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. . . Just a brief history

The Nebraska Society of the SAR was organized April 26, 1890 in the Paxton Hotel of Omaha. Thirty candidates were present. When it became apparent that not all could correctly claim descent from Revolutionary forebears, at a fall meeting a resolution was adopted notifying all applicants to complete and to document their credentials carefully. As a result 18 names were dropped. Most of the members of the Nebraska Society are located in the eastern area of the state.

There are two chapters, one in Lincoln and the other in Omaha. Membership has declined in recent years; however we are seeing new interest among younger members. Among the well-known compatriots in our membership were Roscoe Pound, Dean of the Harvard Law School; Samuel Avery, Passed Chancellor of the University of Nebraska; Harold J. Daub Jr., Congressmen, Mayor, Presidential appointee as Chairmen of the Social Security Advisory Board and Sterling Faan Mutz, who became President General of the National Society.

In recent years our National Trustees have been Ralph Stuart Mosely, Henry Miot Cox and Royce Neal Kent. The latter also served as the Vice President General of the North Central District. On March 27, 1961, the late Compatriot Elmer Forrest Estes, then the President of the State Society, wrote to members as follows: "Members join the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution because they have pride in family, because they want to record in some safe place the genealogical line which proves them to be of Revolutionary or pre-Revolutionary ancestry (this amounts, in addition to pride of family, to pride of country). Members seldom join the SAR because of any particular political belief, and, in the strictest sense, we are pledged to be a non-partisan organization. We are proud of the men who are leaders in their church, in their civic clubs, in their political parties, in their community, and in their state and country."



Champion S. Chase                 1890-91           Walton B. Roberts                  1935-36

Thomas I. Creigh                    1891-92           Fred Eastman                          1936-37

William W. Copeland             1892-93           Dr. Charles E. Ladd                1937-38

Peter L. Perine                      1893-94           Sterling F. Mutz                      1938-39

Aurelius Bowen                      1894-95           Vivian W. Boyles                    1939-40          

Rev. Luther M. Kuhns            1895-96           Charles W. Taylor                   1940-41

Lucius D. Richards                 1897-98           Dr. C. F. Hollingbeck             1941-42

John R. Webster                      1898-99           Harry W. Maginnis                 1942-43

Fred W. Vaughan                   1899-1900       Addison E. Sheldon               1943-44

Horace Ludington                   1900-01           Charles W. Hellmers               1944-45

John H. Daniels                       1901-02           Frederick W. Wolff                1945-46

L. P. Funkhouser                     1902-03           Harold D. LeMar                    1946-47

John W. Battin                        1903-04           Henry M. Cox                         1947-48

John W. Battin                        1904-05           Howard W. Chapin                 1948-49

Amos Field                             1905-06           Merle M. Hale                         1949-50

Irving S. Cutter                       1906-07           Edson Smith                           1950-51

James S. Adams                      1907-08           George W. Dunn, Jr.               1951-52

Ralph W. Breckenridge          1908-09           George W. Mecham                1952-53

Ralph W. Breckenridge          1909-10           Lowell R. King                       1953-54

Pressley J. Barr                        1910-11           Louis T. Shirk                         1954-55

Pressley J. Barr                        1911-12           R. D. Neely                             1955-56

Pressley J. Barr                        1912-13           Charles W. Hill                       1956-57

J. F. Flack                                1913-14           Ralph S. Moseley                    1957-58

George L. Loomis                   1914-15           Lynn G. Barnes                       1958-59

Frederick H. Richards             1915-16           Harmon M. Turner                  1959-60

Herbert M. Bushnell               1916-17           Robert D. Cresap                    1960-61

C. J. Bowley                           1917-18           E. Forrest Estes                       1961-62

C. E. Adams                           1918-19           F. E. Borchers                         1962-63

Benjamin F. Bailey                 1919-20           Rev. Carl M. Davidson           1963-64

Benjamin F. Bailey                 1920-21           Earle Y. Conover                    1964-65

Benjamin F. Bailey                 1921-22           Harold C. Elliott                     1965-66

Benjamin F. Bailey                 1922-23           Frank E. Binder                      1966-67

Benjamin F. Bailey                 1923-24           Clarence R. Hatten                 1967-68

N. C. Abbott                           1924-25           Delos L. Hopkins                    1968-69

N. C. Abbott                           1925-26           Harold B. Muffly                    1969-70

N. C. Abbott                           1926-27           Royce W. Kent                       1970-71

Nelson B. Updike                   1927-28           Doane T. Pickering                 1971-72

L. A. Bixby                             1928-29           David P. Greer                        1972-73

L. A. Bixby                             1929-30           Hubert R. Mann                      1973-74

Dr. James  S. Snipes                1930-31           Wallace G. Quest                    1974-75

Frederick A. Stuff                  1931-32           Neal A. Chism                                    1975-76

David C. Hilton                      1932-33           Royce N. Kent                                    1976-77-78

Smith C. Wilson                      1933-34           Heasty W. Reesman                1978-79-80

Smith C. Wilson                      1934-35           C. Worthington Fowler           1980-81-82


Donald W. Miltner, Sr.           1982-83-84

Wallace G. Quest                    1984-85-86

Thomas Creigh, Jr.                  1986-87-88

Dayle K. Purcell                      1988-89

David H. Mickey                    1990-91

Donald C. Classen                  1992-93

Thomas R. Masters                 1994-95

Richard H. Burdick                1996-97

Byron A. Warlick                    1998-99

R. James Denney                    2000-01

John Reinert                            2002-03

John T. Parsons                       2004-05

Merle Rudebusch                    2006-07

Robert L. Knott, Jr.                2008-09

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