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News From 100 Years Ago
(January, 1900 - June, 1900)

Columbus Journal, Wed., June 27, 1900
Two more families were quarantined for scarlet fever Sunday-Krebs' and Keller's. One is on the edge of town and the other is in the country, but in the quarantine limit. The cases are all mild ones. The other cases reported in last week's paper are all convalescing.-Humphrey Democrat.
Mrs. L. J. Cramer, who has been in Europe the past year, is expected home within the next two months. She is now in Germany and will visit Switzerland and France.

Columbus Journal, Wed., June 20, 1900
Miss Fannie Costello has been very sick the past few days.
O.T. Roen's residence is quarantined for scarlet fever, Otto being sick.
Miss Alice Perry started for her native home in Pennsylvania last Thursday.
Ed. J. Niewohner began excavating for basement corner of Olive and Thirteenth streets.
Misses Hattie and Anna Brodfuehrer gave a party for a few of their friends last Thursday.
Christ Hageman, a former Columbusite, now of North Bend, was married last Thursday to Miss Matie Gaeth of Schuyler.

Columbus Journal, Wed., June 13, 1900
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold F. H. Oehlrich and daughter Olga, accompanied by Miss Emma Cornils (Mrs. Oehlrich's niece), started Sunday afternoon for Germany, to sail from New York to Hamburg on the ship Columbia, of the Hamburg-American line, expecting to cross the ocean in six or seven days. Miss Cornils does not expect to return to Columbus. Quite a number of the neighbors were at the depot to bid them good-bye, and wish them a safe voyage.
Born, Tuesday morning of last week, to Mrs. Bont Speice, a daughter.
Edward Achenbach has filed a petition in bankruptcy, showing liabilities of $841.68, and assets of $189.

Columbus Journal, Wed., June 6, 1900
Miss Ethel Galley will give a recital of her music pupils at her home this Tuesday afternoon, when a number of invited guests will hear the program. The following persons will take part: Instrumental solos, Olga Hagel, Vie Stevenson, Ethel Farrand, Louise Echols, Heme Babcock, Vernon Erskine, Dora Babcock, Mary Newman, Ethel Henrich, Will Farrand. Vocal selections, Miss Pearl Mosgrove, Miss Zura Morse and Mrs. Naumann.

Columbus Journal, Wed., May 30, 1900
The case of Haslach against Wolfe is under consideration today, Tuesday, in district court.
Sunday afternoon at her other's residence in this city, Miss Anna R. Stauffer and Mr. Otto Kohler were married, Rev. Braun officiating. Monday the happy couple started, accompanied by Miss Bertha Stauffer for a trip to Paris and Switzerland, going by way of Montreal, followed by the hearty good wishes of their host of friends.
George Berney left Friday for the old country expecting to remain, perhaps, for a year.
Harry and Frank Askine, who have been living in Lincoln for some time, have returned to Columbus to reside.

Columbus Journal, Wed., May 23, 1900
Joseph Fisher and Miss Anna Koenig were married this Tuesday morning in the Catholic church at 8 o'clock. Miss Koenig came from Germany last winter and has been making her home with Mrs. L. F. Gottschalk. Mr. Fisher is one of the members of the Columbus City band.
Marriage licenses were issued the past week by Judge Robison to the following couples: Wm. F. Keller of Cummings county and Miss Dorothea van Ackern of Humphrey; Andrew Nelson and Miss Caroline Anderson of Newman Grove; August Anderson and Miss Sarah M. Joderberg.

Columbus Journal, Wed., May 16, 1900
A farewell party was given William Bucher and daughter Pauline and August Boettcher by the Maennerchor society at their hall Sunday evening. The Buchers left Monday for a trip to Europe, and Fred Stenger and August Boettcher follow them Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson of St. Edward found a little girl baby wrapped up on their door-step, last Saturday week. In its dress was found $25 securely sewed in. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson have been married twenty years, but this is the first child that came to their home.
Elinor Winston has been quite sick the past few days.
Our policemen call for $2300 a year; lighting the streets $1600; sprinkling $1200.
A son of M. E. Levin, about five years old, was badly bit on the arm Monday by a large dog.

The Columbus Telegram, Fri., May 11, 1900
--Richland News--
Miss Clare Heibel has been visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Heibel

Columbus Journal, Wed., May 9, 1900
Charles Sanpak, charged with attempting to poison meat with arsenic, was held to bail by Justice Curtis to appear before the district court-bond $150.
John Messing, a former citizen of this city has been in Sioux county the past ten years, has moved his family back to Columbus to make their home here.
Mrs. Stewart, a former resident east of this city, was here Monday from Silver Creek on her way to McCurry, Mo., where she will keep house for her son, Luther. Mrs. Luther Stewart (nee Ella Lawrence), died the 17th of April, leaving two young daughters.
We learn that Joseph Ryan of this city is to be married this Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock in Omaha, to Miss Josephine Hayes, daughter of Patrick Hayes living northwest of town. The hundreds of friends of the happy couple will wish them well.

