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Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block, 1890; Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.
BOHEET, a small country postoffice in the northern part of Platte county, 15 miles north of Columbus, the county seat, and about six miles south of Humphrey.
Lueshen H G, postmaster.

COLUMBUS is the county seat of Platte county. It is situated in the southeastern portion of the same on the U. P. Ry., 91 miles from Omaha and three miles north of the Platte river. It has an elevation of 1,442 feet above sea level. Population, 6,000. It is on the main line of the U. P. Ry. and is the terminus of a branch of the B. & M. R. R. running to Lincoln. From this point a branch of the U. P. Ry. runs northeast to Oconee, where it diverges into two lines, one line running north to Norfolk and the other to Albion. The town has the best of railway facilities, the U. P. Ry. running trains to Sioux City, besides other branches, bringing it into direct communication with all the principal towns in Nebraska. The buildings are of the most substantial character and of the best architectural designs, which renders the general appearance of the city most pleasing. A Catholic monastery is located here, occupying extensive buildings. There are other religious denominations whose places of worship are a credit to the city. The schools are a prominent feature of Columbus. The hospital of St. Francis is located here and no attention is paid to the religion of any unfortunate. There are three banks. The old reliable Columbus State Bank, L. Gerrard pres, Jno. Stauffer cashier, transacts an extensive banking business. The First National and the Commercial Banks are in operation. The Columbus Land and Investment Co, capital stock $10,000, L. Gerrard pres, Geo. P. Moore sec and mgr, are in a flourishing condition. Speice & North, Gus. G. Becher & Co, deal extensively in loans and real estate, etc, also the Western Exchange Co, who exchange real estate. Among the prominent industries here are two large roller mills with all modern improvements, planing mill, sash, door and blind factory, extensive brewery, large elevators, soda and mineral water factory, brick and lumber yards, excellent water works, good fire department and electric light plant, street cars, a fine opera house about to be built costing $20,000; good hotels; Grand Pacific and Thurston are the most popular. The Fleming and Judkins are also good hostelries. Large mercantile stores and other professions are well represented. The press is ably represented by the Telegram (daily and weekly), the Journal and Family Journal, and the Sentinel (weekly), and are good advertising mediums and have a large circulation. Several secret organizations are maintained, having a long list of members.

CITY OFFICERS: R. H. Henry, mayor; J. J. Sullivan, atty; Gus. Falbaun, clerk; C. M. Taylor, chief of police; J. B. Delsman, treas.

Abts J P, saloon and livery.
Alexander H J, dairy.
Arnold A G & Co, real estate.
Arnold A J, jeweler.
Arnold Harry, phys.

Baker L J, restaurant.
Baker & Wells, livery.
Barber J A & Co, dry goods.
Baumgart T, boots and shoes.
Beardsley C A, prop Columbus Marble Works.
Becher, Gus G (Gus G Becher & Co), notary.
Becher, Gus G & Co (Gus G Becher, Leopold Jaeggi), abstracts of titles, real estate, loans notaries, collections, steamship agts.
Bennett M H Mrs, hair goods.
Berger Adolph, broom mfr.
Bixby & Newman, pubs Platte County Sentinel.
Bloedorn M C, agl implts.
Boettcher August, hardware and agl implts.
Borowiak Bros, genl mdse.
Bowman Geo G, atty.
Boyd R C, tinsmith.
Brindley C A, justice.
Brodfuehrer F, jewelry.
Bucher John, saloon.
Bucher Joseph, flour mill.
Busche F H, harness.
Bushel J Mrs, carpet weaver.

