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Platte Co., NE - 1872 Voters NEGenWeb Project
Shell Creek Precinct, Platte County, Nebraska

WEDNESDAY, September 25, 1872

List of Registered Voters in and for Shell Creek Precinct.

	Burrow, Jos			Burton, Henry
	Burrows, Jas			Backenhousen, Henry
	Bloerdron, Wm			Blandford, Thos
	Bloerdron, Martin		Burchall, Richard
	Burk, Pat			Baldwin, Virgil
	Bryan, John			Barrett, S L

	Conway, James			Carig, James
	Chapin, A D			Claybourn, Henry
	Chapin, J W			Cruith, Wm
	Chapin, Luther			Cochron, John
	Carig, Henry			Cary, Pat
	Conncey, Clark			Clark, Lorenzo
	Carig, David			Carter, Isaac

	Dykes, Wm			Doudy, Wm
	Dykes, J N			Dougan, Denis
	Dykes, Wm Jr			Dougan, Mike
	Deneen, John			Doudy, Pat
	Deneen, Mike			Deneen, John
	Deetricks, Wm			Deneen, Timothy
	Doudy, Mike			Davis, Wm A

	Early, J W			Eusden, John
	Edwards, S J			Eggerman, Ulrich

	Flynn, Thos.			Fields, F P
	Farber, Paul			Fola, John
	Fitzpatrick, John		Fola, Pat
	Fitzpatrick, Ed			Flynn, John

	Gleason, Pat			Gleason, Steven
	Gleason, John			Gonots, A
	Grady, John

	Hauhsen, Fred			Hays, Pat
	Heintz, Alfont			Hendricks, G D
	Homes, Jas			Hoare, Edwin
	Hays, Ed			Houhsen, Fred Jr
	Hays, Chas			Hoagan, Mike
	Hays, Ed Jr			Harney, John
	Hays, Pat Jr			Hoppen, Paul

	Johanes, J H			Jordan, Jos
	Jones, Barkley			Johson, S H C

	Kinsey, Daniel			Keener, A M
	Kelley, P H			Kaheman, Henry
	Kelley, J B			Kettelson, Christ
	Kenney, M T

	Lentz, J W			Linehan, Wm
	Lamb, G N			Lynch, Daniel
	Lynch, Thos

	McQuinn, John			Maher, Thos
	Murphy, Pat			Maher, Edwin
	Murphy, David			Matties, Jacob
	Murphy, Pat Jr.			Morrissey, Pat
	Mabarger, Carl			Mariarty, John
	Maher, Mike			Martin, Christ
	Martin, Peter 			Maher, John
	Mitchell, F W			Maher, Martin

	Nickelson, Robert

	Ohern, Jas			Omaly, John

	Pinson, Robert			Pustay, Henry
	Pinson, Wm

	Reinhammer Peter		Ripp, Ferd
	Richeli, W S			Ripp, Jacob
	Routson, J G			Ripp, Theodore
	Routson, Wm			Roberts, Ed
	Robison, John			Rossator, Richard
	Reagan, John			Reagan, Dennis
	Ripp, Wm			Reagan, Pat
	Ripp, Henry			Ripp, Peter
	Rossater, Francis

	Souter, John			Shaffer, G W
	Shaffer, C F			Shafrath, Peter
	Straup, Ed			Shea, Thos
	Scully, James			Shaughnessy, John
	Steckley, John			Sterison, G W
	Steller, Philip			Shaffer, Lycurgus
	Sheets, J J			Stall, Charles

	Trouten, Martin			Truelove, Wm

	Woolf, Fred			Watts, J H
	Woolf, John			Whaley, Chrit.
	Williams, John			Wright, A J
I will sit for the correction of the above list of registered voters Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st and 2d, 1872, at my residence in Shell Creek Precinct, Platte County, Nebr.
J W. Early, Registrar

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