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Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. Also, I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers!

April 28, 1898

Mrs. Chas. Kelley returned home from Columbus last Saturday. ... Mrs. Williams of Columbus was a visitor in Monroe this week. ... Mr. R.B. Thompson of Creston came over to visit this week. ... Will Cedar was down this week from upper Looking Glass. ... Mrs. Gerrard will sell Plymouth Rock eggs this season for two cents each. ... Mr. Bradley and men put out 1240 fruit trees on the farm west of Columbus. ... Wm. Webster returned Monday from Lincoln, he was elected a delegate to attend the yearly meeting of the Friends in Ills. ... Rider Woods of Oconee was up on Saturday, last, and called at our Office. He says the poeple down there were sorry to loose the Rev. Graham. ... Mrs. Delarm and Mrs. Hillard of Oconee were trading in Monroe yesterday. ... On Monday serveral parties went to the Depot to see the Soldiers pass but there were none. But on Wednesday the Malicious men of Fullerton went by.

July 21, 1898

Coln. Frank Sims went to Columbus Tuesday. ... Geo. Barnum of Columbus visited in Monroe yesterday. ... Many people have put water on their corn within the last few days. ... C.W. Talbitzer and Rev. Braden made this office a plesant call last Saturday. ... Messrs Joe Tiffany and Jas. Frazier of Columbus were Monroe visitors on Wednesday. ... Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Smith and F.A. Matson went east Tuesday evening. ... Mrs. R.H. Thomson of Creston, visited with friends in Monroe the latter part of last week. ... Mr. and Mrs. Bartholemue of Stromsburg were visiting relatives and friends in Monroe, Saturday. ... Many people would like to see Isaiah Lightner and Martin I. Brower at Convention once more on Aug. 2nd. ... Mrs. Geo. Alexander was called to Nebraska City, on last Monday, on account of the dangerous illness of her mother. ... Webster is building a grannery in town, he evidently intends to hold some grain. ... Geo. Hulst Jr. came up from Omaha, Monday, for a weeks visit with his parents.

July 28, 1898

Chas. Potter took out a new buggy last week. ... Mrs. John Keeler goes to Wheeler Co., on business, this week. ... Miss Minnie Matson is expected home from Texas this week. ... Mr. Pugsley shipped five cars of cattle, Tuesday. ... Geo. Smith and family returned from the exposition on Monday. ... S.C. Terry was setting up the cigars Tuesday. It's a Girl. ... C.W. Hollingshead has a large foundation laid for his new house. ... Mrs. A.C. Southard and Miss Ada Preston were Columbus visitors on Monday. ... Mrs. Joe Sallach came up from Omaha last week for a visit with relatives and friends. ... Mrs. G.W. Hulst and Homer Martin took the train for Columbus Tuesday evening. ... Mrs. Wm. Hollingshead has had a serious spell of sickness in Texas where she is visiting. ... C.W. Ziegler is building a sample of the "Best fence in the world" around his house in Monroe. Stop and look at it. ... Mrs. Chas. Fulton and two children of Franklin Co., arrived yesterday for a visit with her sister Mrs. Brady Masters. ... Lon Sackrider and wife of Schuyler, came up Saturday evening for a visit with Mr. Sackrider's parents. ... Mrs. Campbell and daughters Miss Mazie and Mrs. Schaffer, of Oconee, were shopping in Monroe Saturday. ... Miss Fannie Weeks reports arriving at home all O.K., and a pleasant stop with the Y.P.B.A. at Buffalo, and seeing Niagara Falls. ... Judge Post and J.H. Johanes came up with Mr. Babcock, Tuesday, and went on west taking a look at the Great Eastern Canal. ... Mrs. Anna Taylor of Streater, Ill., who has been visiting with her brother at Lead City, So. Dak., arrived in Monroe yesterday for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. John Gleason. ... A canning factory is talked of at Monroe. Swartzley and Burns of Columbus are considering this project. We think it would be a good investment. ... Lou Stocks and Jerry Deckman were down from Genoa on Monday, they completed taking invoice and seemed in extra good spirts. ... Mr. Henry Sutton and Daughter of Genoa and the Mother of Henry who is here visiting him from New York State, visiting with R.B. Suttons yesterday. ... Mrs. George Alexander and daughter expect to return home from Nebraska City next Saturday. Mrs. Alexander's mother who has been very sick is improving. ... Adolph Jaggie was up with the parties who were looking over Nebraska Central Irrigation property. We presume he is in the interest of Fitz Jaggie who has large money invested in the plant.

