurant.
Thompson O H, stone mason.
Walker Bros & Co, lumber, coal.
Williams M Mrs, millinery.
Wilson G W, capenter.
Wren J T, prop New Era.


Dover, a rural postoffice in the southeastern part of Otoe county, 10 miles from Nebraska City, the county seat. Population, 10.

Cole T, blacksmith.
Lee E E, postmaster.
Schindler D, justice.


Dunbar is situated a little east of the center of Otoe county, on the Nebraska City to New Castle branch of the B. & M. R.R., 11 miles west of Nebraska City, and on the Lincoln branch of the M.P.RY. The population is about 300. There are here grain elevators, two hotels, a brick yard, a good school, and two churches, the Cumberland Presbyterian and the United Presbyterian.

Andrews & Thomas, blacksmiths.
Brown George E. agt M P Ry.
Chicago Lumber Co, S M Scarborough mgr, lumber, coal.
Cox Morgan, prop Cox House, livery.
Duff N A & Co, John Thomas mgr, grain elevator.
Dunbar John A, harness mfr.
Dunn Wm. carpenter.
Ferguson George, agl implts.
Gunther Herman, wagonmaker.
Gunther John, blacksmith.
Heffner Frederick, saloon.
Hyer John, genl mdse.
Jones & Francis, genl mdse.
King Enoch G, drugs, postmaster.
Kruse D, hardware.
Murphy W H, prop Windsor House.
Roos Frederick R. genl mdse.
Scarborough S M, mgr Chicago Lumber Co.
Scott Barr, carpenter.
Smith J A, agt B&M RR.
Thomas John, mgr N A Duff & Co.
Weiler Adolph, meat market.
Whited Charles T., barber.
Windsor House, W H Murphy prop.


Minersville, a station on the B. & M. R.R., in the southeastern part of Otoe County, six miles from Nebraska City.


Wagons and foot passenger walks have been built. Nebraska City is a beautiful place and is situated in a country where the soil is of the richest description. Otoe County produces more corn than all of the New England states combined. Numerous orchards are in the vicinity containing from 10 to 100 acres planted with fruit trees. The United States courthouse, constructed by the government at a cost of $125,000, is said to be the handsomest federal building in the state. The State Institute for the Blind, is a large and costly building, with accommodations for nearly 1,000 persons, The water-works system of the city cost $200,000.

A beautiful public park valued at $100,000, was presented to the city by Hon. J. Sterling Morton. Paved streets lighted by gas, horse-car lines, free mail delivery and the other conveniences of modern city life are here enjoyed.

The live stock and packing interests are of great importance to the commercial and industrial welfare of the city. In addition to its already great facilities for handling live stock, the Union Stock Yards Co, is about to enlarge its yards and make other improvements. The Nebraska City Packing Co. is about to add to its valuable plant two ice manufacturing machines, with a capacity of 100 tons each. The Chicago Packing & Provision Co. has a valuable plant with a large capacity. These establishments do an immense business, and give employment to a large number of persons. The Nebraska Canning Co., with a capital of $20,000 and capacity of 400,000 cans, employ about 50 hands. The cooper shops connected with the packing houses and the Tank Line Co. have a considerable number of men employed. The Nebraska Distilling Co. have recently added large cattle sheds to their improvements, and are about to resume operations. The Nebraska Iron Works, five brick manufactories, two implement factories, several flour and cereal mills, grain elevators, cigar factories and other industries give employment to many.

The financial transactions are conducted through the Merchants National and the Nebraska City banks. The principal hotels are the Grand Pacific, the Morton and the Thorp House, under the management of their accommodating hosts. Two theatres and a splendid $75,000 opera house afford amusements to the citizens. In addition to the fine public schools there are two good private institutions, Rev. F.M. Carys Academy, and Academy of Anunciation. The churches of the city are Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Christian, and German Evangelical. The press of the city is represented by the Nebraska City News, the Press, the Stockman, the Democrat, and the Zeilung. Nearly all of the secret orders and benevolent societies have organizations.

City officers.- Mayor, F P. Ireland; clerk, John J. Teten; treasurer, F. Hellier; police judge, Reuben Foster; chief of police, Frank M. Wheeling; attorney, C. W. Seymour.

