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Osmond Nebraska 1890-1990

A Century of Memories


Index of Family Histories


Brad and Christ (Williams) Adamson

Charles and Kay (Roberts) Addison

John and Margaret (Laurson) Adkins

Richard and Mollie (Clasper) Adkins

Marion and Mary Ann (Stutheit) Adkisson

Richard and Justine (Swafford) Adkisson

Bernard and Carcella (Loebe) Albers

Erwin and Arlene (Wiese) Albers

Grant and Charity (Cooper) Albers

Harry and Ella (Blunck) Albers

Palmer and Jean (Raasch) Albers

Peter and Lizzie (Haferbier) Albers

Todd and Brenda (Smith) Albers

William and Anna (Bugenhagen) Albers

Earl and Eunice (Davis) Anderson

Glen and Frances (Watson) Anson

Matt and Edna (Whipple) Arduser

Sylvia (Schultze) Armstrong

William Curtis Armstrong

Henry and Leona (Guenther) Aschoff

Henry and Teresia (Grosse Rhode) Aschoff

Johann and Maria (Manning) Aschoff

John and Jodi (Anderson) Aschoff

John and Rita (Schmit) Aschoff

Ronald E. and Edith (Pokorny) Aschoff


Rev. Joe and Joan (Bloss) Baer

John and Clara (Kahler) Bahr

Orville and Audree (Anson) Bahr

Peter and Hannah (Wendt) Bahr

John and Lida (Paddock) Ballantyne

Burton and Lesa (Flicker) Bargmann

Douglas and Bernita (Pfanstiel) Bauer

Bert and Anna (Nelson) Beals

Marlin and Maurine (Hixson) Beals

Dr. Paul and Ellen (Ryan) Becker

Peter and Magdalena (Vosbeck) Becker

William and Mary (McGuire) Becker

Phillip and Irma (Mayer) Beckwith

Robert and Gladys (O坦ourk) Beedle

Robert and Thelma (Hansen) Beedle

Joseph and Anna (Weinandt) Bichlmeier

Arthur and Norma (Hanson) Bilau

Charles and Anastasia (Neubauer) Billerbeck

Henry and Frances (Backes) Billerbeck

Henry J. and Wilhelmina (Winderholtz) Billerbeck

John and Emma (Heesch) Blankenhorn

Don and Bernice (Herbolsheimer) Blecha

Charlie and Julia (Vrtiska) Blecha

Ferdinand and Florence (Ward) Blohm

August and Caroline (Sienknecht) Blunck

Carl and Frieda (Pruess) Blunck

Henry and Rosetta (Ertzner) Blunck

Jochim and Eva (Nelson) Blunck

Kenneth and Lavon (Petersen) Blunck

Louie and Dora (Pruess) Blunck

Norman and Arleath (Stratton) Blunck

Wayne and Charlotte (Schuttler) Blunck

Willie and Ella (Pruess) Blunck

August and Ernstine (Zulksdorf) Bogenhagen

Dr. E.D. and Loretta (Yost) Boice

Andrew and Johanna (Hutfless) Book

John and Catherine (Crowley) Book

Charles and Julia (Olsen) Borchert

Henry and Elizabeth (Becker) Borgmann

John and Adeline (Schilling) Borgmann

John and Bette (Callow) Borgmann

Thomas Harold and Mary Lillian (Schmitz) Borin

Tom and Diane (Petersen) Borst

Frank and Mary (Peitzmeier) Brandstetter

Allen and Lucille (Wheat) Broekemeier

Casper and Johanna (Nordsiek) Broekemeier

Emil and Esther (Dewey) Broekemeier

Frank and Alma (Wecker) Broekemeier

Frank and Emma (Ertzner) Thomsen Broekemeier

James and Margaret (Behrens) Broekemeier

Jim and Deb (Promes) Broekemeier

William and Anna (Brockmann) Broekemeier

William and Lillian (Dewey) Broekemeier

Thomas and Julie (Hoffart) Bruckner

William and Margaret (Spooner) Bruckner

Frank and Melitta (Eggert) Bruegman

