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Monroe Looking Glass
1902 Newspaper Extracts (April - June)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers! Also a special thanks to Shirley Martys who has been a huge help in transcribing these articles. You can tell which ones she does--she takes the time to bold the names! Thanks, Shirley!!

April 3, 1902

Walter Beck will return from Silver Creek the first of the week. ... Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are rejoicing over the arrival of a son. ... Mr. Martin of Genoa was looking over property in Monroe with a view to purchasing last Tuesday. ... C. W. Hollingshead says one of the nicest fixed up school rooms he ever saw is in Dist 39. The Red school house. ... Volney B. Cushing is expected to be in the state soon. The Monroe people are planning to have him speak here on May first. He is a National orator on the Temperance question. ... L.D. Smith went to Omaha last week. ... L. O. Williams was doing some grafting for ye Editor on Monday. ... C. W. Ziegler was offered $65 per acre for his land south of the R. R. last week. ...

OCONEE NOTES - Blare Bros and C.E. Chapin are sewing oats. Ground is in good condition for seeding. ... J.C. Dawson furnished us with some baled hay that was the best quality that we have seen for many years. ... D.K. Frances has 100 acres of rye sown on the C.L. Gerrard farm. ... While O.T. Faber and W.D. Wilson were looking at a cow the cow came to the conclusion that Wilson had no legal right on the premises and deliberately came at him and knocked him down, thereby gaining the decision on the first round.

April 10, 1902

F.K. Strother of Creston Iowa, is here visiting his parents. ... Mr. Akers of Peters berg was a Monroe visitor yesterday. ... Parties are talking of starting a Bakery and Confectionary in Monroe. ... Mrs. Stewart of Columbus has rented Mrs. Thompson's house and will be a resident of Monroe in a few days. ... Robert Cave came over and moved his family to Lindsay the first of the week, where they will make their future home. ...

E.E. Wonder left for his home at Wymore Tuesday. W.H. Cole takes his place at the Humphrey Pharmacy. ... Albert Matson and family left for Nance county last week. They will live on a farm near Fullerton. We shall miss them. ... Mrs. Jencks returned home Tuesday. ... Mrs. Sheridan was a Columbus visitor today. ... Rev. and Mrs Butler returned from Genoa Tuesday. ...

Ralph Holcomb is moving into his new residence east of town. ... Mrs. Estella Thompson is having her house repaired. ... Mrs. H. J. Hendryx returned from Columbus Saturday last. ... Chas. Cave has bought R.M. Caves property and moved to town. ... Mrs. C.A. Gerrard came home from Columbus Monday. ... Miss Zella Blodgett is visiting friends and relatives in Monroe. ... The W.C.T.U. will put a Library in the New School House, and Miss Willard's picture.

OCONEE NOTES - The canal Co., is having their flood checks and bridges fixed up. We are glad to see them at work. ... Murlock, Weber and Wilson are planting alfalfa this spring. ... August Johnson will have a big lot of rye this year if the season is favorable, and tells us to keep him posted in prices. ... The man that said move the county seat to Oconee is no friend of ours.

April 17, 1902

L.O. Williams delivered trees in Columbus Tuesday. ... Dave McWilliams is running the delivery wagon for Hendryx. ... Henry Clayburn and Hon Henry Stevens left today for a trip to Lawrance Kansas. ... The Great Eastern Canal Co., men were working near Monroe this week. ... Ed Moncrief was on our streets yesterday he has been selling quite a lot of Hall Co. land to Parties in this locality. ... The Argus says that N.Y. engineers will be here in a few days to look over the Great Eastern Canal.

James Irwin has returned from Ill. ... Mrs J.J. Cole and children arrived in Monroe today. ... D.W. Zeigler is at home this week. ... Mrs. Stewart and family arrived in Monroe yesterday. ... J.T. Cole unloaded his household goods the first of the week. ... L.D. Johnson has moved into Wm. Webster's house west of town. ... The Episcopal Church is to be fitted with a Gallery for the Choir.

