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    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Wahoo --- County Seat



~ A ~

Abbott Frank, Ashland           Anderson And, Morse Bluff     Anderson L P, Weston 
Abernathy J J, Ashland          Anderson Anton, Weston        Anderson L W, Malmo 
Ackerman A G, Ithaca            Anderson Aug, Ithaca          Anderson Lewis, Fremont 
Ackerman M A, Ithaca            Anderson Aug, Ceresco         Anderson Martin, Wahoo 
Adams T L, Mead                 Anderson Aug, Malmo           Anderson Nels, Malmo 
Adsit Daniel, Mead              Anderson C A, Colon           Anderson O A, Malmo 
Adsit German, Mead              Anderson C G, Ceresco         Anderson Olof, Wahoo 
Adsit Jas, Mead                 Anderson C J, Colon           Anderson Oskar, Ithaca 
Agnew W J, Ithaca               Anderson C J, Ithaca          Anderson Otto, Weston 
Aitken J C, Ashland             Anderson Chas, Malmo          Anderson P A, Valparaiso 
Akerson Mat, Colon              Anderson Chas, Cedar Bluffs   Anderson P E, Ceresco 
Akerson Swan, Colon             Anderson Chas, Ithaca         Anderson Peter A, Ceresco 
Alberts John, Colon             Anderson Chas, Valparaiso     Anderson T, Colon 
Albertson L, Cedar Bluffs       Anderson D M, Malmo           Anderson Victor, Ithaca 
Albright Geo, Ceresco           Anderson David, Ceresco       Anderson Wm, Ceresco 
Albro John, Wahoo               Anderson E, Prague            Andrews A, Colon 
Alexander D S C, Yutan          Anderson Erick, Malmo         Anthony C, Cedar Bluffs 
Alkire A A, Ashland             Anderson F L, Ashland         Anthony H, Cedar Bluffs 
Alkire C D, Ashland             Anderson Fred, Weston         Anthony J, Cedar Bluffs 
Alkire J J, Ashland             Anderson Gustaf, Ithaca       Anthony P, Cedar Bluffs 
Allen Albert, Fremont           Anderson Gustaf, Malmo        Antrim F, Ceresco 
Allen Hugh, Morse Bluff         Anderson H P, Ceresco         Arians John, Wahoo 
Allen Robt W, Morse Bluff       Anderson H, Wahoo             Armes A E, Morse Bluff 
Allen W T, Ashland              Anderson J A, Ceresco         Armes G B, Morse Bluff 
Allmen M, Mead                  Anderson J, Ithaca            Arp John, Malmo 
Almquist C H, Ithaca            Anderson J, Morse Bluff       Arps John, Yutan 
Amberg J A, Malmo               Anderson Jens, Malmo          Aspengren N A, Ceresco 
Anderson A F, Malmo             Anderson John T, Malmo        Atmore J & Son, Cedar Bluffs 
Anderson A G, Ceresco           Anderson John, Ceresco        Aughe J P, Ashland 
Anderson A J, Colon             Anderson John, Fremont        Auten J T, Prague 
Anderson A, Ithaca              Anderson John, Ithaca         Auten S D, Prague 
Anderson Alfred, Malmo          Anderson John, Weston         Auten S W, Morse Bluff 
Anderson And, Colon             Anderson L E, Yutan           Avis E J, Ashland 
Anderson And, Malmo             Anderson L F, Ceresco         Ayers J A, Ceresco 
~ B ~
Babka Frank, Morse Bluff        Benesh Anton, Weston          Boydston C B, Ceresco 
Back L F, Morse Bluff           Bengston Amos, Ithaca         Boyle E C, Fremont 
Baer James W, Weston            Bengston Nils, Wahoo          Boyle J W, Ceresco 
Bailey G W, Cedar Bluffs        Benhrens Diderich,  Mead      Brabec John, Weston 
