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Index of Family Histories



Esther E. Acklie

Mary Dickenson Bauman Adams

The Family of Earl and Alfreda Albin

Earl and Peg Albin

The Wallace Albin Family

Alan and Madge Alexander

Gaylyn and Joan Alexander

The Gilbert Alexander Family

The Gilbert J. Alexander Family

The Leland Alexander Family

The Robert Alexander Family

Russell and Esther Alexander

William Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. William Alexander

Walter and Marie Austin

Dr. and Mrs. A.H. Axford

Samuel and Fanny Axford


The Family of Delbert and Jennie Baber

The Gene Baber Family

The Eugene Bailey Family

Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey

The Bang Family

Barbara Jean (Staub) Barrett

Pal and Elvera Basler

Mary Bates

The Ronald Bauer Family

Edward and Agnes Bazyn

Benedict Family Pioneers, 1882

Emory Bergh Family

John (Jack) and Barbara Bessmer

The Duane Bivens Family

Owen and Viola Blair

The John Blezek Family

Bill and Velda Bohl

Ray and Susie Boies

Everett and Alice Bolen

George and Ethel Bonge

The Larry Bonge Family

The Lloyd Bonge Family

Juanita Mae Peterson Borman

Louise Drake Bradley

The Brewer Family

Adolph and Verna (Neiman) Brockman

The Erwin L. Brodhagen Family

Rev. and Mrs. J. Malcom Brown

The Terrence Bruns Family

Jim Bryce Family

Arthur and Lola Buchholz

Ernest Buchholz

The Fredrick Buchholz Family

Iva F. Buchholz

The Theo. B. Buerkle Family

Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt Buss


Melvin Carlson Family

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Carlson

The Joe Carrell Family

Rev. Moses Case and Susan Kile Slater Case

Ruth Fay Cecrle

Al Chavet Family

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cheney

William B. Chilvers

Severen and Elsie Christensen

Jessie North Christiansen

Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Christiansen

Lloyd Henry Christiansen

Martin and Olive Christiansen

Sandra Johnson Christiansen

The Vernon Clark Family

The Albert Clemans Family

Dr. Donald F. Cline Family

John Cline

Marjorie Cline

Dr. and Mrs. M.L. Cline

Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Corell

Mr. and Mrs. David Elwood Couchman

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Couchman

Howard J. Craven Family

The Robert Crisp Family

Wiley and Beth Culbertson

The Bruce Curtiss Family

The E.H. Curtiss Family

The Jeffrey E. Curtiss Family


Don and Judy Davids

The Frederick Dedlow Family

Ina DeKay

Laura Holmes DeLong

Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Dickinson

The Gilbert P. Dickinson

The Kenneth Dickinson Family

Warren Dickinson

Dorothy Diedrichsen Family History

The Clarence Doerr Family

Harlan Doerr Family

The John Doerr Family

Myron and Shirley Doerr

The Norris Doerr Family

William and Helen Doerr


History of August F. Drake Family

George Dufek Family

The Allen E. Dunaway Family

The Eldon and Emma Durant Family

The Gilbert Durland Family

Venus Leroy “Billy” Dutcher


Cynthia Whitney Eastlick

Fred W. Ebinger Family

Mr. and Mrs. John Ehrhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Ehrhardt

The Douglas Eichberger Family

Marvin Elwood Jr. Family

Marvin Elwood Sr.