August 4, 1898

Harry W. Lieber is to be married tomorrow, August 4, to Miss Jessie R. Sacrider, of the vicinity of Monroe, this county. They will be at home, Kewanee, Illinois after Aug. 8. THE JOURNAL joins their host of friends in good wishes for their welfare. -- Columbus Journal. The above named parties were married at the residence of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Sacrider. LOOKING GLASS tenders congratulations. ... John Gleason was a Genoa visitor last Saturday. ... R.B. Sutton went to Genoa Saturday. ... James Irwin was a Columbus visitor Monday. ... Will Welch shipped out a car of cattle Monday evening. ... Walter Jewell of Platte Center was on our streets on Friday. ... Fred Meedle was over from the south side of the river Monday. ... Jonas Welch of Columbus was a Monroe visitor the first of the week. ... Mr. Naylor of Columbus visited with relatives in Monroe over Sabbath. ... N.S. Hyatt went to Lincoln Monday as a delegate to the Populist Convention. ... E.A. Gerrard repesents the Liberty Party from Monroe at the Convention. ... Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Hulst drove down to Columbus Monday, returning home yesterday. ... Hendryx & Co. have threshed their wheat, it yeilded from 26 to 28 bushels, so report says. ... Mrs. R.B. Thompson of Creston visited several days last week with relatives and friends in Monroe. ... Mr. Draper was in town on Saturday, he says his alfalfa has been neglected, which makes him very much out of humor. ... Lee Ray caught a five pound catfish in his field last Friday. Who says this is not a productive country when irrigation produces such results. ... Mrs. Anna Taylor who arrived on Monday last week for an extended visit with her sister Mrs. John Gleason, started for Streater, Ill., last Friday, having been called home on account of the serious illness of her father. ... Mrs. C.S. Jencks and daughters, Misses Maybel, Edna and Nellie went to Silver Creek yesterday to attend the District Reunion of the G.A.R. Miss Maybel is on the Program for a recitation. ... Dr. Humphrey was a Columbus visitor yesterday. ... Born, July 30th, '98 to Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Matson, a son. ... W.T. Craig and wife were Platte Center visitors Tuesday. ... Hershel McFann of Columbus visited with Peter Munter the first of the week. ... Chas. Schaffer, from north of Oconee, was hauling hogs to Monroe on Tuesday. ... Joshua Cole, of Kewanee, Ill., father of Wesley Cole, arrived in Monroe Tuesday for a visit with relatives. ... Mr. Thomas and family of North Loup visited with M. Obrist and family Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Thomas is a brother of Mrs. Obrist. ... Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Sutton and grandson Robert, went over to Silver Creek yesterday to attend the G.A.R. Encampment. Robert will go from there to Stromsburg. ... Mrs. Sarah Lenen, Miss Eula Gates, Mr. Russell, and Master Thomas Godfrey took the noon train yesterday for Omaha, they are going to see the sights at the Exposition.

August 11, 1898

Miss Fannie Weeks is expected home next week. ... John Dack and wife returned from Kewanee, Ill., yesterday. ... Miss Minnie Matson returned from her Texas visit on last Saturday. ... Mrs. Wm Hollingshead has returned from Texas, she is quite sick. ... Born, Aug 8th, to Mr. and Mrs. George E. Barnum of Columbus, a daughter. ... Mrs. Robinson and two children of Columbus are visiting with Mrs. G.W. Hulst. ... Harry Luke and Jake Smith have gone to Dakota to work during harvest. ... Mrs Cowdry of Lincoln and Mrs. Chambers of Columbus are visiting Mrs. Adams. ... We hear that David Jenkinson and family are coming back here to live, in the immediate future. ... Mr. Persall of Columbus has come to Monroe for a couple of weeks stay. ... Wm. Welch and wife went down to take in the Exposition on Wednesday, they will probably stay over Sunday, so Will said. ... Mrs. Carrie Barnes and three sons of Iowa, arrived in Monroe Thursday. Mrs. Barnes is a sister of Mr. Smyer and is visiting here for a couple of weeks.