Baker J J, Valparaiso           Benjamin A, Fremont           Brabec Mike, Weston 
Baker Josiah jr, Mead           Benjamin Irw, Cedar Bluff     Bradley A D, Ithaca 
Baker N B, Wahoo                Benjamin J, Fremont           Bradley C, Cedar Bluffs 
Baldwin B L, Cedar Bluffs       Benjamin Jas, Cedar Bluff     Brainard H H, Cedar Bluffs 
Baldwin W J, Ashland            Bennett F W, Ceresco          Brecher And, Ashland 
Ball Jesse, Ceresco             Bennett Wm, Ceresco           Brecka Jos, Prague 
Ball W K, Colon                 Benson John P, Mead           Bredenberg G E, Malmo 
Ballard Wm, Morse Bluff         Bentier Chris, Yutan          Bredenberg Gustaf, Malmo 
Ballon E S, Ashland             Bentz A G, Ashland            Bredenberg J A, Malmo 
Baltz Fred, Fremont             Beresford T J, Ceresco        Bredenberg J G, Malmo 
Baltz Herman, Fremont           Berggreen A L, Mead           Bredenberg Simon, Malmo 
Bancroft C A, Ithaca            Berggreen Ben, Mead           Bredenberg, Bostrom & Co, Malmo 
Bangston Pher  Malmo            Berggreen Martin, Mead        Brick Wenzel, Ceresco 
Baranek J, Morse Bluff          Berggreen N B, Colon          Bricker A W, Ithaca 
Baranek John, Morse Bluff       Berggreen N B, Mead           Bricker E A, Ithaca 
Barg Andrew, Weston             Berggreen Ola, Ithaca         Bright E A, Ashland 
Barger Joseph, Mead             Berkheimer J R, Ashland       Broadbrooks E, Cedar Bluffs 
Barnell Jerome, Wahoo           Berkheimer Jno, Ashland       Broadbrooks H, Cedar Bluffs 
Barnell L, Wahoo                Bern John, Colon              Brodahl John, Colon 
Barnett M J, Fremont            Best Chas, Yutan              Brodahl Nels, Colon 
Barrett S, Cedar Bluffs         Beulke Ferdinand, Ithaca      Brodahl Olof, Ashland 
Barrow John, Ashland            Beveridge & Co, Fremont       Brodball E A, Wahoo 
Barry Anton, Weston             Beyer Ch, Ithaca              Brodball Hans C, Wahoo 
Barry B E, Morse Bluff          Beznosky F jr, Morse Bluff    Brodball O R, Wahoo 
Barry David, Wahoo              Beznosky F sr, Morse Bluff    Brodd A G,  Ceresco 
Barry John, Wahoo               Biggerstaff E, Wahoo          Bronthoffer D, Cedar Bluffs 
Barry John, Weston              Biggerstaff J C, Ithaca       Brooach J H, Colon 
Barry Michael, Wahoo            Biggerstaff S jr, Ithaca      Brostrom A G, Ceresco 
Barry Swan, Weston              Biggerstaff S L, Ithaca       Brown  J F, Weston 
Barta Thomas, Prague            Bignell Fred, Morse Bluff     Brown C, Valparaiso 
Bartek J L, Weston              Bignell Henry, Morse Bluff    Brown Geo, Weston 
Bartek John, Weston             Bignell Jas, Morse Bluff      Brown L G, Ceresco 
Bartek Paul, Ceresco            Bignell Jos, Morse Bluff      Brown S, Ashland 
Bartels J, Cedar Bluffs         Bird F E, Fremont             Brown Wm A, Malmo 
Bartels Wm, Cedar Bluffs        Birnie John, Cedar Bluff      Brownell R C, Linwood 
Barter J B, Weston              Bishop A L, Yutan             Broz Anton, Morse Bluff 
Barton J S, Colon               Bishop Henry, Mead            Bruce Samuel, Wahoo 
Bartosh Frank, Linwood          Bissell S A, Ithaca           Bruce Walter, Wahoo 
Bass J G, Ashland               Black D J, Ithaca             Bruce Wm, Wahoo 
Bass S D, Ashland               Blackburn Wm P, Ceresco       Bruse Gustaf, Malmo 
