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Monroe Looking Glass
1902 Newspaper Extracts (January - March)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers! Also a special thanks to Shirley Martys who has been a huge help in transcribing these articles. You can tell which ones she does--she takes the time to bold the names! Thanks, Shirley!!
January 2, 1902

Miss Lizzie Lightner goes to Madison to visit her sister. ... Mrs. James Smith returned from Fullerton today. ... W.A. and Marshal McWilliams were visiting at Dunbar last week. ... Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Potter have returned from Scotia where they have been looking over land. ... Mr. and Mrs. Russell were visiting relatives here the first day of the New Year. ... Mrs. J.E. Sallach and family, returned to their home at Columbus yesterday. ... Mrs. O.E. Steinbaugh of Council Bluffs, Iowa, was a guest of relatives here this week. ... Mrs. Thurston of Genoa was visiting her daughter Mrs. L.J. Hendryx on New Years. ... Mrs. John Stevens and family, who have been visiting with M. Campbell's returned to St. Edwards yesterday.

Ralph Holcomb will build on his place east of town this winter. ... Mr. Dillon's house is about ready and he intends to move in right away.

Mrs. James Irwin, who was called to Ill., some time ago by the serious illnes of her mother, returned yesterday.

Mrs. John Munter has come back to Monroe and lives in the house with Max Miller's family.

We hear that the Mutual life Insurance Co., represented here by Mr. Dillon, has paid the insurance on Mr. E. Slayton to Mrs. Slayton.

Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Ehlson returned yesterday from upper Looking-Glass where they have been visiting relatives. ... Mr. Baldwin and son Fred, of Grand Island, father and brother of Mrs. Conger, wife of our U.P. Agent Conger, visited her over Sunday.

OCONEE NOTES. August Johnson sold a few of his hogs. He thinks the present price of corn as a feed is like casting pearls before swine.
    H.B. Fenimore will visit his old home in New Jersey next week.
    Claus Meyer will rent his farm next season to John Teton.

Died. on upper Looking Glass creek, on Christmas night, Mrs. John Nelson. She leaves eleven children. Mr. Nelson was burried on the 22nd., Mrs. Nelson went to the funeral and caught a cold, death resulting.
    We hear the orphans were left in mordarately [sic] good circumstances.

On New Years eve some of the young friends arranged a surprise party in honor of Miss F.E. Weeks at her home with her Aunt Mrs. E.A. Gerrard. It was quite a success upwards of thirty being present, to watch the old year out and welcome the happy New Year. It was a lively affair.

Wanted, a purchaser for a work mare, price $75. Enquire at Looking-Glass office. ... Wanted, a purchaser for a second hand Singer sewing machine, price $8.00. ... Wanted, a purchaser for Looking-Glass office building with or without lot. ... Wanted, a man to start a brick yard in Monroe. Good opening for a good man.

There is large complaint about the oil sold in this vicinity most people think there is water in it. One of the posted men says we must not be surprised if the oil is bad for some time, as one of the standard oil men has just married, and it is necessary that he get some extra money. We conceded the plauisability of the conclusion but we would much prefer to have the water in a seperate vessel.

January 16, 1902

Mrs. Preston arrived in town today. ... Mr. Benson of Columbus is a Monroe visitor today. ... J.H. Smith and family arrived in Monroe the first of the week. ... Mr. Ed Chambers of the firm of Beecher, Hockenberger and Chambers, was a Monroe visitor yesterday.

The upper story of the school building is being finished now. ... Mr. Hernberg is hauling lumber from Gerrards, today, to build a barn on his place two miles and a half north of Genoa. ... Mr. Smith, who has had a building put up for a barber shp, says he is well pleased with the work done by Ellis and Lewis.

All the children have the mumps even All Matson has not escaped.

W.E. Cole and Mrs. Sarah Watts left for Cleveland, O., last Friday. ... Chas. I. Lightner returned yesterday from Fremont, where he has been attending school.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Magnason on Jan. 10, 1902, a daughter. Mother and child doing well.

Bert Priest's new house is still in the air, the vital question is who will put it in connection with mother earth.