John Lawson was a Monroe visitor yesterday and made us a pleasant call. ... Mrs. Emma Barnum and Miss Preston were Columbus visitors Tuesday. ... Why is it that corn was worth 53 cents yesterday at Genoa and Silver Creek and on 50 cents at Monroe. ... Rev. T.J. Ascus and E.A. Gerrard went to Tekamah, Monday, to attend Presbytery. They returned home today. ... Mrs Sarah Watts and Mrs. W. E. Cole arrived in Monroe, last Friday, for a visit with relatives and friends. ... Miss Lizzie Lightner has bought out Mrs Ellis Williams in the business here. ... Dallas Kelley of Osceola arrived in Monroe last week and began work on the brick yard. Harry Crookham has charge. ... Emmersons have planted out a large orchard on their place west of town. They believe in raising fruit as well as seeds.

OCONEE NOTES - The Canal Co. has a large force of men and teams working on the canal and laterals. An unlimited supply of water will be available this season. Indications are that irrigation will be necessary. Farmers who have access to the canal should flood their land good and plenty. ... Dan Ziegler called to see us Monday, he was enroute home after an absence of a few months. ... We have now a fence around the church grounds. The Ladies Aid Society is planning to have trees planted on the grounds Arbor Day.

May 1, 1902

Jack Hart has been painting Monroe Hall. If it looks well pat him on the back. ... Winter wheat looks very green, some spring grain was hurt by the frost and wind. ... Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kitner and Mr. and Mrs. Will Martin of Genoa have been visiting with Mike Campbell they returned home yesterday. ... The waffel building is being fixed up and Miss Mills and Mrs. Stewart will open up a bakery and confectionary there in about two weeks. ... The Ladies of Trinity Guild will hold a lawn social at the home ofMrs. J.J. WilliamsSaturday afternoon and evening, May 10th. ... David Risland bought the building erected in the fall by W.H. Colelast week and will use it for a carpenter shop. ... Isaiah and Fannie H. Lightner and Wm. Webster were in attendance at Friends meeting in Lincoln returning home Tuesday. ...

Ernest A. Gerrard came up on Monday for a visit, and to go up to his farm on upper Looking-glass creek. He looks hearty and says he has gotten used to New York City, feel at home there. ... A new family came to town Tuesday. The gentleman was looking for a location and thought Monroe a good town in which to raise a family because there were no saloons here. Welcome to all good citizens. ... We learn that Isiah Lightner received some fish from the fish commissioner to stock his pond lately. Incidently we learn that the fish commissioner now charge for fish and transportation, this is a new wrinkle to us when the state pays for the commission. ... The new elevator has not materialized, but none the less we need a grist mill. The farmers can have one without costing much and it will increase the value of their farm and their grain, making money for them with both hands. If they do not help theselves they cannot expect the Lord to help. Let us have a grist mill. ... Our alfalfa has not come up, we are afraid it will not make a stand.

J.H. Smith is enjoying a visit from his father. ... Colonel Frank Sims is visiting in Monroe this week. ... Isaac Kenyon was up from Columbus yesterday. He does not have to drive the locomobile. ... Mr. and Mrs. Mike Campbell were both sick in bed on Tuesday afternoon. ... Frank Kelley has done a good straight job of listing just west of the Manigton road. ... The telephone system making Monroe a suburb of Columbus is an assured thing, so says Zeigler. ... Ralph Holcomb had water on his place on Tuesday. He is ahead of the rest of us. ... Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Welch of Columbus came up yesterday to visit with their son Will, west of town. ... Mr Curry of Albion was a Monroe visitor yesterday. He is one of the rustlers for the Nebr. Merc. Mut Ins. Co.

OCONEE NOTES - R.S. Hilliard has a large field of rye that looks very promising. ... August Johnson reports some winter wheat too thick, too much sown to the acre. ... Fred McDougal has made some long trips with his livery teams this week.