Campbell W S, junk dealer.
Central Hotel, John Hube prop.
Clark T R, phys.
Columbia Brewing Co, J H Kersenbock mgr.
Columbus Creamery Co, Stevenson Bros lessees.
Columbus Driving Park & Fair Assn, R H Henry pres.
Columbus Electric Light Co, Charles Schroeder supt.
Columbus Improvement Co, C H Sheldon pres.
Columbus Journal (weekly), M K Turner & Co, pubs.
Columbus Land and Investment Co, capital stock $100,000, Leander Gerrard pres, Jonas Welch vice-pres, J E North treas, Geo P Moore sec and mgr, Fleming blk.
Columbus Lumber Co, J B Geitzen mgr.
Columbus Marble Works, C A Beardsley prop.
Columbus Mining Co, C C Morse, J E North, W H May, incorporators.
Columbus Motor Ry Co, Geo Lehman pres.
Columbus Planing Mills, Huntemann Bros props, sash, doors, blinds, etc.
Columbus Roller Mills, G A Schroeder mgr, mfrs of flour, feed, bran, shorts, meal, and flour brands, "Way Up," "Big Four," "Gold Dust" and "Spread Eagle," dealers in all kinds of grain.
Columbus State Bank, capital stock paid in $80,000, Leander Gerrard pres, G W Hulst vice-pres, John Stauffer cashier.
Columbus Telegram (daily and weekly), D F Davis pub.
Columbus Water Works Co, O L Baker mgr.
Columbus Wooden Sole Shoe Mfg Co, C A Lutz & Co props.
Commercial Bank, capital $90,000, C H Sheldon pres, C A Newman cashier.
Cookus J R, drayman.
Collidge H P, notary.
Covert & Naylor, groceries.
Cox J T, sta agt B & M R R.
Crandall F E, restaurant.
Curtis S P, carpenter.

Davis D F, pub daily and weekly Telegram.
Delsman J B, genl mdse.
Derry George, painter.
Dietrichs Chas, fresco painter.
Dietrichs C H W, groceries.
Dowty David, drugs, etc.
Dussell A, plumber.

Echols J C, painter.
Elevator Roller Mills, Jaeggi & Schupbach props.
Elias Frederick, pork packer.
Ernst & Schwarz, hardware, agl implts.
Eslinger & Gier, contractors.
Euesden John, surveyor.
Evans C D, physician.

Family Journal (The), M K Turner & Co. pubs.
Farmers Protective Assn, A C Pickets agt, grain and live stock.
Fauble & Bradshaw, brick mfrs.
Faucett Daniel, harnessmaker.
Fillman J C, millinery.
First National Bank, capital and surplus $90,000, A Anderson pres, O T Roen cashier.
Fitzpatrick E D, books, stationery.
Fleming (The), E A Fleming prop.
Fleming E A, prop The Fleming.
Frazer G A, live stock.
Friedhoff & Co, dry goods.
Fugard F E, oils and gasoline.
Fuller, Bayard, real estate and general insurance (see adv. pge 123).

Galley J H & Bro, dry goods.
Garlow C J (Higgins & Garlow), collections.
Gass Henry, furniture, undertaker.
Gass Samuel, furniture.
Gassman E W, bakery.
Geitzen J B, mgr Columbus Lumber Co.
Gerrard Leander, pres Columbus State Bank and Columbus Land and Investment Co.
Gietzmer James, agl implts.
Gilt Edge Mfg Co, C A Woolsley sec, pumps and windmills.
Gleason C F, livery.
Gluck Israel, real estate.
Gondring John M, county atty.
Graf John, saloon.
Grand Pacific Hotel, L H Webb prop. (See adv. opp. page.)
Gray S C & C C, hardware, agl implts.
Greisen Bros & Co, clothing, etc.
Gutzmer J A, wagons, carriages.

Hagel P & Co, butter and eggs.
Hagel George, saloon.
Haughawout E Y, dentist.
Hauter F J, barber.
Heater J N Mrs, apiarist.
Heintz A, drugs, vet surgeon.
Heitkemper A, cigar mfr.
Held Louis, blacksmith.
Hensley W N, county judge.
Henrich P W, ins, real estate.
Higgins & Garlow (John G Higgins, C J Garlow), attorneys-at-law, notaries public.
Higgins John G (Higgins & Garlow).
Hoffman & Martyr, meat market.
Hohl Leonard, mgr W U T Co.
Holland W L, mgr Nebraska Tel Co.
Honahan J N, clothing.
Hoppen Paul, saloon.
Huber John, auctioneer.
Huer Otto, notary.
Hughes Hugh, lumber.
Hulst G W, vice-pres Columbus State Bank.
Huntermann Bros, prop Columbus Planing Mills.

Ives R L, livery.

Jaeggi Leopold (Gus G Becher & Co), notary.
Jaeggi & Schupback, props Elevator Roller Mills, grain, lumber.
Jaworski T S, pumps and wind mills.
Johnson O, agt Pac Ex Co.
Jones C C, bakery and restaurant.
Judkins House, J W Judkins prop.
Judkins J W, prop Judkins House.