Columbus Journal, Wed., May 2, 1900
Miss Rosa Berney and Anton Henggler were married this Tuesday morning at 9:30 in the Catholic church. John Henggler and John Adamy stood up with the groom and Misses Julie Henggler and Emma Kersenbrock were the bridesmaids. The bride was beautifully attired in white satin and orange blossoms and veil. After the ceremony the happy couple with the many guests drove to the home of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Henggler, eight miles north of town where the wedding breakfast was served. The couple have the best wishes of their many friends and acquaintances.
Frank Lucksinger shipped to the South Omaha markets Sunday evening, four car loads of cattle; Jack Schwank two car loads, John Grossnicklaus two car loads, and Frank Taylor one car load of hogs.
Max Elias and Miss Mary Litjens were married today Tuesday, at 12 o'clock, Justice of the Peace J. M. Curtis, officiating. The couple took the afternoon train for Kansas City, for a ten days' visit.
Word has been received here of the marriage at Perry, Iowa, last Thursday of Miss Mary George to Harry Wagoner. Miss George will be remembered here as a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John George, formerly residing here. Mr. Wagoner is a young businessman of Perry.

Columbus Journal, Wed., April 25, 1900
One of the most enjoyable events of the season was the party given by Miss Louise Tomlin at her home corner of Fifteenth and North streets last Friday evening. Pleasant games and dancing were indulged in, after which a dainty lunch was served. Those present were: Misses Grace Hoffman, Clara Schroeder, Mamie Macken, Lottie Hockenberger, Tena Zinnecker, Vie Stevenson, Pauline Bucher, Emily Ragatz, Petite Martyn, Vera and Florence Kramer, Eloise Roen, Marjorie Williams, Ethel Henrich, Ella Rasmussen, Madge Cushing, Alvina Luers, Alice Lickly, Louise Frader, Della Newman, Blanche Niewohner and Clara Segelka. Messrs. Jack Neumarker, Lawrence and Harry Hol, Albert D. Becker, Geo. A. Scott, Wm. Hensley, John Early, Otto Roen, Walter Schroeder, Wm. L. Baker, Ralph Coolidge, Edward Ragatz, Mark T. McMahon, Fred Saffron, Edward Kavanaugh, Clyde Frazell, Mark Rorer and Peter P. Duffy.

Columbus Journal, Wed., April 18, 1900
Martin Jansen, the man who some days ago was so badly injured at Platte Center, that one of his legs had to be amputated, has been at St. Mary's hospital ever since. He will have one good leg to go with.
Sam'l Imhoff moved his family into town Monday from Gruetli post-office. They will live in the residence just vacated by J. H. Johannes, west of C. A. Speice's. Mr. Imhoff has been one of the successful farmers of this county and is coming to town to enjoy a rest.

Columbus Journal, Wed., April 11, 1900
Rev. Neumarker had a confirmation class of six persons who united with the German Reformed church Sunday morning. They were Alfred Guthanner, Louis Gaeber, Gustav Gaeber, Emma Gruetter, Elise Staub, Marie Baumann. Communion services will be held at the usual hour Good Friday morning. Liturgical service in the evening, singing by the choir.

Columbus Journal, Wed., April 4, 1900
Friends of the J. H. Reed family of Riverside, California, formerly living here, will be interested to know that Fred. Reed started the first of March for a trip to France.
Tuesday morning of last week the large barn of John O'Neill, seven miles northeast of Albion was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. One cow was killed. - The News.

The Columbus Journal Wed., March 28, 1900
W. C. Hellbusch is one of the most popular poultry raisers of the Oldenbusch neighborhood. - Platte County Democrat
George Engel has raised winter wheat, for years past except last year, which was not a success. He says that taken altogether, it is much more profitable than spring wheat.
Mr. Louis Brunken and Miss Lena Schneider are to be married this Wednesday at the residence of the bride's parents at Duncan. Congratulations to the happy young couple.

The Columbus Journal Wed., March 21, 1900
A stroke of misfortune has fallen on Eugene Macken. On Monday, as he was leading a team out of the barn, a horse he was passing kicked him in the body; a rib was broken and Mr. Macken, although getting along nicely, will be kept from his accustomed work for a week or two yet. - Platte Center Signal.
L. G. Zinnecker and Miss Laura Burns were married last Thursday at the home of the bride's parents near Osceola, Rev. Henry Zinnecker, brother of the groom, performing the ceremony. Both parties are well known to our readers, Louis as one of the best young businessmen in the city, and Miss Burns as a seamstress. No couple is more worthy of the best this world affords. A number of Columbus people drove over to witness the ceremony among them being: the Zinnecker family, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Echols, Mrs. A. Haight, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scofield, Mrs. M. M. Rothleightner, and Mrs. Will Swartsley.