May 8, 1902

Mrs. John Munter met with quite a serious accident last Wednesday evening in starting down stairs she missed the first step and fell to the bottom brusing her severly. ... The reports from Alberta are that John Lewis thinks potatoes will not mature there, and the country is best for cattle raising. Priest thinks the country is all right for vegetables but hardly suited to corn and small grain. The chances are that they will both return to Nebraska soon. ... Denny Roberts and Chris Grunther from Platte Center were on our streets urging Platte Center's claim to the county seat on Saturday. Denny thinks or rather claims that no other place is in it, says that the river would have to be bridged at Monroe to let the people over to Center. He talks so you can hear him every time, and gets listners for Monroe needs a bridge.

OCONEE NOTES - Frank Newton is foremen for the Emersons, they will have a large force of men and teams at work on their seed farms in this vicinity. ... Mr. Gluck's letter is in the Journal relative to the new court house, he would like to hear from Duncan and Lost Creek now Oconee. We speak for this place by stating that we stand aloof, have no desire to be in the mix up. Tarnov took the wind out of our sails.

Mr. Smith has a nice awning in front of the Barber Shop. ... Ed Williams of Silver Creek is visiting with C.R. Conger today. ... Charles Hester and old friend of Harry Crookham's from over in Polk Co., was here yesterday. ... We understand that S.C. Terry has bought a large farm near Central City for a cattle ranch. ... James Irwin has his pasture south of the river fixed up and will take his cattle over Saturday. ... Monroe Public Schools will hold their annual school picnic on Friday May 23, 1902. Wattsville, Oconee and Red School will join with Monroe schools and the Matson Dist school is also expected. All other schools and the public generally are most cordially invited to attend. J.E. Hicks, Principle ... Walter Potter will return to Nebraska when he can sell his land in Colorado. He has 80 acres sold now. Walter is lonesome out there and wants to get back. He is a good farmer and made it pay here, no doubt will make it profitable if he comes back. ... Married, May 5th, in Columbus by Judge Ratterman, Mr. Fran VanAllen and Miss Anna Munter both of Monroe, they will make their home for the present with Mrs. John Munter. LOOKING GLASS extends congratulations.

May 15, 1902

Mr. Dillion went to Lindsay on Monday. ... Two parties want the lumber business. ... C.W. Hollingshead was a Columbus visitor on Tuesday. ... Mr. Kennedy of St Edward was a Monore visitor Sunday. ... Miss Hattie Keuler returned from her visit at Columbus Tuesday. ... Mr and Mrs. Ed Dack returned to their home at Boone, Monday. ... Mr. Gillispie from Scotia has moved into C.A. Gerrard's house.

L.O. Williams and J.T. Smith are keeping the market supplied with plants to set out. ... Mrs. G.E. Lewis accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Hurst returned from Columbus last Saturday. ... F.H. Gerrard has the nicest strawberry patch we have seen in a long time. Looks as though they would feast this summer.

OCONEE NOTES - Mr. Cole of Monroe was here Monday hiring help to work on his beet fields. ... Wm. Truelove was in town Saturday eveining waiting the arrival of the Norfolk train. ... D.R. Francis has 100 acres in rye, some barley and a large acreage in corn nearly all planted. He will also raise seed for the Emmersons. ... Drawbridge Bros., caught a fine mess of fish amongst them a carp weighing nearly 4 pounds. ... R.S. Hilliard raised a good variety of corn last season that seems to be in demand for seed. Farmers are coming from far and near to secure it. ... T.W. Shafter had a new buggy shipped in here Tuesday. T.W. is one of our prosperous farmers in this vicinity.

Monroe is coming to the front, there were three church services at the same time last Sabbath, so we hear. ... Esther Dillon of Worms, Nebr., is visiting her parents. ... Mrs. J.J. Williams, was a Columbus visitor Monday. ... Miss Boyd returned to Omaha Monday evening. ... Mike Jones and Wm. Benjamine drove down from Postville yesterday in the rain. ... Mrs. Cooper and her two daughters of Bellwood Sundayed in Monroe with her daughter Mrs. C.A. Gerrard.

