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Fowlkes Cemetery Nebraska City, NE

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photos by Ed & Dori Chrisp

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Name Born Died Information** Tombstone
Jennie Fowlkes 1875 1902 wife of Caesar Fowlkes P1010023
Infant son no date 1907 son of Caesar & Nellie Fowlkes P1010024
Grover Cleveland Fowlkes 1892 1918 son of Caesar & Jennie Fowlkes P1010025
Peter Fouts 1817 1901 sic
17 Jun 1902
Pioneer Freighter over Mormon Trail

"Funeral of an Old Settler
The funeral of Peter Fouts, who died yesterday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. C. Fowlkes, five miles southeast of the city, was held from the family residence this morning at 10 o'clock and the remains were buried on the farm. Mr. Fouts, who was 85 years of age, came to Nebraska in 1855 and has resided here ever since."  Ref: Nebraska City Daily, Wed 18 Jun 1902, pg 4.  submitted by Veronica Anguiano.

Martha Fowlkes 1842 1913 "How many hopes are buried here." P1010028
John Lowe no date 10/9/1855 aged 6 yrs 11 days, son of W. H. & M.A Lowe P1010029
Wm Lowe no date 7/16/1859 aged 3 yrs 2 mo, son of W. H. & M.A Lowe P1010029
Charles Gilman no date 3/11/1865 aged 17 yrs 3 da, eldest son of J. A. & S. J. Gilman P1010030
Eva Gilman no date 3/10/1885 aged 10 mo 8 da, dau of J. A. & S. J. Gilman P1010031
Lilly Gilman no date 3/11/1865 aged 3 yr 1 mo 10 da, dau of J. A. & S. J. Gilman P1010031
Emily L. Gilman no date 11/23/1871 aged 22 yr 1 mo 15 da, dau of J. A. & S.L. Gilman P1010032
Isabelle Graham no date 1899 dau of Elmer & Fannie Graham P1010033
Infant daughter no date 1898 dau of Lyman & Edith Gilford P1010034
Gracie Davidson 1895 1897   P1010035
Infant son no date 1856 infant son of Wm & Caroline Fowlkes P1010037
Caroline Fowlkes 1834 1856 wife of William Fowlkes, First burial in this cemetery P1010038
Infant son no date 1866 son of Wm & Martha Fowlkes P1010040
William C. Fowlkes 1820 1880 "He is at rest in heaven." P1010042
Ralph Lundy no date 1881 son of Robert & Julia Lundy P1010043
Infant daughter no date 1882 dau of Robert & Julia Lundy P1010044

** Fowlkes Cemetery
Otoe County, Nebraska


  1. The 1929 Transcribing of Fowlkes Cemetery listed children of Asa & Lydia Strain, we did not find the stones
    for either Jane or Mary Strain.
  2. Wm. C. Fowlkes obituary was in the Nebraska City Daily News, January 15, 1880, page 4.
  3. Elijah Davidson obituary was in the Nebraska City News Press, Tuesday, November 1, 1955, page 1.
  4. Ida Davidson obituary was in the Nebraska City News Press, Wednesday, November 12, 1969, page 1.

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Fowlkes Cemetery Renovation News

Source: Nebraska City News-Press, Nebraska City, Otoe Co., Nebraska
Thursday, March 10, 2005, Pg. 7

By Dan Swanson
History Section

Historic Cemetery Neglected
Historic Fowlkes cemetery needs unkeep, new fence

Winding his way through the brambles that have grown to distinguish the Fowlkes cemetery south of Nebraska City, Otoe County Sheriff Jim Gress points to damage caused by time, neglect and cattle.

He said he is hoping someone will take an interest in caring for the cemetery and at least put up a new fence.

Bert Bowers of Scottsbluff renovated the cemetery in 1954, placing 14 headstones over graves and a marker that reads: “This cemetery is located on land preempted in 1854 by Wm. C. Fowlkes, early day lawyer, doctor and neighbor to J. Sterling Morton.”

