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Platte County, Nebraska Photos

CEMETERIES and HEADSTONES PEOPLE (NOTE: Please use your back button to return to this page)
    • CORNLEA:
      • Baseball team - circa 1912. Names written on back of picture: Kruse, Otto Olk, Catcher Hayes, Smagatz, Ed Bender, Bill Olk. Need help matching names to picture. Submitted by Loren Bender (

      • Group photo - circa early 1900's. Names on back of picture: William Bender, George Henry Bender, Charles Bender, and Tille Bender. Tille may be in first row on the left, Charles in center, William lower row on right, and George upper row on right. On the front of photo in back row is someone Mueting. Submitted by Loren Bender (

    • "Nebraskans 1904-1914" - photographs of prominent citizens of Nebraska! (apprx 670 photos); a clickable index, with 4 photos to a page. (Offsite. Special thanks to Lynn Waterman)

    • Need your help with these!
      Unknown Girl - Says Aunt Jude on the back. Was in the possession of Dean Fouts of Iowa. Submitted by Roseanna Mary Zehner (

    PLACES (NOTE: Please use your back button to return to this page)


        • Abts Building and Saloon, built in 1889. Back of the picture says that John Peter Abts, Sr. is in the doorway; John Peter Abts, Jr. is on the delivery wagon and Arnold Abts has the apron on. (These are both John Peter's sons.) - submitted by Mary Beth Langley Turecek, gggranddaughter of J.P. Abts and Elizabeth Gruenheck Abts (

        • Columbus Fuel & Storage Company advertising Peacock Coal - submitted by Marge Galus Sandlier (

        • Abarr & Bakey - barber shop owned by E.A. Bakey. G.W. Abarr, on left; Edmund Augustus Bakey, on right - submitted by Mary Beth Langley Turecek (

        • Snow's Book Store 1909, Ray Rector, L. W. Snow, Mrs. Snow, Carl Scofield, J.W. Langley and M. W. Langley. (Note: J. W. Langley is John William Langley - grandfather of Mary Beth Turecek. His brother is Martin W. Langley.) - submitted by Mary Beth Langley Turecek (

        • Snow's Book Store, Columbus, Nebr. 1909. J. W. Langley and Roy Rector - submitted by Mary Beth Langley Turecek (

        • 11th Street, Columbus - south side of street. Tall building near center is Gutzwiller Bakery (built by 1910-11); Merz Meat Market to the right of the bakery; then Moersen's Barber Shop. To the left is Abt's Plumbing; then Carl Hinsching Drug, Hurwitz Shoes; and Southside Furniture. Vehicle was described as a milk delivery wagon.

        • East Columbus - Bird's eye view of East Columbus

        • 13th Street in Columbus - Dated January 26, 1916. - submitted by Ethel Sutton (

        AREA TOWNS:

        • CORNLEA:
          • Pool hall west side of street, Eddie Bender prop. Grampa Bender written on one person; assumed to be Charles Bender. Circa 1913-1916. Submitted by Loren Bender (

          • Wm. Siebler Blacksmith and Wagon Shop located in Cornlea, NE, Circa 1895.

        • CRESTON:
          • A Collection of photos submitted by Melvin D. Bellinger (

          • A Collection of photos submitted by Jim and JoAnn Kendrick from the collection of Ruth Kendrick.

          • Evens Hotel - located in Creston, NE. Jake Evens (standing at the corner of the building with a white shirt and his hands on his hips, just right of the sign) is shown with his wife Lottie and his daughters Verna and Esther. Taken in 1900. - submitted by James Mull (

        • PLATTE CENTER:
          • Platte Center Street - Scene on Main St., prior to 1916. - submitted by Ethel Sutton (

      • SCHOOLS:

        • Third Ward School, Columbus - submitted by Nancy Hartman:
          • Kindergarten Class (1945) - taken at the home of Miss Clifford. Back row from left: Joan Spies, Judy Holtz, Jim Liebschwager, ?, Ann Prentice. Second from back from left: ?, Jim Behlen, Larry Krumland, Sharon Welch. Front row from left: Kippy Soulliere, Virginia McGrew, Annett, ducking to hide from Camera was Nancy Otradovsky, Jane Ann (Howell) Campain.
          • First Grade Class (1946) - First Grade Class of Miss Wilkinson. Top row left side: Annette, Judy, Ann, Joann (?), Jane H., David, James S., James C., Jarues L. ??, (possibly Julius) Nancy. In the second row from top middle by the right of girl with turned head is Joan Sipes, beside her to the right is Welch. Front row 2nd from left: small blond boy, possibly a Newman.
          • Third Grade Class (1948) - Miss Jennet, teacher. Far left by back board front of row #1 Margaret Corn, Craig Baer, maybe Ray Mihulka, Jolene Shemek front of row #2 Jim Stahl, Max Wunderlich, don't know next boy, Judy Holtz, Jim Alperts. Front of Row #3 Jeri Austin, unknown boy, Phillip Tracy, Bonnie Ellison, Nancy Otradovsky. Row #4 front: Patricia Haney, Jeff Mills, Gene Kaplan, Brenda Woodrick, Nadine Massey, not sure of the last girl Alice?
          • Fourth Grade Class (1949) - Miss Davis, teacher. Jeanie Sandal Haney is standing in front. Left side: Henry Cook, maybe Paula Warner, Bonnie Ellison, unknown. I think the last one is Ray Mihulka; #2 row maybe David Olson, Nancy Otradovsky, Judy Hans, Gene Kaplan, boy leaning out Jim Stahl; #3 row, Patricia Haney, Linda Olson, Nadine Massey, Alice Wuetrich, Phillip Tracy, Jeff Mills; Row #4, Craig Bahr(?), Brenda Woodrick, Marilyn Mitchell, Max Wunderlich, Margaret Corn, unknown boy.

            That is the best my memory can do on the photos maybe some other person will see and help ID the children. We moved from Columbus when I was in 1st grade. When we moved back I had been set back one grade due to illness. So my third grade class was a new set of children from those I started with. Then during 4th grade I and some others were moved to the Emerson School due to over crowding.

      • CHURCHES:

        • St. Bonaventure Church, Columbus - submitted by Mary Beth Langley Turecek (
          • Exterior - Labeled on back: "St. Bonaventure Church and St. Francis Academy, Columbus, Nebraska"
          • Interior - Labeled on back: "St. Bonaventure Church, Columbus, Nebr. I received my First Holy Communion in this church June 15, 1893 by Father Pacificus. John W. Langley"

        • Also see: Churches for additional photos


        • Horse Swing - was located at Pawnee Park in Columbus - submitted by Diane Lliteras (

        • Marge & Vivian Brian House - located at 1754 28th Avenue

        • Henggeler Homestead taken September 1903 at the Joseph Schumacher-Mary Henggeler wedding - submitted by Erma Boro

        • Hollman Homestead - the Ed Hollman house (post office Neboville) that burned down after being hit by lightning about 1917, located 3 miles north of Christ Lutheran Church.

        • Hollman Homestead - Ed Hollman house with the old Huber tractor in front.

        • Welch Community Hall 1922-1947 - submitted by Louis Welch

        • Residence Street in Columbus - Corner of 10th Street & 21st Avenue, looking south, possibly owned by a Phillips at that time. Dated September 12, 1916 - submitted by Ethel Sutton (

        • Loup Bridge - Wagon bridge over the Loup River

        • Penny Postcard Collection - postcard photos organized by Nebraska county - Offsite

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