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Platte Co., NE - 1872 Voters
Special thanks to Sandy Smith for submitting the following article from the Platte Journal for the NEGenWeb project .

Columbus Precinct, Platte County, Nebraska

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18, 1872

List of Registered Voters, Columbus Precinct, Platte County, Nebraska. I hereby certify that the following is a correct list of those who are duly registered as qualified voters in Columbus precinct, Platte County Nebraska, for the election to be held, Oct. 8th., 1872:

	Bonesteel, S.A. 		Brindley, Charles
	Barnum, G. C.			Beebe, L. M.
	Becker, Wm.			Browner, John
	Barrow, John			Bell, Andrew
	Bremer, Charles			Baker, Hillman
	Becher, F. G. 			Baker, E. H.
	Becker,  J. P. 			Brandt, R.
	Bennett, John			Bush, John
	Bonesteel, N.G.			Bonesteel, P.B.
	Bean, Henry			Baker, E.J.
	Brown, G.W.			Becher, G.G.
	Barrett, S.L.			Brown, Richard
	Bryan, John			Byrnes, Lawrence

	Clother, C.D.			Compton, Hugh
	Callaway, W.T.			Clother, G.W.
	Coolidge, H.P.			Coffey, Abel
	Compton, J.G.			Clother, M.E.
	Callaway, Henry			Campbell, W.S.C.
	Compton, Robt.			Clark, E.V.
	Cook, L.M.			Clark, Chas. N.
	Coolidge, G.W.

	Darling, A.M.			Dale, W.B.
	Douglass, Joseph		

	Ernst, Jacob			Egger, William
	Elliott, John E.

	Friedline, Abe			Fields, F.P.

	Galley, J.H.			Galley, G.W.
	Galley, Samuel			Goodwin, Phillip
	Guther, Jacob			Gottschalk, Fred
	Gerrard, Leander		Gerrard, E.A.
	Griffin, P.S.			Godfrey, John E.
	Gass, Henry			Gesen, Christ.
	Gibson, A.H.			Griffin, D.W.

	Hickok, C.G.			Hadley, J.D.
	Holman, S.L. 			Hallows, James
	Hohen, Edward			Hudson, H.J.
	Haney, John			Haney, James
	Heintz, John			Heintz, Martin
	Hoffelmann, Wm.			Hoppen, Paul
	Hughs, Hugh			Hunt, S.B.
	Higgins, J.G.			Hollerin, Martin
	Hulst, G.W.			Hannan, James
	Holbeck, Hans			Huber, John

	Jones, James			Johnson, S.H.C.
	Johansen, Iver			Johnson, Wm.

	Kummer, Vincent			Kavanaugh, E.C.

	Lewis, J.J.			Lawrence, A.W.
	Lynn, Thomas			Lyons, Thomas
	Lisco, John			Lewman, H.A.
	Lehman, George

	Miller, Augustus		Miller, John
	Murie, George			Murray, Patrick
	Matthews, Fred			Murie, Peter
	Marmoy, S.J.			McCormick, E.P.
	McPherson, Adam			Morrin, Issac
	Miner, D.N.			Millett, Byron
	Millett, Nelson			Macken, John
	Macken, Daniel

	North, J.E.			North, Frank

	O'Donnell, James		O'Donnell, T.L.
	Olson, Ole

	Phillips, Louis			Polley, Josiah
	Pierce, Eben			Pinkney, T.A.
	Polley, E.A.

	Rickly, John			Reagan, Martin
	Ryan, J.H.			Reed, O.P.
	Reed, J.A.			Rott, Michael
	Ryan, Daniel			Rickly, W.T.
	Routson, J.G.

	Scott, A.			Sutton, W.C.
	Speice, C.A.			Stevens, G.W.
	Speice, William			Stillman, C.B.
	Senical, J.B.			Shannon, J.O.
	Sims, Frank			Smith, Samuel C.
	Strother W.T.			Sheedy, Michael
	Schram, Jacob			Smith, Marshall
	Stull, Andrew			Stauffer, John
	Shefferd, William		Schram, Michael
	Stuart, C.W.

	Taylor, I.N.			Toncray, E.W.
	Turner, M.K.			Turner, Abner
	Thompson, Wm.			Turner, J.A.
	Turner, A.C.		

 	Uhlig, Robert

	Wells, J.B.			Weaver, Michael
	Welsh, Michael			Wolfel, J.C.
	Warner, James			Welch, Thomas
	Wake, Charles			Wilson, J.A.
	Wellman, Henry			Winterbotham, W.H.
	Winterbotham, S.H. 		Whitehead, I.F.
	Webber, E.W.			Wasson, C.O.

  	Zeigler, Charles

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