August 17, 1898

Mr. Hall of Oconee was trading in Monroe on Tuesday. ... Wm. Welch and wife returned Monday from Omaha. ... E.A. Gerrard made a business trip to Tarnov, Tuesday. ... Mr. Peevey of the O.E. Co., was on our streets Tuesday. ... J.A. Douglass has built quite an addition to his house. ... Chas. Stillman and wife of Columbus visited with relatives in Monroe, Monday. ... Miss Josie Timothy of Platte Center visited with friends in Monroe the latter part of last week. ... Mrs. Mary Harn of Moravia, Ia., is visiting relatives in Monroe and vicinity this week. ... Walter Prichard went to Omaha Saturday for a weeks sight seeing at the Exposition. ... Homer Martin of Columbus visited with his aunt, Mrs. G.W. Hulst, the first of the week. ... Mrs. Leasley of Plattesmouth and Mrs. Ora Shannon of Columbus, are visiting W.T. Strother's. ... Monroe is minus a Barber, report says that E.E. Snyder accepted a pressing invitation to go to another location. ... L.D. Smith received a telegram from Omaha Tuesday that one of his grandchildren had died. ... Mr. Frank Matson has a position at Central City, to run a hardware Establishment, he gets a Liberal Salary. ... Mrs. Herbert Thurston and two daughters, and Miss Bird Jones of Genoa were visiting Mrs. Lou Hendryx yesterday. ... Mrs. Barnes and children left for her home at Red Oak, Iowa, on Tuesday, they had been visiting with Jacob Smyer and family. ... Dr. Phillips has decided to go to a larger place to practice. We are sorry to have her leave Monroe where she appreciated, and hope she may find success as easy elsewhere as it promised to be here.

August 25th, 1898

Ex Sheriff Kavenaugh was on our streets Tuesday. ... W.D. Wilson makes a business trip to Monroe frequently of late. ... Hon. C.A. Spiece of Columbus was on our streets yesterday. ... Hon. Guy C. Barnum was up from Columbus yesterday. ... Hon, J.E. North stopped off from the afternoon train on Wednesday. ... Dr. Hansen and Editor Grunther were over from Platte Center Tuesday. ... Emil Sallack pleads guilty, he got the wrong hay. But it will be all right when the hay gets straightened round. ... Dr. Frank, who comes as successor to Dr. Phillips, has taken possession of the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Phillips, He comes here from David City. ... Geo. Alexander was bringing Ice from Genoa. It is Ice weather. ... Editor Grunther of the Platte Center Signal made this office a pleasant call on Tuesday. ... Lou Stocks of Genoa was making fun in Monroe yesterday. He is always getting the joke on someone. ... Prof. Hicks, who is to teach school here this year, was on our streets yesterday, We hear that he has rented the F.A. Matson house.

September 1, 1898

SUDDEN DEATH - C.A. Woosley, well known here and a resident of Columbus, died on Monday evening last. He went to Silver Creek, waiting until three P.M. on account of the heat, and died that night, supposed to be heart failure caused by the heat. Mr. Woosley was one of the promoters of the irrigation scheme on the south side of the Loup.