It was the object of a clean-up undertaken by Boy Scout Troop 343 and scouts Mike Scheele and Orville Gigstad, but has been left unattended for over three decades.

Caroline C. Fowlkes, the wife of Wm. C. who died in childbirth, is the first white buried there.  Her daughter, who died a few months after her birth, is buried beside her.

There are about 100 people buried at the cemetery, which is located on about two acres.

Mrs. Ida Davidson told News-Press in 1954 that the first two people buried there were Indians.  She said her father came here in 1854 from Iowa after having been mustered out of the Union Army at Fort Kearney.

The last buried there was Grover Cleveland Fowlkes, who died in 1918 for influenza.

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Recorded May 21, 1853

William Rains to Sarah Beason, February 27, 1853
Wm C. Fults to Carline Helvey March 13, 1853
Wm Gilman to Irena Honis, March 24, 1853
Wm Fults to Eliza Beason, August 11, 1853
James P. Bunns to Rebeca Ann Williams, May 4, 1853
Peter Law, Justice of the Peace
??, Clerk [need to proofread]

Fowlkes Marriage Sources
1. Ellen Fowlkes married Robert Sparks on April 7th, 1934 in Otoe County, Nebraska, Vol. V page 389.
2. Edith Fowlkes married Lyman Gilford on December 22, 1896 in Otoe County, Nebraska, Vol. L Page 243. 3. Julia Fowlkes married Robert Lundy on January 23, 1883 in Otoe County, Nebraska, Vol. G Page 11.
4. Etta Fowlkes married James Swager on September 29, 1869 in Otoe County, Nebraska, Vol. J Page 83.
5. Fannie Fowlkes married Elmer Graham on February 24, 1898 in Otoe County, Nebraska, Vol. L Page 474. 6. Julius Caesar Fowlkes married Jennie Shellenberger on July 5, 1891 in Otoe County, Nebraska, Vol. J Page 457.

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To the Editor of the News.
On my return home from the West last Tuesday evening, almost the first word I heard uttered was that
is dead and buried." This of course was very sad news to me, as it was no doubt to every "old settler," as well as many of the new ones who had long and favorably known the deceased.
  In the death of Doctor Fowlkes - the last of our well known associates - who have been summoned from the scenes of his earthly labors, the Old Settlers' Association have been called to part with one of its oldest and devoted members; the community an honest, upright citizen, and the wife and children an affectionate husband and father.
  One week ago, this evening the Old Settlers assembled in annual session at the Cincinnati House to renew the bond of friendship of a quarter of century past, and greet each other with a friendly shake of the hand. And when calling the roll, the writer remembers that when the name of Wm. C. Fowlkes was called Mr. James Fitchle, one of the association, remarked, "the doctor is sick, but his poem is here." These beautiful verses which appear in another place in this paper, are probably the last our departed brother ever wrote, and speak in language that cannot be disputed of his devotion to his friends, and particularly the pioneers of Otoe county.
  The writer of this article first met the deceased June 17th, 1853, on the opposite side of the river in Iowa, and from that time until his death, ever found him to be the same genial friend, so peculiar to the early pioneers of the State, and when he remembers that while almost suffering death from an affection of the liver in July, 1854, that it was Doctor Fowkles who gave him relief, he can not let this opportunity pass without adding his feeble efforts in paying a small tribute of respect to his memory.
  Of the deceased's life, previous to 1853, the writer knows but little, save that he was born and raised neat Hickman, Ky., until he arrived at the years of maturity, when he left home and like thousands or others commenced to fight the battle of life on his own accord, and although not to say rich in this world's goods, he always seemed to be satisfied with his place in life, and envied no man who seemed to he more fortunate than himself. It is generally presumed, however by those who knew him that the Doctor was a very close student in early days; and had prepared himself for the legal profession in a manner that others might be proud of. For in January, 1854, when the first term of court ever held West of the Missouri river was convened at Nebraska City, over which the Hon. E. R. Harden, late of Georgia, presided, the deceased was admitted to the bar with many others, and at the conclusion was highly complimented by the court for his knowledge of the law, and satisfactory in which he answered various questions propounded.  I understand the deceased was 62 years old when death called him Home, and I know that 25 years of his life was spent on the old homestead on Four Mile Creek, where he located in the year 1854, and where the family now reside. J. W. Pearman.

