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PLEASE NOTE: These veterans are listed in order of date of death. If you do not know the approximate date of death of the veteran, use the find option to search for the name. You may then need to scroll to the right to read the name of the cemetery in which the veteran is buried.
* Denotes death while on active military duty.

NAME                     RANK    UNIT                               DEATH DATE   CEMETERY

Steven B. Hunt                   Co. B, 28th Iowa Infantry         30 Sep 1874   Columbus
Frank Steinbaugh         Cpl     Co. F, 124th Illinois Infantry     4 Aug 1875   Okay, Monroe
Thomas Carney            Pvt     Co. B, 1st Kansas Mounted Inf.    24 Nov 1875   St. Mary, Humphrey

John Kuhr                Pvt     Co. K, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry       31 Oct 1876   Jackson, Duncan
George E. Drake                                                     3 Nov 1877   Columbus
Unknown Soldier                                                                  Hope, Newman Grove
Fred M. Schroeder                14th Wisconsin Artillery          18 Feb 1879   Columbus
William H. Thomas        Pvt     22nd New Jersey Volunteers         6 Jul 1879   Columbus
Edward W. Arnold         Captain Pawnee Scouts                     11 Oct 1879   Columbus
Edward C. Kavanaugh      Pvt     Co. I, 7th Wisconsin Infantry     6 Dec 1879   St. Bonaventure

James Jones                                                        17 May 1881   Columbus
Robert B. McIntire       Pvt     Co. G, 129th Illinois Infantry    18 May 1881   Columbus
John N. Lawson           Pvt     Co. E, 46th Ohio Infantry         30 May 1881   Columbus
Solomon J. Edwards       Pvt     Co. B, 114th New York Infantry     8 Apr 1882   Columbus
Edward D. Sheehan                (Navy)                            13 May 1882   St. Bonaventure

Gustaf Peterson                                                     8 May 1883   Looking Glass, Lindsay
Julius Krueger           Pvt     Co. K, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry      3 Mar 1884   Humphrey
Jacob H. Ellis           Pvt     Co. E, 132nd Illinois Infantry    11 Mar 1884   Columbus
Charles Asher            Pvt     Co. D, 20th Iowa Infantry         21 May 1884   Jackson, Duncan
Fred Schuettle                                                     28 Jul 1884   Columbus

James Dickenson                                                     8 Apr 1885   Okay, Monroe
Irvin J. Slattery        Pvt     Co. B, 16th Wisconsin Infantry    30 Jun 1885   Columbus
Casper Streeter          Pvt     Co. I, 46th New York Infantry     17 Jul 1885   Streeter, Platte Center
Charles C. Heitsman      Pvt     Co. F, 42nd Illinois Infantry     26 Oct 1885   Creston Pioneer
Jacob Gregorius          Pvt     Co. I, 18th U.S. Infantry          3 Jul 1886   Columbus

Henry Woods              Mus'n   Co. C, 15th Indiana Infantry      29 May 1887   Columbus
Solomon A. Dickenson     Lt      Co. I, 26th New York Cavalry      28 Aug 1887   Okay, Monroe
J. Flarity                                                                       Hope, Newman Grove
John W. Early            Pvt     Co. D, 19th Ohio Infantry         19 Jun 1888   Columbus
Andrew Soderstrom                                                                Hope, Newman Grove
August P. Balzer                                                    1 Mar 1889   Hope, Newman Grove
Herman Wilken            Pvt     Co. G, 10th Illinois Infantry     16 Dec 1889   Christ Luth'n, Columbus

Harry Whitehead                                                    23 Jan 1890   Salem, St. Edward
William A. Malloy        Cpl     82nd Pennsylvania Infantry        20 Feb 1890   Columbus
Peter J. Lawrence        Pvt     Co. I, 3rd Illinois Cavalry       16 Mar 1890   Columbus

William Lawrence         Pvt     Co. D, 3rd Illinois Cavalry        8 Apr 1891   Streeter, Platte Center
Grandville Kilton                                                                Hope, Newman Grove
John Hammond             Captain 1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery     20 Oct 1891   Columbus
Henry Van Blaricom       Pvt                                       21 Oct 1891   Tracy Valley, Creston

Joseph H. Watts          Mus'n   Co. D, 105th Illinois Infantry     3 Jun 1892   Okay, Monroe
William S. Campbell      Cpl     Co. H, 18th Missouri Infantry     13 Aug 1892   Columbus
Andrew J. Whitaker       Pvt     Co. C, 5th Michigan Infantry      25 Apr 1893   Columbus
Josiah Stevenson         Pvt     Co. C, 96th Ohio Infantry         22 Apr 1894   Columbus
J. Balthaser Tschudy     Cpl     Co. G, 2nd Minnesota Infantry      4 Dec 1894   Columbus