Harry and Lottie (Reed) Bruegman

Henry and Minnie (Huwaldt) Bruegman

Henry and Fredericka (Jurgens) Bruegman

Edward and Frieda (Schuettler) Brummond

Rebecca Brunckhorst

Henry Junior and Betty (Armstrong) Brunckhorst

Henry and Catherine (Bockelman) Brunckhorst

Henry and Sophia (Huwaldt) Brunckhorst

Randall and Jane (Johnston) Brunckhorst

Robert and Ava (Dewey) Brunckhorst

Bruce and Valerie (Clayton) Buchanan

Burton and Alice (Hall) Buchanan

David and Luella (Rohrberg) Buchanan

Arnold and Rosa (Fullner) Buchholz

Oscar and Carolyn (Howey) Buchholz

William and Emma (Schulz) Buchholz

Leon and Mardelle (Sutton) Buckendahl

Elmer and Clara (Pochop) Bumann

Joachim and Auguste (Krueger) Bumann

Paul and Anna (Blunck) Buol

Vernon and Mary (Hegstrom) Buol

Richard and Marie (Blum) Buske

W.S. and Margaret (Wakeman) Butterfield


Charles and Laura (Melcher) Calundan

Laddy and Beth (Wakeley) Carlson

Myrl and Ruby (Turner) Chase

Alva and Dora (Larsen) Childs

Victor Chindvall

Chris and Anna (Nelson) Christensen

Elwood and Alice (Wagner) Christensen

Florine V. Christensen

Herman and Emma (Oltmann) Christensen

Marion Christensen

Paul and Lena (Peterson) Christensen

Edward and Fern (Buchanan) Cizek

Emma Cizek

James and Mina (Nolte) Cizek

Joseph and Louise (Koerner) Cizek

Milton and Marion (Mentor) Cizek

Vaclav and Anna (Kopp) Cizek

Ralph and Gladys (Hoppe) Clausen

Randy and Peggy (Squire) Clausen

James and Katherine (Frahm) Clayton

Kenneth and Lucretia (Theisen) Clayton

Wilfred and Lillian (Fuerhoff) Clayton

William and Margaret (Beckwith) Clemans

Cecil and Irma (Pedrick) Cobb

Monte and Bette (Petorella) Cole

Edward and Marie (Stanosheck) Curtis

Adolf and Margaretta (Fay) Davids

Henry and Laura (Kahler) Davids

Llewellyn and Mary (Beals) Davis

Loren and Lillie (Mohr) Davis

Othaniel and Margaret (Reigle) Davis

Curtis and Mary (Synovec) DeBord

William and Margaret (Buchanan) DeBord

Bernard and Bertha (Heimann) Decker

LaVerne and Lenore (Meyer) Dennis

Steve and Denise (Marmo) Dennis

Herman and Hilda (Doerr) Dibbert

Rudy and Evelyn (Wettstadt) Dibbert

Alexander and Dora (Olson) Docken

Roy and Muriel (Hixson) Docken

Bill and Mary (Squire) Drahota

Bill and Gloria (Liewer) Duenwald

Bernard and Genevieve (Dendinger) Durante


Boyd and Gladys (Turner) Edwards

Boyd and Delores (Brock) Edwards

Fritz and Marie (Thomsen) Eggert

Douglas and Evelyn (Bilau) Eichberger

M.V. and Dorothy (Friday) Enevoldsen

Robert and IlaMae (Johnson) Engler

Herman and Almine (Gerdes) Entzner

William and Almine (Gerdes) Hank

Orpheus and Alice (Weingartner) Erwin

Robert and Lori (Kumm) Erwin

Rodney and Rhonda (Hagge) Erwin

Barry and Margaret (Stech) Evans


Benjamin and Louisa (Good) Farrow

Karl and Elsbeth (Buchholz) Firnhaber

Peter and Bertha (Wiese) Fleming

Richard and Lorene (Koehler) Fleming

Theodore and Bertha (Schneider) Fleming

Anne (Masten) Flicker

Eldred and Amy (Wiegert) Folkers

Harry and Leona (Wendt) Folkers

Leo and Selma (Petersen) Folkers

Ronald and Marilyn (Barnason) Folkers

Leonard and Theresa (Zakrzewski)

