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Monroe Looking Glass
1911 Newspaper Extracts (February)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. Also, I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers and to Shirley Martys for typing the articles.

January 5, 1911

Gordon Hill was a Columbus visitor Tuesday.

Jim Berry was a Columbus visitor on Tuesday.

Misses Susie and Anna Smith were Columbus visitors Friday.

Miss Vivian Jenkinson of Columbus arrived Friday for a visit with relatives.

Fred Hill left Saturday for a visit in Council Bluffs, Iowa returning Tuesday.

Miss Grace McWilliams was an over Sunday guest with her brother Everett, of Genoa.

Miss Mildred Chapin of Oconee was an over Sunday guest of Miss Mabel McWilliams.

Mrs. Fred Hill returned home Wednesday after a two weeks visit with her parents in Council Bluffs.

Mrs. H.J. Hill and daughters returned home Wednesday from Dennison, Iowa, after a two weeks visit with relatives.

John Dickinson and family of Palmer, Nebr., spent New Years in Monroe with Mrs. M.E. Dickinson.

Prof. J.I. Engleman returned Tuesday afternoon to be ready for his school duties Wednesday, after spending the holidays with the home folks in Grand Island.

Prof. and Mrs J.R. Alcock returned to their home at Butte, Nebr., Tuesday after spending the holidays with their daughter, Mrs. David McWilliams.

Miss Elsie Adams, assistant principal of the Monroe School returned from Madison Tuesday, where she went to spend the holidays with home folks.

Miss Maude Hill who has been spending a few days in Columbus, with Miss Grace Lubker, returned home Tuesday. She was accompanied by Marguerite Lubker who will visit here for a few days.

C.O. Hart left Tuesday evening for Lincoln to be present at the wedding of Andrew Saline, which took place Wednesday evening. Andrew is well known here, having lived here until moving to Lincoln about seven years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Webster were Columbus visitors Wednesday.

Mrs. F.R. Hoppock and son Winfield, of Fullerton, arrived Wednesday for a visit with her sister, Mrs Harry Leiber.

DEATH - Nellie Swanson passed away at her home north of Monroe, Saturday evening, after an illness extending over several months. She became suddenly worse Friday. A physician was called and all was done that could be, yet she passed on to that land where there is no more parting. The remains were taken to Nebraska City Tuesday for burial.

CARD OF THANKS - We wish to thank our many friends and neighbors for the many acts of kindness given us during the sickness and death of our daughter and sister Nellie. - Mr. and Mrs. August Swanson and family.

February 3, 1911

Platte Center

- Platte Center Signal - While chopping wood last Tuesday Henry Lobhoff had the misfortune to let his ax slip in such a manner as to cut a gash about two inches long in his left foot. The wound was not serious, but very painful, and necessitated some surgical mending.

We are pleased to note that the reports from the bedside of Henry Gerhing are more encouraging. While he is still a very sick man, his present condition permits him to be out of bed and sitting up during a portion of the day. The Signal joins most sincerely with his relatives and many friends in their hopes for a continuation of his improved condition.

A.C. Parker received word last Saturday that his sister, Mrs Dr. C.H. Platz, who has been seriously ill at her home in Torrington the past three weeks was taken last Thursday to a hospital at Scott's Bluff, a distance of 35 miles, for treatment. Dr. and Mrs. Platz formerly resided in Columbus, and have many acquaintences at this place who will regret to hear of their affliction.

Mrs. R.W. Perkinson received a message last Saturuday informing her of the serious illness of her sister-in-law, Mrs. P.F. Doody, at her home in Cheyenne. For several years Mrs. Doody has been afflicted with a serious heart trouble, and grave fears are entertained for her recovery. Mrs. Perkinson left at once to be present at her bedside. Word has since been recieved that Mrs. Doody is slightly improved.

The prospect of a much coveted visit to father land for a happy family reunion was somewhat marred by the news received by Mr. David Schreiber last Monday that his mother had died at the old home in Derdoff, Russia. Mr. ad Mrs. Schrieber contimplated a trip next March at the special invitation issued from the old home for a grand family reunion. They will still make the trip, but the mother will be missing at the reunion.

At the end of the last week an urgent call was sent to the absent children of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Regan, the occasion being the serious illness of Mrs Regan with pnuemonia. Accordingly Mrs. J. C. Cahill of Longmont, Colo., John G. Regan and wife of Adel, Iowa, and Miss Margaret Regan, of Meadow Grove, arrived here at the beginning of the week to be at the bedside of their mother. At this writing Mrs Regan is reported as resting easy and somewhat improved but she is still a very sick woman.


The Genoa Times - While placing a barrel of sweeping dope in the basement of the Genoa National Bank Monday morning one of the men at the head of the stairs lost his grip on the rope and the barrel shot down the stairs and struck Charles Ostensen who was in front of it. Ostensen's left leg was severely bruised.

Mike Brown, after hovering about as near the other side as a man can without passing over, is slowly recovering from an attack of typhoid fever. He is very weak, but hungry all the time. Visions of roast beef, fried chicken and other good things are constantly on his mind, but he is not allowed to have his own way when the dinner bell rings and the cook dishes up the bill of fare.

