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Saline County
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1890 Crete Business Gazette

Is in the northeastern part of Saline county
on the east bank of the Blue river, at the junction
of the B.and M. RR with the Wymore branch, and is
the western terminus of the M.P.R.R., 21 miles southwest
of Lincoln and 76 miles east of Hastings. Its population
if about 2,400. The location of the city is one of the
most beautiful in the state, and, built as it is on
rising ground, it has the advantage of most excellent

The city enjoys a superior system of water
works.  Pure spring water is pumped into an immense
reservoir, so situated that it throws a stream in case of
fire, 150 feet, which enables the city to dispense with a
costly fire service, the hose department being amply
sufficient. There are over five miles of mains and piping
which easily supply all of the city's demands. The roller
mills of Crete are the pride of the state; they stand all
most at the head of the list and are rapidly increasing
in capacity. 

The First National Bank and the State Bank
of Nebraska are both old institutions, and enjoy the
confidence of the people. The Crete Nurseries occupy 580
acres. The city also has a good creamery. Among other
noticeable recent improvements there is a $25,000 High
School, which is a very fine specimen of school architecture. 
Doane College is located here. It is under the control of
the Congregational church and was established in 1872. 
The course of studies is of the most thorough character. 
Here is the central station of the state weather service. 
The college possesses a very fine observatory, fitted up
with all necessary equipment, including an excellent

The campus containing 100 acres, beautifully
laid out, and presents a most attractive appearance. The
Nebraska State Chautauqua Assembly is also held here, the
grounds covering about 105 acres of elegant park, situated
on the banks of the Blue river. The grounds are dotted with
14 permanent buildings for the accommodation of the different
professors and religious bodies, while during the summer
exercises between 500 and 600 tents are picturesquely
dispersed.  The churches of Crete are the United Brethren,
Church of God, Methodist, Congregational, Episcopal,
Catholic and Lutheran.  Societies: R.A.M., A. F. and A.M.,
I.O.O.F., and A.O.U.W.K. of L., C.S.P.S. and G.A.R.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Aksamit W               Blacksmith agr impls          Crete
Axmit Wensel            Blacksmith                    Crete
Bahner J H              Grocer                        Crete
Baltzley O W            Genl mdse                     Crete
Band Charles M          Phys                          Crete
Bands Opera House       Seats 1,000                   Crete
Barrow John E           Genl mdse                     Crete
Barstow Wm II           Horse Breeder                 Crete
Bathen and Rademacher   Lumber                        Crete
Beard Theodore A C      Postmaster                    Crete
Beaver P H              Shoemaker                     Crete
Becker J H              Confectioner                  Crete
Behrens and Stilke      Genl mdse                     Crete
Berkley Mrs R           Restaurant                    Crete
Blakeslee R             Mgr tel office                Crete
Boekel and Co           Meat market                   Crete
Born Mrs A              Laundry                       Crete
Bravick Jos             Blacksmith                    Crete
Brown J W               Furniture                     Crete
Bryson J                Blacksmith                    Crete
Buchanan W T            Auctioneer, police, judge     Crete
Burket C M              Real estate, loans, ins       Crete
Busboom Benj II         Saloon, billiards             Crete
Childs E L              Dentist                       Crete
Chmelir Wensel S        Saloon                        Crete
Church G W              Grocer                        Crete
City Roller Mills       C C White prop                Crete
Cohn Henry              Tobacco and cigars            Crete
Cone C G                Lumber and coal               Crete
Conrad A                Phys                          Crete
Covert Sidney           Grocer                        Crete
Cox Miss S C            Millinery                     Crete
Crete Creamery          C C Demsey mgr                Crete
Crete Democrat (The)    F Overcash pub                Crete
Crete Globe (The)       Thompson Bros prop and pub    Crete
Crete Nurseries         E F Stevens mgr ornamental    Crete
                        and fruit trees               Crete
Crete Public Library    Miss Lena M Dillon librarian  Crete
Critchfield E S         Actioneer                     Crete
Croston Fay N           Boots and shoes               Crete
Dawes and Foss          Atty's                        Crete
Denison L H             Cashier First National Bank   Crete
Depot Hotel             C W Rollings prop             Crete
Derse J A               Boots and shoes               Crete
Dick R and Son          Harness mfr                   Crete
Durrie F A              Sta agt B and M RR, ex, tel   Crete
Eads Alva               Blacksmith                    Crete
Feeser D L              Greceries and confectionery   Crete
First National Bank     Capital $60,000               Crete
                        surplus $18,000               Crete
                        John C Tidball pres           Crete
                        H S Fuller vice pres          Crete
                        L H Denison cashier           Crete
Fleming M H             Atty, notary, ins             Crete