Wilfred and Norman (Reitz) Francis

William and Nettie Little Francis

Henry and Anna (Wichman) Friday

Joseph and Margaret (Reding) Friedenbach

George and Carol (Rohrberg) Friedrich

Jim and Candy (Baumann) Fritz

Leonard and Francia (Folda) Frodyma

Anton and Leoma (Schulz) Fuelberth

Baltz and Kate (Gebhardt) Fuelberth

Benjamin and Bertha (Brockmann) Fuelberth

Benjamin and Lena (Brockmann) Fuelberth

Delno and Jeanie (Nelson) Fuelberth

Lorenz and Erna (Brockmann) Fuelberth

Walter and Jessie (Schroerluke) Fuelberth

Harry and Emma (Madurajski) Fuerhoff


Clifford and Donna Bell (Neubauer) Galvin

August and Emma (Dralle) Gansebom

Clark and Ingrid (Craft) Gansebom

Daniel and Deanna (Cunningham) Gansebom

Delmer and Joan (Brummond) Gansebom

Doug and Cheryl (Backer) Gansebom

Dwaine and Betty (Albrecht) Gansebom

Everett and Helen (Gutz) Gansebom

Kent and Diane (Brunckhorst) Gansebom

Larry and Susan (Howard) Gansebom

Marlin and Clarice (Frevert) Gansebom

Otto and Ella (Krueger) Gansebom

Phillip Gansebom

Randy and Marcia (Clayton) Gansebom

Roy and Agnes (Dvorak) Gansebom

Vernon and Donna (Pedersen) Gansebom

William and Sophia (Behrens) Gansebom

Willie and Christine (Kube) Gansebom

Del and Lonnie (Waters) Gardner

Rick and Julie (Pfanstiel) Gardner

Dan and Shirley (Alexander) Garner

Arthur and Carol (Renter) Geiger

Ed and Alta (Kumm) Geiger

Marion and Marilyn (Reed) Geneski

Ira and Myrtle (Chambers) George

Henry and Hannah (Kuhl) Gerdes

Edward and Ione (Grunke) German

Matthew and Mary (Christensen) Goeden

Catherine Goeres

Frank and Agnes (Gillespie) Goeres

John and Mildred (O達rien) Goeres

P. Theodore and Victoria (Kenkel) Goeres

Raymond and Dora (Brandl) Goeres

Theodore and Mary (Schroeder) Goeres

Jeanne Goetzinger

Melvin and Nancy (Goetzinger) Crowe

Herbert and Margaret (Bush) Goger

Art and Anne Golter

Gus and Elise Golter

Thomas and Gertrude (Hansen) Goodman

Everet and Stella Gore

Evva Gore

Otis and Ottie (Anderson) Gore

Martin and Brenda (Folkers) Graff

Jess and Evelyn (Hoffart) Gray

Roger and Diane (Dooley) Gray

Noah and Mary (O達rien) Green

Albert and Sofia (Heeman) Gregersen

Henry and Elizabeth (Peitzmeier) Grosse Rhode

Duane and Annette (Elkins) Gubbels

Jerome and JoAnn (Meyer) Gubbels

Matt and Cecilia (Krienert) Gubbels

Norbert and Rita (Knuever) Gubbels

Donald and Lois (Diedrichsen) Gudenkauf

John and Margaret (Goeres) Gudenkauf

Nicholas and Anna (Weis) Gudenkauf

Herman and Verl (Sageser) Gunzenhauser

Wendell A. Gunzenhauser

Amandus and Alvena (Pfanstiel) Gutz

Arnold and Maxine (Wachholtz) Gutz

Byron and Carleen (Fuelberth) Gutz

Carl and Ernestine (Piltz) Gutz

David and Glenna (Hixson) Gutz

James and Arlene (Wallen) Gutz

Martin and Clara (Gnewuch) Gutz

Philip and Debra (Felber) Gutz


Bruce and Judy (Schmidt) Haag

Herman and Verl (Heiderman) Hagelstein

Clement and Lois (Luckert) Hahn

Mary Halbur

Ernest and Elizabeth (Dawson) Halleen

Hans and Dora (Bahr) Hansen

John and Aloda (Young) Hansen

Frank and Emma (Bessmer) Haselhorst

Gilbert and Dolores (Jansen) Haselhorst

George and Martha (Schellpeper) Henzler

Harlan and Adeline (Frohloff) Henzler

George and Anna Herbolsheimer

Roy and Mary (Dvorak) Herbolsheimer

Everette and Genevieve (Johnson) Hilfiker

Roy and Kathleen (McCabe) Hilfiker

Claus and Christina (Boyens) Hinrichsen

Henry and H. Leneve (Rosburg) Hinrichsen

Daryl and Jackie (Johnson) Hitz

Arnold and Eveline (Kiichler) Hixson

Harvey and Lillian (Medlin)Hixson

Joyce (Fuelberth) Hixson

Lucius and Emma (Robinson) Hixson

Theodore and Lena (Docken) Hixson

William and Lucy (Oziah) Hixson

Kelly and Luella (West) Hodson

August and Nellie (Farrow) Hoehne

Dwain and Evaline (Thompson) Hoeppner

Jerome and Renee (Graf) Hoeppner

Louis and Kathleen (Rice) Hoeppner

Louis and Mary (Reimer) Hoeppner

Milford and Lenora (Hahn) Hoeppner

Theodore and Emelia (Goettsch) Hoeppner

John and Louise (Klutman) Hoestje

David and Cindy (Gansebom) Hoffman

Dwaine and Delores (Goger) Hoffman

Peter and Mary (Wurdinger) Hoffman

Walter and Marie (Weeder) Hoffman

Arnold and Barbara (Ulrich) Holzerland

Edward Jacob Huey

William and Marie (Mehrens) Huwaldt


Joseph and Valeria (Kraus) Jaros

Steven and Carol (Tegeler) Jessen

Fred and Clara (Lohmann) Jewell

William and Mary (Frisch) Jilg

Randall and Linda (Pelster) Jochum

Adolph and Lucile (Gage) Johnson

Art and Bessie (Butterfield) Johnson

Daniel and Therese (Schmit) Johnson

Darwin and Rolanda (Hoffman) Johnson

David and Irene (Bloomquist) Johnson, Sr.