Ephraim Wells            1st Lt  36th Virginia Infantry, Confeder  13 Jul 1895   Columbus
John Henderson           1st Lt  Co. I, 33rd Iowa Infantry         23 Aug 1895   Humphrey
Albert Dresser           Cpl     Co. D, 38th Wisconsin Infantry    30 Aug 1895   Hope, Newman Grove

Andrew G. Stenzel        Pvt     1st Illinois Heavy Artillery       9 Jan 1896   Palestine, St. Edward
O. H. Archer             Pvt     Co. E, 41st Wisconsin Infantry    20 Oct 1896   Columbus
Loman Porter             Pvt     1st New York Mounted Rifles        9 Dec 1896   Humphrey
Arthur Miles             Pvt     Co. H, 103rd Illinois Infantry    22 Oct 1897   Creston

John Wise                Pvt     Co. F, 103rd Illinois Infantry    27 Mar 1898   Columbus
William Irwin            Pvt     Co. F, 96th Illinois Infantry      5 May 1898   West Hill, Genoa
Jacob Reiss              Pvt     Co. B, 2nd Missouri Cavalry       30 May 1898   St. Francis, Humphrey
Joseph S. Murdock        Pvt     Co. L, 15th New York Cavalry      12 Jun 1898   Columbus
Peter Weber              Cpl     Co. A, 44th Illinois Infantry      5 Oct 1898   St. Francis, Humphrey

Thomas W. McKinney       Lt Col  126th Ohio Infantry               27 May 1899   Columbus
Peter Plant              Pvt     Co. G, 11th Vermont Infantry      22 Aug 1899   Nebraska Veterans Home
Lewis G. White           Pvt     Co. I, 122nd Ohio Volunteers      16 Dec 1899   Columbus

James Meyers             Cpl     Co. F, 19th Illinois Infantry     20 Jan 1900   Humphrey
Robert H. Henry          1st Lt  11th Wisconsin Volunteers          1 Feb 1900   Columbus
Michael Rodgers          Pvt     Co. H, 85th Illinois Infantry     17 Mar 1900   Greenwood, Platte Center
Fredrick Gerber          Pvt     Co. H, 52nd Infantry               2 Apr 1900   Gruetli, Duncan
Mathias Koenig                                                     30 May 1900   Columbus

Josiah McFarland         Pvt     57th Pennsylvania Volunteers      16 Mar 1901   Columbus
John Wagner              Pvt     Co. K, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry     20 Mar 1901   Creston
Thomas M. Wilson         Pvt     102nd Illinois Volunteers         27 May 1901   Columbus
Henry L. Adams           Cpl     Co. H, 27th Illinois Infantry     28 Jun 1901   Columbus
Liborius Staab           Cpl     Co. C, 45th Wisconsin Infantry     5 Aug 1901   St. Paul, Leigh

Herman L. Small          2nd Lt  6th Vermont Volunteers Infantry    2 Jan 1902   Columbus
Henry T. Spoerry         1st Lt  Co. K, 1st Wisconsin Infantry     27 Jan 1902   Columbus
John Steenis             Pvt     Co. A, 32nd Wisconsin              2 May 1902   Creston
Moses Kennedy Turner     Cpl     Co. K, 170th Ohio Infantry        22 May 1902   Columbus
John L. Sturgeon         Sgt     Co. A, 18th Wisconsin Infantry     3 Oct 1902   Columbus
Joseph R. Kinnan         Cpl     Co. C, 44th Indiana Infantry       7 Oct 1902   Columbus
W. H. Thompson           Pvt     Co. B, 22nd N. J. Volunteers      17 Nov 1902   Columbus
Robert Moran             Lt Col  2nd West Virginia Volunteers       6 Dec 1902   Creston Pioneer

James Nolan              Pvt     Co. C, 118th Illinois Infantry     4 May 1903   St. Bonaventure
Peter Schad              Pvt     9th Wisconsin Infantry            16 Nov 1903   Holy Family, Lindsay

Theodore Wenck           Pvt     Co. H, 45th Wisconsin Infantry     4 Feb 1905   St. Paul, Leigh
Henry C. Kline           Sgt     Co. C, 116th Illinois Infantry     8 Feb 1905   Columbus
George L. Dorr                   22nd Illinois Infantry             4 Mar 1905   West Hill, Genoa
Edward D. Fitzpatrick    Pvt     Co. E, 41st Ohio Infantry          4 Nov 1905   St. Bonaventure

