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Monroe Looking Glass
1906 Newspaper Extracts (April - June)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. Also, I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers and to Shirley Martys for typing the articles.

June 14, 1906

Frank Matson of Madison got off the train to shake hands with firends Satruday evening. ... C.W. Zeigler and Wm. Pollard each shipped a car of hogs to Omaha on Thursday evening. ... We hear of a collision at Platte Center, during the ball game on Sunday. These things ought not to be. ... We understand the R. Pugsley comes to Monroe to take a hand in business about the first of July. He will be very welcome. ... O.C. Shannon of Columbus was a Monroe visitor on the last Thursday. He has property interests here that he wishes to dispose of. ... On Saturday we took a trip to Oconee, going the north road and returning the south road. The wheat is very good, Draper has an even looking piece which is hard to beat. Oconee is on the boom, a new store is well under way and Murdock has the stakes for a new building to enlarge his store, the building he now occupies to be used for a storage room. There is every reason to predict that Oconee will have goods at the lowest figures consistant with fair profits or below in the near future, anyway Oconee's long predicted boom is in a fair way to materialize. ... We notice that Coulter & Franklin close their place of business on Sunday, which commends them to the good will and respect of the better class of citizens and builds them a foundation for future business.

June 28, 1906

El Rossiter was a Monroe caller on Monday. ... F.H. Gerrard, went up to Lindsay Friday evening. ... Link Lee was up looking after his agricultural interests, the rest of the week. ... The ladies have had the church papered; it is handsomely bordered, and the ceiling pleases us very much. ... Shell Creek neighborhood came over on Tuesday to play ball with Monroe; Result: Monroe 20 to 0. ... We hear Miss Keating is to teach the under graduate department in the Monroe school the coming year. ... Mr Jonas Welch, was up on last Friday. He was taking home a bunch of wheat that showed up well; it was good height, long heads and appeared to be filling out to the end well. ... We are trying to improve the Looking Glass, have a new press and engine, and a new printer in course of construction, he bids fair to become a good printer soon. ... Calvin H McNeal shipped his household goals on Friday. He goes to Missouri. He came here two years ago, and was not out of work a day. Monroe was a good place for him. On last Thursday, John Talbitzer met with a serious accident. His horses ran away, throwing him out and breaking one bone of his leg near the ankle. He was resting comfortably when we called.

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