Dr. David and Lelia (Leggat) Johnson

Douglas and Barbara (Geiger) Johnson

Dwaine and Elizabeth (Pfanstiel) Johnson

Harlan and Janice (Kieckhafer) Johnson

Michael and Pamela (Kumm) Johnson

Robert and Audrey (Kumm) Johnson

Dr. David and Sandra (Ham) Jones

Donn and Ellen (Osberg) Jones


Darrell and Julie (Kratochvil) Kahler

Henry and Emma (Huwaldt) Kahler

Henry and Ernestina (Stark) Kahler

Paul and Judith (Reding) Kahler

Wallace and Gertrude (Luebbers) Kahler

Darrell and Nancy (Zumbrum) Kahny

Herman and Barbara (Batenhorst) Kaup

Lloyd and Irene (Schultze) Kear

Douglas and Patricia (Ober) Ketelsen

Otto and LaVern (Nissen) Kieckhafer

Clarence and Shirley (Ahlers) Kiichler

Danial and Cheryl (Onnen) Kiichler

David Kiichler

Dean and Charlotte (Dempsay) Kiichler

Karl and Pauline (Kiichler) Kiichler

Max and Frieda (Meyer) Kiichler

Myron and Sherlyn (Nissen) Kiichler

Otto and Clara (Korth) Kiichler

Steve and Diane (Krienert) Kiichler

Frank and Cecelia (Pronneke) Kimble

Clarence and Irene (Schad) Kissinger

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kissinger

Karl and Fern (Bumann) Knaak

Arlan and Mardell (Beed) Koehler

Arthur and Alta (Freeman) Koehler

Christian and Henrietta ([Buskraf] Buske) Koehler

Ferdinand and Wilhelmina (Manske) Koehler

Frederick and Amelia (Otto) Koehler

Dale and Fern (Otto) Koehler

Donald and Joan (Hoffman) Koehler

George and Mary (Koehler) Koehler

Herman and Celia (Fleming) Koehler

Mark and Alicia (Wiegert) Koehler

Marvin and Janice (Kumm) Koehler

Robert and Clara (Kuether) Koehler

Ronald and Lois (Gutz) Koehler

Walter and Lena (Oltjenbruns) Koehler

Lowell and Marian (Prather) Koehn

William and Zella (Tennant) Koenig

Claus and Margaretta (Umlandte) Koppelmann

Roy and Lois (Pease) Koppelman

Vernon Koppelman

William and Mary (Jensen) Koppelmann

Michael and Philomena (Nowatzke) Korth

Rick and Susan (Squire) Korth

John Kortina

Jake and Maude (Huff) Kovarnik

Robert and Patricia (Middleton) Kratochvil

Ervin and Elizabeth (Sexton) Kratochvil

Ervin and Alice (Keenan) Kratochvil

Ervin and Hylma (Naslund) Kratochvil

Frank and Mabel (Schneider) Kratochvil

Henry and Margareth (Frickenstein) Krienert

James and Patrice (Lorenz) Krienert

Joseph and Augusta (Ulrich) Krienert

Joseph and Christina (Stieren) Krienert

Joseph and Maria (Knaup) Krienert

Larry and Joan (Gardner) Krienert

Mark and Victoria (Warneke) Krienert

Norbert and Lucille (Gubbels) Krienert

Paul and Paula (Reineke) Krier

Emil and Emma (Wiese) Krohn

Ferdinand and Augusta (Albers) Krohn

Larry and Linda (Koehler) Krohn

Raymond and Dorothy (Friedrich) Krohn

H.B. and Anna (Bade) Kruetzfeldt

Charles and Mary (Pochop) Kudera

Randy and Nancy (Greiner) Kudera

Stanley and Betty (Mathine) Kudera

Hubert and Dorthalie (Thomsen) Kuhl

Merlyn and Nyla (Wragge) Kuhl

M.J. and Mary Kuhl

Lyle and Rebecca (Bruegman) Kuhlman

John and Margaret (Remme) Kuker

Alma (Wacker) Kumm

August and Louise (Hoffart) Kumm

Dennis and Bonnie (Weinrich) Kumm

Don and Regina (Raasch) Kumm

Duane and Delores (Stark) Kumm

Edward and Augusta (Grunov) Kumm

Elmer and Viola (Wahlstrom) Kumm

Ervin and Lorena (Ellenberger) Kumm

Ferdinand and Hilda (Lenz) Kumm

George and Lydia (Seevers) Kumm

Gerald and Hazel (Schlote) Kumm

Helen and Wilhelmina (Heller) Kumm

Johannes and Elsa (Buske) Kumm

LeRoy and Gloria (Christiansen) Kumm

Marvin and Cindy (Huner) Kumm