The Vernon A. “Bud” Engel Family

The August Epke Jr. Family

Mrs. August Epke Sr., 102 years

The August Epke Sr. Family


Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Feyerherm

Erick Feyerherm

Harold Feyerherm

Leonard Feyerherm

Raymond Feyerherm

Mr. and Mrs. William Stanley Fisher

The Ben Flesner Family

Silas J. Fosdick

Earl Foster Family

Keith and Shriley Foster Family

Louise (Mauck) Foster Family

Delbert and Esther Frahm Family

Gerald and Mary Ann Frahm

Jack Frahm Family

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Francis

The Joe Frank Family

Gerald and Ila Friedrich Family

Jacob and Elsie Friedrich Family

The John and Edith Friedrich Family

The Willard Fuchtman Family

The Howard Fulton Family

Joseph and Hannah Funk

Arthur Furstenau

Louis Henry Furstenau Family

The Walter Willie Furstenau Family


Edward Gast

Gustave O. Gast

Hattie Gast

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Geiger Family

Dorothy, John and Robert Glock

Mr. and Mrs. Oran Gloe

The Henry Goetz Family

The Lucille Goetz Family

Charles and Marion Goetzinger

Joseph and Margaret Goetzinger

Marjorie T. Golter

Eugene and Eula Gould

The James Gould Family

James W. and Connie Gould

The Bob Green Family

Carroll Gustman Family

Clarence Gustman Family

The Frank Gustman Family

Frederick and Jannette Gustman Family

The Mike Gustman Family

The Milton Gustman Family

Paul and Mary Jo Gustman

William O. and Emma Guthmann

The Conrad and Emmelyn Gutz Family


Mr. and Mrs. Don Hackett

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haggard

The Steve Halsey Family

Delbert Hamilton Family

Leslie and Mary Hamilton

Gerald and Dorothy Hanneman

Albert and Ruby Young Hansen Family

Aron Hansen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Hansen

Rasmus Hansen Family

Alfred and Edna Hardisty

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Byrl Harmon

Vernon Harmon

Kenneth Hart Family

Lt. Commander Harry L. Haskins

Homer and Winnie M. Haskins

Rev. Ray A. Haun Family

Paul and Marjorie Haverkamp

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hemmingsen

The Erhardt Hemmingsen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Lars Hemmingsen

The Frank Herbert Family

Joe and Kathy Herian

Wendell Hill Family

The Richard Hillrichs Family

Daryl and Jackie Hitz

Herbert and Garnet Hitz Family

The Kenneth Hinrichsen Family

The Hitchens Family

Myron Hitz Family

Emmet and Helen Hodges

The Bob Hoffart Family

Henry George Hoffart

Mrs. Madge Hoffart

The Rolland Hoffart Family

The Warren Hoffart Family

Darrell and Claire Hoffman

Jack and Shirley Hoffman

The F.C. Holbert Family

The Albion Samuel Holmes Family

The Dale Holmes Family

The Gerald Holmes Family

Gilbert and Nina Holmes

The Kenneth Holmes Family

Otho and Myrtle Holmes

William Holmes

William and Hetty Holmes

Berkely and Betty Holmstedt

The Stuart Houston Family

The Paul Huigens Family

Ethel Christiansen Hulslander

The Charles Hurt Family


Corrine Janovec

Adon Jeffrey Family

The Orson M. Jeffrey Family

Shirley Jenkins

The J.C. Jensen Family

Lars and Martena Jensen Family

Vernon and Ruth Jensen Family

Christian Jeppesen

N.P. Jeppesen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Wally Jernigan

Harry and Leona Jessen

The Herbert Johansen Family

Albert and Alvena Johnson

The Carl Johnson Family

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnson

Dale Johnson Family

The Dean Johnson Family

Edwin and Zetta Johnson

Dennis Johnson Family

The L.P. Johnson Family

Lloyd P. and Viola Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Johnson

The Dr. M.A. Johnson Family

Ole and Mary Johnson

Victor and Alta Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Johnson

Ted and Esther Johnson

Ruth Clark Jones

The Damon Joyce Family

The Loel Joyce Family

Jacob and Jane Julyan Family


Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Kalk

Barbara and Bruce Kenney

Herman Keller

Sarah Keller

The Henry Ketelsen Family

Eva Jeanne Ressel Kile

Ransom and W.T. Kile

Lois Cline Kinder

Mr. and Mrs. George Kirk

Kay Thomas Stueckrath Klaus

Theodore E. Kloke Family

Alfred and Eleanor Knaak

August Knaak Family

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Knaak

Larry and Janice Knaak

Ferdinand and Wilhelmina Koehler

The Kopp Family

The Walter Krause Family

The Herman and Emma Kremke Family

Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Kronberg

Dorothy Rehfeld Kudera

The Duane Kudera Family

Mr. and Mrs. George Kuhl

Gordon and Hilda Kuhl

The Henry F. Kuhl Family

Henry (Hy) Kuhl Family

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Kuhl

The Myron Kuhl Family

Peter Kuhl Family

Richard and Gwenda Kuhl Family


The Edwin V. LaBorde Family

Carlyle Larson

Franklin J. Larson

John and Christina Larson

Weaver and Mary Larson

Wiggo and Mae Larson

Betty Paulson Leboeuf

Fred and Minnie Lehnert Family

The Marlin Leiting Family

Chrissie Lerum

Christian Lerum and Margaret (Alexander) Lerum

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lewis, Sr.