The son of Judge Eller of Omaha died recently. The family are Christain Scientest, and much criticism has been heaped upon Judge Eller. We were acquainted with him many years ago, when he lived in Fairmont and consider him a cool, bright man. He was at one time the lawyer with F. H. Gerrard. Mr. Eller has many friends who sympathize with him in his bereavement.

May 22, 1902

Mrs. Conrad was not so well yesterday. ... M.K. Turner of the Columbus Journal was sick this week. ... J.J. Williams and Wm. Webstermade a trip up north yesterday, they did not get wet. ... C.W. Talbitzer and son, John, went to Omaha yesterday to attend the old soliers gathering. ... The Columbus Journal says Mrs. Saley received a telegram from Georgia that Robert Compton had dropped dead last Saturday. He was long a resident of Platte and Nance Counties.

We hear that Editor Strother of the Republican is one of the class to be confirmed in the Episcopal church. ... W.B. Swygard solicitor for the Ideals magazine was a Monroe visitor Tuesday and made this office a pleasant call. ... Strayed, one Peacock bird, on the 15th, from my place in Monroe, last seen Saturday evening at the Isaiah Lightner farm. Any party returning the bird will be liberally rewarded. G.W. Conrad. ... The Infant Son of W.H. Groves met with a serious accident on last Sabath, while playing he fell from the porch and broke his leg between the knee and hip, at last accounts he was getting along quite well.

OCONEE NOTES - Men and teams are at work for the Canal Co., near here making a lateral extending from the main canal south nearly to the river. ... L.J. Hendryx was in town this week. Hendryx will deliver groceries here, and vicinity, semi-weekly. ... August Seibler is foreman on the Grand Island and Ord branch where they are laying steel rails. ... Wm. Drawbridge and Frank McFarland are painting D. Murdocks large barn.

May 29, 1902

Mrs Fred Stevens was a guest at Mr. Keeler's the first of the week. ... The South side Irrigation Canal has twelve miles of canal completed and will furnish water this season for quite a few. There is more money in south of the river land than on the north so soon the canal gets to it. ... We understand Emerson rented a 25 acre lot from Hollingshead and Dack this week paying eight dollars per acre for it. No doubt that will make the slip shod renter smile as he realized that it would take all his crop to pay that much rent.

To The Tax Payers of Platte Co. On the 3rd day of June we are called upon to vote $65,000.00 to build a new court house in the city of Columbus. Are we prepared now to vote intelitgently, would it not be better to create a sinking fund and get money ahead for this purpose? Is Columbus the most central place to locate the Court House. ... The Monroe bank is being repainted, it looks nice. C.S. Jencks is the artist.

M.K. Turner, Editor of the Columbus Journal, died last Thursday night after a short illness. The funeral was from the home on Sabbath, an immense concourse were present. M.K. was one of the most genial men we ever met. He was kind heated to the extent that it hurt him to hurt any one. A very appreciateve man whose company was always a pleasure. There will be no more M.K. Turner's in Columbus. So pass the old settlers, the circle is ever narrowing, whose turn will be next.

June6, 1902

Monroe shipped a car load of lumber yesteday to Fullerton, it goes to the big irrigation plant on the south of the river. ... Mrs. Geitzen of Columbus was the guest of Mrs. James Irwin Tuesday. ... W.T. Strother is having his store building painted fresh green. Jack Hart is the artist. ... Mrs. Estella Thompson and son Frank, and Chas. Lee leave tonight for Elba, Nebr. where they will visit Mrs. Thomson's sister, Mrs. Bishop. ... Frank Crowshaw's house was struck by lightning last night, on the roof and went through taking of lath and plaster. We did not learn how much damage was done, or if he has insurance. He out to have had with our mutual Co. ... We are in receipt of a letter from W.T. Caloway at Oakland, Cal. He says he is seventy-two years old and expects to stay until one hundred. He enquires about friends. Mrs C. has never been sick.