Bass Thos, Mead                 Blacketer Jackson, Mead       Bruse L B, Malmo 
Bass V A, Ithaca                Blair Charles, Ceresco        Bruse M, Malmo 
Bateman Chas, Mead              Blair Jonathan, Ceresco       Bruse N E, Colon 
Bates H, Valparaiso             Blair Rob, Colon              Bruse P O, Malmo 
Bates Wm A, Fremont             Blair Wm, Ithaca              Bruse Peter, Malmo 
Bates Wm I, Valparaiso          Blakeslee N E, Colon          Bruse W, Malmo 
Batten Josh, Yutan              Blanchard R, Morse Bluff      Bryan John, Ithaca 
Bauer T B, Morse Bluff          Blasak Frank, Prague          Bryan O S, Ithaca 
Baur John, Linwood              Bliss C W, Ashland            Bryan S G, Ashland 
Baur Josef, Linwood             Bliss W G, Ashland            Bryant A F, Yutan 
Beaman Ira K, Ceresco           Blom O  Malmo                  Bryant Isaiah W, Ashland 
Beaman J O, Ceresco             Blomberg A, Malmo             Buchannan Jno, Valparaiso 
Bear Fred, Yutan                Blomberg Fred, Malmo          Bumgardner S V, Ashland 
Beatly Steven, Yutan            Blomgren J J, Malmo           Bunda Wencl, Linwood 
Beaumont Jas, Morse Bluff       Bloxom W L, Ithaca            Burbank Jesse, Fremont 
Beaumont Jno, Morse Bluff       Bobek Frank, Linwood          Burchholtz F, Morse Bluff 
Beaumont T, Morse Bluff         Bodly Ely, Colon              Burchholtz W, Morse Bluff 
Beaver M, Fremont               Boesel Aug, Ithaca            Burda Albert, Prague 
Bechtel H G, Weston             Boesel C, Ithaca              Burda Frank, Linwood 
Beckelheymer Jesse, Mead        Bohm Fritz, Morse Bluff       Burda V, Prague 
Beckelheymer Sam, Mead          Bond John, Wahoo              Bures Joseph, Prague 
Beckelheymer Thos, Mead         Bonner Alex, Cedar Bluffs     Buresh W, Linwood 
Beckens Hans, Mead              Bonoo F, Ithaca               Burge Arthur, Wahoo 
Beebe C P,  Wahoo               Booshorsky Jos, Linwood       Burge James, Weston 
Behrens Detlef, Mead            Booze James, Fremont          Burklund E G, Malmo 
Behrens Hans, Prague            Borgan B, Cedar Bluffs        Burnning W H, Cedar Bluffs 
Behrens Hans, Yutan             Bose Fred, Malmo              Burns Wm, Colon 
Behrens Wm, Mead                Bosholm C, Cedar Bluffs       Burrison T, Colon 
Beland Eugene, Ceresco          Bosll Frank, Ithaca           Burt G A, Ashland 
Beland J B A, Ceresco           Bostrom Ed, Colon             Burt G C, Ashland 
Belik Frank, Prague             Bostrom John A, Malmo         Burt L L, Fremont 
Belik John, Prague              Bostrom O, Malmo              Busek John, Weston 
Bell Geo, Mead                  Bostrom P, Malmo              Busek Joseph, Weston 
Bell Jesse V, IIthaca           Botek John, Prague            Butler A E, Ithaca 
Bell W H, Ceresco               Boue Jacob, Weston            Butler L W, Ithaca 
Belsey Christ, Cedar Bluffs     Bourk Louis, Mead             Butt F W, Ashland 
Bemis Frank, Ceresco            Bowen Wm, Weston              Butterick J, Cedar Bluffs 
Bemish Jas, Yutan               Bower S B, Ashland            Butterick W, Cedar Bluffs 
Bender John, Yutan              Bowery C H, Weston            Button Samuel, Ceresco 
Bender Jonas, Yutan             Boyd A, Ashland               Butts Wm, Fremont 