Foss Fayette I          Notary                        Crete
Foss J II               Phys                          Crete
Franta Mrs Elizabeth    Tobacco and cigars            Crete
Fuller H S              Vice pres First National Bank Crete
Goodwin Mrs J O         Millinery                     Crete
Haden Theodore          Genl mdse                     Crete
Haight and Duras        Hardware                      Crete
Hartigan F E            Ins agt                       Crete
Hastings and McGintie   Geo II Hastings,              Crete
                        Ed E McGintie atty's, notary  Crete
Havlicek Gus W          Jeweler                       Crete
Hayes A S               Dentist                       Crete
Hettler O P             Tobacco and cigars            Crete
Hieman Herman           Clothier                      Crete
Higton James S          Dry goods                     Crete
Hill Charles            Carpenter                     Crete
Hollman and Boedecker   Genl mdse                     Crete
Hopkins and Buck        Grain, livestock              Crete
Hovey Charles P         Sta agt B and M P RR, ex, tel Crete
                        agt Pacific ex                Crete
Hyatt Wm M              Livery                        Crete
Ireland                 Livery                        Crete
Jindra and Co           Real estate                   Crete
Johnson J T             Saloon                        Crete
Johnson and Kersenbrock Saloon and billiard hall      Crete
Kopetzky Joseph         Jewelry                       Crete
Kubes J                 Shoemaker                     Crete
Laders Fred             Livery                        Crete
Lee J S                 Lumber                        Crete
Lininger and Metcalf Co H McCargar mgr agl implts     Crete
McCargar Hugh           Agt agl implts                Crete
McOmber W O             Livery                        Crete
McQuee Henry            Grain elevator                Crete
Meyer F                 Genl mdse                     Crete
Miller and Boers        Grocer                        Crete
Miller Taylor II        Notary, real estate, loans    Crete
Missouri Pacific House  L M Walker prop               Crete
Muchow Frederick        Saloon, billiards             Crete
Muchow W                prop Western Brewery          Crete
Nedla Frank             Saloon                        Crete
Norris and Co           Hardware                      Crete
Overcash S              Blacksmith                    Crete
Panly W T               Painter                       Crete
Patterson J K           Inventor                      Crete
Paty Thomas             Justice of peace, real estate Crete
                        loans and ins                 Crete
Pfeffner P              Meat market, restaurant       Crete
Rademacher F            Furniture, undertaker         Crete
Reed D J F              Meat market                   Crete
Root Dr                 Phys                          Crete
Schmede August          Mfr mineral waters            Crete
Shemanek Jacob          Agl implts                    Crete
Sherman R W             Veternary surgeon             Crete
Skibinski Anton         Merchant tailor               Crete
Slinn and Shary         Druggists                     Crete
Smith Andrew            Photographer                  Crete
Star Clothing House     J A Dash mgr                  Crete
State Bank of Nebraska  Capital $75,000, J R Johnson  Crete
                        pres, Thomas Deane vice pres  Crete
                        Geo D Stevens cashier         Crete
State Viddete (The)     M Wells II prop and ed weekly Crete
Stebbins Edgar O        Stationery                    Crete
Steidl Ed J             Druggist stationer            Crete
Steidl I F              Harnessmaker                  Crete
Stevens E F             mgr Crete Nurseries           Crete
Stoklasa and Klein      Genl mdse                     Crete
Streeter Gaylord D      Prop Streeter House           Crete
Sullivan Charles        Merchant tailor               Crete
Thibodeau Mrs Louise    Milliner                      Crete
Tidball and Fuller      Lumber                        Crete
Tidball J C             Pres First National Bank      Crete
Trecka                  Harnessmaker                  Crete
Trevitt C L             Court reporter                Crete
Vanderburg T L          Prop Carriage Works           Crete
Vavra Anthon            Saloon                        Crete
Velebe Frank            Tailor                        Crete
Vore Eli G              Grocer                        Crete
Walters J S             Hotel                         Crete
Waterman                Lumber                        Crete
Weilage H G             Pumps and windmills           Crete
Western Brewery         W Muchow prop                 Crete
Whitagre G H            Expressman                    Crete
White C C               Prop City Roller Mills        Crete
Williams Samuel W       Painter                       Crete
Willson S L             Atty                          Crete
Young F M               Carpenter                     Crete

Is situated in the southeastern part of Saline 
county, at the junction of the Wymore and Tobias branches 
of the B. and M. R. R.  It is seven miles south of Wilber, 
the county town, in the midst of a splendid agricultural 
country and has a population of 500.  It has three banks, 
the principal of which is the De Will bank, with a capital 
and surplus of $48,000, two grain elevators, two hotels, 
one newspaper - the DeWitt Times, four churches - 
Congregational, Methodist, Episcopal and German Lutheran - 
and a very fine brick school house.