Thomas O'Conner          Pvt     Co. D, 2nd Ohio Infantry          10 Mar 1906   St. Bonaventure
William Novell           Pvt     Btry H, 10th N.Y. Artillery        1 Aug 1907   Columbus
Frank Fleming            Pvt     Co. I, 31st Wisconsin Infantry     5 Feb 1907   Columbus
Henry Bockshecker        Pvt     Co. A, 16th Michigan Infantry     23 Aug 1907   St. Francis, Humphrey

James Frazier            Pvt     Co. L, 4th Iowa Cavalry           31 Jan 1908   Columbus
James H. Switzer         Pvt     148th Pennsylvania Infantry        4 Feb 1908   Hope, Newman Grove
Hamilton Manon Hinkle            Co. M, 3rd California Cavalry      4 Mar 1908   West Hill, Genoa
Lackey Devany            Pvt     Co. F, 9th Missouri Infantry      12 May 1908   St. Bonaventure
Rufus Pryer              Pvt     Co. B, 23rd Wisconsin Infantry    12 Jun 1908   Hope, Newman Grove
David McDuffee           Sgt     Co. G, 2nd Michigan Cavalry        6 Aug 1908   Columbus

John M. Anderson         Pvt     Co. B, 37th Illinois Infantry      1 Jan 1909   West Hill, Genoa
Alonzo Breed             Sgt     Co. A, 20th Iowa Infantry          7 Jan 1909   Columbus
Ora Vanoyen              Pvt     Co. H, 14th Maine Infantry         5 Jun 1909   Creston
William H. Lewis         Pvt     Co. E, 13th New York Volunteers   26 Jun 1909   Columbus
Thomas H. Saunders       Cpl     Co. F, 2nd New York Infantry      27 Jul 1909   Columbus
William L. McQuown       Sgt     206th Pennsylvania Cavalry        26 Aug 1909   Columbus
William Hollingshead     Pvt     Co. I, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry     30 Nov 1909   Friends, Monroe
William T. Allen         Pvt     Co. C, 1st U.S. Infantry           1 Dec 1909   Columbus

Robert B. Sutton         Pvt     Co. B, 126th New York Infantry     8 Jan 1910   Okay, Monroe
William J. Campbell      Pvt     Co. H, 13th Kansas Infantry       26 Mar 1910   Friends, Monroe
Edwin O. Rector          1st Sgt.Co. H, 33rd Wisconsin Infantry    16 Aug 1910   Columbus
William M. Dixon         Pvt     Co. A, 33rd Indiana Infantry      23 Oct 1910   Creston

Orson D. Butler          Lt      Co. D, 51st Illinois Infantry     27 Apr 1911   Columbus
Joseph P. Carter         Pvt     Co. G, 11th Illinois Cavalry       5 Jun 1911   Columbus
J. C. Johnson            Pvt     21st No. Carolina Inf., Confeder  22 Aug 1911   Friends, Monroe
John Nolan               Landsman(Navy)                             8 Oct 1911   St. Bonaventure
Patrick H. Kelly         Cpl     Co. K, 2nd California Cavalry      5 Nov 1911   Friends, Monroe
Neil McLean              Pvt     Co. H, 12th Illinois Cavalry      11 Dec 1911   Columbus

Josiah F. Stevens        Pvt     77th Pennsylvania Infantry        23 Jan 1912   Humphrey
Herman Saare             Pvt     Co. G, 32nd Wisconsin Infantry     5 Apr 1912   Hope, Newman Grove
George W. Elston         Pvt     Co. G, 38th Wisconsin Infantry    18 May 1912   Columbus
Samuel E. Knower         Cpl     2nd Massachusetts Infantry        27 Oct 1912   Columbus

Jerome B. Curtis         Pvt     Co. A, 8th Missouri Infantry      28 Apr 1913   Columbus
William Neeley           Pvt     Co. H, 79th New York Infantry     29 Jul 1913   Columbus

Josiah C. Bearss                 Co. M, 15th New York Engineers    27 Feb 1914   Creston
Louis A. Hahn            Pvt     47th Pennsylvania Infantry         5 May 1914   Columbus
Van Buren LaRue          Pvt     3rd West Virginia Cavalry          9 May 1914   Columbus
Joseph Spohn             Pvt     Co. L, 14th New York Artillery     2 Jun 1914   Hope, Newman Grove
John Keeler              Pvt     Co. D, 28th New York Volunteers   17 Jun 1914   Okay, Monroe
Daniel Brooks            Pvt     Co. D, 1st New York Infantry       8 Aug 1914   Tracy Valley, Creston

