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The Monroe News
1925 Newspaper Extracts (July - September)

Please note that these are selected articles only and I do not have access to the full year of newspapers. Also, I have retained the original wording and spelling from the articles. I realize they contain many typographical errors. A special thanks to Charlotte Morton for loaning me these newspapers! Also a special thanks to Shirley Martys who has been a huge help in transcribing these articles. You can tell which ones she does--she takes the time to bold the names! Thanks, Shirley!!

August 13, 1925

A street vender occupied a portion of the sidewalk on Main Street wednesday afternoon selling auto tire and inner tube patches and held the attention of a small crowd the greater part of the day. ... Kelly & Son have installed fine, large McCray refrigerator and meat container in their meat market. ... Mrs. F.F. Schricker and daughter, Mildred, of North Platte who have been visiting at the Otto Schricker home, returned to her home Thursday. ... Rev. and Mrs. H.A. Hagemeier and little Helen Louise arrived home this Thursday evening from their extended trip thru the west and Texas. Welcome home! Services at the Union Church next Sunday at the regular hour. ... Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Ziegler and their little granddaughters, Lucile and Esma Truelove drove to Clarks, Friday, to visit at the home of their daughter, Mrs. B. Cowgill and family, Little Donna Cowgill returned with Zieglers' and on Saturday they celebrated little Esma's sixth birthday with a picnic dinner in the Columbus park and a trip to the big circus afterwards. No wonder little folks wish that birthdays would come every day in the year when grandparents so royally entertain them. Here's wishing little Esma many more happy birthdays. ... Geo. Farmer, who has been visiting his sons, John, Ed and Cleave and their families the past seven months, left Tuesday noon with his son, Zeke, for Dawson Springs, Ky, where they will make their future home. ... Miss Marguerita Schricker returned home Sunday after visiting for a week with relatives at Albion. She was accompanied home by her cousin, Miss Selma Schricker, who intends to spend the week in Monroe.

Timothy Larrimore and Miss Linda Baer were united in marriage, in Columbus, on last Thursday morning, Aug. 6th 1925, by Judge John Gibbon. They returned to Monroe the same evening and are making their home with his brother, John for the present as the brothers have been in partership the past year farming. Altho the young couple are newcomers in this vicinity the News joins with their many friends in wishing them a happy and successful journey thru life. ... Mrs. Elizabeth Parry was seriuolsy hurt Friday evening, about 5 miles north of Columbus, when the car door flew open and she fell out backwards and hit her head, bruised her body and cut her knee and angle quite seriously. She was in a semi-concious state until Wednesday. She was taken at once to the Columbus Hospital and is much better at this writing. They expect to remove her to her sister's Mrs. W. H. Thomas in Columbus, today if she is able to leave the hospital. ... Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nansel and daughter, Miss Lila, and son, Mike, drove to Columbus, where Mike had his arm dressed at the hospital. The doctor pronounces the arm getting on splendidly. ... A large crowd attended the rodeo held here, Sunday afternoon. Ralph Potter of Columbus, won the prize of $25 for riding Black Jack, one of the best bucking horses. ... Mable Bushgens was a visitor at Oconee Monday at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Mitchell.

Mrs. Thos. Evans and son, Earl, left for their home in Cedar Rapids, Friday, after visiting her sister, Mrs. A.E. Hoare and brother, F.P. Lamb and their families. ... Mrs. E. Jacobsen of Lincoln, arrived Saturday for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Sam Gibbs and family. ... Willis Lawrense is able to be about again after having a seige of the flu. ... Keith Sutton is visiting at the home of his great grandfather, the venerable John Sacrider at David City. ... Lloyd and Elvin Hill and Alfred Schmidt drove to Grand Island Sunday morning, returning that same evening accompanied by Miss Verna Hill, who had spent the past week visiting relatives and friends in the Island. ... The Wattsville school house is receiving a coat of paint which improves the appearence very much. A.D. Keltie, of Monroe is doing the work. ... John Sacrider and daughter, Miss Carrie, and Horace Sacrider ate dinner at the Wm. Sutton home Monday. They were on their way home from Fullerton where they had spent the week end with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Maunder and daughter, of Hastings, enroute home from the lakes in Minnesota stopped in Monroe last Thursday evening for some car repairing, and, when upon learning that this was the home of Mr. Maunders boyhood chum Geo. F. Alexander, called upon the later and the two old friends enjoyed a very pleasant time in reminescence of boyhood pranks and incidents of fifty years ago in and near Kewanee, Illinois. ... Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Lubben and daughters, Grace and Alta, of Newman Grove are visiting at the home of her, Henry Lambertus. They attended the circus in Columbus and brot home Miss Anna Lambertus, who has been visit her aunt, Miss Emma Sisson. ... Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Frana and little Frances left Friday morning for Tabor, S.D., for a two weeks visit with relative and friends. ... Mr. and Mrs Herman Claybaugh and children are enjoying a motor trip in the Rocky Mountains with Yellowstone Park the main attraction. ... Louie Engberg is home again after working on the farm almost the entire summer. ... Miss Brockman arrived home last Saturday, after completing a 9 weeks course at Midland College, at Fremont. Miss Brockman is on the local staff of teachers for the coming school year.