Bender L E, Yutan               Boydston B B, Ceresco         Byrum George, Weston 
~ C ~
Cadwell J T, Ashland            Chamberg O, Fremont           Cole W M, Yutan 
Caha Joseph, Weston             Chamberlain T K, Ashland      Coleman J E, Wahoo 
Calhoun David, Ashland          Chapek Anton, Morse Bluff     Coleman J L, Weston 
Calkins Chas E, Ashland         Charf P R, Yutan              Collins J S, Fremont 
Callquist J P, Mead             Charling C, Ithaca            Coltrin Lafayette, Yutan 
Calvert Chas, Ashland           Charling E, Ithaca            Compton C A, Mead 
Calvert Geo F, Memphis          Chech John,  Colon            Conant Grant, Memphis 
Calvert H, Ashland              Cheff H F, Ceresco            Connell Wm, Memphis 
Calvert W W, Ashland            Chelberg A,  Malmo            Connor J A, Ashland 
Cameron T J, Ithaca             Cheltoun John, Prague         Connor J A, Ithaca 
Cameron C F, Ceresco            Cheney E W, Wahoo             Conrad C J, Fremont 
Campbell Wm, Ceresco            Cheney John, Mead             Conrad I, Ashland 
Campen, John L  Wahoo            Chernik John, Colon           Conrad Tom, Fremont 
Cane B J, Morse Bluff           Cherny & Kavan, Morse Bluff   Conradt Aug, Ithaca 
Capek Frank, Weston             Cheska Joseph, Weston         Conray Wm, Memphis 
Carey John, Fremont             Chiliquist Nils, Wahoo        Cook J D, Wahoo 
Carlson Anders, Ithaca          Chlup James, Morse Bluff      Cook M, Ceresco 
Carlson Andrew, Ceresco         Chmelka Anton, Linwood        Cook T E, Valparaiso 
Carlson Anthony, Wahoo          Chmelka Anton, Prague         Cool Theodore, Fremont 
Carlson C E, Ceresco            Chmelka John, Prague          Coons E, Valparaiso 
Carlson C J, Colon              Chmelka Matej, Prague         Cooper And, Ithaca 
Carlson C J, Wahoo              Chmelka Vaclar, Weston        Cooper Wm, Memphis 
Carlson C, Ceresco              Chollette Frank, Wahoo        Cords Chris, Memphis 
Carlson H F, Ceresco            Chollette J, Wahoo            Cordsen P, Colon 
Carlson J F, Ceresco            Christensen C C, Fremont      Corey A W, Yutan 
Carlson J Z, Colon              Christensen C J, Fremont      Corey H H, Yutan 
Carlson J, Malmo                Christensen F, Fremont        Corey J N, Ceresco 
Carlson Jno, Fremont            Christensen Hans, Fremont     Corey Wm, Ashland 
Carlson L E, Ceresco            Christensen J, Valparaiso     Corn L, Memphis 
Carlson Ola, Ithaca             Christensen R, Fremont        Cornell C H, Ithaca 
Carlson P A, Ithaca             Christenson Andrew, Colon     Cornell Leop, Ithaca 
Carlson Pete, Ceresco           Christenson Chris, Colon      Cottrell G W, Mead 
Carlson Peter, Weston           Christenson Chris, Mead       Coutny F jr, Colon 
Carlson S W, Wahoo              Christenson Hans, Colon       Couzan M T, Valparaiso 
Carlson Swan, Malmo             Christenson Jas, Fremont      Cowan S L, Ashland 
Carlston A F, Colon             Christenson Pete, Colon       Cox Charley, Weston 
Carlston C G, Colon             Christenson Peter, Mead       Cox E, Ashland 
Carlton H L, Valparaiso         Christian Fred, Ashland       Cox Edwin, Ithaca 
Carlton R, Valparaiso           Christian O S, Morse Bluff    Cox Jacob, Memphis 
Carpenter R C, Malmo            Christianson C, Cedar Bluff   Cox Joseph M, Weston 