Victor Oline returned from the Exposition on Monday. ... Arthur Watts and wife are visitors at the Exposition this week. ... J.J. Williams went to Omaha on business this week. ... H.E. Babcock was up yesterday. Irrigation matters are working for future results. ... Os Williams returned to Monroe the first of the week. He is kept busy shaking hands with old friends. ... Born, Aug 31st, to Mrs James Smith a Girl. ... We hear George Smith has purchased the Ed Matson House. ... Miss Fanny Weeks returned last Saturday and will be ready for her School next Monday. ... S. W. Lightner & Co., have bot' the Hulst Lumber Yard and are moving the lumber to their yards. ... Mrs. H.J. Hendryx visited with Grandma North and other friends in Columbus, Saturday. ... F.A. Matson has moved out of his house. We suppose Prof. Hicks will be here this week. ... We understand Geo. Hall has purchased the building and lot east of Truelove's and will move to Monroe to live. ... Mr. Paschel who has bought out the Columbus Telegram, has run the Argus for a long time. He is a good printer and has kept the Argus alive for some time. ... Mr. Stevens of Dakota was a Monroe visitor Tuesday. He will irrigate some of C.W. Zeiglers land next year. ... On Monday last Hendryx & Co., received notice of acceptance of sale of 20 acres of land from the east side of their farm, to Mr. Williams of Council Bluffs. He will put in 10 acres to strawberrys. We understood the price was one thousand dollars. Mr. Williams is secretary of the Fruit Growers Association of Council Bluffs.

September 15, 1898

John Kyle and daughter were on our streets the first of the week. ... Harry Luke has moved into Geo. Halls house temporarily. ... Judge Gibbon took the train for Columbus on Tuesday. ... John Boss moves into the C.W. Hollingshead house on Columbus street. He will work for C.W. ... Rev. S.P. Waldron will preach for us next Sabbath if well enough. He has a carbuncle on his neck. ... Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Sackrider and Mr. Milt Sackrider went down on Tuesday to attend the reunion at Lincoln. ... England and Germany are reported to have formed an alliance. ... Dr. and Mrs. Hansen of Platte Center were Monroe visitors yesterday afternoon. ... Wm. Webster, cashier of Monroe Bank started east last Saturday, he will be gone about ten days. ... Mr. Vale of Kewanee arrived in Monroe Monday. He has land in this vicinity. ... Miss Mable Thurston of Genoa is visiting with Mrs. Frank Kenyon. ... C.A. Beardsley of Columbus was on our streets yesterday. He went farther west. ... Mrs. Joe Sallach returned to Omaha yesterday. Her sister, Miss Baker, accompanied her. ... Doctor Humphrey has quite a paint ad on the west side of his store. The Venitian red looks handsome and is a kind of paint that stays. ... We hear that Mr. Vail will put a thousand dollars of improvements on his place this fall. That sounds like business. ... Arthur Bishop is on our streets frequently, he has been putting in some winter wheat here though he lives near Silver Creek.

September 22, 1898

MARRIED - Sunday, Sept. 11th, W. L. Obrist and Miss Hoffer of Polk County. LOOKING-GLASS extends congratulations. ... Rob't Welch took the east bound train Tuesday. ... Wm. Webster returned from Ill., the first of the week. ... C.W. Ziegler took the noon train for Colubmus on Tuesday. ... Dr. Okey of Genoa passed through Monroe Tuesday morning. ... Mrs. S.E. Gates was an Omaha visitor last Friday. ... O.A. Shannon made another visit to Monroe last Friday. ... J.J. Williams and Lou Hendryx went to Omaha last Thursday evening. ... H.A. Babcock was up with his engineer Thursday, he was looking over the Monroe ditch. ... Mrs. T.B. Gerrard went to Albion last Friday to attend the Baptist Convention. ... A. Johnson of Oconee was up getting some winter wheat to sow. ... Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cooney of Fullerton passed through Monroe Monday. ... Last Saturday Mrs. Wm. McWilliams and two sons started for Otoe Co., they go to visit relatives. ... Mr. McWilliams, father of Wm. McWilliams is visiting here with his son, he comes from near Nebraska City. ... Ernest Gerrard was up from Columbus Monday. He was on his way to his farm on Looking Glass. He goes to New York to spend the winter. ... Birthday Party - On Wednesday evening quite a concourse of people gathered at the residence of Robert Sutton, the occasion being the sixieth birthday of Mrs. Sutton. There was quite a gathering of old and young. C. W. Talbitzer made the presentation speech in his usual felicitious manner. The young people played "Joining the pig society". We suppose it should have been the Big Society. A good time, of great socialbility was a result, of the gathering, while the wishes of many more happy returns of this birthday were profuse. Miss May Sutton engineered the affair.

