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Platte Co., NE - Monroe 1902 News (Oct-Dec) NEGenWeb Project
Monroe Looking Glass
1902 Newspaper Extracts (October - December)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers! Also a special thanks to Shirley Martys who has been a huge help in transcribing these articles. You can tell which ones she does--she takes the time to bold the names! Thanks, Shirley!!

October 9, 1902

John Kerr and family of So. Dak are here visiting his parents. ... Mr. Ralph Holcomb has been appointed substitute for Mrs Kenyon as mail carrier on the rural delivery route. ... Miss Anna Durham has been confined to her bed this week with an attack of tonsilities. ... Ralph Holcomb is hauling the brick for the foundation of Mrs. T.B. Gerrad's new house on her farm east of Oconee. ... Mr. Hitchcock of near Oconee, and Mr. Dillon are building John Gleeson's barn, it will be 36 x50x18ft posts. ... Mrs Wm. Draper who is at St. Marys hospital in Columbus is improving but it will be some time before she will be able to come home. ...

WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN IN COLUMBUS October 15th, In Afternoon. It will do you good to hear him, He never misses the mark, Hear Him Once. ... For rent, a 6 room house, with good celler and well. Enquire of F.H. Gerrard. ... Harry Crookham has the new brick kiln opened, has some nice looking brick, two colors, from two kinds of clay. ... The New Voice mixed the pictures of Gov. Davies and Lieut. Gov. Ligthner. They are both better looking than their pictures so it makes little difference. ... Robt Neimeister, who has been Mr. Hendryx's dry-goods clerk for the past year, has accepted a position at Newmans Grove, where he goes tomorrow. He has sold his residence to Ellis Williams. Mr. Neimeister has made many friends in Monroe who wish him success in his new home. ... The new wagon for the school conveyance arrived on Tuesday. The makers forgot to put their names on it so they will get no advertising from this district. No doubt Craig will look proud now. The children have a picnic every day with the new system.

December 4, 1902

Mr. C.A. Wood returned from David City on Saturday. ... E.C. Hicks spent Thanksgiving with his parents in Monroe. ... Charley Cave is getting to be quite a Broncho buster lately. ... Wm. Percy says his fathers corn went 50 bushels in the poorest part. ... C.W. Zeigler shipped two cars of hogs to Omaha Tuesday night. ... Mr. Mann has bargained for a lot just south of where he lives. It is good property. ... Mr. Daulton of Columbus, who does the brick work on the Gerrard building came up Monday and commenced work. ... Mrs. C.W. Zeigler returned to Columbus, Monday, after a weeks visit with relatives in Monroe.

John Blodgett reports his flock of sheep doing nicely on the stubble and fall rye fields, where there is an abundance of feed. ... Mr and Mrs Drawbridge will move this week to Mo. ... The rural mail carriers had a hard trip after the snow on Wednesday. Mrs. Ruth Kenyon, who carries the mail on Rout No 2 got her team stalled in a drift and was dug out by Mr. Dannals. ... Monday eve some of the young folks got up a surprise in honor of Miss Boyd, who was going home to Omaha. It was held at the milliner store of Miss Lightner and Bartholomew. They had a lively time.

December 18, 1902

Ed Rositer was on our streets yesterday. ... J.J. Williams was a Columbus visitor on Friday last. ... Mrs. John Munter Sr. was a Genoa visitor on Saturday last. ... Dr. E.Y. Haughawout Dentist at Monroe every Wednesday, at Hotel. ... Five more span of horses left, take your pick for $150. a span. F.H. Gerrard ... Mrs. Emma Barnum was visiting her parents in Monroe this week. ... Emmerson and Terry will both build hog houses patterned after C.W. Zeiglers's. ... The elevators were both crowded with teams yesterday. They were hauling corn. ... Hollingshead and Dack will build a hay barn at Clarks, they will ship the lumber from Monroe. ... D.W. Reisland is putting an addition to his building. Report says it is for a dance hall. ... Born, Dec. 16th, 1902 to Mr. and Mrs Howard Hill, a daughter.

OCONEE NOTES - Otto Pahrman has a farm near West Plains, Mo. He reports the country there very prosperous. ... Ben McCone was in town Wednesday driving one of the fine rigs from the Monroe Livery barn. ... Walter Bloer has been driving his shetland pony to a cutter. ... S. Percy drove down from Monroe Monday. ... A sister of Mrs. August Johnson arrived here from Germany, last week, she will make her home with her sister for a while.

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