Academy of Annunciation, Mother Theresa superior, 421 Rue
Academy (The), for boys and girls
Rev F M Carey principal, 1310 4th Ave
Adams Nathaniel, agl implts and carriages, 511 Central Ave
Adle E G Mrs, mgr Ladies Bazar, 607 Central Ave
Aird H & Co, tinware, stoves, 718 Central Ave
Anderson & Bone, cigar mfrs, 616 Central Ave
Anhauser-Busch Brewing Assn, Kloos & Bauer agts, 107 S 3d
Atlantic House, Waidely & Blume props, 1205-7 Central Ave
Babcock Perrin D, sta agt M P Ry
Babcock P D Mrs, millinery, 919 Central Ave
Bachler Henry, groceries, 802 Central Ave
Barnum Hotel, Wm Rotton prop, 723 Central Ave
Barr James A, wallpaper, paints,etc, 708 Central Ave
Bartling H H, groceries, 1024 Central Ave
Bartmess W A, bakery, 1010 Cen Ave
Baumgarten & Co, second-hand goods, 408 Central Ave
Bedell Israel, phys, 908 Central Ave
Beede E C, local mgr Chicago Lumber Co, 712 1st Corso
Beutler Jacob, prop Nebraska Staats Zeitung, 1012 Central Ave
Beyschlag F & son, props Nebraska City Cereal Mills,
S 13th and 9th Corso
Bickel C B & Co, groceries, 512 Central Ave
Bickel C B & Sons, brick mfrs, N 2d and 2d Ave
Billstein Wm & Co, clothing, 707 Central Ave
Birkby & Borchers, genl mdse, 523 Central Ave
Birkby & Borchers, genl mdse, 523 Central Avenue
Bischof W hardware, 701 Central Avenue
Bishop H C, phys, 711 Central Avenue
Bluehdorn G I, prop Nebraska Staats
Demokrat, 828 Central Avenue
Board of Public Works, Geo A Wilcox chairman,
W A Cotton, Geo Hawke
Board of Trade,John C Watson pres
H M Boydston sec, Horace Metcalf treas
Boulware M J Mrs, dressmaker, 713 Central Avenue
Boydston Harry M, ins, 817 Central Avenue
Bradehof Lutch, harnessmaker, 914 Central Avenue
Brauer F H, undertaker, 810 Central Avenue
Brinker Geo M, phys, 821 Central Avenue
Brower & Lueck, blacksmiths, 1321 Central Avenue
Brown D, real estate, 807 Central Avenue
Brown J P, carpenter, 711 1st Corso
Brown E A, prop The Nebraska City Press
And Nebraska City Stockman, 710 Central Avenue
Brugmann Julius C, groceries, crockery, 908 Central Avenue
Buhlman Emil H, genl mdse, 1123 Central Avenue
Burr J, brick mfr, 19th and 5th Corso
Butt J W & Co, furniture, 618 Central Avenue
Calmelet Alex, jeweler, 509 Central Avenue
Carey F M Rev, principal The Academy, 1310 4th Avenue
Carriker M A, phys, 1101 Central Avenue
Caulter John, saloon, 721 Central Avenue
Cawley John, plumber, 108 S 8th
Central House, Mrs H C Dowdy prop,619 Central Avenue
Chadduck J W, dentist, 819 Central Avenue
Chaplin Sam L, barber, 702 Central Avenue
Chapman Calvin, hay, coal, wood, 411 1st Corso
Chapman C B & Son, genl mdse, 706 Central Avenue
Chase Everett M, drugs, paints, 803 Central Avenue
Chatterton R Mrs, millinery, 604 Central Avenue
Chicago Lunmber Co, E C Beede local mgr, lumber, 712 1st Corso
Chicago Packing & Provision Co, H Botsford pres
S A Kent vice-pres, Wm J Dee sec, Gilbert C Pryor asst sec
Chicago Ill, pork and beef packers
Chivington S Mrs, dressmaker, 111 S 9th
Clinkinbeard J S, tel operator Mo
Coffey C tel operator B & M R R
Consolidated Tank Line, wm F Pflaeging agt, S 7th & 6th Corso
Cornutt L F & Co, lumber, coal, 1522 Central Avenue
Covell M J, livery, 112 N 7th
Crow F M, groceries, 902 Central Avenue
Curry Dan W, photographer, 720 Central Avenue
Dahl John H, jeweler, 615 Central Avenue
Daily Richard T, phys, 723 723 Central Avenue
Davies S T, groceries, 807 Central Avenue
Davis N R Mrs, dressmaker, 523 Central Avenue