The church Trustees have appointed a committee to ascertain what can be done about putting the new gass light in the church.

Mrs. Luke is nursing Mrs. Hugh Hill who has been confined to her bed for eight weeks with inflamitary rheumatism.

L.O. Williams has contracted to plant and cultivate, for three years, 1000 red cedar trees for C.W. Hollingshead, on his land south of town. We understand this is the starting of a park.

The Monroe Improvement Co. who are going to sell their real estate on Feb. 1st, has been quite a success in a small way, the stock has always been worth a premium over cost, and has paid good interest.

Married, today at the home of the grooms sister, Mrs. Ben Obrist, Mr. Fred B. Nelson and Miss Emily Peterson, of Palistine, Rev. Asmus officiating. Looking-Glass extends congratulations.

OCONEE NOTES. We notice a call was extended to the Rev. J. Ross Stevenson of Chicago from the Fifth Ave. Presbyterian church of New York. Some of the readers of the Looking-Glass will remember the Rev. Stevenson when he had charge of the Oconee church in the summer of 1887, then a student at the McCormick Seminary.
    Chas. E. Chapin, Jas. Hilliard and others loaded a car of seed corn to the Waterloo Seed and Irrigation Co., Tuesday.
    Three car loads of grain were shipped from here Tuesday night.

January 30, 1902

Geo. Hollinshead is working for H.J. Hendryx.

Frank Slayton is filling his larg ice house this week. ... J.J. Williams is putting up ice for his own use.

Wm. Webster is again able to be at the bank. ... S.C. Terry is again able to be down town.

J.H. Smith has moved into his new place of business this week. ... Ham Drawbridge moved to Oconee, Tuesday.

Mrs. Drummond, of Columbus, was a Monroe visitor Tuesday. ... George Emmerson of Waterloo, Nebr., is a Monroe visitor this week. ... Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Dack, of Boone, Nebr., are visiting relatives in Monroe. ... Miss Lizzie Lightner returned from Madison, Monday, where she has been visiting her sister. She was sick while there, but looked well when she returned. ... F.K. Strother has been visiting relatives here this week. ... Marshall McWilliams is visit- at Dunbar. ... Mrs. Humphrey was a Columbus visitor Wednesday.

Miss Emmerson is very low. ... Mrs. Hugh Hill is recovering, we hear. ... Mrs. Cummins is suffering with a felon on her finger.

There is a vacant house in town. We imagine it will be occupied in a couple of weeks.

Gerrard & Zeigler will have their timber sawed into lumber. The Mill is expected here tomorrow. ... S.C. Terry will have his timber cut when the Mill is through with Gerrard & Zeigler's.

Kelley & Fellows shipped a car of cattle to Omaha Tuesday evening.

There will be several farms under irrigation near here this season devoted to vegetables. Mr. Dillon will try a few acres.

Born, Jan. 23, 1902 to Mr. and Mrs. Loran Barnum of Columbus, a son.

The brick maker from Osceola will be over in a couple of weeks to see about making brick here.

Ralph Holcomb had the misfortune to get his chin badly cut by a flying stick while chopping wood, yesterday. ... Harry Luke's little girl fell against the stove yesterday burning her hands quite badly.

February 6, 1902

Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Hendryx celebrated their Golden wedding yesterday, they had their new house full of guests, parties from Grand Island, Schuyler, Columbus, Genoa, Ewing and Lincoln were present to do honor to the occasion. The presents were varied and valuable. The Bride and Groom were at their best and a notably good time was enjoyed by all.

Mr. and Mrs. Hughes of Schuyler were in Monroe attending the Hendryx Golden wedding Wednesday. ... The Columbus people who cam to attend the golden Wedding were to numerous to mention each one. They had a special car. ... Mr. and Mrs. Horton of Ewing, Nebr., were in attendance upon the Hendryx celebration yesterday. Our people will remember them as former residents of Oconee.

The Monroe Improvement Co., sold their store building to J.J. Williams on Saturday last, and their Hall to E.A. Gerrard.

Ed. Moncrief of Grand Island was a Monroe visitor this week. He was a resident of this neighborhood for a number of years, coming here in 1876. He was County School Superintendent at one time.