OCONEE NOTES- Few from here attended election for court house bonds yesterday. We hear Platte Center was agitated some on the questions. ... R.S. Hilliard would like to move to North Carolina and offers his land and dwelling houses here for sale very cheap. ... We heard from James Weatherbee he is now in Oakland, Cal., likes the county but thinks to invest any money there would be a risk.

June 13, 1902

Friends were shocked to learn of the death of Miss Susie Mylett Sunday. evening. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community. ... W.W. Frank and R.G. Strother attended the republican convention at Fremont Tuesday. ... Mrs. Dockhorn and little son, of near Platte Center, is a guest of her brother, Fred Russell. ... J.F. Lewis returned yesterday from Alberta, will give our readers a full account of the country next week. ... The Columbus Journal says that Platte Center and Humphrey have both got petitions in circulation to remove the county seat. This is right, now let us have the matter settled as to location and then build a court house worthy of our rich county, whether it is in Platte Center, Humphrey or Columbus. We do not want any locality to build a court house. There is nothing fair about such a proposition and we do not want a snide or a cheap thing, let us have a good court house and pay a fair price for it like sensible men.

OCONEE NOTES - We had a damaging rain storm here Friday, considerable corn washed out and garden truck destroyed. ... Emmersons' seed farm sustained some loss they are busy replanting. ... W.D. Wilson has a large garden and we imagine he thinks it pretty large when he hoes it over.

June 19, 1902

The talk is about brick stores. Hope we may have them. ... Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dack of Booneacre visiting relatives in Monroe this week. ... Miss F.E. Weeks is attending the Teachers Institute in Columbus this week. ... We hear that Ed Potter of near Silver Creek, Neb., writes that hail destroyed all his crop last Saturday pounding everything into the ground. ... Among those enrolled at the Teachers Institute from Monroe are J.E. and E.C. Hicks, Lizzie Hall, Esther and Bessie Dillon, E.E. and Gertrude Fellers, Inez Hash, and Grace Coffee. ...

E.C. Hicks and F.H. Gerrad of Monroe will go to Grand Island as delegates to the Democratic Convention. ... The Sugar Beet man was up Tuesday, he says he never saw a better stand of beats than Ralph Holcomb and J.T. Smith have south of the elevator. ... Among those who went to Fullerton Monday, from Monroe, to help dedicate the Episcopal church were Mrs. R. Neimeister, Mrs L.J. Hendryx, the Misses Anna Smith, Emma Schneider, Anna Mars, Edna Jencks, R. G. Strother and Bertie Smith. ... The Monroe people are getting up a Fourth of July celebration; they have the program under way and intend to have a rousing good time. Mr. J.J. Smith is chairman. Norris Fifield will arrange the temperance part for the Alliance. The ministers are to be invited to orate.

June 26, 1902

C.W. Hollingshead has purchased a fine piano for the benefit of his boys. ... The Platte County delegation in the Populist convention stood for W.H. Thomson from the first vote until he was nominated. ... H.J. Hendryx took a trip up west the first of the week. ... Isaiah Lightner has bought the lot west of the milliner store and is fencing both lots. ... The school meeting next Monday promises to be interesting. There is an effort being made to put a couple of Ladies on the board, as we hear, with prospects of success, depending upon whether they nominate good candidates.

Gus G. Beecher was a Monroe visitor on Saturday last. He looks hearty as ever. ... Many people are admiring the new style of painting on the John Dack residence. ... Miss F.E. Weeks started, Wednesday, for a visit to her old home in New York state, she will stay until about time for school to commence. ... The Monroe brick are the brightest red brick we have seen in the state. ... Drawbridge Bros's, McFarland and nearly all the boys around here are working for the Emmersons. ... Wm. Hollingshead is building a new store, moving the old one back to put the new one in front.

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