Dennis w M, barber, 616 Central Avenue
Derum Michael, agt B & M RR
Dickey Robert H, drugs, paints, 821 Central Ave
Dill J Mrs, dressmaker, 914 Central Avenue
Diss C E, boots, shoes, 709 Central Avenue
Ditson Peter, saloon, 1121 Central Avenue
Ditzenberger Geo, prop Nebraska City Marble
Works, 102 Central Avenue
Douthett Cal, carpenter, 113 S 10th
Dowdy H C mrs, prop Central House, 619 Central Avenue
Duff, Bartling & Co, grain elevator, S 7th & 6th Corso Dunn & Coleman, groceries, 813 Central Avenue
Eiser G W, meat market, 805 Central Avenue
Elvin R C, phys, 819 Central Avenue
Engle E Mrs, boarding, 119 S 10th
Exchange Hotel, Mrs T Gillies mgr, Union Stock Yards
Farmers Bank, L Enyart pres, J H Catron vice-pres
608 Central Avenue
Farmers House, Jos Kopf prop, 822 Central Avenue
Fass Herman H, clothing, 522 Central Avenue
Faunce F L & Co, groceries, 505 Central Avenue
Felthauser V, groceries, 202 1st
Fields Samuel H, tailor, 807 Central Avenue
Fischer Charles G, meat market, 1224 Central Avenue
Fitchie T J, sewing machines, 603 Central Avenue
Fleiner B F, restaurant, 815 Central Avenue
Florence House, L Stroble prop, 502 S 6th
Forscutt M H Mrs Millinery, 614 Central Avenue
Foster Reuben, millwright, 515 1st Corso
Freeman H C & Co, drugs, paints, 723 Central Avenue
Frohlich & Sheldon, live stock commission, Exchange bldg
Frosh H, meat market, 502 Central Avenue
Gallagher Francis, restaurant, 704 Central Avenue
Gant S L, phys, 821 Central Avenue
Ganz Charles, saloon, 617 Central Avenue
Gardner Michael A, meat market, 610 Central Avenue
Garrow A & Bro, live stock commission, Exchange bldg
Gerber Charles, meat market, 510 Central Avenue
Gilbert J W & Co, drygoods, shoes, 722 Central Avenue
Gile H S, agt American and Wells Fargo & Cos Ex
614 Central Avenue
Gillies Thomas Mrs, mrg Exchange Hotel, Union Stock Yards
Goldberg S, clothing, 806 Central Avenue
Grand Pacific Hotel, W C Kidd prop, 924 Central Ave
Greeble R C, saloon 606 Cen Ave
Greenwood Joseph T, atty, notary public, collections, 605 Cen Ave
Guinn H T, tel operator, M P Ry
Gunn J T, restaurant, 1004 Cen Ave
Hail Stephen A, insurance, real estate, 722 Central Ave
Hand Porter J, horseshoer, 111 S 10th
Harding N S, insurance, 711 Cen Ave
Harris & Millar, carpenters, 717 1st Corso
Harris Samuel, second-hand goods, 521 Central Ave
Harrow Lizzie Mrs, dressmaker, 717 Central Ave
Harvey E D, notions, 717 Cen Ave
Hatch Henry, second-hand goods, 107 S 10th
Hayden Daniel T, county atty, 908 Central Ave
Hayward M L, atty, 601 Central Ave
Heflley C I & Co, merchant tailors, 916 Central Ave
Hefner O O, importer English Shire Draft Horses, 1500 Central Ave
Hillier Fred, asst sec Union Stock Yards Co, sec and treas Nebraska City
Canning Co
Helvey F E, postmaster
Hershey D W, phys, 818 cen Ave
Homerick Charles F, mfr confectionery, 704 Central Ave
Hopps Ernest, carpenter, 1315 Central Ave
Huberle J M, saloon, 1012 Cen Ave
Hubner C M, editor Nebraska City News, 607 Central Ave
Hyer Wm S, stationery, 711 Cen Ave
Ingalls Wm E, restaurant, bakery, 519 Central Ave
Ireland Frank P, mayor of the city, U S examiner in chancery and atty, Govt bldg
Janda M, shoemaker, 1210 Cen Ave
Jeffries J A, wagonmaker, 714 1st Corso
Johnson C H, shoemaker, 1109 Cen Ave
Johnson Chris & CO, groceries and hardware, 514 Central Ave
Johnson Christ, brick mfr
Johnson M T, steamship tickets, ice dealer, 314 Central Ave
Jones T C, justice, 916 Central Ave