Miss Weeks has bought the lot on the corner of Webster Street and the Genoa road. The best located facant lot in town. She will erect a dwelling at some future time.

OCONEE Notes. R.S. Hilliard started for West Virginia Monday to look at the country. Mr. H. May purchase a farm there if the land suits.
    W.L. Smith was in town Tuesday.
    James Weatherbee may go to California in the spring.
    Notice Govenor Savage has expressed himself in favor of State Building its own river canals.
    We all wish Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Hendryx our sincere congratulations on the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, Wednesday, Feb. 5.

Mr. Wonder left for the south Monday.

George Whaley of Columbus is a Monroe visitor today.

J.T. Cole, who has been visiting his brother here leaves for Cincinati tomorrow, returning in April to locate here.

Mr. Babcock of the Irrigation plant, says they can arrange to let us have water for a Mill here without waste of water to the Co., running it from the upper ditch to the lower.

On Tuesday last Mr. Palmer of Grand Island was here trying to buy out the Hardware business. McWilliams was not in a trading humor.

Henry Hockenberger was looking over the buildings of Mr. E. Dillon, Miss Crookham and J.H. Smith, yesterday, they are in the Columbus Building & Loan Association of which Mr. H. is Sec'y.

On Friday last there was a select gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kelley, west of town. It was in honor of the seventieth birthday of Esquire Kelley and was one of the jolliest gatherings we have attended in years. May he live to enjoy many happy returns of the day.

February 20, 1902

Ed Gates has bought sixty tiers of stove wood from Gerrads. …Gates will put a large window in the front of the Milliner shop. …Chas. Drawbridge is hauling cord wood from the Whaley timber. …J. J. Williams and Kelly the Crosset building last week. It is a good property. …Contracts taken for tree planting by L.O. Williams. Has agency for tree sprayer. See them.

The young people have had several skating parties lately.

Charley Morse and Jim Cushing expect to go to Washington next month they were among the earlier settler here and married the North girls. Many of our readers will be sorry to have them go.

C. W. Zeigler has a car of brick at the A. D. Cattle Co shute. He will build on the ranch.

Last week Mrs. Gates sold her millinery business to Mrs. Ellis Williams and Miss Bartholameu. They will run a dress-making establishment in connection with the business. …Ex-Senator Allen has started a paper called the Madison Mail published at Madison, Nebraska. We are curious to see the paper to see if the Senator can advocate populistic principles and not see that they run to Socialism.

Howard Hill, Cashier of the Monroe Bank, went to Dakota last week and returned with a life partner. LOOKING-GLASS wishes the couple a long, happy and useful life among us. They moved in their residence this week, and Howard smiles as sweetly as ever.

OCONEE NOTES. F. Emmerson was in town Tuesday. …We hope "Bixby" will appear at the North opera house in the spring or summer. Many from up this way would be there to hear the great poet and humorist. …We hear R.S. Hilliard has purchased a farm in West Virginia where he has been for the last two weeks looking at the country. …Martin Burns was in town Tuesday.

February 27, 1902

75 tons of prairie hay for sale. Enquire of /Gerrard & Zeigler.…The brick is on the ground for E. A. Gerrards new building. …Otta Baker has a man up from Columbus loading saw-dust.

W. A. McWilliams was a Columbus visitor Saturday. …Axel Engberg was a Columbus visitor Saturday. …Mrs. Chas. Miller was a Columbus visitor Tuesday. …Mrs James Gleason and family arrived from Illinois yesterday. …Miss Bessie Vickers of Virginia City, Mont. is visiting relatives and friends in Monroe. …George Whaley of Columbus was a Monroe visitor on Friday last. …Mr. F H Drawbridge of Scotia, moved to Oconee this week. …Mrs. John Munter Sr returned from Petersburg last Friday. …Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Terry visited at Fullerton over Sabbath. …Ed Moncrief, of Grand Island, was a Monroe visitor, again, on Friday last. …Albert Luth of Spokane, Wash. Was in Monroe yesterday shaking hands with old time friends. …Wm. Webster, President of the Bank of Monroe made a trip to Dakota last week, returning Tuesday. …Chas. Potter returned from Colorado last Friday and reports that W H Potter and Miss Pearl Barmore of Wala Wala, Wash. were married Thursday at Fort Morgan, Colo.