The Clarence Liibbe Family

Herman and Henrietta Liibbe

Burton and Kim Lingenfelter

Dale and Cleo Lingenfelter

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Lingenfelter

The Raymond Lingenfelter Family

Robert and Julie Lingenfelter

Warren Lingenfelter Family

Francis Marion and Sarah McManigal Logan

Louis and Louise Doney Logan

Claus Lorenzen Family

The Henry Lorenz Family

Willis and Gladys Lorenz Family

The Lortz Family


June Gast Macbeth

John MacMahon

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marion Mader

N.C. Madson Family

Karl A. Malmstrom

Derrel and JoAnn Martin and Family

Dr. Roger Palmer Massie

Eugene and Thelma Matson

The Allen Truman Mauck Family

Mr. and Mrs. Asa Wood Mauck

Harold Mauck Family

Reuben Mauck Homestead

The Duane Mauer Family

Owen P. and Lillian Shanahan McGinn

James McKay

Nancy McKay

Edgar J. and Helen Meirose

“Bill” and Otilia Lortz Miller

Carl J. Miller Family

David Franklin (Frank) Miller

Delford Miller and Ruth Dean Miller

Ernest and Pearl Miller

Jennie and Jim K. Miller

Reno J. Miller

Ronald F. Miller

Verna (Crisp) Miller

Mr. and Mrs. John Millnitz, Sr.

The Children of Mr. and Mrs. John Millnitz, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Millnitz

The Henry Mitchell Family

Hugh and Viola Moran

Mary Wax Morgan

Cinderetta Guthmann Luebke Morris

Roger Mosel Family

The Leo Moser Family

The Walter L. Mote Family

The Emil and Frieda Mueri Family

John Mueri Family

Charles Munger Family

Vernon Munger Family

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Myers

The Wilbur Myers Family


The Willard Naprstek Family

Alvin V. and Genevieve Nelson Family

Hazel and Helen Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Nels Nelson

Ollie Nelson

The Dale Newman Family

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Ernest Newman

Virgil and Marie Newman

Erlene Feyerherm Nicolay

Leo Nielsen Family

The Delmar Nisson Family

Janet Line Noecker

The Charley Norris Family

The Norths of Plainview

The Charles North Family

Herbert “Cub” North Family


The Allen L. Ober Family

The Clayton Ober Family

The Dick Oltjenbruns Family

Family of Alvin and Beulah Oppliger

The Osberg Family

The Leland Osborn Family

Harry and Jessie Hawkins Otto

J.W. Otto


Bill and Lois Patras

The Douglas Pellatz Family

Mr. and Mrs. Everett A. Pendergast

Raymnd and Estella Pendergast

The John W. Pennington Family

Merl B. Bennington Family

The Robert Leslie Pennington Family

The Uriah Slack Pennington

Ed and Edith Perry

Ed Peters Family

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peters

The Andrew Petersen Family

The Arthur “Willie” Petersen Family

Edwin and Doris Petersen

The Elmer Petersen Family

Harvey L. Petersen Family

Kenneth and Ruth Petersen

The Lars Petersen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Petersen

Peterson Brothers – Fred and Harley

Peterson Timber Claim

Fredrick and Maren Katrine Peterson

Fredrick M. and Mildred L. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Peterson