Kartens C N, furniture, undertaker, 900 Central Ave
Kay M, phys, 315 Central Ave
Kees John G, groceries, notions, 507 Central Ave
Kennedy J, feed stable, 423 1st Corso
Kennedy J S, mgr Nebraska City Water & Light Co
Kidd W C, prop Grand Pacific Hotel, 924 Central Ave
Kinney & Debland, barbers, 1100 Central Ave
Kirk J L, saloon, 702 Central Ave
Klein T, blacksmith, 1311 Cen Ave
Klepser J, harness, 712 Central Ave
Kloos & Bauer, agts Anhauser-Busch, saloon, 810 Central Ave
Knel S G, mgr Nebraska Telephone Co, 603 Central Ave
Korff C H, genl mdse, 926 Cen Ave
Koeppel F L, groceries 1016 Cen Ave
Koontz W M, carpenter, 1206 Cen Ave
Koop T F, groceries 812 Central Ave
Kopf J, prop Farmers House, saloon, 822 Central Ave
Kregel G F, mgr Nebraska City Mfg Co, 1405 Central Ave
Kressen H A, agl implts, plow mfr, 1423 Central Ave
Krifels J, saloon, 716 Central Ave
Kuhlman A J, saloon, 619 Cen Ave
Kuwitzky Paulinus jr, stoves and tinware, 915 Central Ave
Ladies Bazar, Mrs E G Adle mgr, 607 Central Ave
Lambeth W C & Bro, dry goods, shoes, carpets, 609 Central Ave
Landis F, job printer, 521 Cen Ave
Laner C, groceries, 1406 Cen Ave
Lawrence & Barnhart, groceries, 1006 Central Ave
Leidigh & McComas, live stock commission, Exchange bldg
Leidich & Mason, ice dealers
Leigh H G, cigar mfr, 818 Cen Ave
Levi L, prop Nebraska City Omnibus line, livery, 111 S 8th
Lewis Anna Miss, dressmaker, 722 Central Ave
Lewis Jasper G, wall paper, confectionery, 909 Central Ave
Lloyd L W & Co, groceries, 600 Central Ave
Lorton R & Co, wholesale grocers, 420 Central Ave
McAllister J W B, auctioneer, 721 Central Ave
McCallum Edward, harness, 503 Central Ave
McCallum J, Harness, 921 Cen Ave
McCulloch & Burnett, hides, leather, 107 S 5th
McElhiney H H, photographer, 705 Central Ave
McLellan J H, carriagemaker, 212 S 7th
McMillen A, groceries, 416 Cen Ave
McNamara & Wille, hardware, 1120 Central Ave
Marnell E D, business manager Nebraska City News, 607 Cen Ave
Mattes Brewery (The), John Mattes prop, 6th Corso and S 12th
Mattes John, prop Mattes Brewery, 6th Corso and S 12th
Maurer George, merchant tailor, 802 Central Ave
Mayer Fritz, feed stable, 909 1st Ave
Merchants National Bank, W A Cotton pres, H N Shewell cashier, 705 Central Ave
Meredith J C, U S civil engineer, Govt bldg
Merkel A, blacksmith, 1308 Cen Ave
Merryman T J, phys, N 9th and 2d Ave
Meyer D J, clothing, 811 Cen Ave
Miller & Egan, brick, tile mfrs
Miller H C, dentist, 605 Cen Ave
Miller R H & J S, real estate, 908 Cen Ave
Morton J Sterling, journalist
Morton & Stafford, live stock, commission, Exchange bldg
Morton (The), H E Wormley prop, 413-415 Cen Ave
Morrison Samuel H, jewerly and musical instruments, 715 Cen Ave
Mueller & Bock, meat market, 1202 Cen Ave
Nebraska Canning Co, David Brown pres,
Fred Hellier sec and treas J W Black mgr, S 11th and 7th Corso
Nebraska City Cereal Mills, F Beyschlag & Son props, S 13th and 9th Corso
Nebraska City Distillery Co, 100 N First
Nebraska City Elevator CO, Wm E Hill, J Metcalf props, grain elevator, 601 Cen Ave
Nebraska City Gas Works, E McMillin pres, Geo T Thompson sec, C D Strong supt and treas, 100 Cen Ave
Nebraska City Iron Works, Wale & Eccleston props, foundry and machine shops, 207 S 6th
Nebraska City Mfg Co, George F Kregel mgr, mfrs plows and cultivators-1401-1405 Cen Ave
Nebraska City Marble Works, G Ditzenberger prop, 1002 Cen Ave
Nebraska City National Bank, W L Wilson pres, Robert Lorton vice-pres, 700 Cen Ave
