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Platte Co., NE - 1870 Voters-Monroe/Lost Creek Precincts NEGenWeb Project
Monroe and Lost Creek Precincts, Platte County, Nebraska

September 21, 1870

Registration Notices.

A list of the qualified votes of Monroe Precinct, Platte county, Nebraska.

	Anderson, Jonas                 Platt, L. W.
        Barton, N. H.                   Peterson, Louis
        Cook, R. S.                     Strother, Wm. T.
        Cook, S. S.                     Strother, Joseph
        Duffee, Peter                   Stowe, A. L.
        Fulton, Washington              Stowe, James
        Gerrard, Joseph                 Shivers, Isaac
        Hoge, A. J.                     Smith, S. C.
        Hedman, Jonas                   Smith, Samuel
        Helm, Peter                     Willard, D. A.
        McCray, Robert                  Whitcher, Geo. A.
        Myres, Geo. A.
Notice is hereby given that I, W. T. Strother Registrar in and for Monroe Precinct, Platte county, Nebraska, will sit at the Residence of W. T. Strother, in said Precinct, on the 3d and 4th days of October, from 8 A.M. till 5 P.M., of said days for the purpose of correcting the list of qualified voters for said Precinct at which time and place all persons designing any corrections or additions to be made to said list, and who are entitled to vote at the ensuing general election to be held on the 11th day of October 1870 can appear and have such corrections made in accordance with law.

    W. T. STROTHER, Registrar, Monroe Precinct, Platte County, Nebraska.
    Dated this 10th day of September, 1870.

LOST CREEK, September 9th 1870.

Names of Registered voters in Lost Creek Precinct, Platte county, Neb.

        Burrows, J.                     Hays, E. Jr.
        Burrows, Js.                    Hays, Pat.
        Bloedorn, Wm.                   Hendrix, J. D.
        Bloedorn, M.                    Iten, Thos.
        Conroy, Js.                     Kusey, D.
        Chapin, A. D.                   Kelly, P. H.
        Chapin, Lu                      Kelly, J. B.
        Chapin, J. W.                   Lentz, J. W.
        Carig, H.                       Lamb, G. N.
        Cooney, C.                      Lynch, Thos.
        Carig, D.                       Lawson, L.
        Dykes, Wm.                      McQuinn, Jno.
        Dykes, J. N.                    Murphy, Pat.
        Dykes, Wm. Jr.                  Murphy, Pat.
        Deneen, Jno.                    Murphy, D.
        Deneen, M.                      O'Hearn, Js.
        Deetriks, Wm.                   Pinson, R.
        Dudy, M.                        Pinson, Wm.
        Dudy, Wm.                       Routson, Wm.
        Early, J. W.                    Robison, Jno.
        Gonots, A.                      Roberts, E.
        Gleason, Jno.                   Reagan, Jno.
        Grady, Jno.                     Souter, Jno.
        Gleason, Pat.                   Shaffer, C. F.
        Heentz, A.                      Straup, E.
        Homes, Js.                      Sexton, Taylor
        Hays, E.                        Scully, Js.
        Hays, Chas.                     Williams, Jno.
        Hays, Pat.                      Zeigler, C. W.
    Notice is hereby given that I will sit for the correction of the above list at my Residence in Lost Creek Precinct, Platte county, Neb., October 3d, 4th and 5th, from 9 A.M., till 5 P.M., of said days at which time all persons who are entitled to vote at the ensuing general election in Lost Creek Precinct, and whose names are not on the list, can appear and have said list corrected.
Registrar Lost Creek Precinct.

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