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Otoe County Church Records

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List of Documents

Following is a list of Otoe County Church Records copied from the Nebraska State Historical Society "Reference Guide No. 6". The manuscript collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society include the records of some Otoe County churches. The following list indicates all the manuscript collections that contain church records, arranged by town. While most collections include minutes and vital records (such as information on marriages, baptisms, births and deaths), a few contain only bulletins, short histories or other brief records. Some of the records appear in languages other than English, such as German and Swedish. All except those marked with an asterisk are on microfilm and available through interlibrary loan.

Burr		Hopewell Presbyrerian			1874-1940	MS0410
Camp Creek	Congregational				1868-1879	MS2678
Douglas		Christian				1890-1971	MS4113
McWilliams Pct.	St. John's Parish German Evangelical	1871-1917	MS0523
Nebraska City	Bethel United Church of Christ		1886-1971	MS0089
Nebraska City	Evangelical Lutheran			1886-1971	MS0089
Nebraska City	Evangelical and Reformed		1886-1971	MS0089
Nebraska city	Independent Evangelical Lutheran	1886-1971	MS0089
Otoe		St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran		1878-1956	MS4020
Palmyra		Presbyterian				1875-1968	MS0085
Syracuse	First Congregational			1871-1914	MS0500
Syracuse	First Lutheran				1880-1971	MS4166
Syracuse	St. John's Evangelical			1880-1969	MS0155
Syracuse	St. John's United Church of Christ	1889-1969	MS0155
Syracuse	Taylor Memorial				1871-1914	MS0500
Talmage		Zion United Church of Christ		1884-1963	MS0091
Unadilla	Christian (Disciples of Christ)		1873-1975	MS0123

To find out how to borrow any of these films, contact your library about an interlibrary loan.  

The Nebraska State Historical Society address is:
PO Box 82554
1500 "R" Street
Lincoln, NE 68501

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