September 29, 1898

Reports say Wm. Hollinghead goes to Chicago soon, for a visit. ... Sacrider will remove his office to Wm. Hollingheads store building. ... Miss Lucy Martin of Columbus visited Mrs. Hulst the last part of last week. ... Mr. Cave of Albion came down Tuesday to spend a few days with our barber, his son. ... R.B. Thompson of the Creston Statesman, and his wife were over last week. R.B. says there was great injustice done to their minister, when he was dismissed upon an unfounded rumor. ... N. S. Hyatt was putting up a new press drill on Tuesday at the depot. It was a Buckeye. ... Rev. Schumand and family started for a visit to Iowa, and to take in the exposition, last Monday. ... Mr. A. Alexander was up on Saturday visiting his son George. He seemed to have improved somewhat. ... The daughter of Rev. S.P. Waldron, Mrs. Ella Winston, is visiting with her father and family. She comes from Fairview, New Mexico. ... Mr. Thomas from Emporia Kansas, made us a visit on Tuesday. He is a brother-in-law of Mr. Hugh Hill who was with him. ... Prof. Williams, Superintendant of the Columbus Schools, and his wife came up Saturday and went his farm north of here. ...

October 6, 1898

MARRIED - Mr. Wm. Kelley and Miss Bertha Obrist, Mr. Ben Obrist and Miss Mary Nelson went to Columbus yesterday to enter upon a married career. The LOOKING-GLASS tenders congratulations and wishes the young people much happiness. Now let the other young people do likewise. ... Henry Smith road supervisor, is doing some good work east of the township line in Monroe, this makes us feel good as it has been needed for a long time. ... The Monroe Bank Safe failed to open on Saturday, an expert was sent for, he worked all day Sunday and Monday at noon had two more plates of the door to take out. It was a pretty thick job. Without electricity or dynamite it would be a poor prospect to get into such a safe. ... First frost last night, heavy frost. Oct. 5th is not bad for our latitude. ... Mr. R.G. DeFord and Will Layton, started for Iowa last evening.

October 13, 1898

MARRIED - Oct. 12th 1898, at the residence of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Truelove, D.W. Riesland to Miss Laura M Truelove. Rev. Shuman officiating. The happy couple left on the noon train for Omaha and the Exposition, after which they will return and make Monroe their home. The LOOKING GLASS joins their many friends in wishing them a happy journey through life. ... Rev. Weed came up from Columbus Tuesday morning. ... Mrs. Leggatt and daughter wre trading in Monroe yesterday. ... Os Williams was a Genoa visitor yesterday. ... Mr. and Mrs. James Baker left for Omaha Tuesday,. ... Geo. Alexander is putting a fresh coat of paint on his house. ... Wm. Truelove of Oconee was to Monroe yesterday to attend the wedding of his niece Miss Laura Truelove. ... Mrs. Dr. Humprhey is visiting in Pittsburg Penn. for a couple of weeks. She started last Friday. We hope she will have a good time and come back refreshed by her visit. ... Mr. McAinch took the freight Monday to Omaha. ... Born Oct 13th, 1898 to Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Craig, a son. ... Mr. Ed Dack and Miss Maybel Jencks went to Omaha on Tuesday to attend the Exposition. .... Mr. Slayton is building a nice barn on the lot back of his Butcher Shop.

October 20, 1898

DEATH - Died, Saturday, October 15, James A. Wood, aged 80 years. Rev Hayes of this city preached the funeral sermon at Oconee Sunday afternoon, and the buial took place in the Columbus cemetery the same day. Mr. James Wood was an Elder in the Presbyterian church at Oconee. He was well known to many of our readers. He has been sick for some time.