Since Ed Kelley, of Monore, the champion catch-as-catch-can wrestler of the Looking Glass valley, put "Bally" Cuddeford on the mat, he has been looking for another victim in Genoa. The Genoa sports are accomendating and they have arrangened for a match between Kelley and C E King. The Genoa wrestler is a farmer boy and strong enough to grab a steer by the tail and throw it over a barbed wire fence. In addition to his strength he has good staying qualities and some science, and the prediction is made that the Looking Glass champion will not have an easy mark on his hands. The match will take place in the Genoa High School Gymnasium on Friday evening, February 4.

Local - Monroe

D.H. Gipe of Columbus was a Monroe caller tuesday. ... W. J. Kelley of St. Edward was a Monroe visitor Tuesday. .... Ed Farmer was in Columbus on business Tuesday. ... Dr. Maxwell, the Dentist, will be in Monroe every Monday. ... Rev. J.R. Beale was a Spalding visitor Tuesday and Wednesday. ... Rev. Phillips was a passenger to Genoa Wednesday afternoon. ... Mrs. Lowe of St. Edward is a guest at the A C Loucks home this week. ... Miss Lydia Seefield returned to Columbus Tuesday after an extended visit at the O.B. Preston home. ... Mrs R.G. Strother and daughter Helen, accompanied by Mrs Strother's sister, Mrs John Brennan, were visiting in Monroe Thursday. ... A letter from Dr. and Mrs W.W. Frank says they are leaving Hayden, Colo., and are going to Wyoming for a visit with the doctor's brother. They have not as yet decided on a permanent location. ... Lester Kelly, who has been at the hospital in Columbus for the last ten days, where he was operated on for appendicitis, returned home Thursday. While he is still very weak, his condition was such that he was permitted to return home after being out of bed for two days. ... While working around the corn sheller at the Chas. Lightner place Thursday, Fred Goke had his hand caught in the machinery and two of his fingers crushed. He was moving the self feeder and in reaching below it some of the machinery caught his hand, drawing it in.

Mrs. Fred Strain left Thursday for Mt. Pleasant, Ia., called by the very serious illness of her brother, Harlan Morrow, who has appendicitis. For the last two years Mr. Morrow has been a resident of Monroe, and about the first of the year went to Mount Pleasant to visit. ... J. Will Campbell of the Walrath & Sherwood Lumber Co. goes to Omaha next week, where he will attend the first annual manager's convention given by that company. The convention will be held Wednesday of next week and be attended by the employees of the company, and conclude with banquet. ... As I am going to move to town I will sell at public auction on the Harry Lieber farm 3 1/2 miles north and 1 mile west of Monroe, on February 14, all of my farm machinery and most of my live stock. ARTHUR BRYAN ... The Ifland boys started up the shredder Monday, but broke down again. ... Mr. and Mrs Herring of Loup City are visiting their daughters, Mrs. Albert and Gus Tessendorf. ... Mike Bruhn has rented the D. Folliott place and commenced moving on it Wednesday. ... Geo. Weber was threshing his millet Wednesday, using the gasoline engine that runs his brother's sheller. ... Mr and Mrs J.A. Baker of Route 2 left Tuesday for Howard county for a visit with their daughter, Mrs J.H. Hollinghead and family. ... Everybody on the route has a good case of the grippe, young and old, rich and poor. Some are in bed, and some are out doing work, but they show the effects of the disease just the same. ... James Thomazin and Chris Martin shipped a car of hogs to South Omaha Monday that were eleven months old and tipped the beam at an average of 317 pounds. Don't you think that is pretty good? ... W.E. Huffer and two sons, George and Charles, left Thursday for Plattesmouth, Neb., to attend the funeral of J.W. Adams, who owned the place occupied by Mr. Huffer until a year ago. ... Mrs. Ben Nelson left for Cedar Rapids Monday morning, called there by the serious illiness of Guy Beaty, son of Mr and Mrs Lee Beaty, who formerly lived in the Wattsville neighborhood. It is hoped by their many friends in this locality that he will soon be on the road to recovery as he is their only child.

OBITUARY - Sarah Ann Champman was born in Urbana, Staubos county, New York, September 20, 1838. Died in Monroe, Nebr., February 1, 1911, aged 72 years, 4 months and eleven days. Was married to Robert B Sutton December 4, 1859, by Rev. Royce, they lived together over 50 years. To this union was born one son, Willim M Sutton, who passed away at the age of 32 years, July 20, 1892. The husband passed away January 8, 1910, leaving the wife and mother alone for one year and 23 days. An adopted daughter, Mrs May Terry, and three grand children, Robt. B Sutton of David City, Neb., Mrs Jessie Hensicker of Colorado and Wm. M Sutton, of Monroe, Neb., and a large circle of friends are left to mourn, but not as those who have no hope. She was converted and joined the Baptist church in childhood and continued a life long member of the same. She was a lover of music, and was often heard to sing the sweet songs of Zion. Her sickness was of short duration, but her suffering was intense, but she never complained. She said nothing of dying but said when she was well that she believed in being ready when the Lord called her. She was also a member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, had been a member for over 15 years. We shall miss her in our union, her sweet words of council and her admonition. Though she was deprived of the privilige of attending very often she was ever ready with a smile to greet us. She with her husband came to Nebraska in January 1879, and has lived in and near Monroe 32 years. She was a kind friend and loving mother, and will be greatly missed in the home. Funeral services held in the M.E. Church at 1:30 this afternoon, conducted by Rev. Alderman, Baptist minister of Columbus.

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