OCONEE NOTES - Mr. Eisnman of Columbus was in Iowa Wednesday. …Parties from Rising City were here Tuesday looking up a location for a store. …R. S. Hilliard returned from W. Virginia, Saturday, after a two weeks inspection of the country. Mr. H. thinks the climate there fine, the land is productive and cheaper than it is here. …Two excellent sermons were listened to at the Presbyterian church on Sabbath. Rev. Asmus is a good Preacher, all seem to like him so far as we hear. The church received a letter from the Board of Foreign Missions congratulating the church upon its increased contributions.

March 6, 1902

Mr. and Mrs. George Emmerson were Columbus visitors today. …Roy McCloskey moved up to the Seed Farm this week. …Planting time will soon be here. Hand in your nursery orders to L. O. Williams. …Mr. F. J. Nelson rented the Chas. Gerrard house this week and will move in forwith. …Mr. Loran Barnum and Charles A. Gerrard were up from Columbus today.

W.C.T.U. meets with Mrs. Hattie Fiefield on next Wednesday at 3 o'clock P.M. March 12th, 1902. …The U.P. Agent here was overheard saying that the Station here took in $800 more during Feb. 1902 than was taken during Feb. 1901. …Lynch, Neb. Feb. 28th, 1902. Born to Mr. and Mrs. S W Lightner a girl. Mother & Child doing well. …Mrs. J.J. Williams and Maggie Joy went to Gandy, Nebr. Where Mrs W's sister, Mrs. Joy, lived. Last Friday, she had received word that her sister was quite sick. Mr. Williams received word this morning that Mrs. Joy died before they arrived.

OCONEE NOTES - Daniel Murdock is storing a large supply of baled straw in his corn cribs here. …Claus Meves may sell his farm to the Emersons, it will make a good seed farm with irrigation. …Willard McCone and family have been visiting with their brother here. …James Weatherbee and Mac Rand were in town Wednesday bidding good bye to their friends before leaving Nebraska.

March 12, 1902

J. Jernberg was a Monroe visitor Tuesday. …Mrs Ed Gates went to Omaha Monday evening. …Ralph Holcomb's house is ready for the plasterers. …Mrs. S. L. Humphrey was a Columbus visitor last Friday. …Miss Clara Sallack of Albion is visiting relatives and friends in and near Monroe this week. …We hear that Mrs John Riley received word, Monday, of the death of her mother. …The Robinsons have finished plastering the upper rooms of the school house. …Mrs. John Gleason started Saturday for Lend, So. Dakota, to see her sister who is very sick. …Phil Gleason left for Ill. Saturday, having received word that his mother was very ill. …Wm. Graham and family left Monday evening for their future home in Iowa. …J.H. Bartholemu's , who purchased the Drawbridge property, are now settled in their new home and are getting their loom in shape so they can weave your carpet. …A large party of friends, with well filled baskets, gathered at the home of Mr and Mrs. Wm Graham, north of town, last Friday forenoon and spend a very pleasant day.

Mr. Emmerson shipped in a car of corn this week. The chicken car will be here on Saturday. …Miss Libbie Coffee returned from Columbus yesterday. …Max Babl of Humphrey was a Monroe visitor the first of the week. …Mr Palmer of Grand Island was on the morning train. He thinks he would like to locate his sons in Monroe. …Messer Peterson and Gibbon who have charge of the Mill project are getting near the 100 shares subscribed and will call a meeting soon to organize the Mill Company. …Fred Baldwin of Grand Island, visited over Sabbath with his sister Mrs. C R. Conger, returning Monday evening. Mrs. Conger accompanied him for a visit with relatives. …As we have purchased a farm at Myrtle Point, Ore., please send our paper there instead of Marshfield. The climate here is something wonderful, beautiful flowers everywhere. We like it here so far, very much. Yours Respt. Les Ray OCONEE NOTES - L. McCone will buy a property here. …Miss Bodmer was visiting her brother in Grand Prairie this week. …Otto Pahrman is farming 160 acres north from this place, a large portion of the land will be irrigated. …Rev. Asmus was in town Tuesday. …Geo. Alexander and W.T. Craig called on us Monday and related some good historical facts.

