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Hopewell Cemetery: Unadilla NE

        Cemetery gate

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Partial Burial List

Last name Name Birth Death Information Sect Plot Tombstone
Reed Samuel Reed 1898 1966       P1010007
Fisk Carl Junior Fisk no date no date       P1010009
McDonald McMluskey McDonald 11/14/1888 8/30/1890       P1010010
French William French 2/14/1847 2/16/1927 Co K 7 Regt ILL Inf     P1010011
2nd photo
Reed Oscar Reed no date 5/1/1874 Son of S. T. & Ann Reed     P1010012
Pindar Benjamin Pindar no date 7/20/1885 Aged 84 years     P1010013
Pindar Mary Pindar no date 2/3/1870 dau of B. S. & E. H. Pindar     P1010015

Doane G. W. Doane 12/4/1837 no date       P1010016
Doane Frances L. Doane 2/8/1841 12/5/1906 wife of G. W. Doane     P1010016
Roby Frances Roby 3 yrs 4mo 6da 11/18/1882 Son of John & S. A. Roby     P1010018
Stedman Stedman 78 yrs 7 mo 7/31/1885 Father     P1010025
Roby Infant Roby Aged 6 days 2/26/1875 dau of John & S. A. Roby     P1010020
Reed Rebecca Reed 27 yrs 16 da 3/27/1876       P1010021
2nd photo
Orahood Adalin Orahood 4 yrs 4 mo 16 da 2/13/1882       P1010022
2nd photo
Stedman Clara M. Stedman 33yr 7mo 10da 2/6/1889 wife of C. R. Stedman     P1010023
Van Horn Carrie A. Van Horn 22yr 7mo 7da 3/4/1885 wife of Jesse D. Van Horn     P1010027
Swan Rodrick M. Swan Aged 59 yrs 3/11/1890       P1010029
Devault William M. Devault Aged 4 yrs 5/13/1891       P1010032
Devault Mary A. Devault 1841 1920       P1010032
Devault Elmer W. Devault 21 yr 6 mo 4 da 4/15/1891       P1010032
Happy Happy Aged 4 yrs 10/31/1894       P1010036
Holcomb Holcomb Aged 1 mo 25 da 11/5/1894       P1010039
White Frank E. White Aged 30 yrs 1/8/1888 [died Los Angeles Calif. of pneumonia,
s/o James F. & Martha A. Scott White]
3rd photo
4th photo
Dunkle Aggie M Dunkle 4/6/1850 8/14/1885 wife of A.N. Dunkle     P1010043
Dunkle A. N. Dunkle 12/8/1843 6/17/1886       P1010044
Hesterman Lucy E. Hesterman 27yrs 4mo 22da 12/11/1890       P1010045
Brown Robert J. Brown 52yrs 1mo 13da 12/29/1885       P1010047
Brown John T. Brown 2yrs 7mo 27da 4/17/1887 son of E.R. & S.E. Brown     P1010049
Wilson Clifford Wilson 10 yrs 21 da 11/4/1890 son of J.C. & S.E. Wilson     P1010050
Wells Mary W. Wells ?5yrs 4mo 21da 12/6/1891 wife of G. Wells     P1010052
Wells Gilbert Wells 65yrs 10mo 15 da 3/20/1891       P1010054
Alkins William B. Alkins 55yrs 9mo 15da 7/7/1892       P1010055
Pierson George W. Pierson 9/1/1843 10/24/1897 [Sep. 1, 1843-Oct. 24, 1892, Corporal, Company A, 7th Indiana Infantry]     P1010057
Pierson Geo W. Pierson no date no date Co A 7 IA INF Civil War     P1010059
2nd photo
Pierson Georgeana Pierson 13 yr 11mo 10da 8/30/1893 dau of G.W. & L. Pierson     P1010060
Ware Alyse Ware 3/5/1916 2/20/1923 dau of Mrs. Minnie Buchanan     P1010063
White James F. White Aged 65 yrs 12/3/1891 [died at Unadilla, member of U.P. Church, h/o Martha A. Scott]     P1010066
3rd photo
4th photo
White Martha White 1835 1917 Mother [Martha A. Scott White, July 23, 1835 OH-Oct 31, 1917 age 82 Los Angeles Calif., widow of James F. White]     P1010068
2nd photo
3rd photo)
McKenzie Alice May White 1875 [Aug]1894 daughter [w/o John McKenzie, d/o James F. & Martha A. Scott White]     P1010069
2nd photo
Severns Jacob Severns 4/16/1832 9/20/1897       P1010075
Severns Eliza A. Severns 3/18/1840 5/12/1901       P1010075
Roush Jesse Roush 4/25/1891 5/3/1891       P1010079
Gloystein Hermann D. Gloystein 9/28/1853 6/4/1939       P1010084
3rd photo
Gloystein Marie Sophie Wilhelmine Gloystein 1/28/1853 2/7/1906 wife of Herman D. Gloystein     P1010084
Gloystein Emma Johanna Gloystein 9/21/1888 6/20/1889       P1010084
Gloystein Meta Augusta Gloystein 6/20/1891 10/9/1891       P1010084
Reed Stephanas Reed 1842 1922       P10100089
Reed Ruth Ann (Smith) Reed 4/4/1842 8/21/1881 Mother     P1010091
Smith Ellen Smith 1848 1912       P1010092
Smith John Smith 1818 1901       P1010093
Reed M. G Reed no date no date       P1010094
Dively Calvin 24 Feb 1867 21 Apr 1941 s/o Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dively     Obituary
Dively Harry 27 Jan 1873 20 May 1958 b. Pavia, Penn., s/o Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dively     Obituary
Dively Bell née Jones 9 Mar 1885 19 Jan 1959 w/o Harry Dively, d/o James Jones     Obituary
Dively Jacob 28 Jul 1869 24 Nov 1948 b. Pavia, Penn., s/o Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dively     Obituary
Dively Mary 7 Oct 1865 25 Sept 1942 d/o Mr. and Mrs. Francis Dively     Obituary

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