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1879 NEWS
Republished in 1900

Published in The Journal on March 14, 1900 - "Many Years Ago"
Our account this week begins with October 30, 1878 and ends with March 12, 1879.

Joseph Bucher came to town November 16, 1878.

Born, Sunday, March 2, to Mrs. C. A. Newman, a son.

G.W. Barnhart was appointed U. P. Railroad agent at Jackson.

Married, Thursday, November 28, W. H. Selsor annd Miss Belle Clark.

Charles McCoy and John Stupfel opened a meat market at Rising.

Wm. Eimers opened his large new store on Thirteenth street, Nov. 4.

Died, March 7, in the 86th dear of her age, Mrs. P. Haight, mother of A. Haight.

Married, March 9, 1879, by Rev. Sherman, Henry Woods and Miss Susan A. Clark.

Died, February 5, 189, Mrs. Margaret Mahood of Burrows precinct, this county, aged 65 years.

Tuesday night December 24, Hon. Cyrus Allen died at his home at Summit, Butler county.

Died, at Lincoln, November 29, Dana Magoon, late of Wattsville, in the 28th year of his age.

George Wescott of Marseilles, Illinois, bought the Rickly farm adjoining Jacob Ernst's on the west.

George Berney sold 69 head of fat cattle for $3700, to be shipped direct to Liverpool, England.

Died, Nov. 29, James Compton, sr. Same day, at his residence near Scully's bridge, John Macken, aged 60 years.

The Presbyterian church was opened, for public worship Sabbath morning Dec. 15, Rev. R. Christison preaching.

R.H. Henry and family moved to their new house, corner of Fifteenth and Olive, probably the finest residence in the county.

Twelve horses were stolen from the ranch of the North Brothers on the Loup, supposed to have been the work of a band of Sioux Indians.

A cold water bath and a narrow escape from drowning was the experience of Chris. Baker, while engaged in securing drift logs from the Loup, but being a good swimmer, he was able to reach the shore safely.

The Platte County Agricultural society elected the following officers: John Hammond, president; Joseph Gross, vice president; J. M. Callison, secretary; C. E. Morse, treasurer; directors, John Huber, George Scott, George W. Turner, Jos. Tiffany, S. O. Raymond, Andrew Matthis, Chris. Meedel.

Published in The Journal on March 28, 1900 - "Many Years Ago"
Our account this week begins with March 12, 1879 and ends with July 30, 1879.

Born, May 15, to Mrs. Michael Welch, a son.

Gus. G. Becher took in B.R. Price as partner.

Died, July 6, William H. Thomas, aged 50 years.

Mrs. Sarah M., wife of John Eyman, Lost Creek, died April 3.

Married, June 19, George T. Spooner and Miss Mary E. Marmoy.

Died, at Marengo, Illinois, May 8, Dr. T.W. Stull, son of A. Stull.

Timothy Treacy attempted to kill his wife and then committed suicide.

Herman Oehlrich started May 3 for his old home in Elmshorn, Germany.

July 22, Frederick Meedel, father of Chris. Meedel, died, aged 6 years.

A daughter of John Greisser, aged about fifteen years, was killed by lightning July 26.

Married, April 2, F. Scheck and Miss Fanny Preiss; March 26, Samuel Mahood and Miss S. Davis.

March 27, a prairie fire did considerable damage for Barclay Jones, W.W. Mannington and Martin Voorhees.

Miss Serena Olson of this city returned from the State Normal school at Peru, after graduating with many honors.

The Independent, a 5 column paper, made its first appearance July 8, 1879, the fourth newspaper venture in Columbus.

Married, Sunday, July 6, at the residence of Gus. G. Becher, by Rev. S. Goodale, Mr. Joseph Coolidge and Miss Annie Bremer.

The principal losers by a hail storm across the river were: Messrs. Eisenman, Yeisley, Buss Bros., Herner, Greisen, Lemp, Kummer Bros, Gerber and Kyle.

Married, June 18, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. Millet, Judge S.S. McAllister and Miss Emma Millett, Rev. Thomas Bayne officiating.

Married, April 12, Samuel Alexander to Mrs. Cora Steinbaugh; April 20, Jeans Williams and Emma J. Huber; April 20, Wm. Bucher and Miss Katie Kumpf; same day, John Kumpf and Miss Anna Miller.

Published in The Journal on April 4, 1900 - "Many Years Ago"
Our account this week begins with July 30, 1879 and ends with October 8, 1879.

A.H.Gibson sold his farm to A.W. Clark.

Henry Gass built a dwelling house on Washington Avenue.

Married, September 20, Wm. H. Brownlow and Jane J. Truman.