Business name           Type of business              Town
Arlin A E               Pumps and windmills           DeWitt
Ayers Bros              Genl mdse                     DeWitt
Badman John             Furniture                     DeWitt
Barkhurst J F           Meat market                   DeWitt
Burright G W            Meat market                   DeWitt
Chambers G H            Prop DeWitt Times             DeWitt
Chesney J P             Real estate and ins           DeWitt
Coble W H               Barber                        DeWitt
Collman G W             Notary                        DeWitt
Cone C G and Co         Lumber                        DeWitt
Cross I J               Drugs, phys                   DeWitt
Crowe H W               Prop DeWitt Hotel             DeWitt
Cuidice C H             Dentist                       DeWitt
Curtis N M              Justice                       DeWitt
Daubendick W H          Blacksmith                    DeWitt
DeWitt Bank             Capital and surplus, $48,000  DeWitt
                        F I Foss pres                 DeWitt
                        Charles Bidelman vice pres    DeWitt
                        Charles B Anderson cashier    DeWitt
DeWitt Hotel            H W Crowe prop                DeWitt
DeWitt Times            C E Miller prop               DeWitt
Dolan and Benjamin      Pumps and windmills           DeWitt
Duncan J R L            Phys                          DeWitt
Dunn W J                Confectionery                 DeWitt
Foster L M              Drugs, phys                   DeWitt
Grant G E               Saloon and billiards          DeWitt
Green A G               Genl mdse                     DeWitt
Green J E               Hardware, flour, feed         DeWitt
Hollingsworth and Son   Hardware                      DeWitt
Howell Lou              Sta, tel, ex agt              DeWitt
Hunt Geo                Genl mdse                     DeWitt
Jackson Wallace         Shoemaker                     DeWitt
Jameson L H             Harnessmaker                  DeWitt
Leacock W H             Grain elevator                DeWitt
McGregor G S            Barber                        DeWitt
Merritt Fred            Carpenter                     DeWitt
Miles and Fishburn      Bankers                       DeWitt
Miller Harry            Drugs, jewlwry, news depot    DeWitt
Mons P                  Blacksmith                    DeWitt
Nelson and Miller       Agl implts                    DeWitt
Ojers John A            Shoemaker                     DeWitt
Pospischil Rudolph      Tobacco, cigars               DeWitt
Record A J              Livery                        DeWitt
Reed Virgil             Photographer                  DeWitt
Reynolds B              Tinner                        DeWitt
Rice W J and Co         Genl mdse                     DeWitt
Rickard W H             Collections and loans         DeWitt
Rodabaugh S H           Postmaster                    DeWitt
Rogers C L              Prop Rogers House             DeWitt
Rogers H D              Hardware                      DeWitt
Rogers House            C J Rogers prop               DeWitt
Rogers and Son          Prop's Rogers Opera House     DeWitt
Ruhrrup H               Watch repairer                DeWitt
Saline Co Bank          Capital, $20.000, G W Collman DeWitt
                        pres, C W Rieger cashier      DeWitt
Schumacher F W jr       Bakery and confectionery      DeWitt
Sperling Wm             Blacksmith                    DeWitt
Stealey and Thomas      Agl implts                    DeWitt
Steinmeyer and Collman  Grain elevator                DeWitt
Tippey W M              Saloon                        DeWitt
White A C               Grain                         DeWitt
Wild and Chinnock       Livery                        DeWitt
Wittmeyer H             Merchant tailor               DeWitt
Wylder and Nelson       Agl implts                    DeWitt

Is situated in the northwestern part of Saline 
county, on the main line of the B. & M. R. R., 29 miles 
west of Lincoln and 68 miles from Hastings. Two 
grain elevators are kept busy. A flour mill is also 
located here.Two good banks furnish ample financial 
facilities; good hotels afford proper accomodations to 
their partons. A new $10,000 school house has just been 
contracted for. the Methodist and Christian churches 
are superior in architecture and construction. The 
Dorchester Star is the local newspaper. Population 600.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Alley S D               Ins agt                       Dorchester
Armstrong J L           Agl implts                    Dorchester
Barslow Alfred          Blacksmith                    Dorchester
Bennett G               Blacksmith agl implts         Dorchester
Biggs A W               Flour and feed                Dorchester
Brown W H               Confectioner                  Dorchester
Burtins J L             Phys                          Dorchester
Callahan Sanders        Empey hardware                Dorchester
Chase F L               Elevator                      Dorchester
Citizens Bank           Capital $25000                Dorchester
                        John Oberlies pres            Dorchester
                        Wm Troyer vice-pres           Dorchester
                        Albert B Kenyon cashier       Dorchester
Cooper W                Boots and shoes               Dorchester
Decker H T              Lumber                        Dorchester
Dick R and Son          Harnessmakers                 Dorchester
Dorchester Star (The)   J Frank Longanick prop        Dorchester
First National Bank     Capital $50000 surplus        Dorchester
                        $4000 JH Clark pres           Dorchester
                        SG Panter vice-pres           Dorchester
