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This publication was printed to help celebrate "80 Years of Progress" for Pierce County. Many of the stories below are about the early days of the County. This document is 60 years old and the pages have yellowed. I have included everything in the publication, including advertisements that were apparently sold to support publication costs.

1939 Pierce County Souvenir Publication


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Souvenir Cover Page

Inside Cover


Pierce County Pioneers

Anderson Ford Co. Advertisement

Story about the Breslau Name Return to Pierce County

Carhart Lumber Co. Advertisement Pierce & Plainview

Farmers Co-Op Advertisement Plainview

First Ladies Aid in Pierce County

How the Community of Foster was named

Michael Leonard Seed Co., of Norfolk

How Stark Valley got its Name

Nebraska Light & Power Company Advertisement

How Pierce & Hadar were named

A Pierce County Story of the Blizzard of 88

Central Oil Co. Advertisement

E.D. Lundak Advertisement

Eden Valley Area.Story Return to Pierce County

Farmers Grain Co. Advertisement

Prospect View Cemetery Advertisement

Christiansen & Nelson Advertisement

Story about Historic Flag and Staff Re-United

J C Penny Co. Advertisement

Pearls Beauty Shop Advertisement

A Story about Prairie Chickens as a Hazard

Shady Inn of Norfolk - Dine & Dance Commercial

Storz Beer - Blakeman Beverage Company of Norfolk, Advertisement

Farmers Grain Hadar

First Court House

Huey Motors Return to Pierce County

Lutheran Churches

Moores Pharmacy

Osmond Rural School District 34

Abler Transfer

Durfee Clothing

Pioneers Recall Heavy Hail Storms

Jochum Bros

MP Wine & Liquor

Boyens Mortuary

Norfolk and Yankton Bus Line

Lotos Beauty Shop Return to Pierce County

Late Mrs Wilson Hall with prize Quilt

Norfolk Shoe

Pierce Main Street 1899

Early Banking Institutions

Blacksmith was also town Dentist

Dental Tools Used in Pierce

First Cemetery in County was near Hadar

First Schools Organized in 1871

Jacob Schmidt Brewing

Juracek Cafe

Schomberg Store

Buckendorf Floral Return to Pierce County

First High School in Pierce County

First Homestead South of Hadar

Klentz Produce

Thompson Garage

ENARCO Service Station

First Fraternal Order

Poppy Seeds

Rendering Works


Surveyor Return to Pierce County

Ye Old Tavern

The First Business

The First House

Pioneer Cemetery (Koehler Cemetery)

Plainview Cemetery (Dedlow Cemetery)

Schomberg Lumber

Big Blizzard

Duinen Skelly Station Plainview

Farmers Lumber Company, Osmond

Hallens Beauty Shop, Norfolk

Harry Johnson Harness Shop, Plainview

Coulson Motor Company, Norfolk

School District 5, First School of Plainview

School District 30, Foster Return to Pierce County

Karl Stefan, Norfolk

Koch Beauty School, Norfolk

Pioneer Monument, Pierce

How Plainview was named

First Pierce County Institutes and School System

1880 Pierce County Census Story

Schemes used to swing early elections in Pierce County

First Pierce County Ballot Box (made by William Chilvers)

Perrigo Optical, Norfolk

Prospect View Cemetery Organized 1885

Sno Cap Root Beer Return to Pierce County

Pierce County Blizzard of 1888 Story

Pierce Curfew Bell

Plainview Sales Pavillion

The Silver Slipper, Norfolk

Carls Liquor, Norfolk

Goeres Brothers, Osmond

Haskins Billiards, Plainview

King's Park

Saint John's, First Church in Pierce County

Vic's Auto, Norfolk

Pierce County Seat located at first election

A. J. Babcock First Pierce County School Superintendent

First Election called in 1870 Return to Pierce County

Wm B. Chilvers, First Plainview Settler

R. S. Lucas, First State Representative

Norfolk Bottling Company

Old Hadar Fire Truck

Skalowsky Automotive, Norfolk

Burkharts Toggery, Norfolk

District 8 School Dedication

First City Builders, Lucas, Brown and Riley

First Lot Sale was for the Courthouse

Frank Pilley and Sons, Norfolk

Gillespie Bros, Norfolk Return to Pierce County

Plainview Claims Longest Wed Couple

Wolf & Briard Garage, Norfolk

 Green & Meier Beer Parlor

 Lambrecht Cemetery

Marys Place

Pierce Beer Tavern

Pierce Fair Organized

West Lumber Company

Pierce Dam Restored

District 1 is First School

Longest Time Businessman

Manke Oil Company Return to Pierce County

O E Koehn Beer Tavern

Red Arrow Liquor

Stockmans Lunch

Colbergen Post Office

Courthouse Vote

Early Pierce Post Office

Early Pierce Settlement

Looker Brothers

North East Pierce County was Cedar

Nims Books

Norfolk Beverage

Plainview was Roseville Return to Pierce County

Franks Body Shop

Good Ship Trilby

Norfolk Produce

Pioneer Pictures

Pioneer Reunion

Standard Beverage

Brass Rail

Coleson Holmquist

Michaelson Machine Shop

Stark Valley Methodist

Stark Valley Methodist 1st Organ

Stark Valley Methodist Charter Return to Pierce County

Central Hatchery

Cones State Bank

First Ballot Box

First Wedding

Pioneer Doctor

Verges Sanitarium

The Blizzard of 88 (another recollection)

Christian Huebner Was Early Homesteader

City Meat Market

School District 33

Larrys Tea Pot Dome Cafe

Pierce County Fair Return to Pierce County

Pierce Oil Company

Prairie Land Broken

B L Schmitz

Casper Hoffman

Osmond Oil Company


Prairie Fire

Scotts Sales Company

Tureks Cafe

W F Machine Works

Michael Leonard Seed Company

Baskett Beer Parlor Return to Pierce County

School District 39 1st Director

Mrs K G Hitchcock

Northeast Nebraska Oil Company

Ouren Seed Company

Teachers Institute 1892

Wheeler Lumber

C H Chilvers

Doctor Verges

Ernest Magdanz

F W Woolworth

J C Penny Return to Pierce County

Mclean Names

Pioneer Jubilee Comittee

White Spot Merchants

Wichman Hardware

School District 31 School

School District 39

School District 77 Breslau

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Pierce is Golden Ear

Pioneers Register at 1934 Pierce County Fair

Ed Fanske Jewelers

Moores Cafe Return to Pierce County

Norfolk Mills

F J Rastede Dry Goods

Franks Beauty Shop

Coleson Holmquist Company

School District 18

Eirenberg Stores

Elkhorn Beverage

Pierce Theatre

Stark Valley Church

White Horse Tavern

Pierce County Farmers Mutual

Pierce County Leader

Back Cover Return to Pierce County