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Adolph Rude, Flanders, SD was “knocked out” and somewhat bruised when he fell from a car while chasing coyotes with Ben Ammon Saturday afternoon. He was taken to the Stuart hospital where the doctor pronounced it a brain concussion and minor injuries. He remained in the hospital until Sunday afternoon when he returned to the Ammon home.

Mr. Rude came here last week to make arrangements to purchase some hounds from Mr. Ammon and it was while trying out a number of these dogs that the accident happened.

Mr. Ammon has a stripped down car with crates built on back of the seat in which he carries his hounds. When he sites a coyote he releases a trip opening a gate and releasing hounds from the various crates as he desires.

Saturday afternoon the party started out and ran onto two coyotes. The coyotes separated and one set of dogs was released to chase one of the coyotes. They then maneuvered into position on the second animal and released another string of dogs. The second coyote was making a get-away and Mr. Rude climbed out of the seat and on top of the crates to get at a rifle, while doing this he either missed his footing or was jarred from the moving car. When Mr. Ammon brought the car back to the spot where he had fallen he found Rude unconscious and he went to a nearby neighbor for help. When they returned Rude was regaining conciousness but was befuddled so they took him to the hospital for attention.

He has so far recovered that it is felt he will suffer no ill effects of his experience.
Rock County Leader - 1940


A long remembered event, which shocked the nerves and very much disturbed the peace and quiet of citizens of this county, occurred in 1886 which was the Anderson murder. A Scandinavian by the name of Anderson and his wife were living alone on a homestead about five miles east of Bassett, and one half mile north of the railroad track, their children being grown and living in Omaha and they had a few head of cattle that the old folks were keeping for them. The old man Anderson wished to purchase some machinery on credit, but could not get the credit without mortgaging some stock and he wished to give a mortgage on these cattle, which belonged to his children; his wife objected to it and it made trouble between them; he several times threatened her life (so she told the neighbors, especially one Mrs. Nigrn, who lived near, and also Mrs. Peter Young, whom we are partially indebted for this information).

The quarrel continued until November 1886 when there came a blizzard and Mrs. Anderson (as was her custom) was doing the chores in the morning and Mr. Anderson struck his wife on the back of the head with a water pail while she was drawing water from a shallow well in a low piece of ground near the house. The blow cut the scalp from the drown of her head down to the back of her neck and nearly from ear to ear, which hung down on her neck and knocked her insensible. Another blow was struck on her forehead just above her left eye which broke in a small portion of her skull, it appeared as by the pole of an ax. She was then put in the well, head down, and some old clothing over her and sod put in the well until it was filled up to the top and a tub or a half a kerosene barrel was turned over all.

The blizzard lasted for three days and Mrs. Nigren, the nearest neighbor not seeing her around as usual doing chores, supposed there was something wrong and went to inquire of her and noticed blood around the well and it in the condition of the above described, she inquired for Mrs. Anderson and she was told that she had gone to Omaha to see the children, which story was not credible owing to the blizzard and the train being blocked. Mrs. Nigren notified the people in Bassett, a search was made and the woman found as described above. Mr. Anderson was immediately arrested and proven guilty and sentenced to the penitentiary for life.
Rock County Leader - 1940