                        J C Thurston cashier          Dorchester
Friedell and Co         Genl mdse                     Dorchester
Gove C H                Elevator                      Dorchester
Hoover and Keplen       Meat market                   Dorchester
Jarrett L               Grocery                       Dorchester
Kepler M                Furniture                     Dorchester
Leach D W               Carpenter and wagonmaker      Dorchester
Lewis E P               Sta, ex and tel agt           Dorchester
Maywald W F             Genl mdse                     Dorchester
Painter S C             Phys                          Dorchester
Panter J                Notary ins real estate        Dorchester
Parker T B              Notary and atty               Dorchester
Peterson A R            Postmaster                    Dorchester
Randall W               Boots and shoes               Dorchester
Regate J L              Meat market                   Dorchester
Richey A L              Pumps windmills               Dorchester
Robinson J M            Grocer agl implts             Dorchester
Sawdon N H              Confectioner                  Dorchester
Shinkle Mrs A           Milliner                      Dorchester
Shinkle House           A Shinkle prop                Dorchester
Shinkle J W             Genl mdse                     Dorchester
Shinkle                 Shinkle livery                Dorchester
Simmer C H              Barber                        Dorchester
Simmons Drug Co         Drugs                         Dorchester
Smith D C               Harness                       Dorchester
Stephens  Booth         Genl mdse                     Dorchester
Stephens E E            Jewelry drugs                 Dorchester
Thomas J C and Son      Hardware                      Dorchester
Vosburg J C             Restaurant                    Dorchester

Is situated in the northwestern part of Saline county, 
on the main line of the B. and M. R. R., 35 miles west of 
Lincoln and 59 miles from Hastings.  There are two banks, 
the First National, capital $50,000, and the Merchants and 
Farmers, capital $30,000.  There are two large flouring mills 
and two elevators busily engaged in handling the cereals for 
which the best market price is given.  Two hotels, the 
Coronado and the Monte Hotel, amply  and satisfactorily 
supply the local and traveling needs. Three weekly newspapers, 
the Free Press, the Telegraph and the Saline County Standard, 
are journals of high literary merit and edited with much care 
and high order of ability.  A fine opera house, with a seating 
capacity of 700 - it being the fourth largest in the State in 
size, elegance and appointments.  The town is second to none 
in the state for schools and churches, as it has one of the 
best graded schools, and its churches are the Methodist, 
Baptist, Congregational, Catholic and Presbyterian, all 
with fine edifices and resident pastors.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Alexander Mrs S I       Millinery                     Friend
Arnold and Son          Meat Market                   Friend
Beghtol V               Phys                          Friend
Bettge W                Blacksmith                    Friend
Bissell and Schmidt     Hardware                      Friend
Briggs J W              Photographer                  Friend
Burke Wm                Grain elevator                Friend
Burleigh D B            Boots and shoes               Friend
Callahan, Landers,Empey Hardware                      Friend
Clyne John              Genl mdse                     Friend
Crestensen Bros         Livery                        Friend
Darwart J W             Druggist, phys                Friend
Earl S A                Billiard Hall                 Friend
Ellsworth O G           Justice                       Friend
First National Bank     Capital, $50,000              Friend
                        L E Southwick pres            Friend
                        S S Nunemaker vice pres       Friend
                        Wm O Southwick  cashier       Friend
Fisher Charles          Grocer                        Friend
Friend Free Press (The} H G and F M Vines prop's      Friend
Friend grocery          I Holland mgr                 Friend
Friend Lumber Co        B F Rengler mgr lumber, coal  Friend
Friend Roller Mills     E Homewood  prop              Friend
Friend Telegraph (The)  E Whitcomb editor pub         Friend
Gale Geo                Saloon                        Friend
Geis J                  Cigar mfr                     Friend
Gilmore D               Painter                       Friend
Goodwin and Andrews     Barbers                       Friend
Goodwin W H             Baker confectioner            Friend
Graves W H              Confectioner, tobacco, cigars Friend
Green Peter             Harnessmaker                  Friend
Hacker Bros             Hardware                      Friend
Haner G T and Co        Meat Market                   Friend
Hewit H W               Druggist, phys                Friend
Hoffman Barb Wire Co    J and P C Larcen              Friend
                        G and N Deines props          Friend
Holland L               Mgr Friend grocery            Friend
Holland and Martin      Lumber                        Friend
Hotel Del Coronado      M J Walker prop               Friend
Jackson L C             Confectionery and restaurant  Friend
Johnson H K and H A     Dry goods, shoes              Friend
Kelly T H               Saloon                        Friend
King H P                Dry goods, clothing           Friend
Kretzhmar F H           Jewelry                       Friend
LaGrand W               Barber                        Friend
Leisures Dan            Blacksmith                    Friend
Leonard E D             Agl implts, livery            Friend