March 20, 1902

Mr. Phil Gleason returned from Ill. yesterday, where he was called on account of the sickness of his mother. He reports her much better. …Dallas Kelley of Osceola, Nebr. was over last week and will probably come over and burn brick at Monroe. …Dr, Geo. F. Pugh Physician and Surgeon, Platte Center, Nebr. carries full line prescription drugs. Calls promptly answered day or night. …One man says his village tax is 50 per cent additional to what it was before the village money could be spent on lawyers. …Work will begin in a few days on Monroe's brick yard. …75 tons of prairie hay for sale. Enquire of Gerrard & Zeigler. …Mrs. Dress came down from Woodville yesterday for a visit with relatives. …There is still talk of moving the old school building over to the Avenue and making it useful. …The Rev. R.M.L. Braden is expected here this week to moderate a congregational meeting for the Presbyterian church. …Geo. Kerr and family moved to Albion on Monday. We are sorry to lose them but wish them success in their new home. …S.S. Sauford of Scotia was a Monroe visitor the first of week. He says he likes his new location very much.

John Lewis started for Alberta Monday. John was a good farmer and we hope he will succeed in his new location. We have his promise that we shall hear from him. …Mrs. I Irwin returned yesterday from South Dakota, where she was called by the death of her mother.

OCONEE NOTES - John Potter was in town Wednesday buying hogs from James Hilliard. …August Johnson reports fall rye looking well. The winter wheat is damaged some. …Smith Hilliard will be up from Columbus this week to shell for the O.E. Co., and others in this vicinity. …The M. E. people organized their church here last week, there is plenty of work to be done here though the field can hardly expect to support many churches. But they are here and we hope they will work.

March 27, 1902

Mr. Nelson has moved in the Volz house. …March 23rd, 1902, born to Mr. and Mrs. W H. Cole, a son. …Ralph Holcomb was over at Osceola this week. …H.J. Waffle is painting his residence. …J.H. Sacrider is building a porch to his residence. …Mr. Dillon returned from a trip up west yesterday. …Mrs. Bartholemeu has her carpet loom up and is weaving some nice carpet. …C. E. Hicks was over from Platte Center Saturday and Sunday visiting his parents. …The A.D. Cattle Co. are about to have a telephone to town. The Telephone Co puts it in. …Fred Stevens of Columbus was on our streets this morning. …H.C. Preston has bought an acre of land of C. W. Zeigler. …W.H. Groves is building a porch to his residence.

The infant child of W. J. Kelley has been very sick this week. …Mrs. E. A. Gerrard was a Columbus visitor over Sabbath. …Fred Russell moved into Mr. Groves' house Tuesday. …Dr. Hansen was on our streets yesterday. …Wm. Webster has returned from S. Dak. …Harry Crookham goes to Columbus tomorrow to make arrangements for a brick yard here. …Mr. and Mrs. Hungleford were visiting at Mr. Keeler's the first of the week. …Ed Fors of Columbus bought out Mr. Eisman and will farm the Webster place east of town. Mr. and Mrs. Eisman left Monday for Wis. …J.J. Willams went to Cheyenne of Saturday, called by the serious illness of his brother Os. Mr. Williams returned Monday his brother being better. …Mrs Fox mother of Mrs. M Campbell, died Sunday morning and was buried Tuesday at Genoa. At this writing we are unable to obtain further particulars.

OCONEE NOTES - C I. Gerrard has been making some improvements on his house here. …We were glad to see that Miss Bertha Chapin and others from the High School at Columbus gained the honors at the debate held at Albion last week. …L. McCone has moved on the farm leased by O. Pahrman a few miles from here. …Rev. Bradden was in town Sunday and Monday. …T. Hoare and Nelson Bros were here Wednesday enroute to Columbus.

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