Albert C. Darling        Pvt     Co. H, 31st Iowa Infantry         24 Feb 1915   Columbus
James R. Meagher         Lt Col  6th Kentucky Cavalry               1 Mar 1915   Columbus
Melvin B. Trefren        Pvt     Co. C, 98th New York Infantry     11 Apr 1915   Creston
Jacob R. McCartney       Pvt     Co. I, 100th Ohio Infantry        10 Oct 1915   Hope, Newman Grove

Jacob Maple              QM Sgt  1st Nebraska Cavalry              28 Apr 1916   St. Bonaventure
William R. Anthony       Sgt     Co. A, 81st New York, Infantry    26 Jul 1916   Columbus
Augustus W. Clark        Sgt Maj 53rd Illinois Infantry            13 Sep 1916   Columbus

James A. Baker           Pvt     Co. D, 190th Ohio Volunteers      25 Feb 1917   Okay, Monroe
George W. Rollin         Pvt     Co. A, 33rd Wisconsin Infantry    25 Mar 1917   Columbus
Carl Fisher                      Confederate Army                  20 Apr 1917   St. Bonaventure
John A. Wilson           Pvt      Co. C, 81st Ohio Infantry        10 Aug 1917   Creston
Chauncey H. Sheldon      1st Lt  150th Illinois Infantry            7 Oct 1917   Columbus
Henry G. Lueschen        Pvt     Co. E, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry      5 Nov 1917   Christ Luth'n, Columbus
Edward T. Graham                 Co. I, 42nd Wisconsin             22 Dec 1917   Creston

John C. Dineen           Pvt     Co. E, 15th U.S. Infantry         26 Jan 1918   St. Bonaventure
Joseph W. Apgar                  Co. G, 1st Ohio Cavalry            8 Mar 1918   St. Edward, Nebraska
George Lehman            Lt      Pawnee Scouts                     12 Jun 1918   Columbus
John Jostes              Pvt     Ordnance Department                8 Aug 1918   Holy Family, Lindsay
Henry P. Coolidge        Lt      Co. I, 8th Iowa Cavalry           27 Sep 1918   VA Cem. Hot Springs, S.D.
Henry W. Smith           Pvt     93rd Pennsylvania Infantry        12 Oct 1918   Columbus

Charles W. Talbitzer     Cpl     Co. C, 190th Ohio Infantry         5 Feb 1919   Columbus
Michael Whitmoyer        Captain 132nd Pennsylvania Infantry        7 Jun 1919   Columbus
Washington Hardy         Pvt     Co. E, 160th Ohio Infantry        19 Jun 1919   Columbus
John H. Wurdeman, Sr.    Cpl     Co. D, 39th Illinois Infantry      1 Aug 1919   St. Paul, Leigh
Daniel Mock              Pvt     61st Pennsylvania Infantry        18 Aug 1919   Hope, Newman Grove
Nathaniel M. Parsons     Pvt     Co. I, 5th Iowa Cavalry           15 Oct 1919   Columbus
John Meyer               Pvt     Co. A, 11th Iowa Infantry         19 Nov 1919   Columbus

James W. Kinsman         Cpl     Co. I, 93rd Illinois Infantry     12 Feb 1920   Columbus
Jacob E. Ludwick         Pvt     Co. C, 183rd Indiana Infantry      5 Mar 1920   Creston
Christopher Brinkman     Pvt     Co. D, 88th Illinois Infantry     28 Mar 1920   Hope, Newman Grove
Darwin Clark             Bugler  Henshaw's Btry, Ill. Artillery    13 May 1920   Creston
Benjamin Barnica         Pvt     Co. G, 118th Illinois Infantry     6 Oct 1920   Columbus
Samuel J. Coldwell       Pvt     Co. C, 1st Wisconsin Infantry      8 Nov 1920   St. Francis, Humphrey
Robert McCray, Sr.       Pvt     Co. H, 98th Ohio Infantry         14 Nov 1920   Columbus
Edward T. Clark          Sgt     37th Pennsylvania Infantry         7 Dec 1920   St. Bonaventure