August 27, 1925

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lightner and children drove to Grand Island after their son, Stephen, who is attending G.I. Business College, Sunday afternoon. Stephen returned to Grand Island Tuesday noon. ... Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Preston drove to Farwell, Sunday, to visit with Mr. Preston's sister, Mrs. Ed Farrar, who has been seriously ill for sometime past but is now past danger and slowly improving. ... Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fleming and family of St. Edward, spent Sunday in Monore as guests of his mother, Mrs. Fleming. ... Leland, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Warner passed on to his heavenly home, August 20, 1925, at the age of 3 days. The little one was very delicate from birth and had only one chance in a thousand of surviving. Funeral services were held at the house and at the New Hope Cemetery. Rev. Henry Weber officvating. The Mesdames Dubrava, Felter, and Henry Weber sang at the grave, "Safe inthe the arms of Jesus." The little one leaves to mourn his loss besides his parents, 2 sisters, Ruth and Fern and 2 brothers, Glen and Earl, a large number of aunts, uncles, and cousins. ... Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Ziegler received an announcement of the wedding of their granddaughter, Miss Alberta Truelove and Marion E. Newkirk, which took place at the bride's home at Eureka, Kan., Aug. 1st. The bride, who is the eldest daughter of Fred Truelove, has been attending High School at Strawn, Kans., the home of groom and would have been a senior the coming school term. They will be at home at Strawn, Kan., the first of Sept. The News wishes them the very best of success, happiness, and properity.

Mrs. L.A. Hill enjoyed a visit with her sister and family in Fremont last week. ... W.H. Kimberly, of Lincoln, was a welcome caller at the Ben Nelson home Tuesday morning. ... Eric Johnson put up hay on the Potter meadow, Tuesday and Wednesday. ... Harry Nicholoson lost a milk cow Monday - death due to green corn. ... Mr. and Mrs John Farmer received word Friday morning that a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Huffer, of Portland, Ore. The little tot tipped scales at 8 lb 10 oz. and is pronounced an exact counterpart of his father. Mrs. Huffer is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Farmer and is a well known Monroe girl. Both mother and babe are doing necely and are at the Samratan Hospital in Portland. We kindly ask our readers to please excuse Gr4andpa and Grandma Farmer's extreme joy this week. ... We are glad to state that Robert Clayburn is convalescing after his recent illness. ... Last Saturday Ed Farrar, of Farwell, phoned for Dr. James, of Columbus, but formely of Mayo Bros., Rochester, Minn., to drive to Farwell for a professional call on Mrs. Farrar, who has been serioulsy ill for some time. Jas. Farrar of Monroe, accompanied Dr. James to Farwell that night. The Doctor pronounced Mrs. Farrar in not such a serious condition as was feared and that quiet and rest is the best medicine any doctor can prescribe for her at the present.

September 17, 1925

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jenkinson, Thursday, Sept 10, 1925 at the home of Dr. and Mrs. C.D. Williams in Genoa. The life of the little one was first despaired of but the indications are now, that she has the chance to grow as strong and hearty as her sisters. ... Carl Hart of Genoa, was in Monroe Saturday on business. ... Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Frana and daughter, Frances, were Columbus visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Ziegler motored to Columbus Monday to enter some of their choice garden products at the Mid Nebraska Exposition. ... Raymond Smoot son, Robert, left Wednesday for a visit to his old home in Lewisville, Ky., where he expects to be gone about a month. ... M.C. Killion and John Lammers returned Saturday from Long Pine where they spend a week fishing. Mr. Killion left that same evening for Kearney to spend the rest of his vacation with his wife's parents, where Mrs. Killion and the children are visiting. ... Chas. Terry and his father, S.C. Terry drove to Genoa Tusday to consult with Dr. Williams conerning Mr. Terry's health. ... Miss LIzzie Hurner spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A Hurner of Gruitli. ... Gus Olson spent Sunday with his family in Monroe. Mr Olson works in Columbus as a first class carpenter but for the shortage of houses in that city was forced to move his family to Monroe a few weeks ago.

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