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for 1890-91 J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890


Towns: Summit, Swift, Syracuse, Talmage, Turlington, Unadilla and Wyoming.


Summit, a flag station on the B. & M R.R., six miles west of Nebraska City.


Swift, a postoffice in the northeastern part of Otoe county, 14 miles from Nebraska City, the judicial seat. About 30 families living in the vicinity receive their mail here.

Ames W R, blacksmith.
Balfour Arthur J, postmaster, justice, genl mdse, drugs.
Lynch E W, blacksmith.
St John H F, feed mill.


Syracuse is on the Nebraska division of the B. & M. R.R., in the central part of Otoe county, 22 miles from Nebrasa City, the county seat, and has a population of nearly 1,000. Syracuse is noted as a fine stock and horse market, being a shipping point for much high bred stock. A fine roller flour mill, two grain elevators and a number of good buildings are among the improvements. The new brick school building just completed cost $10,000. Few places of its size can boast of more beautiful residences. The monetary interests of Syracuse are attended to by the First National Bank, capital $50,000, and the Bank of Syracuse, capital and surplus $33,000. The Syracuse Journal and the Syracuse Herald are both good newspapers and extensively read. The Dey House is a first-class hotel and merits an extensive patronage. F. E. Wesler is the proprietor. The churches are Methodist, Congregational, German Lutheran, and German Evangelical.

Alexander G S, editor and mgr Syracuse Journal, atty
Anderson J W, cattle breeder
Andrews Oakley, flour, meat market
Arends John H, genl mdse
Ashton T H, phys
Ballantine M F Miss, postmistress
Bank of Syracuse, capital $30,000, surplus $3,000, L Hoebel pres, H Larson vice-pres, O Horne cashier
Beckman & Risser, genl mdse
Brown F E, atty, notary
Carpenter H N & Co, lumber, coal, paints
Case J E, prop Union Opera House
Case Mary C Mrs, phys
Clark C E & Co, drugs, paints, wallpaper
Conger J W, phys and surgeon
Cording Wm, tailor
Deys Hotel, F E Wesler prop
Dicken Will S, groceries
Doman & Koplin, blacksmiths
Duff N A & Co, grain elevator
Fife & Hodgson, millinery
First National Bank, capital $50,000, N A Duff pres, C E Cotton cashier
Fisk & Wilcox, painters
Halvorsen H Mrs, jewelry
Harrach Bros, agl implts, blacksmiths
Hill David T, barber
Hill D T, dentist
Holbrock L F Mrs, books, stationery, wallpaper
Holderness H, Prop Syracuse Hotel
Hollenberger George, painter
Horne O, cashier Bank of Syracuse
Husted C C, furniture
Jarrell James H, billards
Jones Thomas, carpenter
Joyce Albert, attorney, mgr and treas Syracuse Investment Co, notary public
Joyce M C, harness, justice
Larson Hans, hardware
Lehmer C I, Miss, photographer
Littlefield R A, dentist
McFarland John G, livery
McKee G W, mgr Nebraska City Elevator Co
Nebraska City Elevator Co, G W McKee mgr
Page Geo Z, agl implts, live stock
Page & Weller, genl mdse
Patterson & Thompson, barbers
Pinkham John H, livery
Pohlman Bros & Neff, genl mdse
Powell Wm, wagonmaker
Reed Charles W, saloon
Reif Henry J, bakery
Reuter Ferdinand A, boots, shoes
Ridgeway J T & Co, wind mills
Robinson Fred E, taxidermist
Roselius Wm, brick mfr
Ruth John M, groceries
Schneider Charles P, hardware
Schroeder F W, prop Syracuse Roller Mills
Shannon Daniel, phys
Smith Hiram, prop Smiths Hotel
Smiths Hotel, H Smith prop
Snyder George F, drugs, paints, etc
Stanbro Wm O, carpenter
Sugden James, harness
Syracuse Herald, J A Worrall prop
Syracuse Hotel, H Holderness, prop
Syracuse Investment Co, paid up capital $50,000
P W Risser pres, Danverse Neff vice-pres, Albert Joyce mgr and treas
Syracuse Journal Co, Geo W McKee pres, A D Alexander sec, O Horne treas, G S Alexander editor and mgr, pubs Syracuse Journal
Syracuse Lumber Co, H Larson pres, J H Arends sec, O Horne tres, E E Hall mgr, lumber, coal, paints
Syracuse Roller Mills, F W Schroeder prop
Torbitt J E & Co, drugs, etc
Union Opera House, J E Case prop
Utley V C, real estate
Warner O A, mfr slate, wire fence agl implts
Webber John A, pumps, windmills
Wesler F E, prop Deys Hotel
West C M, atty
Wilcox & Vose, meat market
Worrall J A,prop Syracuse Herald
Wykes Joseph F, aft B & M R R
Zauss & Washburn, contractors and builders
Zellers Lee, livery


Talmage is in the southern part of Otoe county, on the M.P. RY., 14 miles from Auburn, in the midst of a rich farming region. It has a population of 500, a fine school, two flour mills, two elevators, three hotels, a creamery and a number of substantial brick buildings. The bank of Talmage has a capital and surplus of $30,000. The Congregational, Methodist, Baptist, and Evangelical denominations have houses of worship. That of the Methodists cost $3,600. There are two weekly papers the Champion and the Tribune. The Ponsar Manufacturing Co. are erecting a substantial brick building for manufacturing purposes.

