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McLean Nebraska Centennial – Memories Along the Rails

1900 – 2000

Index of Family Histories


Keith and Darlene Aaberg

Millicent Abbott

Hugo and Marie Albers

Thomas and Bertha Alford

William E. and Lois Allen

Edward and Maude Anderson

Floyd and Ethel Anderson


Clarence and Irene Backhaus

Douglas and Sheri Backhaus

Fred and Minnie Backhaus

Kenneth and Alice (Jean) Backhaus

Wallace F. and Dolores Backhaus

Bradley and Sherri Bargstadt

Douglas and Bernita Bauer

Bill and Mary Becker

Eugene and Lois Becker

William and Ida Becker

Elsworth E. Benson

Marcus Bermel

Lee and May Bethune

Arthur and Norma Bilau

Erwin and Irene Bilau

Gustav and Lena Bilau

Arvid and Vaun Bloomquist

David and Michelle Bloomquist

Dennis and Trena Bloomquist

Duane E. Bloomquist

Dwight and Lois Bloomquist

Frank and Anna Bloomquist

Harold and Katherine Bloomquist

Johan M. (Johnson) Bloomquist

Martin and Florilla Bloomquist

Neil and Sally Bloomquist

Richard and Elaine Bloomquist

Rodney and Teresa Bloomquist

Scott and Connie Bloomquist

Steve and Laurie Bloomquist

Thomas and Julie Bruckner

William and Margaret Bruckner

Edward and Frieda Brummond

James and Anita Bush


(Karl) Albin and Rose Carlson

Carl D. Carlson

Dale and Mary Lou Carlson

Kenneth and Marilyn Carlson

Wilma Mae Carlson

Fred and Bessie Chrisman

Gordon and Katherine Chrisman

Tim and Patricia Claassen

Donald and Luetta Clayton

James and Katherine Clayton

Kenneth and Lucretia Clayton

Wilfred and Lillian Clayton

Carl and Zephy Custer

Clyde and Geneva Custer

Howard and Zola Custer


Archie and Irene Dahl

Ernest and Opal Dangberg

Dan and Shirley Dawson

LeRoy and Kathryn Dommer

Henry and Stella Dralle


Donald G. Eberhardt

John and Elizabeth Eberhardt, Sr.

Leroy and Mardelle Eberhardt

Lucille Eberhardt

Lyle Eberhardt

Philip and Mary Eberhardt

William and Emma Eberhardt

Willis and Eleanor Eberhardt

Larry and Theresa Eddie

John and Anna Eich

Douglas and Evelyn Eichberger

Clint and Bessie Erlander


Jochim and Anna Finck


Clifford and Donna Bell Galvin

Donald and Laverne Galvin

Michael D. Galvin

Wm. (Pat) and Martha Galvin

Daniel and Deanna Gansebom

Delmer and Joan Gansebom

Leonard and Lois Gerdes

Loren and Lisa Gerdes

Vernon and Sharon Gubbels

Adam and Anna Gudenkauf

Arlen Edward Gudenkauf

Nicholas and Anna Gudenkauf


John and Augusta Hamer

Ortell and Wilma Hamer

Edward and Vera Hansen

Rod and Nancy Hart

Frank and Josephine Hewitt

Hattie Hewitt

Jesse R. Hewitt

Gustav and Louise Hilkemann

Harold and Mildred Hilkemann

Jim and Barbara Hilkemann

Warren and CleoBelle Holmes

Kenneth and Verna Huff


Gary and Lynette Janssen

Julius and Gesine Johannsen

Arthur and Ruby Johnson

Delmar and Carle Johnson

Lowell D. Johnson

Melvin and Erma Johnson

Raymond (C.R.) and Eunice Johnson

Ronald and Betty Johnson


Ella H. Kalvelage

Perry and Irene King

Cornelius and Irene Loretta Klein

Alan and Mardell (Beed) Koehler

Donald and Joan Koehler

Henry and Pearl Koehler

Mark and Alicia Koehler

Pal and Robin Koehler

Carrie Koob (Galvin)