Dr. Humphrey was a Columbus visitor yesterday. ... Wm. Graham made a business trip to Waterloo Wednesday. ... Parties are asking about that canning factory. ... Dr. Humphrey is planning on painting the church. It needs it. ... J.J. Williams goes to Columbus today to meet a traveling man. ... Geo. Lewis finished digging sweet potatoes before the skift of snow. ... Geo. W. Hulst returned home yesterday. ... Mrs. Chas. Miller was a Columbus visitor Wedensday. ... H.J. Hendryx says J.R. Smith sold three white faced calves for $160. Pretty good price. ... Agent Douglass and family returned from their vacation on Friday last. They report a good time. ... Mr. Craig and daughter, father and sister of W.T. Craig, were visiting in Monroe yesterday, returning home today. They live at Friend, this state. ... J.O. Williams who purchased land of H.J. Hendryx and is building upon it, made this office a pleasant call Tuesday, he believes in irrigation and is going into the small fruit. We think it is a good thing for our locality to have the business introduced by those who have had experience as has Mr. Williams. ... Wm. Ripp says his beets are testing about sixteen per cent, but unless he gets better weights at Norfolk he will raise no more. If he could be sure of fair treatment he would turn his attention to beets exclusively.

October 27, 1898

Mrs. Jas. Irwin visits the Exposition this week. ... Geo. Smith is fixing up his residence place all the spare time. ... Olif Larson is selling hay at Genoa. ... Will Welch is building a grainery and feeder. ... John Gleason and son took a trip to Omaha Wednesday. ... C.W. Zeigler has been putting in his time at Omaha this week. ... Mrs. Humphrey returned from her eastern visit Tuesday. ... Mr. Quackenbush and Mr. J.E. Sallach came up from Omaha. ... John Gleason and son took a trip to Omaha Wednesday. ... Miss Anna Talbitzer has strained her limb again so as to be lame, she is getting along well we hear. ... Mrs. Smith and sister arrived Wednesday. Now Jake will go to housekeeping in the C.W. Zeigler house. ... R.D. Crossett a long time resident of this vicinity, now living in Omaha, is in Omaha, is in Monroe fixing up his property, now occupied by Hulst's store. ... Today a hawk came down in the street in front of the office and struck a chicken killing it. Mr. Ed Dack and Jacob Smyers got their guns when the hawk came around again they shot him. No hawk can afford to take such chances.

November 3, 1898

Mrs. Chas. Hill, sister to Cashier Webster, has been visiting here and leaves today for South Dakota. ... Mr. Ernest Hoare has recently purchased a new piano for his daughter Etta. She is quite a musician we hear though only about eleven years old. ... Mr. Jacob Z. Shotwell, his sister and daughter and Mrs. Chas. H. Sargent of Garrison, Nebr., were here attending Friends half yearly meeting and visiting friends this week. ... Mr. and Mrs. Sporey of Columbus called at this office yesterday. They were looking for a run away boy. The boy had a good home with Jake Tschudy south of the river. ... Halloween eve the boys played mischief to their hearts content, they put Slayton & Sons Cart on top of the Depot, hauled a load of cow cabbage to the front of our office, removed out houses and did such other mischief as they could imagine including ringing the school bell for a long time in the night.

November 10, 1898

DEATH - We stop the press to announce the death of Mr. Wm. H. Crookham brother of Minnie Crookham and son of Mrs. F.H. Gerrard. No particulars have been received, the family have the sympathy of all, especially the many friends will make while here. ... Geo. Barnum visited in Monroe Monday. ... Lou Hendryx made a business trip to Columbus Monday. ... G.W. Hulst was a Columbus visitor the first of the week. ... Mr. Lewis was down from Genoa the latter part of last week. ... Mr. Cole proposes to put in a feed grinder this winter here, it is a good idea. ... Mr. Billups of Lindsay was a Monroe visitor yesterday. ... Mrs. Watts and her sister Mrs. Nicholson took the eastbound train yesterday. ... Thanksgiving will be on Nov. 24, this year, President McKinley has issued the proclomation. ... Mr. Studley has moved onto the Neimoler place, we imagine the family will be quite an addition to Monroe. ... Born, Nov., 9th 1898, to Mr. and Mrs. Waffels a son. Mrs. Waffles is a daughter of Mr. Slayton of this place. ... We understand that Rev. Shuman has a call to Ulysses and expects to move his family there soon. ... Miss Bird Jones, of Genoa, visited with Mrs. Lou Hendryx and other relatives in and around Monroe last week. ... Mrs. John Kelley had the misfortune to fall one day last week hurting one of her limbs very badly, but we are glad to say she is getting along nicely. ...

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