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Monroe Looking Glass
1906 Newspaper Extracts (July - September)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. Also, I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers and to Shirley Martys for typing the articles.

July 5, 1906

Mr Blackmore was in Omaha, last week. ... Mrs Estell Thompson, started for California, on Monday. She hopes for better health there. ... Mrs E.A. Gerrard went to Columbus last Saturday to stay for Sunday. ... Mrs Emma Barnum went up to Loup co., last week; though she will stop at Burwell first. ... Mrs Wm. Webster left on Monday evening, for Bennett to spend the Fourth with her mother. ... Lightning struck the barn on the place where Carl Schulte lives, killing a horse, and doing some damage to the barn. The horse was not insured. ... Mrs John Munter started for Indiana, last Saturday; to see her mother who is sick. Report says she instituted proceedings for a divorce from John Munter before starting. ... ACCIDENT AT GENOA - Walter Gillespie of Monroe, was riding a race horse, the horse fell backwards with him. This morning he was unconscious, but hopes of his recovery are still entertained. He is a young man, his fathers family live here. ...There was a very pleasant gathering in the Chapin grove at Oconee, on the Fourth. W.A. McAllister was the orator of the day. Miss Sadie Wilson read the Declaration; and Miss Bertha Chapin recited a short oration. After which there were sports.

July 12, 1906

The Lightner place is getting a new porch over the back door, which will be quite a convenience. ... Mrs Munter is having a comb put on her residence, and a porch on each end. It will make a change in the looks of the place. ... Fellers' have put a new roof on the part of the livery stable that needed it. Now when they get it painted it will be quite a recommend for the new purchasers. ... The Commerical hotel seems to be doing a rushing business, judging by the number of people that gather on their pleasant porch, of an evening. ... Walter Gilispie who was hurt at Genoa, on the Fourth was taken to Columbus on the train, last Saturday. Dr. Evans was up, said he had a chance for life, if he could stand an operation. ... Monroe elevator changed hands. The Wells Nieman elevator was sold to Hoard of Central City; who is one of the largest feeders in the State. ...

OCONEE ITEMS - Born to Mr and Mrs Walter Beckwith, Friday July 6th, a son. ... Mrs Stark of Fullerton Nebr., is visiting her brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Scutts. ... A.J. Beckwith had over twenty boys from Columbus working the beet fields. ... C.L. Gerrard was here Monday, he reports his wheat and oat crop about ready to havest. ... R.P. Bodmer went to Omaha Wednesday.

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