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2012 October 14 State Meeting Minutes - approved

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17 October 2010 State Meeting Minutes approved

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Special Meeting Minutes - Board Of Counselors - Change Signatories On Nebraska State SAR Checking Account & CD

Saturday 10 April 2010 –US Bank 56th and “O” Streets Lincoln Nebraska

     Four members of the Board of Counselors met Saturday 10 April 2010 at 10:00 AM at a branch of the US Bank 100 No. 56th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68504 to change Signatures on the State SAR CD and on the Checking Account.  Those individuals included Compatriots John Reinert, William Webb and LaVerne Stetson. State SAR Secretary (newly elected 20 March 2010) witnesses the transfer for purposes of creating a record to document the actions taken.

Compatriot John Reinert past Nebraska State SAR Secretary/Treasurer provided letters to the bank removing his name from the accounts and transferring the accounts to the newly elected State SAR Treasurer, William Webb (20 March 2010).  Newly elected State SAR President LaVerne Stetson also signed onto the accounts as a back-up to the Treasurer.  All checks, records and other banking related materials and files were transferred to Compatriot Webb from Compatriot Reinert.  One final account – the Boy Scout SAR CD currently under the signature of Compatriot Merle Rudebusch could not be transferred  at this time due to Compatriot Rudebusch’s prior commitment.  This CD signature transfer will take place at another time.


Respectfully submitted,

David K. Kentsmith

Col. (ret.) David K. Kentsmith, MD #169168 LM #1714

Secretary, Nebraska Society SAR



Meeting Minutes   9 October 2009

The 14th Annual Picnic is constituted as a Nebraska Society SAR Meeting, held at Mahoney State Park, Ashland, Nebraska on 18 October, 2009.

As the Bennington Flag was presented, President Bob Knott Jr. called the meeting to order after 2 pm and invited everyone rise and say Pledge of Allegiance. State Secretary John Reinert gave the invocation. Prospective members Stanley Wostrel, Palmer Johnson, and John Loder were welcomed by the group, with all others present also introducing themselves. DAR members present included: Irma Walter, Pauline Parsons, Ann Reinert, and Judy Moore.

Members present: Jack Walter, John Parsons, Bob Knott Jr., David Kentsmith, LaVerne Stetson, Fred Walden, Jim Say, Elden Plettner Jr., Gerald Osborn, John Reinert, Carroll Reinert, Tom Masters.

Compatriot and Omaha Chapter Vice-President Dr. David Kentsmith provided remarks describing needed changes to the NESSAR State and Omaha Chapter Constitutions. He further suggested that the Lincoln Chapter adopt a Constitution of its own. Compatriot Kentsmith also described ongoing efforts to revise and update the State Society website together with Compatriot Rudebusch (not present).

Undeliverable mail to Compatriots Bob Knott and David Briggs were identified, with Compatriot Kentsmith offering to research Compatriot Briggs new address, via e-mail correspondence, if necessary.

State Secretary Reinert described the current checking balance in the State Society account as being roughly $850. A breakdown of restricted and unrestricted funds was not offered at this time.

Interest in naming an Alternate Trustee to replace Compatriot John Reinert resulted in a discussion of possible candidates that included dual members Paul Davis (California) and Jim Say (Illinois) who have Nebraska ties, but visit infrequently and are not well known to the group. Compatriot Say obtained his MBA and Law Degrees from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and has served the National SAR in several capacities described in the table below. In the end a vote was taken to nominate Compatriot Fred Walden, Omaha Chapter President, as Alternate Trustee. Compatriot Tom Masters continues as Trustee. Without an election at an Annual Congress an official standing cannot be conveyed to the nominated individual.

Compatriot James K Say’s involvement at the National level includes the following: Chancellor General

Bylaws Committee

Color Guard Committee

Ethics Committee

Hospitality and Music Committee

Legal Advisory Committee

Legal Committee

Resolutions Committee

While a formal report updating this information was not available, the State Secretary commented on what applications were in his possession and that signatures were being obtained. Several checks and proofs completing at least one application were collected today (Palmer Johnson, Stanley Wostrel).

State Secretary Reinert gave the program on the subject: Completing Your SAR Application. The 40 minute program, stretched to an hour with questions, gave particular emphasis to the clerical steps that facilitate adjudication (NSSAR requirements). Beyond these, examples for what constitutes a proof and the likely source of such documents were also outlined. A discussion about "record copies" as approved DAR and SAR records ensued, with Judy Moore providing a photocopy of the official DAR form used to request such documents. What is obtainable online through various sources clearly qualifies as a "duplicate" or secondary source, but it is far from obvious how these records are scrutinized during the adjudication process. Going forward, even the tick-marks appearing in the central column of an "approved" DAR application may or may not be accepted as proof, given the ongoing debate at the NSSAR National offices. Perhaps these issues can be laid to rest at an upcoming NSSAR Annual Congress.

The meeting adjourned after 4 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

John W. Reinert

NESSAR State Secretary