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Monroe Looking Glass
1902 Newspaper Extracts (July - September)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers! Also a special thanks to Shirley Martys who has been a huge help in transcribing these articles. You can tell which ones she does--she takes the time to bold the names! Thanks, Shirley!!

July 3, 1902

Born, July 2nd, to Mr. and Mrs. L.O. Williams a daughter. ... Miss Ethel Hill left for her home at Boston, Mass. Tuesday. ... J.T. Cole has moved into the Terry property in the west part of town. ... Word has been received from Miss Weeks that she has arrived safely home. ... E.C. Hicks left for Herford, Texas, Tuesday for a visit with his brother. He will spend a month traveling through southern Texas. ... Mrs. Wm. Matson returned Monday from an extended visit in Omaha. Mrs. Howard Vore accompanied her and will visit here until after the Fourth. ... Mr. Mann has put a nice chimney on the new house in east Monroe, the best he has built.

OCONEE NOTES - Judge Hensley and Mr. Jonas Welch were fishing on the Murdock lake, Monday, they caught a few fish. ... R.S. Hilliard and Grant Delarni are cutting their grain this week. ... W.L. Smith and C.E. Chapin were county seat visitors Monday.

July 10, 1901

Al Russell sold his farm last week for $50 per acre. ... Ed Matson sold his farm last week price $38 per acre. ... Oconee could not have church service last Sabbath on account of water. ... Report says the rain on Tuesday night put the sidewalks afloat in Humphrey and St Edward, three bridges and a quarter of a mile of track washed out on the road from Albion to Oakdale. ... On Tuesday night lightening struck the warehouse of McWilliams Bros not doing much damage, 73 one hundredths of rain fell.

The A.D. Cattle Co., have erected a large cattle barn on the south side of their farm. They evidently expect to be a permanent factor in the prosperity of this neck of the woods and are heartily welcome. Wm. Hollingshead's new store looms up fast. Mrs. S.L. Humphrey has been quite sick and is still confined to her bed. ... W.A. McAllister was very strong support of Woman Suffrage in his speech on the Fourth. ... For rent, a 7 room house, with a good barn and chicken house also a 4 room house and barn, enquire of F.H. Gerrard.

July 17, 1902

Some people think the winter wheat is about gone, others think the wheat is not lost but the oats are. We think both crops are much damaged and the loss will be large some places total. ... There are a goodly number of the Columbus boys working on the seed farm, among them are John Early, Albert Brugger, Otto Roen, Ed Coolidge, and Ralph Wiggins. ... No one will get rich on tomatoes this year in this vicinity. ... J.H. Smith has gone to North Dakota to see about land. Kelley from Genoa is running the parlor in his absence. ... J.J. Williams is having his store enlarged, he proposes to be able to accommodate his customers. You ought to see the way he squeezes lemons. ... Arthur Watts says this is a good year for apples, he has more than ever before, all the trees can carry. Mrs. H.J. Hill returned, Tuesday, from her visit at Springfield, SD. Mr. Hill's brother accompanied her. ...Mrs. Thurston of Genoa is visiting her daughter, Mrs. L. Hendryx.

OCONEE NOTES - We are all now interested in grading streets. We will have a good system of drainage by having the main ditches run east 1/2 mile and into canal. ... Mr and Mrs. H.J. Hendryx passed here Saturday enroute to Columbus. ... Frank Emerson came up from Waterloo, Tuesday. ...R.S. Hilliard had to open up lateral that Canal Co. was using last year. Considerable damage was done to his barley crop.

July 24, 1902

J.E. North was a passenger to Monroe yesterday. ... The Presbyterians are talking about a Sunday School picnic. ... Louis Cedar and N.P. Peirson have got a new Case separator. It looks gay. ... Ed Gates was at Silver Creek yesterday looking after his wheat crop. ... J.J. Williams has the noblest sample book for Gents clothes that can be seen in Platte county. ... Emerson says Will Kelley has the best piece of squash in Platte county. Good for Will. ... The carpenters are all busy in Monroe, and Harry Crookham is moulding brick. ... The W.C.T.U. meets with Mrs. S.C. Terry next Wednesday at 3 p.m. A full turn out is desired, important business to transact.