Died, August 21, John Williams of Shell creek, aged 36 years.

Rev. W.B. Slaughter, D.D., died at his home in Omaha, July 26.

The Columbus Volksblatt made its appearance August 30, R.C. Lange editor.

Marshal Smith and Theodore Friedhof entered into partnership in dry goods, etc.

Died, September 18, of diphtheria, a daughter of Patrick Condon, aged 8 years.

Died, September 14, after a long and severe illness, of lung trouble, Mrs. J.N. Lawson.

Will. Meagher had a leg broken in several different places, twisted in a wagon wheel.

Died, September 1, Henry Ripp, aged 78 years; September 8, Christian Schmitz, aged 76 years.

James Lynch and Pat Hayes opened a grocery on the corner of Olive and Thirteenth streets.

"Doc" Middleton was sentenced to five years imprisonment in the penitentiary for horse stealing.

Died, July 30, Arthur T., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Jennings, aged 10 months and 4 days.

Engelbert Gear fell from a ladder at St. Mary's church, and suffered the fracture of both arms, near the wrists.

Mrs. Charity Smith left September 2, to visit in Sheridan, Iowa, where her mother was living, aged 102 years.

September 13, Mr. and Mrs. John Kerr and son, and Will. Kerr of Cadiz, Ohio, arrved in the city, having traveled the whole distance overland, on their way to Wyoming; their future home.

Chester Goodale, aged 87 years, brother to Rev. Saml. Goodale, and father of Elaine and Dora Goodale, the youthful poets, was brutally murdered September 25, at Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

The funeral of Mrs. John Henry Loseke took place at the German Lutheran church, Nebo, August 11. Her age was 69 years, 2 months and 7 days. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Ernst Frese.

John Wurdeman, while mowing, was thrown into such a position by his run-away team that his right hand was cut off at the wrist, his left hand sawed into, and a cut made on the forehead. Dr. Hoehen dressed his wounds.

J. Ernst, J. Browner, C. Reinke, G. Birney, M. Maher and J. McAllister, appraisers, fixed damages by A. & N. track as follows: J. Lewis $210; Finch $175; Lotten $100; G. Galley $200; S. Galley $175; J. Galley $450; J. Haney $300.

John Stauffer, as county clerk, by order of the county commissioners, advertised for bids for the construction of bridges as follows: across Loseke creek at Jacob Held's; across Shell creek at Patrick Burke's; at Patrick Gleason's and at Martin Maher's in Looking Glass precinct.

Published in The Journal on April 11, 1900 - "Many Years Ago"
Our account this week begins with October 8, 1979 and ends with December 31, 1879.

Creston precinct was overrun by coyotes.

Born, November 19, to Mrs. Charles Davis, a son.

Thos. A. Creigh was appointed postmaster at Platte Center.

George Hoveland was appointed postmaster at Newman Grove.

Married, October 4, Horatio B. Sanders and Miss Ida B. Stevens.

Gus Hellborn furnished the military suits for the Kummer Guards.

Married, November 27, Edward A. Gerrard and Miss Thirza B. Smith.

Born, November 25, to Mrs. A. M. Jennings, a son, weight twelve pounds.

Wallace Mannington built a very fine dwelling on his farm in Monroe precinct.

December 30, wheat $1.02; corn 20c; oats 30c; butter 22-25c; onions $1.50-$2.00.

W.A. McAllister returned home Oct. 18, after an absence of two years in Europe.

Walter Phillips moved into his new place of business on Thirteenth street December 22.

Married, November 17, by Rev. E. L. Sherman, Mr. Gus G. Becher and Mrs. L. Anna Becher.

Died, Wednesday morning, December 3, Edward Charles Kavanaugh, in the 47th year of his age.

A gentleman from Platte Center reported that Dick Rossiter held every office in the new town.

John Fitzpatrick had his left hand badly smashed while coupling cars at the Junction on the Jackson branch.

A stable on Paul Hoppen's farm burned, together with three cows, hay, etc., the property of a Polander in charge of the place.

Married, November 19, by Rev. Cates, George Young of North Bend and Anna Kelley of this county; November 18, Wm. O'Callagan and Miss Margaret Savage.

John Routson surveyed the land situated between Gerrard's corral and Senecal's stable, which will hereafter be know as Smith's addition. It consists of 20 acres, cut up into eight blocks.

In the roll of honor for District 13 we find the names of Elmer Sheets, Fred Mullen, Robbie Saley, Charles Compton, Mary Mullen, Mary Hunneman, Earl Pearsall, Albert Schram, George Graes, Josie Wells, Mary Fitzpatrick, Aggie Fitzpatrick, Geo. Taylor, Katie Taylor.

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