Henry and Rena Peterson

Nels A. and Laura Madson Peterson

Soren Peterson Family

The Harry Phipps Family

James Pike Family

Fredrick William Pilger

Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Pilger

Jacob Pilger

John Peter Pilger

Mr. and Mrs. Harold (Hap) Pittack

The Duane Pittet Family

Howard W. Pitzer

The Plymesser Family

The Charles O. Pond Family

The Elmer C. Pond Family

The Porter Family

Clyde and Dorothy Porter

The Dale Powers Family

The Robert Pubanz Family


Ed and Alva Rafert Family

The Gordon Raff Family

Darold and La Ferne Rasmussen

Duane Rasmussen Family

The Hans Rasmussen Family

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Rasmussen

Ronald Rasmussen Family

The Wayne Rasmussen Family

Lonnie C. and Alta Rea Family

Bruce and Ellen Redinbaugh Family

The Children of Bruce and Ellen Redinbaugh

Charles and Emma Reyher

Howard and Jeradline Otto Renter

The Warren L. Renter Family

The Frederick W. Ristow Family

Doris Saathoff Roberts

Earl C. and Leona Logan Roe

Charles Lee Russell Family

The Douglas Russell Family

E.C. “Dick” and Ruth Russell

Dr. Joseph E. Ruzicka Family


Fred and Mary Saathoff

Otto and Antha Mathilda Saathoff

Beverly and Glen Sauer

Albert N. Schaefer Family

The Philip Schaefer Family

The Fred Scheuerer Family

Herman Schlote Family

A.B. Schoenauer

Ola Mae Schultz

Otto and Zelma Schultz

Carl F. W. Schultze Family

The Martin Schultze Family

Rehfeld-Schulz Family

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schumacher, Sr.

Rufus Wiley Scott Family

The Children of Rufus and Mary Scott

The Charles L. Scranton Family

Frank and Grace Scranton

Orlie L. Scranton

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Scranton

The Wayne Scranton Family

The Walter Sehnert Family

Golden and Vera Sesler

Lilian Baumann Sherwood and Al

The S.B. Shively Family

Frank L. Sirek

The Tom Smalley Family

Harold and Della Sorensen

The Marvin Sorensen Family

Rasmus and Dora Sorensen

Robert Dale and Mardelle Sovereigh

The Dwain Spatz Family

Henry and Sedona Spatz

Leonard and Juanita Spatz

Otto and Veronica Spatz

Wilber Squires Family

The August Stark Family

The Frank Stark Family

Robert and Winifred (Haskins) Staub

Robert W. Staub (Jr.) Family

Alfred Steinkraus Jr. Family

The Barry Steinkraus Family

Ervin A. and Minnie e. Steinkraus

Mr. and Mrs. F.H. “Bill” Steinkraus

Herman and Emilie Steinkraus

Kenneth and Viola Steinkraus

The Randy Steinkraus Family

Roger and Connie Stelling

Alan James (Jim) Stevens Family

The Earl Stockman Family

Luther and Kate Stone

The Robert Stork Family

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Story

Vera Feyerherm Struebing

Lester and Loydell Swan

Clinton Wilson Swengel

Dr. George J. and Mary Moser Sweeney

Marcus L. Swengel


Donn and Barbara Tassemeyer

Ed and Lois Tepner

The Anton Thomsen Family

Andrew and Beulah Thomsen

The Gene Thomsen Family

George Washington Timmerman Family

Johann Friedrich Timmerman Family

Truxton Timmerman Family

William H. Timmerman Family


The Henry and Carrie Utermann Family


James W. and Laura Van Kirk

The Children of James W. and Laura Van Kirk

The Brothers of James W. Van Kirk

The Dennis Vinson Family

The Martin Volk Family

Joseph and Augusta Volwiler

The Dennis Vossberg Family

Helmuth and Bertha Vossberg


Raymond and Meldene Wachholtz

The George Jochim Wacker Family

The Herb Wacker Family

The J.C. Wade Family

Mr. and Mrs. August Wagner

Alta E. Walker

The Lee Warneke Family

The William H. Waterman Family

Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Watson

Carolyn Watson

Dale and Margaret Watson

Eli Preston Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert P. Watson

Robert Watson

The Rodney Watson Family

The Gary Weber Family

Leslie and Phyllis Weber

Fred Weidman and Donald Clemans

The Edmond Weiland Family

Alvin and Marge Weinrich

Ferd and Faye Weinrich

Mr. and Mrs. William Wesche

The Ben Westrom Family

The Family of Philip and Mabel Westrom

The Donald Whites

Duane and Janet White

The George White Family

Marlene White Family

Cleo D. and Milton A. Wiegert

Gene and Marjorie Wiegert

The Milton Wiegert Family

Neil Wiegert History

Kenneth Wilson Family

Lamoyne and Iris Mae Wood Family

The Orris E. Wood Family

The John Wostrel Family

The Leonard Wostrel Family

The Rudy Wostrel Family

Stanley John and Pearl Wostrel

The Gary Wragge Family


Charles and Elizabeth Young

Clarence Young Family

The Ellery Young Family

The Eugene Young Family

Gideon P. Young Family

The Harold R. Young Family

Kenneth P. and Dorothy E. Young Family

The Terry Young Family

The Vernard Young Family

Elmer and Alfreda Zach