Lewis H L               Sta, ex and tel agt           Friend
McFarland Mrs Mary      Milliner                      Friend
McKay Alex S            Grain elevator                Friend
McKingle and Thompson   Grocer                        Friend
Mclain Allen            Real estate                   Friend
Majors C C              Barber                        Friend
Martell F               Restaurant                    Friend
Mehuron and Ptak        Agl implts                    Friend
Merchants and Farmers   Bank, capital $30,000,        Friend
                surplus and undivided profits $10,000 Friend
                        H S Ferguson pres             Friend
                        E I Ferguson cashier          Friend
Metz and Agee           Harnessmakers and agl implts  Friend
Miller Mrs E J          Dressmaker                    Friend
Miller John             Harnessmaker                  Friend
Moeller A E             Real estate, ins and mgr      Friend
                        telephone office              Friend
Monti Hotel  (The)      F L Suddith prop. The popular Friend
                        hotel among commercial men.   Friend
                        First class table and all     Friend
                        modern conveniences.          Friend
                        Try it to be satisfied.       Friend
Moore T A               Pumps and windmills           Friend
Page L H                Grocer                        Friend
Palmer and Hendee       Attys, ins, notaries          Friend
Parke C M               Dry goods                     Friend
Phillips J H            Genl mdse                     Friend
Phillips J W            Stationery                    Friend
Pierce Geo              Saloon                        Friend
Pope J D                Notary and atty               Friend
Porter Wm               Coal                          Friend
Radford G F and Sons    Liverymen                     Friend
Rengler B F             Mgr Friend Lumber Co          Friend
Saline Co Standard      W H Stout prop                Friend
Sherman and Rerup       Merchant tailors              Friend
Shosser A               Bakery                        Friend
Shosser S               Four and feed                 Friend
Souderman J and Co      Furniture                     Friend
South W S               Carriage painter              Friend
Spillman A J            Sewing machine agt            Friend
Starkey Jacob           Grocer                        Friend
Starkey N H             Grocer                        Friend
Story S S               Ins agt                       Friend
Stout W H               Prop Saline Co Standard       Friend
Trepka M                Blacksmith                    Friend
Unckless E              Wagonmaker                    Friend
Vines H G and F M       Props Friend Free Press       Friend
Voorhees H M            Grocer                        Friend
Walker and Steffensen   Blacksmiths                   Friend
Warren J                Clothing                      Friend
Warrens Opera House     J Warren prop and mgr         Friend
Watson E G              Drugs and shoes               Friend
Wilburn J               Carpenter                     Friend
Williams J M            Blacksmith                    Friend
Wolfe W F               Postmaster                    Friend
Wood Robert L           Tailor                        Friend

A post office in the west central part of Saline 
county, 15 miles from Crete and 12 miles from Wilber, 
the county seat. Havelka E W, postmaster.

A flourishing village in the northeastern part of 
Saline county, 14 miles from Wilber, the county seat. It is 
pleasantly situated in the midst of fine grain and stock 
growing country and commands a good trade. Good building 
stone is found in the vicinity. The town presents an 
agreeable appearance, having besides several fine store 
buildings, an Opera house, two good church edifices, one 
graded school and a roller flour mill with a capacity of a 
100 barrels per day. There is also a bank to be located 
here, a building being in course of construction for that 
purpose. Population 250.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Amos J H                Real esate, ins               Pleasant Hill
Bair Dr                 Phys                          Pleasant Hill
Douge N G               Genl mdse                     Pleasant Hill
Dougherty J H           Blacksmith                    Pleasant Hill
Evans H E               Atty, justice                 Pleasant Hill
Ingles I W              Genl mdse, drugs, hardware,   Pleasant Hill
                        postmaster, notary, loans     Pleasant Hill
Jackson M T             Livestock                     Pleasant Hill
Keen N S                Blacksmith, agl implts        Pleasant Hill
Lane I K                Flour mill                    Pleasant Hill
Newburn S B             Grocer, restaurant            Pleasant Hill
Rust Dr                 Phys                          Pleasant Hill
Sims M V                Wagonmaker                    Pleasant Hill
Slaven M                Hotel                         Pleasant Hill
Smart and Bair          Drugs                         Pleasant Hill
Smith and Smith         Harnessmakers                 Pleasant Hill
Zenor C A               Justice                       Pleasant Hill

Is in the southern part of Saline county on the 
Tobias branch of the B and M RR, 13 miles from Wilber 
the county seat. A bank, grain elevator, a hotel and 
various other kinds of business houses supply the needs 
of the surrounding country. Population 250.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Bank of Swanton         Capital,$5000 H D Coe, cash   Swanton
Clark Henry             Genl mdse                     Swanton
Daub Wm                 Genl mdse                     Swanton