Nebraska City News (daily and weekly) News Publishing Co props, 607 Central Ave
Nebraska City Omnibus Line, L Levi prop, 111 S 8th, 414 Cen Ave
Nebraska City Opera House, W B Sloan mgr
Nebraska City Packing Co, J H Hurlbut pres, A Heller mgr, S 15th and B & M tracks
Nebraska City Press (The) daily and weekly), E A Brown prop, 710 Central Ave
Nebraska City Steam Laundry, Shaw & Harkins props, 410 Central Ave
Nebraska City Stockman (daily) E A Brown pub, 710 Central Ave
Nebraska City Union Stock Yards Co, J Sterling Morton pres, Jay Morton sec, Jas Butler supt
Nebraska City Water & Light Co, American Loan and Trust Co
(New York City), trustees, J S kennedy mgr, 800 Central Ave
Nebraska Distilling Co
Nebraska Institute for the Blind, Prof J B Parmelee supt, N 10th and 10th Ave
Nebraska Staats Demokrat, G I Bluehdorn prop, 823 Central Ave
Nebraska Staats Zeitung, Jacob Beutler prop, 1012 Central Ave
Nebraska Telephone Co, Sherman G Knee mgr, 603 Central Ave
Neihart D P, phys
Neihart M W, mgr Standard Theater, 115 S 6th
Nelson Bros, boots and shoes, 603 Central Ave
Nelson John A, merchant tailor, 114 N 8th
Neptune Allen M, restaurant, 500 Central Ave
Newcomb A R, sewing machines, 913 Central Ave
News Publishing Co, C M Hubner editor, E D Marnell business mgr, pubs Nebraska City News (daily and weekly) 607 Cen Ave
Niehaus Chas, saloon, 318 Cen Ave
Noelting & Meyer, hardware, 906 Central Ave
Northcutt James B, groceries and feed mill, 1301 Central Ave
Otoe County National Bank, Wm E Hill pres, J Metcalf cashier, 601 Central Ave
Pacific Express Co, W B Sloan agt, 622 Central Ave
Pallister John, blacksmith, 609 1st Corso
Parker & Thomas, transfer, 322 Central Ave
Parmelee J B Prof, supt Nebraska Institiute for the Blind, N 10th and 10th Ave
Peebley & Nicholson, groceries, 1101 Central Ave
Peterson Paul, brick mfr, 15th and 7th Corso
Petring F W, genl mdse, 611 Cen Ave
Pflaeging Wm F, agt Consolidated Tank Line, S 7th and 6th Corso
Phifer Wm & Son, mfr and wholesale cigars, 613 Central Ave
Phillips Charles W, photographer, 711 Central Ave
Pierce C W, civil engineer
Pippert J H, cigar mfr, 714 Cen Ave
Piretti Andrea, confectionery, 714 Central Ave
Price J H, dry goods, 620 Cen Ave
Proper Dee C, carpenter, 1418 Central Ave
Prue, Driscoll & Schmidt, brick mfrs, 7th Corso and S 1st
Pugh C Mrs, Laundry, 1314 Cen Ave
Puhek G J, physician, 523 Central Ave
Pyle M, groceries, 621 Central Ave
Reed James & Co, drugs, paints, 515 Central Ave
Reiber Emil, dry goods, groceries, 703 Central Ave
Reim Wm, prop Union House, 97 Central Ave
Reis Emil, barber, 911 Central Ave
Robinson W F, barber, 922 Cen Ave
Robinson Wm H, sec YMCA, 600 Central Ave
Rodenbrock Frederick W, groceries, 1200 Central Ave
Rolfe De Forest P, lumber, coal, 115 S 6th
Roos Andrew, saloon, 901 Central Ave,
brewery S 9th and 8th Corso
Ross R Roy, phys, 723 Central Ave
Rotton Wm, prop Barnum Hotel, 723 Central Ave
Saunders George W, meat market, 925 Central Ave
Schafers W A, saloon, 816 Cen Ave
Schminke, Paul & Co, props Star Flour Mills, S 8th and 7th Corso
Schneider J M T, wholesale liquors, 301 Central Ave
Schomerus Bros, saloon, 814 Cen Ave
Schomerus Dietrich J, boots, shoes, 918 Central Ave
Schwake Henry, drugs, paints, 927 Central Ave
Schwartz G W, dentist, 523 Cen Ave
Scofield George D, atty, notary, 914 Central Ave
Seymour C W, city atty, Govt bldg
Seymour Wm F, deputy U S Internal Revenue collector, Govt bldg