Kavanaugh D C, ins.
Kempter Bros, dentists.
Kilian J N, atty at law, (English and German), collections.
Klug Albert, blacksmith.
Knapp Bros, contractors.
Knapp W R, painter.
Kramer Carl, postmaster.
Kramer L, billiards.

Landolt F Dr, veterinary surgeon.
Lehman George, candy, commission.
Lewis M S & Co, millinery.
Lewis W H & Co, live stock.
Lindell Hotel, Rickley & Wagner props, $1.00 per day.
Longtin F, saloon and billiards.
Lubker Henry, agl implts.
Lutz C A & Co, props Columbus Wooden Sole Shoe Mfg Co.

McAllister & Cornelius, attys.
McDonald Bros, saloon.
McKean W T, merchant tailor.
Macken V A, saloon.
Martin & Wurdeman, groceries.
Martyn & Evans, phys.
Mayer Maurice A, clothing, etc.
Meacher J R, sta agt U P Ry.
Moore Geo P, sec and mgr Columbus Land & Investment Co.
Murdock J S & Son, builders.

Naylor James, blacksmith.
Nebraska Telephone Co, W L Holland mgr.
Neiwohner Edward J, jeweler.
Noertker Henry, musical mdse.
Nolestein W R, photographer.
North & Chambers, insurance.
North J E, treas Columbus Land & Investment Co, surveyor, notary.
North J E & Co, coal, lime and cement.

O'Brien Wm, justice.
Oehlrich H & Bro, groceries.
Opera House Co, C Schroeder treas.

Pacific Ex Co, O Johnson agt.
Page Rose T Mrs, music teacher.
Pearsall James, carpenter.
Platte County Sentinel (weekly), Bixby & Newman pubs.
Pohl Emil, groceries, queensware.
Pollock Chas E & Co, drugs.
Pollock John G, prop The Thurston, cor North and 13th.
Post A M Hon, judge 4th judicial district.

Ragatz Henry & Co, groceries.
Randall W H, livery.
Rasmussen J P, groceries.
Reeder J G, notary.
Rhode & Anderson, saloon.
Rickly & Wagner, prop Lindell Hotel, meat market.
Rickly W T, dealer in live stock, meat market.
Rossiter R L, county surveyor.
Ryan S J, saloon.

St Francis Hospital.
Saley L M, vinegar mfr.
Sander Wm, genl mdse.
Sauer Adolph, merchant tailor.
Sauer L E, carpenter and builder.
Schaffroth Leopold, agl implts.
Schilz Wm, boots and shoes.
Schonleu L B, phys, ed The Wochenblatt.
Schreiber Louis, blacksmith.
Schroeder Charles, supt Columbus Electric Light Co.
Schroeder G A, mgr Columbus Roller Mills.
Schubert Carl, gunsmith.
Segelke Charles, soda water mfr.
Shuck Joseph, photographer.
Siegenthaler Bros, cigar mfrs.
Singer Mfg Co, F L Whitney agt.
Slater W F & Co, dry goods.
Smith David H, confectionery.
Snow James, harness.
Sower L E, architect.
Speice C A (Speice & North), atty at law, apiary. (See adv page 121.)
Speice & North (C A Speice, J E North), abstracts, real estate, loans, collections, attys and notaries.
Speice Wm, merchant tailor.
Spoerry H J, justice.
Standen Richard, meat market.
Stauffer John, cashier Columbus State Bank.
Stern O E Mrs, dressmaker.
Stevenson Bros, creamery.
Stewart W A, nursery.
Stillman C B Dr, drugs, wall paper.
Stires & Albert, attys.
Storey N F Mrs, millinery.
Sullivan & Reeder, attys.
Swartzendruver A M, mgr Western Exchange Co.

Tannahill John, florist.
Taylor J N, grain and coal.
Thomas & Carlson, barbers.
Thurston (The), John G Pollock prop, cor North and 13th.
Turner A & M, pianos and organs.
Turner J E, butter and eggs.
Turner M K & Co, pubs Columbus Journal and Family Journal.

Union Pacific Land Office, Bayard Fuller genl agt. (See adv.)

Van Alstine Maud, milliner.
Van Alstine T B, livery.
Vogel M, bakery.