Milford and Hattie (Schlote) Kumm

Milton and Edna (Koehler) Kumm

Norman and Helen (Hansen) Kumm

Paul and Anna (Wrick) Kumm

Paul and Carol (Clough) Kumm

Robert P. and Meta (Gloe) Kumm

Stanley and Alice (Sonnichsen) Kumm

Steven and Tina (Peterson) Kumm

Wesley and Leila (Herbolsheimer) Kumm

William and Johanna (Lindwurm) Kumm

Neal and Janis (Goetz) Kurtz


Frank and Anna Lambert

Dallas and Inez (Kimble) Lee

Boyd S. and Ella (Wigton) Leedom

George and Agnes (Gillespie) Leggat

Karl and Ida (Swanson) Leland

Gary and Sharilyn (Anderson) Lemke

Harold and Ferne (Rosenbach) Lenhoff

Timothy and Susan (Broekemeier) Lenhoff

Levi A. Leverson

George and Janet (Watson) Lewis

Eugene and Louise (Schmitz) Liewer

Francis and Bette (Arduser) Liewer

Matthew and Clara (Bogenhagen) Liewer

Richard and Brenda (Lauck) Lind

Will and Genevieve (Viges) Loebe

Harry and Edna (Schumacher) Lorenz

Henry and Mary (Steinhoff) Lorenz

Herman and Dora (Mehrens) Lorenz

Norman and Jacquie (Simmons) Lorenz

Walter and Beata (Schumacher) Lorenz

William and Lizzie (Mehrens) Lorenz

Peter Lucas

Albert and Mary (Krist) Luebbers

Bernard and Mary (Hassler) Luebbers

George and Julia (Book) Luebbers

George and Elizabeth (Rumpker) Luebbers

Richard and Sharen (Brundeen) Luhr

Father Duane Lukes

Alfred and Anna (Cizek) Lundstrom


Dr. Alfred and Claire (McCormick) Mailliard

Joseph and Anna (Prochazke) Maly

Chris and Vivian (Windeshausen) Manzer

Steven and Beth (Otto) Manzer

A.W. and Mary (Becker) Marek

Gus and Lydia Marek

Gus and Catherine (Goeres) Marek

Henry and Ella (Rosburg) Martin

Clayton and Evelyn (Thomsen) McClain

Don and Jean McDaniel

Lorenzo and Alice (Deal) Matteson

Dr. John and Ella (Kirk) Mayer

Earl and Gladys (Broekemeier) Means

Fred and Catherina (Goeres) Mehrens

Joachim and Margarita (Seims) Mehrens

Chris and Alvina (Ohde) Mehrens

Henry and Minnie (Wickman) Melcher

George and Ida (Hollman) Meyer

Herman and Margaret (Lange) Meyer

Alma (Nelson) Miller

Otto and Georgia (Dalton) Minert

Henry and Meldine (Davis) Mitchell

Kenneth and LeElla (Docken) Mjoen

Harry and Ella (Gansebom) Moats

Anton and Dorothy (Wellner) Moes

Brian and Jolene (Schulte) Moes

Kevin and Jane (Bergman) Moes

Wayne and LaVon (Barner) Moes

Thomas and Anna (Naslund) Moore

William and Ethel (Groat) Moore

Anton and Cecilia (Schlautman) Morfeld

Elmer and Marie (Windeshausen) Morfeld

Elmer and Marcella (Burlingame) Morfeld

Michael and Susan (Brown) Morfeld

Glenn and Betti (Anderson) Moritz

Kenneth and Janet (Emert) Mowery

Bill and Mary Jo (Bloomquist) Mowinkel

Rudolph and Ida (Krohn) Mueller


Charles Nelson

John and Gertrude (Petersen) Nelson

K. Peter and Mattie (Christensen) Nelson

Donald and Phillis (Gansebom) Netz

Dr. Douglas and Robin (Hansen) Netz

Gregory and Cheryl (Eisele) Netz

Delmar and Doris (Lingenfelter) Neubauer

Leo and Ella (Backhaus) Neubauer

Robert and Henrietta (Pronneke) Neuman

Ingwer and Anne (Petersen) Nicolaisen

Elmer and Laura (Schumacher) Nierman

Henry and Augusta (Stark) Niermann

Henry and Emilie (Stark) Niermann

Adolph and Mary (Hinrichsen) Nissen

Andreas and Johanna (Davids) Nissen

Carl and Ella (Falter) Nissen

Henry and Alma (Krohn) Nissen

Nis and Elizabeth (Davids) Nissen

Walter and Clara (Mangels) Nissen

Willis and Lorraine (Weeder) Nissen

Rev. Ray and Margaret (Coats) Norris

William and Janey Nottage-Tacey