The Columbus Journal Wed., March 14, 1900
Mrs. Elizabeth Schaad, living north of the city, has been seriously sick for some time. She is 74 years old.
Frank Klaus, a former Columbus boy thirteen years ago, now of Ashville, Ohio, arrived in the city last week and will remain several days visiting relatives and friends. Since leaving here, Frank has learned the photographer's art and has a fine business in his Buckeye town.
John Meyer, the old soldier who has been living south of the river, has concluded to come into the city, and has purchased the Mike Weber property on Seventh street.
Miss Winnie Young is teaching school near Monroe.
Fred. Gottschalk's oldest daughter is afflicted with typhoid pneumonia.

The Columbus Journal Wed., March 7, 1900
Born, Saturday morning, to Mrs. John B. Huber, a ten-pound daughter; mother and child doing nicely, and Grandpa John two inches taller than a week ago.
The premises of Jack Lannan and Charles Klaus were quarantined Saturday - scarlet fever having made its appearance at both homes.

The Columbus Journal Wed., February 28, 1900
The families of Louis Schreiber, Louis Schwarz, Paul Hoppen, and Dr. Miessler attended the Loseke-Rosche wedding, besides Will Swater, Werner Schupbach, and last but not least, Fred. Asche, who had the honor of being the bride's uncle.

The Columbus Journal Wed., February 21, 1900
James Armstrong of this city and Miss Knollin of Shenandoah, Iowa, were married at the latter place Thursday last, Miss Anna Nichols of Columbus being present at the ceremony. The happy couple, with Miss Anna, arrived in the city Saturday.
Henry Luckey, who has a public auction sale at his farm this Tuesday, expects to move into Columbus this spring.

The Columbus Journal Wed., February 14, 1900
Miss Akes Plumb left here Monday morning for Franklin county, Nebr., called there by the illness of her sister Alice, who has been making her home there the past year with her brother Henry. If able to make the trip, both will return soon.
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Merrill has been granted a divorce from Jay Merrill, a former resident here, later at Omaha.
Married, Saturday last, by Judge Robison, Delarm Shinn and Miss Josie Timothy, both of Platte Center.

The Columbus Journal Wed., January 17, 1900
It seems that the courts have decided that a marriage contract is voidable if made on Sunday. The evident moral attached is not to do courting on Sunday.

The Columbus Journal Wed., January 10, 1900
Tuesday afternoon of last week an accident happened that might very easily by a hair's-breadth have been a very serious matter to the lads concerned, and it is very much hoped that it may prove a lasting lesson to them. The boys, James O'Brien and Chester Ernst, were playing, the latter having a pistol in hand supposed not to be loaded, but it was, and a 22-calibre bullet struck young O'Brien in the right eye, but, as it seems, not seriously injuring the sight. He was taken to Omaha to be under the care of a specialist.
John Boss, a farmer twelve miles west in Loup township, killed one of his large fat ducks for Thanksgiving dinner. In the craw were found particles of what looked like gold, but the incident was forgotten for a time. For New Year's two ducks were killed, and in one of the craws was found a piece of gold, pronounced so to be by a jeweler, and valued at about $2.00. It is thought that perhaps there is gold in the creek that runs through his place.

Columbus Journal Wed., January 3, 1900
Miss Minnie Dischner was taken suddenly ill last Wednesday, and was so sick Friday that the family became alarmed for her immediate recovery; but at this writing we are pleased to state that she is considered out of danger.
The Platte Center Signal says that Miss Fannie Thomazin is very sick . . C. H. Dack has gone to Iowa . . D.D. Lynch of Lincoln visited with his parents Tuesday and Wednesday . . Presiding Elder Sisson preached in the Methodist church Wednesday evening . . Dennis Sullivan, jr., had his right shoulder dislocated Friday . . Miss Anna Meyers took the train at Columbus Tuesday, bound for the Fremont normal . . J. F. Siems has returned from a few weeks' stay at Crowely and other Louisiana points . . John Winkleman of Columbus visited friends near town during the fore part of the week . . Miss Mary O'Neil was at home the fore part of the week and returned to Columbus Thursday . . David Thomas of Postville shipped a car load of hogs Wednesday evening and went to Omaha with them . . Wm. Schroeder is again in Platte Center. He was working in the U. P. shops at North Platte for the past two months.

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