Denny J Y               Agl implts                    Swanton
Deweese Grant           Ins agt                       Swanton
Easterly and Hagen      Furniture                     Swanton
Evans C A               Postmaster                    Swanton
Fishwood H              Harnessmaker                  Swanton
Force H E               Barber                        Swanton
Freeborn J S            Blacksmith                    Swanton
Goodel B L              Sta, tel, and ex agt          Swanton
Harris and Woodman      Elevator                      Swanton
Henry Daniel            prop Swanton House and livery Swanton
Kellogg H D             Genl mdse                     Swanton
McCan I W               Drugs                         Swanton
Molden Ira              Lumber and coal               Swanton
Nispel Bros             Hardware and implts           Swanton
Rubleman J R            Phys                          Swanton
Steele P M              Hardware                      Swanton
Stewart David           Real estate                   Swanton
Swanton House           D Henry prop                  Swanton
Timmel Harry            Livestock                     Swanton
White A C               Elevator                      Swanton
Wilson J E              Saloon                        Swanton

Is situated in the southwestern portion of Saline 
county, 24 miles from Wilber the county seat, and has a 
population of 1000. It has the advantage of two railroads, 
the St J and G I, division of the U P RR, and the DeWitt 
Holdrege branch of the B and M RR. The banks are the First 
National, capital of $50,000, the Peoples Bank and the 
Citizens, with a capital of $15,000, all of which have 
the confidence of the people. A creamery is about to be 
established, the building for which is now being erected. 
The principal hostelry is the White Hotel, which occupies 
a brick structure recently built for that purpose. There 
are two newspapers, Tobias Tribune and Index, both of 
which are ably conducted. Methodist, Baptist and Catholic 
churches have organizations here.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Ainsworth J V           Cashier First National Bank,  Tobias
                        notary                        Tobias
Ainsworth W B           Meat market                   Tobias
Ankeny Joseph and Co    Lumber and coal               Tobias
Bamer A                 Ins                           Tobias
Bishop and Co           Genl mdse                     Tobias
Borland J H             Dentist                       Tobias
Bothwell D E            Cigars and tobacco            Tobias
Brown R R               Harnessmaker                  Tobias
Buist A                 Wagon maker                    Tobias
Butler Emory E          Postmaster                    Tobias
Carter M D              Phys                          Tobias
Citizens Bank           Capital, $15,000              Tobias
                        D Southwick  pres             Tobias
                        S F Nunemaker cashier         Tobias
Clark S W               Barber                        Tobias
Cowgill J H             Flour and feed                Tobias
Dean Geo E              Sta, tel, ex agt, B and M RR  Tobias
Dixon W P               Prop J I C Livery Stable      Tobias
Drysdall R G            Sta, tel, ex agt, B and M RR  Tobias
Edmundson Alex          Prop Olive Hotel              Tobias
Empey S G               Hardware                      Tobias
Farmers Protective      Elevator association          Tobias
                        F S Cowgill mgr               Tobias
First National Bank     Capital, $50,000,             Tobias
                        Wm Burke pres                 Tobias
                        L E Southwick vice pres       Tobias
                        J V Ainsworth cashier         Tobias
                        M Jaggur asst Cashier         Tobias
Foster J and Co         Flour and feed                Tobias
Hammond S G             Photographer                  Tobias
Haybarger L E           Atty                          Tobias
Hull Frank              Transfer                      Tobias
Hull S                  Phys                          Tobias
Index (The)             E B Young ed and prop         Tobias
J I C Livery            W P Dixon prop                Tobias
Jones Mrs F B           Furniture                     Tobias
Klein and Klein         Saloon                        Tobias
Krisl John              Blacksmith                    Tobias
Larsen H C and Co       Lumber and coal               Tobias
Larson Stanley          Prop and cashier Peoples Bank Tobias
Leet Mrs Allie          Millinery                     Tobias
Leet Edward             Hardware                      Tobias
Leet Eugene             Elevator                      Tobias
Lippincott and Nerud    Drugs                         Tobias
McGee Thomas            Millinery                     Tobias
McKillop and Muman      Genl mdse                     Tobias
Marke Samuel            Genl mdse                     Tobias
Marsh D C               Loans                         Tobias
Musil Frank             Genl mdse                     Tobias
Ogle M N                Confectionery                 Tobias
Olive Hotel             A Edmundson prop              Tobias
Osborn Volney           Livery                        Tobias
Pelcer Wm               Pumps and windmills           Tobias
Peoples Bank            Stanley Larson prop cashier   Tobias
Quackenbush O M         Attorney and notary           Tobias
Rushton and Wheeler     Creamery                      Tobias
Schultz Fred            Shoemaker                     Tobias
Shull H                 Horse breeder                 Tobias
Sipe George             Carpenter                     Tobias
Skinner H               Horse breeder                 Tobias