LaVerle and Nadene Korth

William E. and Edna L. Korth

Darold and Maxine Kraemaer

Fred and Decil Kraemaer

J. Henry and Anna Kraemaer

Milda Kraemaer

Clarence and Violette Kruger

Ralph and Donna Kruger

Amalia (Mollie) Krugman

Frank and Louise Krugman

Dale and Betty Kruse

Gene and Mildred Kruse

Louis and Hilda Kruse

Marlyn and Marjorie Kruse

Duane and Delores Kumm

Rudolph and Alice Kumm

Scott and Teresa Kumm

Wayne and Lynda Kumm


Jim and Donna Lackas

John and Petty Lackas

Elmer and Elizabeth Lewis

Doris Thelen (Lewis)

Gilbert Lewis

William and Winnifred Lewis

Jack and Helen Lienemann

Marvin and Lydia Lienemann

Vernon and Vernelda Lienemann


Herman and Alvena Manske

William and Lela Manske

Chris and Martha Manzer

Kenneth and Minnie Manzer

Johnnie and Bernice McClain

Ronald and Earlean McClain

Don and Ruth McQuitty

Duane and Ila Rae Meacham

Clarence and Olive Meisner

Wilferd and Betty Meisner

Bert and Myrle Miller

Bryan and Mary Miller

Claude and Anna Miller

Marlin and Corrine Miller

Christian and Kate Mohr

Ernest Mohr

Bill and Mary Jo Mowinkel


Carl and Hildegarde Neitzke

Chris and Minnie Neumeier

Edward and Anna Neumeier

William and Dora Neumeier

Denver Norwood

Jesse and Gertrude Norwood


Norris and Ilene O’Dey

Art and Mary Olson

Reno and Ruby Ordway


Alfred and Lorene Patent

Johannes and Marie Patent

Harry and Evelyn Petersen

Pete and Sena Petersen

Clinton and Leonore Peterson

Elmer and Minnie Peterson

Delmar and Elda Pfanstiel

Gene Julie Pfanstiel

Henry and Elisa Pfanstiel

Herman and Frieda Pfanstiel

Kevin Pfanstiel

Norris and Cleo Pfanstiel

Randall and Janet Pfanstiel

J. VonBergen and Sheila Phillips

Randall Prince


Virginia (Whellan) Reed

Carl Arthur and Katherine Reichert

Dean Reichert

Marian Reichert

Frank and Violetta Reineke

Kenneth (Sam) and Nancy Reineke

Raymond and Azalia Riessen

Jeffrey and Barbara Rohde

William and Theresa Rohlfs

Edward and Emily Rosenbach

Rex and Ruth Ann Rosenbach

Carl and Catherine Scheel

Carl and Lizzie (Albers) Scheel

Paul and Dorothy Schnieders

LaVerle Schnoor

Lois Schnoor

Louie and Zelda Schnoor

Carl and Emma Schomberg

Donald and Leona Schomberg

J. Fred and Lydia Schomberg

Ludwig and Maria Schomberg

Julius and Minnie Schultz

Donald and Diane Short

John William and Bertha Slack

Frank and Martha Smith

Harley and Esther Smith

Paul and Ruth Smith

Louis and Ida Stueckrath

Oscar and Lillie Stueckrath

Willis and Norma Stueckrath

Axel E. and Lotten Swanson

Frank and Frieda Swanson

John and Selma Swanson


Howard and Sharon Timmerman


William and Harriet Van Slyke

Jerome and Violet Veik

John Bernard and Johanna Veik

Raymond and Arlene Veik

Richard and Ramona Veik

Balthaser and Lizzie Volk

Edward G. and Hilda A. Volk

Jesse and Amanda Volk

John and Louisa Catherine Volk

William and Iven Volk

George and Astrid von Rentzell

Ernie and Gwen Voss

John and Eva Voss


H.E. and Diane Webb

Leonard and LuJean Wesemann

Anton and Mildred Weyhrich

George Weyhrich

Harold and Ruth Weyhrich

Harry and Ida Weyhrich

Gene and Georgine Whalen

Clark and Mattie White

Franklin and Frelove Whitney

Delhart and Delores Wiese

Rodney and Janiece Wilbeck

Ernest and Lucille Witte


Christopher and Mary Young

Gary and Delores Young


Louie and Hazel Zautke