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Platte Co., NE - 1871 Voters NEGenWeb Project
Shell Creek Precinct, Platte County, Nebraska

October 4, 1871

List of Registered Voters as Taken on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September, 1871
Shell Creek Precinct, Platte Co., Neb., October 2d, 1871.

	Burrow, Jos.	            Burrows, James
        Bloedorn, Wm.               Bloedorn, Michael
        Burk, Pat                   Bryan, John
        Burton, Henry               Backenhausen, Henry

        Conway, Jas.                Chapin, A. D.
        Chapin, J. W.               Chapin, Luther
        Carrig, Henry               Cooney, Clark
        Carrig, David               Carrig, James
        Claybourn, Henry            Cruith, Wm.
        Clinger, Robert             Cochran, John
        Cary, Pat

        Dykes, Wm.                  Dykes, J. N.
        Dykes, Jr. Wm.              Denneen, John
        Denneen, Mike               Deetricks, Wm.
        Dudy, Mike                  Dudy, Wm.
        Dougan, Denis               Dougan, Mike
        Davidson, Wm.               Dudy, Pat.
        Denneen, Timothy            Denneen, John
        Denneen, Jerry

        Early, J. W.                Edwards, L. J.

        Flynn, Thos.                Farber, Paul
        Fitzpatrick, John           Fitzpatrick, Ed.

        Gleason, Pat.               Gleason, John
        Grady, John                 Gonots, A.
        Gerdan, Jos.                Gleason, Stephen

        Hanhoen, Fred               Heintz, Alphont
        Holmes, James               Hays, Ed.
        Hays, Chas.                 Hays, Pat
        Hays, Jr. Ed.               Hays, Jr. Pat.
        Hendricks, G. D.            Hoare, Edwin
        Hickey, Mike                Hemphelman, John
        Hausen, Fred                Item, Theodore

        Johannes, J. H.

        Kinsey, Daniel              Kelly, P. H.
        Kelly, J. B.                Keener, Albert
        Kahneman, Henry             Kettelson, Peter

        Lentz, J. W.                Lamb, G. N.
        Lynch, Thos.                Lineban, Wm.
        Lawrence, Walter

        McQuinn, John               Murphy, Pat
        Murphy, Jr. Pat             Murphy, David
        Mabarger, Casol             Maher, Mike
        Maher, Thos.                Maher, Edwin
        Maly, John                  Mathias, Jacob
        Morrissy, Pat               Moriarty, John
        Martin, Christ.             Martin, Peter
        Miller, L. W.               Mitchel, F. W.

        Nickelson, Robert           Oharan, Jas.

        Pinson, Robert              Pinson, Wm.
        Pustay, Henry

        Rinehamer, Peter            Richel, Wm. L.
        Routson, J. G.              Routson, Wm.
        Robison, John               Reagan, John
        Ripp, Henry                 Ripp, Peter
        Ripp, Fred                  Ripp, Wm.
        Ripp, Jacob                 Ripp, Theodore
        Roberts, Ed.                Rosator, Richard

        Souter, John                Shaffer, C. F.
        Straup, Ed.                 Scully, Jas.
        Stiller, Philip             Sheets, J. J.
        Steckly, John               Shaffer, G. Wm.
        Shafrath, Peter             Shea, Thos.
        Shaughnesy, John            Stevison, G. W.
        Stearns, O. E.              Trauten, Martin

        Williams, John              Watts, J. H.
        Whaley, Crit.               Zeigler, C. W.
I will sit at my residence in Shell creek precinct, Platte county, Neb., for correcting the above list on Saturday, the 7th day of October.
J W. EARLY, Registrar

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