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Welcome to Bellevue... Nebraska's first and oldest city

First Presbyterian Church, Fontenelle Bank, Old Log Cabin

"Bellevue is situated upon the western shore of the Missouri river, some eight hundred miles northwest of St. Louis, and five miles north of the mouth of the Platte river."

...." In 1803, President Jefferson, inspired with the feeling so characteristic of Young America, commissioned Lewis and Clark to explore all this western region. In May, of the following year, they arrived at this place, with a view of holding a council with the native tribes; and , so far as we have any positive evidence, were the first white men that touched at this point.

The following year, 1805, a company of adventurers, with Manuel Lesa, a wealthy Spanish gentleman, as their leader, set out to explore more thoroughly the Missouri river and the surrounding country. Ascending the river in their batteaux,amid many hardships, they reached the north side of the Platte river. Here the broad and beautiful valley of said river spreading out before them, so attracted their attention that they determined to remain awhile, in order to more extended observations. Passing from the first bottom to the second , called the plateau, and catching a view for the first time of the unsurpassed beauties that stretched out before him, Captain Lesa exclaimed, "Bellevue!" with an admiration as spontaneous as it was appropriate. This term is a compound of two French words, and signifies a delightful or beautiful view; and from that time to the present, this place has retained a name so expressive of its real character." C.C.Goss, HISTORY OF BELLEVUE

BELLEVUE FIRSTS... "The first white settlement was here. The first celebration of our Nation's birth-day, west of the Missouri was here. The first newspaper in the Territory was printed here. Here was the landing place of most of our Territorial officers. The first Masonic Lodge instituted on this soil was here. This was the first town site pre-empted; and the first patent issued by Congress and duly recorded, was for the city of Bellevue.". C.C. Goss.

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