Weaver L W, real estate, coal.
Webb L H, prop Grand Pacific Hotel.
Welch John, vice-pres Columbus Land and Investment Co.
Wells, Fargo Exp Co, J T Cox agt.
Western Exchange Co, A M Swartzendruver mgr, exchange real estate for mdse and mdse for real estate.
Whitmoyer M, atty.
Whitney F L, agt Singer Mfg Co.
Wiggins John, live stock.
Willey J Chas, phys.

Zinnecker L G & Bro, barbers.

CORNLEA, a village of 75 inhabitants on the Scribner & Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., is located in the northern part of Platte county and is surrounded by industrious German and Welch farmers. Combined elevator capacity at this point is 35,000 bushels.

Albracht J, genl mdse, postmaster.
Berg Wm, hotel, justice.
Cushman C C, sta agt.
Emrick A, saloon.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, John Burns agt, grain, lumber, live stock and agl implts.
Nye & Schneider Co, P K Hayden agt, grain, lumber and live stock.
Rosebach J A, hardware.
Siebel Wm, blacksmith.
Thiel Louis, shoemaker.

CRESTON, a village of 250 inhabitants in the northeastern part of Platte county, 22 miles from Columbus, the county seat, on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of F. E. & M. V. R. R. Agriculture and livestock raising are the chief pursuits.

Ball F I, hardware.
Bank of Creston, resources $10,000, S T Fleming pres, Theodore Wolf cashier.
Beckman A, dry goods, clothing.
Brown J L, justice.
Byer Henry, real estate, loans, ins.
Calkins Frank, barber.
Clark D I, prop Clark House.
Clark House, D I Clark prop.
Eggleston & Harbet, carpenters.
Felter Richard, saloon.
Friedman Sam, genl mdse.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, John Muller mgr, grain, lumber, coal, live stock.
Gailey J R, genl mdse.
Graham C H, postmaster, drugs.
Graham E T, prop Creston Roller Mill.
Hook Job, livery.
Horn Joseph, blacksmith.
Koester & Meyers, genl mdse.
McNeil C H, painter.
Nye & Schneider Co, S Schneider mgr, grain and live stock.
Reiss Jacob, shoemaker.
Spencer E J, sta, tel, ex agt.
Standen R, meat market, live stock.
Steiner Bros, blacksmith.
Wagner John, furniture.
Wood R H, jewelry.
Zeller A J, agl implts.

DUNCAN, a station on the U. P. Ry., in the western part of Platte county, seven miles west of Columbus.

HUMPHREY is a prosperous town of 1,000 inhabitants in the northeastern part of Platte county, on Tracey creek, 25 miles north of Columbus, the county seat, at the junction of O. N. & B. H. branch of the U. P. Ry., and the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. A large portion of the inhabitants are Germans, in the town as well as in the surrounding country. There have been several noticeable improvements of late aggregating an expenditure of nearly $30,000. Among these are the new brick school, three elevators and a splendid brick hotel, occupied by the Commercial Hotel, which has been entirely refitted and conceded to be as good as any in this vicinity. The Granville Hotel has also been refitted and is now in the hands of Mr. F. T. Klebba, a former merchant of this place, and is well conducted, also two new elevators and several brick blocks. The Catholics have a monastery at this place, as also a spacious school building. All the important civic societies are represented here. Churches are Catholic, Methodist, German Lutheran and Baptist.