Shaw & Harkins, props Nebraska City Steam Laundry, 410 Cen Ave
Sheckler Martin, blacksmith, 716 1st Corso
Sheer Joseph, saloon, 1216 Cen Ave
Shrimpton George & Son, Leslie H Shrimpton mgr, flour, feed, hay, 923 Central Ave
Shrimpton Leslie H, mgr George Shrimpton & Son, 923 Central Ave
Shuman H N, drugs, 910 Cen Ave
Simon Charles A, shoemaker, 918 Central Ave
Sloan R H, drugs, 622 Central Ave
Sloan W B, agt Pacific Express Co, 622 Central Ave
Sloan Wm T, agl implts, 108 S 9th
Smith E L, blacksmith, 706 1st Corso
Smith & Hauber, groceries, 819 Central Ave
Smith I B & Co, confectionery, 804 Central Ave
Smith P & Son, live stock commission, Exchange bldg
Sroat G N, real estate, 908 Cen Ave
Stahl J, shoemaker, 807 Central Ave
Stahlhut C W, dry goods, groceries, 1122 Central Ave
Standard Theatre, M W Neihart mgr, 115 S 6th
Star Mills, Paul Schminke & Co props, flour mills, S 8th and 7th Corso
Steinhart John, tailor, 913 Cen Ave
Steinmetz Wm, dairyman, 15th and 7th Corso
Stevenson Samuel J, attorney and notary public, 605 Central Ave
Stevenson Thomas B, attorney at law, 605 Central Ave
Strobel J G, coal, wood, 408 Central Ave
saloon, 301 Central Ave
Stroble L, prop Florence House, 502 S 6th
Strong Jennie Mrs, dye works, N 4th and 1st Ave
Swift & Miller boots and shoes, 713 Central Ave
Taylor J M & Co, plumbers, N 6th and 5th Ave
Teten John J, city clerk, 821 Cen Ave
Thiele & Fastenau, saloon, 904 Central Ave
Thiele Henry D, saloon, 920 Cen Ave
Thomas George H, restaurant, 719 Central Ave
Thomas Timothy, barber, 820 Central Ave
Thompson & Van Dyke, ins agts, 700 Central Ave
Thomson James, second-hand goods, 506 Central Ave
Thorp E F, prop Thorp House, 617 1st Corso
Thorp House, (rates $1.50 per day)
E F Thorp prop, 617 1st Corso
Tice John W, wagonmaker, 107 S 15th
Tolman Thomas W, photographer, 810 Central Ave
Trail & Makey, meat market, 612 Central Ave
Union House, Wm Reim prop, 907 Central Ave
Urbahn Albert, agl implts, carriages, 517 Central Ave
Vanmeter Gertrude Miss, mgr Western Union Telegraph Co, 713 Central Ave
Wale & Eccleston (John Wale, Frank V Eccleston), props Nebraska City Iron Works, 267 S 6th
Warren Edwin F, atty, 618 Cen Ave
Watson Claude, phys, 711 Cen Ave
Watson John C, atty, 914 Cen Ave
Webering Theodore, bakery, saloon, 508 Central Ave
Welch J F, saw and planing mill, lumber, 211-213 S 6th
Wells Fargo & Cos Express, H S Gile agt, 614 Central Ave
Wessel L & Co, dry goods, carpets, 623 Central Ave
Western Union Telegraph Co, Miss G Vanmeter mgr, 713 Central Ave
White R A & Co, real estate, ins, 916 Central Ave
Whitehill T L, saloon, 413 Cen Ave
Whitten E M, phys, 723 Central Ave
Wideley & Blume, props Atlantic House, feed stable and saloon, 1205 Central Ave
Wilcox George A, dry goods, shoes, crockery, 602 Central Ave
Wilcox J A, saloon, 520 Central Ave
Wilhelmy & Overton, hardware, agl implts, 808 Central Ave
Williams A J, barber, 503 Cen Ave
Williams Thomas D, blacksmith, 517 1st Corso
Wischmeyer Ed H, confectionery, 912 Central Ave
Wischmeyer John H, wall paper, 912 Central Ave
Wollstein M & Co (M Wollstein, Wm Schaden), wholesale liquors, 823 Central Ave
Wormley H E, prop The Morton, 413-415 Central Ave
Wright Z T, groceries, 1521 Cen Ave
Young H R, stationery, 917 Cen Ave
Young Mens Christian Assn, W H Robinson sec, 600 Central Ave
Zimbleman & Piper, saloon, 720 Central Ave
Zimmerer Anton, jewelry, crockery, 817 Central Ave
Zimmers Lee, carpenter, 1416 Cen Ave