Allen, G W, phys
Allen J F, barber Bank of Talmage, capital $20,000, surplus $10,000, Peter Berlet pres, Theo Frerichs cashier
Barber C L, painter
Becker & Tangeman, hardware, agl implts
Bohlken D A, genl mdse
Bord H, confectionery
Boyd L P, editor and prop Talmage Champion
Butz Bros, blacksmiths
Cash G, prop Cashs Opera House
Chicago Lumber Co, lumber, B F Meyer mgr
Childs H H Capt, lumber
Clifton House, A R Edwards prop
Clutter C, dentist
Cummings James, live stock
Davidson T M, photographer
Edwards A R, prop Clifton House
Engler August, blacksmith
Eschmeyer Wm, creamery
European Hotel, H Wachendorf prop
Evertt Abirthar, shoemaker
Ewh George, phys
Fellrath L H, harnessmaker
Ferguson, J H, photographer
Flodin P A, grain elevator
Gilman G W, drugs
Goodman Louis, clothing
Goodman S I, genl mdse
Gregory S C, stock buyer
Hale W H, sta, tel and ex agt
Hampel Paul, harnessmaker
Horrum L, hardware, carriages, implts
Howard G S, phys
Hulburd O T, grain elevator
Ives Albert, carpenter
Jay D R, restaurant
Kirby C H, barber
Meyer Bros, livery
Miller Nate, stock buyer
Mothersead B S, prop Talmage House
Mothersead Fanny E Miss, millinery
Patrick Bros, dry goods
Ponsar Manufacturing Co, Herman Tangeman, Theo Ponsar, props
Reeve H L & Son, genl mdse and postmaster
Reynolds W C, drugs and jewelry
Richards F C, ed and prop Talmage Tribune (see adv)
Sellhorn Fred, funiture
Streichan Martin, billards
Stroemer & Viox, saloon
Stutheit H H, genl mdse
Talmage Champion, L P Boyd ed and prop
Talmage House, B S Mothersead, prop
Talmage Tribune, F C Richards editor and prop
Tangeman J C & Son, props Central Mills
Thompson Bros, flour mills
Uhl Henry, carpenter
Uhlig E, meat market
Wachendorf H, prop European Hotel
Wandell Herman, atty, real estate
Wathan George, justice


Turlington, a station on the B. & M. R.R., in the eastern part of Otoe county, five miles east of Syracuse, and 14 miles from Nebraska City, the county seat. T. W. Harvey a Chicago lumber merchant has here a fine summer residence and raises very fine stock here.

Andrews I R, postmaster.
Wann W, sta agt.


Unadilla has a population of 400 and is located in the western part of Otoe county, on the Nebraska division of the B. & M. R.R., 28 miles from Nebraska City, the seat of justice. The grain growing qualities of the surrounding country are excellent, large shipments of various products are yearly made. There are two grain elevators in the town constantly employed to their full capacity. The Unadilla Roller Mill is one of the best interests of the place. Various other business enterprises are in operation, including a bank and two hotels. The I.O.G.T. have a lodge here. The churches are the Christian and the United Brethren.

Bank of Unadilla, N A Duff pres, J H Currie vice-pres, H A Butt cashier.
Brandt Benjamin F, livery.
Butt Henry A, notary public.
Coats J A Mrs., prop Revere House.
Currie J H, mgt N A Duff & Co.
Davis Chas N, hardware, furniture.
DeGroff & Weller, genl mdse.
Dorman Burton, postmaster, mgr Nebraska Telephone Co.
DuBois Ray, harness.
DuBois Theo S, meat market, cigars.
Duff N A & Co, J H Currie mgr, grain elevator.
Fountain David, agl implts.
Green & Wolford, genl mdse.
Harper John C, drugs, paints etc.
Horten John, live stock.
Huckins Daniel, shoemaker.
Kime Levi, lumber, coal.
Latta E F, phys, drugs.
McCarty Henry, livery.
McIntyre Wm, phys.
McKenzie John A, barber.
Nebraska Telephone Co, B Dorman mgr.
Orrison Evan Miss, millinery.
Orrison L, prop Union Hotel.
Ostrander Wm C, blacksmith.
Penfold A E, station agt.
Revere House, Mrs J A Coats prop.
Robb D A well borer, agt pumps and windmills.
Rotton Wm jr, poultry breeder.
Showalter S G, blacksmith.
Thorp G H, prop Unadilla Roller Mills.
Unadilla Roller Mills, G H Thorp prop.
Union Hotel, L Orrison prop.


Wyoming, a station on the M.P. Ry., in the eastern part of Otoe county, about eight miles north of Nebraska City. Population, 25.

Abbott J M, sta agt.
Brown J E, blacksmith.
Crouch Marion, justice.
Duff N A & Co, grain.
Kropp L A, genl mdse, postmaster.

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