Patrick and Elizabeth (Carr) O達rien

Richard and Amelia (Klidt) O達rien

Nick and Elizabeth (Schmit) Olinger

Robert and Cora (Thomas) Olinger

Jorgen and Anne (Brynjulfsdotter) Olafson

George and Anne Olson

Arnold and Jeanne (Schnabel) Oltjenbruns

Christian and Margaretha (Luebben) Oltjenbruns

Gerhard and Meta (Miners) Oltjenbruns

Richard and Peg (Tacey) Onken

Joe and Angie (Prien) Ortmeier

Rev. John and Belle Paddock

Gary and Pat (Andersen) Pavel

John and Christina (Minning) Peitzmeier

Frank and Catherine (Book) Peschel

Frank and Mary Ann (Gubbels) Peschel

Jim and Beth (Repenning) Peschel

John and Helen (Salisbury) Peters

Lyle and Elvera Peters

Byron and Louise (Tillman) Petersen

Dwain and Carole (Tuttle) Petersen

Elmer and Helen (Huey) Petersen

Gerald and Joyce (Addison) Petersen

Hans and Cathryn (Leuenhagen) Petersen

Hans J. and Helena Petersen

Hans J. and Anna D. Petersen

Harry and Evelyn (Clayton) Petersen

Henry and Agnes (Theisen) Petersen

John and Mary (Kiebech) Petersen

Keith Petersen

Loren and Margaret (Hoffman) Petersen

Loyal and Genevieve (Stamper) Petersen

Peter and Anna (Goetsch) Petersen

Robert and Barbara (Kumm) Petersen

John and Mary Ann (Rogers) Petsche

Charles and Delores (DeBord) Pfanstiel

Carl and Elsie (Davids) Pfanstiel

Delmar and Elda (Stelling) Pfanstiel

Gene and Julie (Reineke) Pfanstiel

Harry and Emma (Lehmkuhl) Pfanstiel

Henry and Elisa (Grandt) Pfanstiel

Herman and Frieda (Mohr) Pfanstiel

Kevin and Marcia (Wattier) Pfanstiel

Norris and Cleo (Timmerman) Pfanstiel

Randall and Janet (Schultze) Pfanstiel

Anton and Barbara (Sazama) Pochop

Clarence and Madeline (Gudenkauf) Pochop

Frank and Barbara (Penas) Pochop

James and Elizabeth (Vachal) Pochop

John and Bessie (Kratochvil) Pochop

Joseph and Mary (Scharf) Pochop

Bryce and Shirley (Kumm) Pohlman

Roger and Lois (Herbolsheimer) Polt

Henry and Emma (Bedell) Purdie


Edwin and Henrietta (Morlan) Record

Elmer and Nicoline (Nicolaisen) Record

Irwin and Louise (Thompson) Record

Pearl and Winifred Record

Clarence and Fern Ellen (Bahr) Reding

Eugene and Marie (Olinger) Reding

Nick and Sophia (Klocke) Reding

Peter and Theresia (Klocke) Reding

Chick and Delores (Henderson) Reed

Duane and Marilyn (Diamond) Reed

Emil and Annie (Crabtree) Reed

Leonadis and Margaret (Moore) Reed

Robert and Myrtle (Rodgers) Reed

Paul and Barbara (Brunckhorst) Reineke

Loman and Amalia (Bitter) Reitz

Everett and Wilma (Green) Rice

J. D. Earl and Elizabeth (Green) Rice

James and Theresa (Windeshausen ) Rice

Anthony and Eleanore (Grosse Rhode) Richstatter

Anthony and Ann (Kuchta) Richstatter

William and Donna (Petersen) Rieken

Claus and Luella (Mahrt) Riessen

Heinrich and Dora (Riessen)

John and Louisa (Thomsen) Riessen

Melvin and Olinda (Grosse Rohde) Roach

Dr. Clarence and Christina (Christensen) Rodgers

Edwin and Elizabeth (Brown) Rodgers

Waldo and Florence (Smith) Rodgers

Marvin and Joyce (Goodman) Rohlfs

Charles and Emma (Minert) Rohrberg

Charles and Lillie (Springer) Rohrberg

John and Rosa (Scheer) Rohrberg

Wendell and Edna (Blunck) Rohrberg

Edward and Crystal (Johnson) Ronspies

Rodney and Janet (Dickey) Ronspies

Charles and Lottie (Olson) Rosburg

Conrad and Hannah (Fliss) Rosburg

Ernest and Elizabeth (Fliss) Rosburg

George and Tracy (Bedell) Rosburg

Gustav and Lillian (Smith) Rusch

Sister Loretta Ruskamp, O.S.F.