Anselme & Smart, drugs.
Bender P H, genl mdse.
Bering & Lachnit, real estate, ins.
Blessin Gustave, confectionery.
Brandt Charles, saloon.
Breuning H J, saloon.
Breunig Lizzie Miss, millinery.
Brokhaus & Gilsdorf, hardware.
Brouwer Theodore, shoemaker.
Burges J B, genl mdse.
Chicago Lumber Co, N Thille mgr, lumber.
Citizens Bank, E A Stockslager pres, H B Martin cashier.
Clark G W, real estate.
Commercial Hotel,W H Tieskoetter prop.
Condon W M, dentist.
Cookingham F M, real estate.
Crans S E,editor and pub Humphrey Democrat.
Dougherty Wm, blacksmith.
Drake & Illian, attys, ins.
Duesmann W, furniture, undertaker.
Eggers & Veik, blacksmiths, carriage and wagonmakers.
Eimers J & H, grain elevator, feed mill and lumber.
Eimers Wm, genl mdse.
Fedderson Peter, brick mfr.
Fisher Bros, genl mdse.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, Wm A Schmidt agt, lumber, grain, coal and live stock.
Gehr Joseph, meat market.
Gietzen & Breuing, hardware.
Granville Hotel, F T Klebba prop.
Hale David, live stock.
Hale & Leach, agts Storz & Ilers beer.
Hansen J W, jewelry.
Hart E S, sta, tel and ex agt U P Ry.
Hart Wm E, physician.
Helmig Theo A & Co, drugs.
Humphrey Democrat, S E Crans editor and pub.
Humphrey Tubular Well Works, G J Savidge prop, tubular wells bored all sizes and depths, pumps and windmills.
Iliohan Martin, bakery.
Kersch John, cigar mfr.
Klebba F T, prop Granville Hotel, livery.
Lachnit & Karthaus, saloon.
Leach E H, meat market.
Lemmer H, live stock.
Lewis Robert, barber.
Lininger & Metcalf Co, Thos Schipsby agt, agl implts.
Maas Fred, merchant tailor.
Maier F, shoemaker.
Moos Fred, barber.
Nather F J, painter.
Omaha Elevator Co, Wm Ripp mgr.
Ottis & Murphy, bankers, ins.
Paetzold Julius, harnessmaker.
Pontius E F, sta, tel and ex agt.
Postle Martin, livery.
Pratt H T, live stock dealer.
Reinhart M, carpenter.
Ripp Jacob, saloon.
Ripp & Lambert, grain, live stock, coal.
Robinson J I, postmaster, notions.
Robison T D, genl mdse.
Rodehorst Henry O, agl implts.
Savidge G J, prop Humphrey Tubular Well Works, pumps and windmills.
Schroeder Louis, carpenter, housemover.
Smart E N, phys.
South Newell, agl implts.
Tieskoetter W H, prop Commercial Hotel.
Walker John, auctioneer.
Wilde A Mrs, millinery.
Wilde Albert, pumps, windmills.

LINDSAY, a village of 200 inhabitants on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the northwestern part of Platte county near Shell creek. The valley is rich in grain production and is tilled by thrifty and energetic farmers. There are two elevators located here of a 30,000 bushel combined capacity. The Catholic element predominates in this section and worship at St. Bernard, four miles north of here. The Methodists as yet have no regular pastor, but hold services at the new school house, a splendid edifice recently erected at a cost of $3,000.

Acker W E, livery.
Ayars H E, drugs, phys.
Brodball Ole R, notary.
Bussellman J, blacksmith.
Connelly Bros, genl mdse.
Fleisher N A & Co, genl mdse.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, P Duffy agt, grain, lumber, coal, livestock.
Galligan Peter, livestock.
Johnson S H, agl implts.
Johnson Swan, justice.
Kochenderfer D B, hotel.
Lindsay State Bank, W A McAllister pres, E A Brodball cashier.
Morrison & Ehlers, genl mdse.
Nelson N S, blacksmith.
Ney & Schneider Co, G P Billups agt, grain, lumber.
Ottis Bros, saloon.
Painter S K, hardware, postmaster.
Purtzer John, harnessmaker.
Ramey J L, barber, confectionery.
Rankin Peter, carpenter.
Rausch J H, meat market.
Reidy P P, carpenter.
Schnee L W, sta, tel, and ex agt.
Smith F J, furniture, undertaker.

LOOKING GLASS, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Platte county, 35 miles from Columbus, the county seat.

Anderson John P, postmaster.
Wason John A, justice.

MATSON, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Platte county, 16 miles west of Columbus, the seat of justice.

MONROE, a station on the Genoa branch of the U. P. Ry., in the southern part of Platte county, 14 miles from Columbus, the county seat. The town has but recently sprung into existence. A substantial elevator has been built of 15,000 bushels capacity. Population, 50.

Cummins C C, genl mdse, postmaster.
Curtis A C, blacksmith.
Farmers Elevator Co, grain.
Gerrard E A, pub Looking Glass, real estate.
Looking Glass (The), E A Gerrard pub.
Watts Joseph, mason.

NEBOVILLE, a postoffice in the eastern part of Platte county, 12 miles north of Columbus.