Elijah Davidson (1869-1955)
dies at hospital
  Elijah (Lige) Davidson died at 1 10 a.m. Tuesday [November 1, 1955] at St Mary's, hospital following a three-year illness.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Porter funeral home chapel with Rev. D. H. McMillan officiating. Burial will be at Wyuka.
  Mr. Davidson was born Feb 4, 1869 at Mason City, Ill, the son of Robert and Elizabeth Davidson. He came to Nebraska City in 1891.
  Mr. Davidson and Ida Fowlkes were married April 3, 1894, in Nebraska City. Mrs Davidson's father, a doctor and lawyer, was allowed to homestead here because he was a veteran of the Mexican War. He came here in 1854, floating his wagon across the river.  Mr. and Mrs. Davidson celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in April of 1954.
  The deceased was a former farmer and carpenter. He was a member of the Baptist church.
  Besides his widow, he is survived by a niece, Mrs. Bert Bowers, Scottsbluff. Preceding him in death were two daughters. Gracie who, died In 1897 and Lettie in 1923.

Mrs. Ida Davidson (1875-19__)
funeral Friday
  Mrs. Ida B. Davidson, 94, Nebraska City, who formerly lived at 509 Fifth Corso, Nebraska. City, died Tuesday night at Nebraska City Manor.
  Funeral services will be held Friday, 10:30 a.m., at Lett Funeral Home with the Rev Douglas DeNeui, pastor of First Baptist church, officiating. Burial will be in Wyuka cemetery, Nebraska City.
  Mrs. Davidson was born August 18, 1875, In Nebraska City, the daughter of Doctor and Mrs. William Fowlkes. She married Elijah A. Davidson in 1893 in Nebraska City.
  Her husband died November 1, 1955. A daughter, an adopted daughter and nine brothers and sisters preceded her.
Mrs. Davidson lived her entire life near Nebraska City with the exception of eight year spent in Holt and Rock Counties where the family farmed and homesteaded. Her father was an early doctor and attorney in the Nebraska City area.
  Survivors include nieces Mrs. Edith Bowers of Scottsbluff; Mrs. Clifford Hooker and Mrs. Ruth Meyer of Omaha, Mrs. Robert Lund of Columbus, Mrs. Valda Boehmer of Walla Walla, Wash, nephews, Wilson Cunningham of Minneapolis, Minn., Howard Ash of Kennewick, Wash. and the Rev. Barney Cunningham of Garden Grove, California.
  Lett Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

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Fowlkes Cemetery Nebraska City, NE

Nov 30, 2005

I have done extensive research on this family and have piles of references to them.  Among the information I have is that when the cemetery was renovated by Mr and Mrs Bert Bowers in 1954 they purchased and placed 14 stones on previously unmarked family graves.  At least one stone placed by them, that of Peter Fouts, has the wrong death date on it.  His obituary ran in Nebraska City Daily, Wed 18 Jun 1902, pg 4.

"Funeral of an Old Settler
The funeral of Peter Fouts, who died yesturday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. C. Fowlkes, five miles southeast of the city, was held from the family residence this moring at 10 o'clock and the remains were buried on the farm. Mr. Fouts, who was 85 years of age, came to Nebraska in 1855 and has resided here ever since."

I have written short biographies (a few paragraphies) of Julius C Fowlkes and wife Jennie; William C Fowlkes and Martha, his wife; and Peter Fouts and his wife, Jerusha.  If you would be interested in that information, I could send it.

Thank you
Veronica Anguiano
dau of Lyle Rathbun son of Jennie Lenore Fowlkes dau of Arthur Earnest Fowlkes son of Julius Caesar Fowlkes and Jennie Belle Shellenberger.

PS I also have lots of info on the Shellenberger family.

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