Albert and Elizabeth (Miller) Sageser

John and Hattie (Christensen) Sageser

Francis and Amanda (Ellis) Salisbury

William and Lillian (Garton) Salisbury

Walter E. and Margrete Sandifer

Glenn and Joan (Ahlers) Sazama

Ed and Ann Schad

Robert and Bonnie (Dredge) Schafer

Edward Schamber

Joseph and Mary (Kaup) Scharfen

Anselm and Margaret (Luebbers) Schilling

Zacharias and Jennie (Haner) Schilling

Fred and Gesine Schlake

Cornelius and Gertrude (Billerbeck) Schmit

Daniel and Pamela (Gutz) Schmit

Douglas and Denise (Rasmussen) Schmit

Eugene and Elsie (Pokorny) Schmit

Reverend Roger (William) Schmit, O.S.B.

Henry and Carolyn (Kehres) Schmit

James and Debra (Lorenz) Schmit

Joseph and Lisa (St. Arnold) Schmit

John and Catherine (Besch) Schmit

Joseph and Rose (Pochop) Schmit

Leo and Marietta (Wittler) Schmit

Nicholaus and Elizabeth (Olinger) Schmit

Raymond and Shirley (Mapes) Schmit

Richard and Delores (Meyer) Schmit

Robert and Bona Jean (Juergens) Schmit

Sister Lucretia (Frances) Schmit, O.S.F.

Aloysius and Anna (McShane) Schmitz

Benedict and Lillian (Kratochvil) Schmitz

Frederick and Josephine (Goeres) Schmitz

Leonard and Louisa (Link) Schmitz

Elmer and Alma (Schumacher) Schneckloth

Elmer and Mildred (Pochop) Schneckloth

Irwin and Ruth (Schumacher) Schneckloth

Irwin and Evelyn (Hoffart) Schneckloth

Lloyd and Wilma (Bumann) Schneckloth

Larry and Patricia (Morfeld) Schoenauer

Nick and Lorraine (Behberg) Schomer

James and Tena (Minert) Scott)