Osage, a rural postoffice in the southern part of Otoe county, 27 miles from Nebraska City, the county seat.

Doeden D H, postmaster, justice.


Palmyra is in the northwestern part of Otoe county, on the Nebraska division of the B & M R.R. It has a population of 500. It is 34 miles west of Nebraska City, the county seat. There are several grain elevators, a flour mill and other business interests. A good school and well attended churches are features of the place. The newspapers are the Palmyra Items and the Palmyra Pilot. The churches are the Baptist,Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian. The meetings of the Y.M.C.A. are well attended. Societies: G.A.R., A.F.& A.M., I.O.O.F., and A.O.U.W.

Bell T & Son, clothing, shoes.
Bell Thomas, hardware, furniture.
Cassell J J, sta agt B&M R.R.
Chicago Lumber Co., J O Moore mgr, lumber, coal.
Churchill A L, barber.
Churchill Sherman, restaurant.
Commercial Hotel, Wm Proffit prop.
Duff N A & Co, W C Slosson mgr, grain elevator.
Francis Wm, live stock dealer.
Harris & Nutt, flouring mill.
Hill A C, mgr Nebraska City Elevator Co.
Hill Archie C, drugs, paints, etc.
Johnson Wm W, Tinsmith.
Kiersey Francis B, blacksmith.
Loper W L, genl mdse.
McGrew C M, postmaster.
McIntyre Alexander, genl mdse.
McKean James, harnessmaker.
McKee J R, livery.
Moore J O, mgr Chicago Lumber Co.
Moore Sisters, millinery.
Morgan T P, prop Palmyra Items.
Nebraska City Elevator Co, A C Hill mgr, grain elevator.
Newton B E, prop Palmyra Pilot.
Noble John painter.
Oakley Richard, dry goods, shoes.
Ohmart George W, blacksmith.
Palmyra House, Geo Ruckle prop.
Palmyra Items, Thomas Morgan prop. Pratt Amos, tailor.
Proffit Wm, prop Commercial Hotel.
Reightmyer Ada Miss, millinery.
Reightmyer A R, meat market.
Rottmann Ernest, cigar mfr, notions.
Ruckle George, prop Palmyra House.
Rudge Bros, agl implts.
Rudge James A, barber.
Rudge Joseph, blacksmith.
Rudge Joseph Mrs. millinery.
Sweet C A & Co, bankers.
Thaler P A, hardware.
Turner S A, shoemaker.
Wait D, hardware, agl implts.
White Wm S, phys.
Wilbur Joshua, groceries, crockery.
Winklepleck W B, genl mdse.


Paul, a station on the M.P. Ry., in Otoe county, seven miles south of Nebraska City. It supports a good school and Methodist church; also a good elevator. Population 50.

Duff B C, grain.
Mitzner E, genl mdse, hardware, agl implts, postmaster.
Taylor H, station agent.

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