OCONEE, in Platte county, is the junction of the Albion and Cedar Rapids and the O. N. & B. H. branches of the U. P. Ry. Population, 80. Presbyterian is the only religious organization here.

Baldwin F A, sta agt.
Colegrove F I, genl mdse, hardware, postmaster.
Dack & Wilson, agl implts.
Gerrard F H, grain.
Omaha Elevator Co, grain.
Hoover J B, drugs, phys.
Shafer G W, justice.
Truelove John, blacksmith.

OKAY, a postoffice in the central part of Platte county, 20 miles from Columbus, the seat of justice.

PALESTINE, a postoffice in the western part of Platte county, 30 miles west of Columbus, the judicial seat.

PLATTE CENTER is situated in the center of Platte county, on the Omaha and Republican Valley branch of the U. P. Ry. and 15 miles northwest of Columbus, the present county seat, and is beautifully located at the intersection of Elm and Shell creeks, both of which could be readily utilized for water power. The surrounding country is exceedingly fertile and tilled by thrifty and well-to-do farmers. Improvements in the past year consist of a new brick block costing $10,000, a new school costing $8,000, and Baptist church costing $3,000. The Platte Center Argus is the local journal at this place and is well supported. Churches are Catholic, Methodist and Baptist. Population, 500.

Bloedorn Wm, hardware, agl implts.
Bradford Louis, John Moffatt mgr, lumber, coal.
Buckner & Greisen, genl mdse.
Carrig C C, genl mdse.
Carrig H C, real estate, loans, ins.
Chicago Lumber Co, Wm E Kent mgr, lumber, coal.
Clother M E, prop Platte Center House.
Considine John, restaurant.
Dugan Dennis, carpet weaver.
Farmers and Merchants Bank, authorized capital $50,000, J W Lynch pres, D D Lynch cashier.
Field Albert, prop Field House.
Field House, Albert Field prop.
Gentleman R W, livery.
Hopkins G N, furniture, harnessmaker.
Jones J B, sta, tel and ex agt.
Kaule Gottfried, brick mfr.
Kearville Wm, drugs.
Kehoe John A, grain, elevator, live stock, agt town site.
Keogh & Farrell, millinery, dressmaking.
Lamb H A, barber.
Lynch D D, real estate, notary, ins.
Lynch Gleason, genl mdse.
Macken J J, saloon.
Miller Henry C, carriage painter.
Nelson R, blacksmith, agl implts.
Niemoller, L J, clothing, etc.
Okey A E, phys.
Padden P T, blacksmith, wagonmaker.
Pinson R, postmaster.
Pinson & Son, confectionery, books, stationery.
Platte Center Argus, Warwick Saunders editor and prop.
Platte Center House, M E Clother prop.
Platte County Bank, capital $25,000, John P Dorr pres, H H Bulkeley cashier.
Powell House, Mrs L M Clark prop.
Powell W N, phys.
Price Robert, genl mdse.
Reuting Henry, grain, live stock.
Rodehorst E H, agl implts.
Rogers Wm, carpenter.
Saunders Warwick, editor and prop Platte Center Argus.
Sheidel Geo, saloon, hotel.
Urban A T, drugs.
Van Alstein M Miss, millinery.
Zingg N N, meat market.

POSTVILLE, a postoffice in the central part of Platte county, about 10 miles northwest of Platte Center.

PRESIDENT, a rural postoffice in the western of Platte county, four miles north of Monroe, a station on the Genoa branch of the U. P. Ry.

Ziegler D W, postmaster.

ST. BERNARD, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Platte county, 30 miles from Columbus, the county seat, and about six miles west of Humphrey, the nearest railway station. About 150 people, mostly farmers, get their mail at this point.

Bettinger Peter, genl mdse, postmaster.
Westphal August, justice.

WEST HILL, a postoffice in the western part of Platte county, about 13 miles west from Platte Center.

WOODBURN, a postoffice in the extreme southwestern part of Platte county, 15 miles west of Columbus, the county seat.

Graham John, justice.
Tschudin Rosa, postmistress.

WOODVILLE, a country postoffice and flag station in the western part of Platte county, on the line of the O.N.&B.H. branch of the U. P. Ry., about eight miles north of Genoa.

Apgar Joseph, postmaster.

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