Geo. Truman was a Monroe visitor on Monday. He wants a car of Oak plank for the Twp. and he wants it cheap. ... Report says Fred Bishop went west on Monday to help lock for is brother, Arthur, who has disappeared. ...P.M.Strothertells us two rural mail delivery lines are established from Monroe; as we understand it they do not visit houses except on the road. ... Tuesday Ernest Gerrard returned from his farm where he had just been putting in one of the Schuster scales. He thinks they are all right. ... We are informed that Miss Elmira Conrad received a handsome present from her grandmother, nothing less than a piano, and now she is in clover. No doubt she will make quite a musician. ... S.W. Lightner writes from Lynch that they expect the railroad to be built to their town by the middle of August, says J.T. Ellis is now at Lynch.

OCONEE NOTES - Frank Drawbridge and I. McFarland have gone to Scotia to work through harvest. ... Harry Crookman has a Brick Repress Machine that weighs over fifteen hundred pounds, he will make pressed brick for fronts. ... A. Russell was in town Wednesday to take the train west to look at some land in Valley Co.

August 7, 1902

Ralph Holcomb and J.T. Smith have a splendid show of beets near the depot. ... H.B. Huston of the firm of Bradford Kennedy Lumber Co. was a Monroe visitor Monday. ... Mrs. W.D. Wilson and Mrs. Bodmer were shopping in Monroe. ...Harry Crookham pressed some brick this week. He will soon have another Kiln read to fire. ... Talcot and Growcock shipped in a Threshing machine from Valley and will run it in this vicinity this season. ... E.A. Gerrard the Editor, is attending the State Prohibition Convention in Lincoln today. ... Mrs. Emma Gillan and daughter of Omaha arrived yesterday for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kerr. ...

C.A. Gerrard received notice of the allowance of his pension of $6 per month. To Hon. J.M. Robison's earnest efforts is due the promptness with which the matter was acted upon. ... Mrs. Lenon and Mrs. Draper both continue quite sick. ... Gerrard's new house will be ready for occupancy in a few days, and is for rent. ... The A.D. Co. buy large amounts of roughness for their cattle beside the grain, it leaves money in the country. ... Hollingshead & Terry will have a nice room for their store, the shelves and counters are being put in, they intend to have a share of the trade. ... Jack in the box is an old story, but Jack Williams has a high perch in the new part of his store. He is just as glad to see you as ever and can see you sooner. ... WANTED 5 YOUNG MEN from Platte County at once to prepare for positions in the Government Service - Railway Mail Clerks, Letter Carriers, Custom House and Department Clerks, etc. Apply to Inter-State Corres Inst., Cedar Rapids, Ia. ... Emerson's are paying about three hundred dollars per week for help. Think what that means to a little town. Last fall they paid five hundred per week.

OCONEE NOTES - The Telephone Co., has men at work here putting in extra wires. Telegraphy is now a thing of the past. ... Mayberger & Pifells have been doing some threshing for J.C. Dawson and R.S. Hilliard. ... Daniel Murdock is threshing for Grant Delarm using as a power his gasoline engine.

August 14, 1902

Mrs. B.S. Thurston returned from her easter visit yesterday. ... Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard, of Ill., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gates. ... Mrs. Tom Hill, Sr., is very ill, but was reported as improving a little yesterday. ... The Seed Co. picked 100 bushes of pickles Monday. They are salting them down. ... Oscar Crawford has commenced hauling out lumber for a new barn. ... Mrs. C.W. Zeigler of Columbus, had quite a serious accident yesterday, in going down stairs she slipped and fell, spraining her wrist very badly. ... The O.E. Co have a gasolene engine for there elevator. ... /Dick Rossiter is here this week doing some surveying for Gerrard and Zeigler. ... Frank Emmerson was looking after his interests here yesterday. ... Mrs. Slayton retruned from her visit in Michigan on Friday last. She says she was homesick all the time she was gone.

OCONEE NOTES - J. Dincen sustained damage by the irrigation canal breaking out flooding his potatoes and corn. We hear of many complaints against the Irrigation Co., for damage done to crops. ... Some threshing has been done in this vicinity, the yield is a little better than farmers anticipated. ... R.S. Hilliard hopes he will spend the winter in Virginia.

August 26, 1902

Miss F.E. Weeks is sick, she will not be able to get home this month. ... Born, Aug. 3rd, 1902, to Mr. and Mrs. John Miller a son. ... Miss Anna Mylett will teach the Primary department until Miss Weeks is able to return. ... Mrs. L. J. Hendryx expects to start Saturday evening for Denver, for a visit with her aunt. ... Chas. Hill of Springfield, So. Dak. was here the latter part of th last week visiting his brother-in-law, Wm. Webster and his son, Howard Hill. ... Mr. Lenon took Mrs. Lenon to Omaha Monday, where she will receive medical attendance at the hospital. ... Mrs. J.R. Hicks received a telegram Monday evening announcing the dearth of her mother at Picton, Canada, in her 86th year. The funeral being on Tuesday the message arrived too late for her to attend.

