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Platte Co., NE - 1870 Voters-Columbus Precinct NEGenWeb Project
Columbus Precinct, Platte County, Nebraska

September 14, 1870

List of Registered Voters for Columbus Precinct.

	Arnold, A. J.                   Lyons, Edward
        Bonesteel, S. A.                Loseke Hury
        Becker, Wm.                     Loseke, Hermon
        Becker, J. P.                   Loseke, J. H.
        Bremer, Chas.                   Loseke, John
        Becher, F. G.                   Lennehan, Wm.
        Baker, A. J.                    Marmoy, S. J.
        Browner, John                   Miller, Augustus
        Becher, G. G.                   Miller, John
        Bowman, John                    Mason, W. E.
        Bonesteel, P. B.                McNeely, John
        Bennett, John                   Murie, Geo.
        Barrow, John                    Matthews, Fred
        Bonesteel, N. G.                Matthias, Andrew
        Beebe, L. M.                    Murray, Patrick
        Bell, Andrew                    Murie, Peter
        Clother, C. D.                  McGinnis, Jerome
        Compton, Hugh                   Morris, Chas. E.
        Compton, J. G.                  North, F. J.
        Callaway, W. T.                 Needham, T. C.
        Cook, L. M.                     Needham, J. H.
        Clother, Geo. W.                North, J. E.
        Coolidge, H. P.                 North, L. H.
        Coffey, Abel                    Perry, Chas. W.
        Coruth, Wm.                     Phillips, Thomas
        Corsom, W. A.                   Powell, John
        Cartright, Wm.                  Presto, John
        Cartright, Neil                 Ryan, A. H.
        Davis, Chas. H.                 Rickly, John
        Dego, James                     Rickly, J. J.
        Davis, W. A.                    Rose, Orlando
        Earnst, Jacob                   Ragan, Martin
        Eggu, Wm.                       Reed, O. P.
        Faucette, Dan                   Rickly, J. R.
        Gerrard, Leander                Rice, W. W.
        Galley, Thomas                  Reinke, Samuel
        Galley, Sam.                    Reinke, Chas.
        Goodwin, Philip                 Scott, A.
        Galley, J. H.                   Sutton, W. C.
        Galley, G. W.                   Speice, C. A.
        Grant, W.                       Stevens, G. W.
        Gerhold, Wm.                    Stillman, C. B.
        Gotteschalk, Fred.              Speice, Wm.
        Gerrard, E. A.                  Senecal, J. B.
        Grant, Thomas                   Shannon, J. O.
        Hudson, James                   Stevens, A. J.
        Hudson, H. J.                   Smith, S. W.
        Hudson, C. S.                   Sheford, Wm.
        Heed, John                      Taylor, I. N.
        Holman, S. L.                   Tracey, J. L.
        Havens, Cornelius               Toncray, E. W.
        Haney, John                     Thomas, Daniel
        Henggeler, Frank                Turner, M. K.
        Hallows, James                  Wells, J. B.
        Heenan, Frank                   Weaver, Michael
        Held, Thomas                    Welch, Michael
        Hohan, E. D. W.                 Wolfel, J. C.
        Kummer, Vincent                 Warner, James
        Kelley, John                    White, J. H.
        Lehman, George                  Welch, Hury
        Lyons, Patrick                  Welch, Thomas
        Louis, J. J.                    White, Jay E.
        Lathrop, H. N.                  Wilson, J. M.
        Litg, John                      Wake, Charles
        Loushe, Hury                    Wilson, James
Notice is hereby given that I will sit for the correction of the above list at the store of Bonesteel Bros. in Columbus, on October 3d, 4th and 5th, from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M. of said days, at which time all persons who are entitled to vote at the ensuing general election in Columbus Precinct and whose names are not on the list, can appear and have said list corrected.

Registrar Columbus Precinct.

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