Skinner Phillip         Harnessmaker                  Tobias
Stanclift W P           Transfer                      Tobias
Taylor and Burke        Elevator                      Tobias
Tobias Tribune          J M White edior and publisher Tobias
Trcka John              Wagonmaker                    Tobias
Tyson Geo               Livestock buyer               Tobias
Uldrich Rudolph         Saloon                        Tobias
Wallace and DeWitt      Millinery and genl mdse       Tobias
Wanek Joseph            Saloon and billiards          Tobias
Wedking Wm              Blacksmith                    Tobias
White A                 Prop White Hotel              Tobias
White Hotel             A White prop                  Tobias
White J M               Editor Tobias Tribune         Tobias
White M H               Real estate, agl implts       Tobias
Williams A T            Merchant tailor               Tobias
Young E B               Prop The Index                Tobias

Is situated in the southern part of Saline county, 
on the Tobias branch of the B and M RR. It is 15 miles from 
Wilber the county seat, and has a population of 375. The 
Bank of Western, with a capital of $25,000, and the Saline 
County Bank with a capital of $30,000, are considerable 
factors in the financial affairs of that part of the 
country, as they are well conducted and have confidence 
of the community. The Saline County Nurseries located 
here are an important business interest. There are also 
two hotels and two grain elevators. The Western Wave
is published weekly. the churches are the Methodist, 
Episcopal, Free Methodist Baptist and German Evangelical.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Akins W D               Drugs and postmaster          Western
Bank of Western         Capital $25,000,              Western
                        John Lytle pres               Western
                        Charles Ward vice pres        Western
                        D J Maynard cashier           Western
Bronson and Kethcart    Milliners                     Western
Chamberlain J A         Prop City Hotel               Western
Chidchester T J         Phys                          Western
City Hotel              J A Chamberlain prop          Western
Cochran Thomas and Co   Elevator                      Western
Commercial House        Wm McMaster prop              Western
Davis C L               Ins agt                       Western
Edwards F M             Genl mdse                     Western
Egley Jacob             Meat market                   Western
Garland L H             Blacksmith                    Western
Gipple E B              Meat market                   Western
Grafton W S             Agl implts                    Western
Gregg Mason             Grain elevator                Western
Grusel F and Co         Genl mdse                     Western
Hall J H                Drugs                         Western
Haughawout Dr           Dentist                       Western
Hicks J L               Tanks and beehive mfr         Western
Holland M B             Lumber and coal               Western
Kaup Wm                 Pumps and windmills           Western
Kennedy Andrew          Livery                        Western
King A                  Confectionery                 Western
Lewelling H C           Furniture and undertaker      Western
Lewis and Flint         Photographers                 Western
Lull T A                Sta, tel, and ex agt          Western
McClave J G             Genl mdse                     Western
McMaster Wm             Prop Commercial House         Western
Magee S E               Groceries                     Western
Miller John             Harnessmaker                  Western
Nauman M O              Jewelry                       Western
Overman A S             Feed mills                    Western
Polansky Charles        Blacksmith                    Western
Porter F H              Editor Western Wave           Western
Saline Co Bank          Capital $30,000               Western
                        Geo F Sawyer pres             Western
Saline Co Nurseries     E A Allen mgr                 Western
                        F D Maynard sec               Western
                        C P Sellers supt              Western
Sawyer G F              Notary, pres Saline Co Bank   Western
Scheel Fred             Contractor, builder           Western
Schelm F A              Boots and shoes               Western
Schueler W              Blacksmith                    Western
Schultz Miss Julia      Millinery                     Western
Severns J C             Barber                        Western
Smith L N               Phys                          Western
Waddington J F and Co   Hardware                      Western
Waldorf Peter           Hardware, harness             Western
Western Wave            F H Porter ed                 Western
Wood E B                Barber                        Western

Is the county seat of Saline county, and is located on 
the Blue Valley branch of the B. & M. R. R., 31 miles from 
Lincoln and 10 miles south of Crete. The population numbers 
about 1,500. Fruit of various kinds is plentifully grown 
in the neighborhood. Wheat and corn are shipped from this 
point in large quantities. Flour mills, elevators, two good 
banks, Hotel Wilber and several other hotels, along with 
other establishments and employments, represent the business 
enterprises of Wilber. The religious and social elements 
are represented by the churches, schools and societies. 
The churches are Catholic, Baptist and Methodist. The 
Saline County Democrat and the Wilber republican present 
the news and represent the political opinions of the citizens 
of Wilber. The Episcopalians are erecting a church building 
to cost $1,000.