John W. Byrnes           Sgt     Co. H, 13th Tennessee Infantry     9 Mar 1921   St. Bonaventure
Patrick Farley           Pvt     34th Illinois Infantry            21 Jul 1921   St. Bonaventure
Jared O. Blodgett        Cpl     Co. G, 96th Infantry              26 Aug 1921   Columbus
William F. Dodds         Pvt     11th Pennsylvania Infantry         4 Nov 1921   Columbus
Sylvester J. Cleveland   Pvt     Co. I, 153rd Illinois Infantry    24 Dec 1921   Columbus
William W. Mannington    Pvt     71st Pennsylvania Infantry        31 Dec 1921   Friends, Monroe

Adam Schmid                                                         4 Jan 1922   Columbus
Henry C. Bean            Cpl     Co. K, 9th U.S. Infantry          22 Apr 1922   Columbus

William T. Strother      Sgt     Co. D, 21st Ohio Infantry          7 Feb 1923   Columbus
Isaiah Lightner          Captain Co. F, 7th Maryland Infantry       2 Mar 1923   Friends, Monroe

Andrew L. Dussell        Pvt     Co. C, 9th Iowa Cavalry           31 Jan 1924   Columbus
Carl F. Elias                                                      26 Apr 1924   Columbus
William A. Leavy         Pvt     Co. C, 4th Infantry                6 May 1924   Columbus
Charles F. Gleason       Pvt     10th Massachusetts Volunteers     20 May 1924   Columbus
James L. Brown           Pvt     Co. D, 144th Indiana Infantry     17 Sep 1924   Creston
James R. Hilliard        Cpl     Co. I, 13th Tennessee Cavalry     27 Sep 1924   Columbus

Benhart H. Keller        Pvt     Co. C, 33rd Wisconsin Infantry     9 Mar 1925   Columbus
Edward A. Gerrard        Cpl     Co. D, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry       25 Jul 1925   Columbus
Andrew Batlinger                                                   24 Nov 1925   St. Francis, Humphrey

James Burrows            Pvt     Co. B, 103rd Illinois Infantry     2 Jan 1926   Burrows, Platte Center
William Becklam          Pvt     Co. B, 105th Illinois Infantry     8 Apr 1926   Okay, Monroe
John F. Schure           Teamster                                  19 Apr 1926   Humphrey
George W. McCormick      Pvt     Co. A, 52nd Wisconsin Infantry     2 May 1926   Hope, Newman Grove
Robert "Alec" Irwin      Pvt     Co. A, 58th Illinois Infantry      6 May 1926   West Hill, Genoa
Joseph Giersdorf         Pvt     Co. F, 27th Wisconsin Infantry    24 Dec 1926   Columbus

Carolus G. Hickok        Cpl     Co. C, 176th Ohio Infantry        14 Apr 1927   Columbus
John R. Brock            Pvt     122nd Pennsylvania Infantry       21 May 1927   Columbus

John Dieter              Pvt     Co. C, 51st Illinois Infantry     15 Feb 1928   St. Francis, Humphrey
Hiram O. Studley         Pvt     Co. M, 5th Michigan Cavalry       12 Nov 1928   Columbus

George W. Stewart        1st Sgt.Co. K, 1st Wisconsin Calvary       4 May 1929   Columbus
James Martin             Pvt     Co. F, 27th Illinois Infantry      7 Jun 1929   Hope, Newman Grove
William N. Hensley       Pvt     Co. B, 9th Kentucky Cavalry       30 Jun 1929   Columbus
Isaiah Roland            Pvt     Co. B, 4th Illinois Cavalry        4 Oct 1929   Columbus

James H. Galley          Pvt     Co. K, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry       24 Mar 1930   Columbus
Lewis Jones              Cpl     Co. A, 3rd Indiana Infantry       26 Apr 1930   Jackson, Duncan
James Polk Nunnally      Pvt     3rd Missouri Calvary, Confederat  22 Oct 1930   Friends, Monroe

Evan R. Bisson           Pvt     Co. D, 45th Illinois Infantry      3 Jan 1931   Columbus
Oley Olson               Cpl     Co. G, 128th Illinois Infantry    21 Dec 1931   Hope, Newman Grove

John Burrell             Pvt     Co. C, 29th Wisconsin Infantry    21 Mar 1932   Columbus

Bryan Caffrey            Pvt     Co. C, 9th Connecticut Infantry   18 Feb 1933   St. Bonaventure
David T. Martyn, Sr (MD) Pvt     Co. D, 145th Illinois Infantry    28 Apr 1933   Columbus

Herman G. Lueschen       Cpl     Co. E, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry     26 May 1934   St. Paul, Leigh

Joseph M. Rickards               Co. A, 193rd Ohio Infantry        22 Oct 1936   Creston

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