Rev. William and Karen Schreiber

William and Elizabeth (Davids) Schroeder

August and Viora Schroerluke

Henry and Lenna Faye (Miller) Schuettler

Lorene Schuettler

Arthur and Dora (Schumacher) Schultz

Brad and Julie (Johnson) Schultze

Marvin and Genevieve (Kiichler) Schulz

Henry and Elizabeth (Ziemer) Schuettler

Dennis and Sharon (Kumm) Schultze

Ferdinand and Bessie (Butterfield) Schultze

Gregory and Keri (Schuettler) Schultze

Marlin and Joan (Rohrberg) Schultze

Milford and Lorrene (Blunck) Schultze

William and Clara (Gruessing) Schulz

Carl and Anna (Broekemeier) Schumacher

Henry and Hattie (Koehler) Schumacher

Henry and Anna (Brockmann) Schumacher

Herman and Anna (Kowitzke) Schumacher

Otto and Thelma (Johnson) Schumacher

Rudolph and Janetta (Nelson) Schuttler

Carl and Louise (Docken) Seger

Ruel and Katherine (Tupper) Senift

John and Wilhelmina (Muehlius) Senn

Donald and Diane (Pfanstiel) Short

Banks Marston Smith

Scott and Sherry (Johnson) Sohl

Albert and Dorothy (Bolender) Sommer

Emil and Augusta (Blunck) Springer

Harry and Louise (Kumm) Springer

Jack and Irma (Pedrick) Squire

Freel and Arlene (Steckelberg) Stamper

Michael and LaDonna (Jensen) Stanosheck

Albert and Elizabeth (Craven) Stanosheck

Percy and Della (Siverly) Stanosheck

Frank and Adele (Pfanstiel) Stark

John and Augusta (Grasse) Stark

Edwin and Bernadine (Knuever) Stech

Gerald and Nancy (Banks) Stech

Marvin and Mary Beth (Rice) Stech

Ronald and Terri (Hoeppner) Stech

Victor and Ida (Jilg) Stech

Dallas and Helen (Wingert) Steckelberg

Einar and LaVerne (Hinrichsen) Steckelberg

Harold and Irene (Nansen) Steckelberg

Kenneth and Lucille (Carlson) Steckelberg

Wilbert and Effie (Hilkemeier) Steckelberg

LeRoy and Hilda (O達rien) Steffen

Carol (Steffen) Olson

Judy Steffen

Michael and Mary (Stanosheck) Steffen

James and Betty Lea (Nelson) Stratton

Oren and Helen (Theisen) Stratton

Alton and Denise (Planer) Streich

Donald and Joan (Wingert) Streich

John and Lillie (Mohr) Streich

Julius and Augusta (Dralle) Streich

Theodore and Emma (Witt) Streich

Albert and Louise (Wagner) Sukup

Wilbur and Mary (Schneider) Stutton

Robert Osmond Swan

Anton and Elnora (Gartner) Swanda

John and Jean (Eipperle) Swanda

Robert and Marjorie (Weyhrich) Swanda


Earl and Elaine (Koppelman) Tacey

Earl and Bernice (Beechler) Tacey

Green and Ella (Lucas) Tacey

Raymond and Veronica (Goeres) Tacey

Roger and Joyce (Diedrichsen) Tacey

William and Jane (Lewis) Tawney

Lewis and Margie (Taylor) Taylor

Russell and Patricia (Rice) Taylor

Alva and June (Beals) Theisen

Casper and Anne (Brodewig) Theisen

Donald and Sandy (Mroczka) Theisen

Jack and Dolores (Abler) Theisen

John and Alice (McCauley) Theisen

John and Irene (Bowie) Theisen

Keith and Vicky (Guinn) Theisen

Mike and Judy (Lind) Theisen

Leonard and Leona (Guether) Thelen

Charles and Katherine (Hassman) Thomas

J.R. and Emma (Griswald) Thomas

Earl Thomsen

Hans and Matilda (Hladik) Thomsen

Harry and Anna (Ertzner) Thomsen

Harry and Mary (Hladik) Thomsen

Helen and Margie Thomsen

Henry and Merle (Whitehead) Thomsen

Jerry and Karla (Reed) Thomsen

John and Meta (Schulz) Thomsen

Louis and Theda (Bedell) Thomsen

Paul and Emma (Ertzner) Thomsen

Dr. Harm and Opal (Kasseider) Timmer

Ralph and Doyle (Pfanstiel) Timmerman

Raymond and Joanne (Wecker) Timmerman

Willie and Viola (Urwin) Timmerman

Homer and Virginia Town


Arnold and Edna (Nierman) Vahlkamp

Iona (Schultze) Van Tassel

Clark and Mary (Krienert) Vinson

John and Goldie (Hauswirth) Volk


Larry and Marlene (Kiichler) Wacker

Anna Wanke

Edward and Marguerite (Sherman) Wanke

Otto and Kathryn (Hall) Wanke

Walter and Ella (Krehnke) Warneke

Bert and Michele (Tharnish) Wattier

Elizabeth (Borgmann) Wattier

Neil and Brenda (Gardner) Wattier

Damon and Kay (Roberts) Weber

Duane and Mary Jane (Liewer) Weber

Gustav and Katherina (Wagner) Wecker

Lester and Hilda (Hoeppner) Wecker

Dr. Earl and Mina (Ireland) Weeces

Adolph and Rose (Poeffel) Weeder

Andrew and Annabell (Kalvelage) Weeder

Hilbert and Helen (Calundan) Wegner

Donald Weinand

Edwin and Minnie (Bogenhagen) Weingartner

Elek 鼎aptain and Christina (Buck) Weingartner

Elek 鼎aptain and Bertha (Sallenbach) Weingartner

Ed and Lillian (Fuerhoff) Weinrich

Colonel Nemiah and Cora (Pepin) Welch

August and Marie (Albrecht) Wessel

Carl and Wielhalmina (Hidiger) Wessel

Loyd and Theo (Lewis) West

Alvin and Peggy (Neumeier) Weyhrich

Kirk and Julene (Kumm) Weyhrich

Ben Wheeler

Don and Carol (Dibbert) Whipple

Dr. Ellis and Edna Whitehead

Dwain and Betty (Johnson) Wiegert

John and Ava (Wright) Wiegert

Larry and Alyce (Johnson) Wiegert

Delhart and Deloris (Schlake) Wiese

Ferdinand and Minna (Heitmann) Wiese

Herman and Emma (Schmidt) Wiese

Adam and Agnes (Widhalm) Wietfeld

George and Agnes (Widhalm) Fischer

Clark and Kathy (Kinzer) Wilke

James and Goldie (Salisbury) Wilson

Mervin and Genevieve (Rosburg) Wilson

Ann Wiltfang

Raymond and Alvena (Matthes) Winch

H. Nicholas and Joyce (Pilger) Windeshausen

Jeffrey and Diana (Cox) Windeshausen

Nicholas and Catherine (Korth) Windeshausen

Norman and Dorothy (Vondrak) Windeshausen

Edward and Josephine (Widhalm) Wingert

Jerome and Marian (Gubbels) Wingert

John and Mary (Hoffman) Wingert

Robert and Sue (Kreycik) Wingert

George and Etta (Newhard) Woolley

Stanley and Connie (Krienert) Wostrel

Kenneth and Helen (Flake) Wubbenhorst

William and Pauline (Broekemeier) Wubbenhorst


Joe and Florence (Kimble) Zechmann

Joseph and Helena (Wiese) Zechmann

Victor and Shirley (Hilkemeier) Zechmann

Arnold and Inez (Kimble) Zumbrum