Business name           Type of business              Town
Alley S S               Atty                          Wilber
Andrus N H              Watchmaker jeweler            Wilber
Anthony Levi            Phys                          Wilber
Batta Frank             Saloon                        Wilber
Blue Valley Bank        Capital $50,000               Wilber
                        H Gund pres                   Wilber
                        E Ballard cashier             Wilber
Bohacek Wm              Barber                        Wilber
Bond C                  Genl mdse                     Wilber
Borecky and Shimonek    Genl mdse                     Wilber
Bradley D H             Ins                           Wilber
Bratel Joseph           Shoemaker                     Wilber
Burke J J               Blacksmith                    Wilber
Castor B L              Real estate                   Wilber
Chandler Fanny Miss     Millinery                     Wilber
Clark Gardner           Genl mdse                     Wilber
Cochrane M and Co       Coal                          Wilber
Cochrane Thos           Grain elevator                Wilber
Cox J                   Sign painter                  Wilber
Davis Samuel D          Real estate and loans         Wilber
Dodson P F              Phys                          Wilber
Drasky Joseph           Shoemaker                     Wilber
Dvorak Joseph           Harnessmaker                  Wilber
Early J F               Watch repairer                Wilber
Eider C E               Phys                          Wilber
First National Bank     Capital $50000                Wilber
                        John L Tidball pres           Wilber
                        C A Caldwell cashier          Wilber
Fridrich Rudolph        Blacksmith                    Wilber
Goodell L E             Phys                          Wilber
Grimm J H               Attorney                      Wilber
Gund Henry              Grain elevator                Wilber
Hanys A J               Merchant tailor               Wilber
Harvey Chas             Prop Wilber Mills             Wilber
Hastings and McGintie   Attorney                      Wilber
Havel and Beck          Genl mdse                     Wilber
Havlovic Joseph         Blacksmith                    Wilber
Hayek Frank             Agl implts                    Wilber
Hayes H J               Livery                        Wilber
Hayes P C               Veterinary surgeon            Wilber
Hokuf M B Mrs           Millinery                     Wilber
Hotel Wilber            G W Larimore prop             Wilber
Hruby G S               Harnessmaker                  Wilber
Huback John             Veterinary surgeon            Wilber
Janouch Frank           Hardware                      Wilber
Jelinek Frank           Saloon billiards              Wilber
Kobes F J and Co        Brewery                       Wilber
Kupka and Shary         Saloon                        Wilber
Larimore G W            Prop Hotel Wilber and livery  Wilber
Love W S                Phys                          Wilber
McGreer T R and Co      Butter and egg packers        Wilber
McGregor C B            Barber                        Wilber
Mallat  Mallat          Genl mdse                     Wilber
Mallory R H             Justice                       Wilber
Mann W H                Flour and feed                Wilber
Mathauser J B           Drugs                         Wilber
Miller Chas E           Editor Saline Co Democrat     Wilber
Miller John             Harnessmaker                  Wilber
Miskell E W and Co      Novelties                     Wilber
Montgomery T            Pumps windmills               Wilber
Parker B C              Phys                          Wilber
Pasek Thos              Saloon opera house            Wilber
Percy Wm                Painter                       Wilber
Pospisil Wm             Cigar mfr                     Wilber
Princka F I             Photographer                  Wilber
Pupe John               Cigar mfr                     Wilber
Ramey H P               Livery                        Wilber
Robinson F J            Dentist                       Wilber
Rogers E                Prop Stafford House           Wilber
Rubesh Joseph           Wagonmaker                    Wilber
Saline Co Abst Assn     J W Van Duyn pres             Wilber
                        John Jahn jr sec and treas    Wilber
Saline County Democrat  Chas E Miller editor          Wilber
Shabata F               Genl mdse                     Wilber
Shackelton E F          Furniture                     Wilber
Shafranka and Treka     Saloon and billiards          Wilber
Siki A                  Marble and granite            Wilber
Spirik J F              Real estate notary            Wilber
Stafford House          E Rogers prop                 Wilber
Storkam Max             Confectionery                 Wilber
Suiter Frank M          Real estate and loans         Wilber
Swab and Hartman        Meat market                   Wilber
Thompson A P            Sta tel and ex agt            Wilber
Tibbetts J P            Justice of the peace          Wilber
Tivrez and Co           Millinery                     Wilber
Townsend Oliver         Clothing                      Wilber
Tracy George H          Postmaster                    Wilber
Unland  Kubick          Agl implts                    Wilber
Waldorf Wm              Genl mdse                     Wilber
Wehn E                  Drugs                         Wilber
Weir A H and Co         Lumber                        Wilber
Wilber Lumber Co        H Binger mgr                  Wilber
Wilber Rolling Mills    Chas Harvey mgr               Wilber
Wilber Republican       J A Wild editor and prop      Wilber
Wild J A                Edt prop Wilber Republican    Wilber
Wondra James            Meat market                   Wilber
Wycoff Edward           Confectionery                 Wilber
Zeman Frank             Blacksmith                    Wilber
Zwonechek John          Hardware                      Wilber