OCONEE NOTES - John Schiltz was hauling his old corn, Saturday, to the Oconee grain buyers. ... Mrs. O.T. Weber's niece and nephew, from Omaha, are visiting here this week. ... Ray and Will Drawbridge have gone to St Paul, Nebr., to work in the hay fields. ... J.C. Dawson was a Columbus visitor Monday.

September 4, 1902

J.A. Ziegler returned to Monroe last week Saturday. C.W. Zeigler has 4 thoroughbred Duroc Jersey boars for sale. ... L. Gerrard and wife visited relatives in Monroe Monday, Labor Day. ... L.O. Williams went to Kearney this week to do some budding for parties there. ... Mrs Estella Thompson goes to Creston, Nebr. Thursday for a visit of a week or so. ... Miss Lizzie Hall started Saturday for Peru, Nebr. to attend Normal School for the winter. ... Harry Crookham is putting some repressed brick in the kiln, we hope they will be nice. ... The Fullerton boys played Monroe on Monday last, the game stood nine to eleven in favor of Fullerton.

Mrs. John Gleason bruised her ankle seriously a couple of weeks ago it was very painful, she had the doctor. ... Mr. Nelson who has been visiting his daughter Mrs. Engbert, returned to Virginia City, Montana Monday last. ... Jas. Wetherby returned from California last week, he will go back to the coast this winter, possibly will locate there. ... Drs. Benthack, Hansen, Evens, and others were up Friday holding a consultation over Mrs. Draper, who has been very sick. ... Miss Lizzie Lightner and Miss Bartholomue went east Saturday to purchase their fall and winter supply of millinery, which will be up to date. ... The school bell rang Monday with its old familiar sound. We think the children will be glad to get back to school even though it was Labor Day. ... Mr. Isaiah Lightner brought in a sample of Wealthy apples grown on his place, they are hard to beat. The largest one weighs fourteen ounces and measures 13 inches around. ...C.W. Talbitzer has received word that those desiring to attend the G.A.R. reunion at Hastings, Nebr. from Monroe Sept. 8th to 16th can find accommodations at Atlanta Post Headquarters at the corner of the G St Laird Ave. on the grounds.

OCONEE NOTES - C.L. Gerrard was in town Tuesday, he gave us an interesting description of the mines he saw on his recent trip to Utah and Colo. ... Daniel Murdock will have a man here to handle lumber and coal. ... Frank Newton reports cucumbers and melons on the seed farm growing nicely now.

September 25, 1902

Mrs. C.R. Conger returned from her visit at Grand Island Saturday last. ... Robt. Church of Columbus is visiting with Ralph Holcomb. ... Mr. McDougal of Oconee was up yesterday looking for a location, he want to move to Monroe. ... The Osceola papers report the marriage of Mr. John Freeman and Miss Sylvia Preston. ... C.W. Hollingshead and John Truelove are paying extra price for 1901 wheat to sow. ... Mrs. Anna Young left for her home at North Bend yesterday, after an extended visit with relatives in and near Monroe. ... Mrs. Lenon returned from Omaha where she has been receiving medical treatment, much improved in health. ... Robt. Plants had two fingers of his right hand caught in the chain of the threshing machine last week. One finger was taken off at the first joint and the other finger badly split, he had them dressed and went back to run the engine the same day.

H.J. Hendryx has sold his general merchandise business to N.A. Mansfield and C.E. Smith of Albion. Lou will remain in the grocery department. ... The Telephone Co. put in phones for us last week Friday. It is a long looked for come at last. Now you who have telephones can call us up and order LOOKING GLASS without much trouble. ... S.C. Terry and David Jenkinson went to Wyoming and brought in a bunch of horses. Terry says there were 200 cars coming east at the time they came. One man from New Hampshire and one from Louisiana, were bringing some.

OCONEE NOTES - R.S. Hilliard bought some fine winter wheat from Ernest Hoare for seed. ... The free Sociable held at the residence of Mrs. Delarms was well attended. A good supper was served by the Ladies Aid Society. ... Geo. Drawbridge will begin to husk his pop corn next week, he expect a large yield. ... Daniel Murdock hauled in his gasoline engine for use in the elevator.

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