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Known Post Offices in
Phelps County Nebraska from 1874 to Present

Published by the

Holdrege Area Genealogy Club

in their Fall 1995 Vol. 4-3, Phelps Helps Newsletter





ATLANTA Established 12 Sep 1884. Still a post office.

a. location s.w. 1/4 of Sec 17 of Industry Township (1884 map).

AXELSON Established 27 Feb 1880; closed 10 Jun 1886. Named in honor of Andrew Axelson first postmaster. Another publication lists this post office name as Aaelson.

a. Located in n.w. 1/4 of sec. 8 Westside Township. (1884 map)

BERTRAND Established 10 Jun 1885; Still a post office. Original name was Whitewater. (Bertrand and Whitewater are in two different locations.)

a. 1889 map shows Bertrand in Sec. 31 of Garfield Township.

CLARENCE Established 14 Nov 1879, closed 21 Apr 1884. Mail to Axtell, NE.

DENMAN Established 3 Mar 1895; closed 28 Oct 1889, mail to Holcomb. Original name Phelps.

FRANK Established 3 Apr 1883, name changed to Romeyn 7 Oct 1889. Named after W. F. Frank.

a. Location was n.e. 1/4 of 23 Cottonwood Township.

FRASER Established 11 Sep 1883, closed 29 Oct 1892, Mail to Williamsburg. Named after William Frazer.

a. Location was s.w. sec. 14, Williamsburg Township.

FUNK Established 18 Jan 1888. Still a post office.

a. Location is Sec. 28 Divide Township.

HAYDEN Established 4 Jun 1884, closed 9 Dec 1903, mail to Funk.

a. Location was the s.w.1/4 of Sec. 7 or s.e. 1/4 of Sec. 8 Cottonwood Township. (1884 map)

b. Location was the s.w. 1/4 of Sec. 7 Anderson Township (1903 map). Anderson Township was not named until after 1884.

HIGHLAND Established 24 Jul 1879, closed 9 Aug 1883, Mail to Phelps. Named by L. C. Barr.

a. Located on Sec 28 of Sheridan Township.

HODSON Established 11 Aug 1874, Disc. 10 May 1875.

HOLCOMB Established 11 May 1896, Disc. 31 May 1903, Mail to Elm Creek, NE. This post office named after Silas Holcomb.

a. Located on Section 24 of Westmark Township.

HOLDREGE Established 9 Nov 1883. This is still a post office.

a. Located on Sec. 23 Sheridan Township.

HOPEVILLE Established 8 Apr 1864, closed 22 Sep 1864. This historic ranch and Stage Station 18 miles west Ft. Kearney was run by postmaster Moses Sydenham and his brother.

INDUSTRY Established 24 Jul 1878, Disc. 29 Jan 1885, mail to Holdrege, This post office was named by Nancy David. She and her husband J. A. David came from Industry, Ill..

a. This post office was located in Industry Township.

INTEGRITY Established 8 Dec 1879, closed 12 Feb 1884, mail to Holdrege, NE. Named by Charles Eugene Smith, named for the honesty and uprightness of the communities people.

LAKE Established 27 May 1879, closed 2 Apr 1887, mail to Loomis, NE.,

a. Location on Section 18, Industry Township.

LUTE Dates Established unknown. Named in honor of G. T. Lute, a early settler.

a. Located on Sec. 16 of Industry Township.

LOOMIS Established 21 Jan 1886. This is still a post office. Named for a railroad man.

a. on 1889 map Loomis is located on the n.w. 1/4 of Sec. 20 in Laird Township.

O'KANE Established 31 Jan 1883, closed 2 Dec 1884, mail to Frank Post office. Reestablished 28 Sep 1885, closed 31 Mar 1886. Mail to Frank. Name by James O. Kane.

OSCAR Established 15 Aug 1878, closed 15 Jan 1888. Mail to Funk. Named by Jonas Peterson.

PHELPS Established 30 Oct 1877, closed 30 Mar 1895. Name first changed from Phelps Center to Phelps and later changed to Denman.

a.Located on the s.e. 1/4 of sec. 14 in Westmark Township (1889 map).

PHELPS CENTER Established 4 Nov 1876. closed 3 Oct 1877. Name changed to Phelps.

a. Located on Section 1 of Center Township (1884 Map). On today's map it would be Sec. 1 of Laird Township.

PLUM CREEK Established 7 Oct 1861. closed 27 Mar 1868. Original name Dawson. Plum Creek was a creek in the northwest corner of the county, its name was suggested to the overland freighters by reason of many plum trees growing along the creek, where the Overland Trail crossed. This post office was probably between Sec. 8 and 9 what is now Westside Township.

ROCK FALLS Established 10 Sep 1874, closed 6 Jun 1894. Mail to Atlanta. Name was suggested by James Sweezey.

a. Located on the s.w. 1/4 of Sec. 34, Rock Falls Township. (1884 & 1889 map)

ROMEYN Established. Oct 7 1889, closed 12 Feb 1902. Original Name Frank. Mail to Hayden.

SACRAMENTO Established 9 Feb 1879, Disc. 2 Apr 1887. Post office reestablished 3 Jan 1889, Disc. 19 Sep 1944. Mail to Holdrege, NE. Named after Sacramento, Cal.

a. Located from 1879 to 1887 on Sec. 19 of Lake Township.

b. Located on the S.w. 1/4 of Sec. 17 in Lake Township from 1889 to 1944.

SHERWOOD Established. 9 Jun 1875, closed 11 Dec 1877. This post office may have been in Cottonwood Township.

URBANA Established 9 Feb 1885, closed 4 Nov l889, mail to Loomis, NE. The name Urbana came to be, because George Wilcox, the first settler of this area came from Urbana, Ill.

a. 1889 map shows this post office located at n.e. 1/4 of sec. 35 in Union Township.

WESTMARK Established 23 Jul 1879, closed 12 Jan 1903. One source says the post office was named after a sod pile which was a landmark on the west section of the land.

a. Located on Sec. 8 of Westmark Township.

WHITEWATER Established 14 Nov 1879, closed 10 Jun 1883, mail to Axelson. Another publication says name changed to Bertrand 10 Jun 1883. Named by S. M. Millard. He was from Whitewater, Wis.

a.Located in Sec. 34 in Garfield Township. (1884 map)

b.Located in sec. 8 in Union Township.

WILLIAMSBURG Established 7 Aug 1874, closed 15 Dec 1904, Mail to Elm Creek. Named in honor of William Dilworth, son of C. J. Dilworth, Nebraska Attorney General.

a.Located on the n.e. 1/4 of sec. 22 of Westmark Township (1884 map).

b. Located on the n.w. 1/4 of sec. 23 Williamsburg (1889 map).


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