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1872 NEWS
Republished in 1905

Published in The Journal, March 8, 1905 - "Many Years Ago":
(From files of the Journal, March 6, 1872).
    Guy C. Barnum, one of the county commissioners, informed us on Wednesday last that about thirty-five boards from the railing of the Platte river bridge had been stolen. We suggest that an effort be made to find out who the thief is and punish him to the full extent of the law. Any information that may lead to conviction of the scoundrel should be addressed to either of our county commissioners, G.C. Barnum, G.W. Galley or John Early.
    Mr. Joseph Burrows has made preparations to bore for coal on his farm about nine miles northwest of the Reservation, at a point about a mile and a half from Shell Creek and at the foot of the bluffs.
    The county commissioners of Platte county have appropriated $50 for procuring tools, etc. in aid of the enterprise.
    Guy C. Barnum left on Monday last with a drove of cattle which he tells us he will drive to the B.& M. road or to Omaha for convenience of shipping. It is a little strange to us that the Union Pacific railroad company do not get facilities here for loading and unloading stock. Every animal that goes on or off the cars here must do so at the risk of a broken limb. To put up one chute would not cost much, would be a great convenience to shippers and would amply repay the company for the outlay, and the truth is that it is a shame that our stock men should be compelled to drive elsewhere for shipping facilities.
    The Journal office is under thanks to Mr. Geo. Galley for a bushel of the very best potatoes that it is possible for man to raise. These are of the Peachblow variety and are large and mealy. Mr. Galley tells that he raised on his farm (which is in the Platte valley on the raod from Columbus to Schuyler) potatoes that weighed three and a half pounds.
    The election held on Monday for town officers resulted as follows: For Mayor, J.E. North; aldermen, J.P. Becker, W.T. Calloway, Marshall Smith; marshall, Jno. Huber; treasurer, V. Kummer, Assessor, G.G. Becher.
    Mr. Cockburn at the news depot has on hands, for sale, some small bells, relics of the Chicago fire. These bells were made from the great bell of the Chicago court house which was itself historical, having been cast from cannon used in the Indian massacre at Fort Dearborn in 1882 [sic].
Published in The Journal, March 15, 1905 - "Many Years Ago":
(From files of the Journal, March 13, 1872).
    On the ninth day of April next the voters of Platte county will be called upon to decide whether or not they will create the special bridge fund of $75,000, with an annual interest of $7,500 for the purpose of constructing a permanent bridge across the Loup river near Columbus, one bridge across Wurdemann Creek, one across Tracy Creek, one across Looking Glass Creek and at least two other bridges on upper Shell Creek in our county. The principal to be paid in 30 years, in 1902.
    Mark Twain's new bork--"Roughing It" is written in his best style and is having an immense sale. This is not an advertisement.
    We learn that Messrs. A. Stull and A.J. Arnold are about bringing to Columbus from Illinois some stands of bees, to try the experiment of bee raising in Nebraska.
    Schuyler has a bank.
    There are 106 students at the State university, one-third of whom are young ladies.
Published in The Journal, March 15, 1905 - "Many Years Ago":
(From files of Journal, March 27, 1872).
    When shall we have graded schools for Columbus, seems to be the main question as now being put in this community.
    Married, at London, Canada, March 5, 1872 by Rev. Andrew Langford, Will T. Rickly and Miss Mary Mathews.
    Married, March 24, at the resident of Col. G.W. Stevens, by Rev. J.M. Wilson Loran Clark and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Rice both of Platte county.
    Rev. Reed will erect a dwelling on the corner of North street and Pacific avenue.
    For the first time, the question as to the real eastern terminns [sic?] of the Union Pacific road has been brought before the courts and has been decided in favor of Omaha. A case involving the power of the U.P. company to take private property in the state of Iowa has been decided by Judge Love, on the ground that it has no corporate rights in the state of IOwa.
    Memphis experienced the heaviest snowstorm of the season March 22.
Published in The Journal, March 29, 1905 - "Many Years Ago":
(From files of Journal, April 5, 1872).
    Married, March 30 by Rev. John E. Elliott, S.W. Smith and Miss Katie L. Mullen both of Columbus.
    Married, the 25 by Judge Higgins, Adney H. Hurlbut and Miss Apphia J. Avery both of this county.
    On the 28th at the Clother hotel occurred the marriage of John A. Griffin of Polk county and Miss Harriet Reed of Platte county, Judge Higgins officiating.
    Judge Higgins issued seven marriage licenses during the past week.
    Many of our farmers have already planted their wheat. The bridge across the Loup has been in for one week and trade has been more lively in Columbus than for a long time past.
    Thursday last an accident happened to E.A. Gerrard of this place, which luckily did not prove fatal. At about two o'clock he was saddling one of his horses when a cat jumped under the animal frightening it, throwing Mr. Gerrard to the ground and kicking him in the face and hips. He expects to be about in a few days.
    We visited school district No. 1 last Monday and were pleased at the progress Mr. S.L. Barrett is making. The enrollment of the school is sixty-five, and the average daily attendance fifty.
    The Nebraska M.E. conference at its recent meeting appointed Rev. L.F. Whitehead as pastor of the Columbus and Osceola churches.

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