Carr Ad, Ashland                Christianson Geo, Wahoo       Cox W D, Ceresco 
Carr Jacob, Ashland             Chubb Hiram, Ceresco          Crabb M, Colon 
Carstensen P, Cedar Bluffs      Church P P, Wahoo             Cramer Chas, Morse Bluff 
Carstensen Peter, Valparaiso    Churchill F M, Ceresco        Craslar G H, Malmo 
Carter D C, Ceresco             Churchill Henry, Ceresco      Creathbaum J D, Valparaiso 
Carter G W, Valparaiso          Chvatal Anton, Prague         Creaven Uriah, Ceresco 
Carter H T, Weston              Cidlik John, Weston           Creaven W T, Valparaiso 
Carter J P, Ithaca              Cink Vaclar, Prague           Criderback B, Fremont 
Carter Joseph, Weston           Cipera Anton,  Linwood        Crinklaw W F, Mead 
Cary Pat, Cedar Bluffs          Cisek John, Prague            Crinklaw Walter, Mead 
Cary Timothy, Ashland           Clapham E, Cedar Bluffs       Criss E G, Prague 
Case B H, Weston                Clark H M, Ithaca             Criss Jonathan, Prague 
Case C O, Weston                Clark J W, Mead               Criss Nathan, Prague 
Case G J, Linwood               Clark Richard, Ashland        Crisseman J, Ithaca 
Case G O, Weston                Clauson N, Ithaca             Crocker J, Cedar Bluffs 
Case L A, Weston                Clegg S C, Mead               Crocker R M, Cedar Bluffs 
Case S S, Weston                Clift Wm T, Valparaiso        Croshaw O F, Morse Bluff 
Cash Chas, Mead                 Clifton C C, Colon            Croshaw Wm, Cedar Bluffs 
Caska Robt, Morse Bluff         Clofes Conrad, Malmo          Croshy George, Cedar Bluffs 
Castello Wm, Wahoo              Closson E A, Ashland          Crotzer And, Fremont 
Cazka Joseph, Ceresco           Clouse J F, Ashland           Crow & Bellows  Fremont 
Cedardahl N P, Ceresco          Clouser J F, Fremont          Crow, E  Valparaiso 
Cedargren Wm, Weston            Coady Michael, Colon          Cuda John, Weston 
Cemer John, Colon               Coady Pat, Colon              Cuda Joseph, Weston 
Cernik Frank, Weston            Coat Frank,  Valparaiso       Cuhel Anton, Prague 
Cernohlavek Frank, Prague       Coatny Frank, Colon           Cullen J T, Ceresco 
Cernohlavek M, Prague           Coatny John, Colon            Cullen Pete L, Weston 
Cerny Frank, Weston             Cockeral Geo, Memphis         Cunningham John, Weston 
Cerny Joseph, Weston            Coder Joseph, Fremont         Curda Matis, Prague 
Cerny Wencl, Linwood            Codr Barta, Linwood           Curran John, Yutan 
Cersovsky Vencl, Weston         Coferly Jacob, Ithaca         Curran Patrick, Mead 
Cerva Anton, Weston             Colbert S, Ithaca             Curtis H W, Ashland 
~ D ~
Dahlgren C J, Malmo             Dehart Frank, Mead            Doleza Frank, Ceresco 
Dahlman P, Wahoo                Dehart Jas, Mead              Dolezal Jacob, Colon 
Dahlstrom C G, Ceresco          Delaney Jno, Morse Bluff      Dolezal John, Weston 
Daily D, Fremont                Delong T D, Valparaiso        Dolezal Josef, Linwood 
Daily W D, Fremont              Denesia C A, Morse Bluff      Donezal Wenzel, Ceresco 
Dalberg August, Ceresco         Denham Thos, Morse Bluff      Donnely Pat, Mead 
Daleny M, Morse Bluff           Deniher M, Ceresco            Dooley J T, Ceresco 
Daley Dan, Colon                Denman L B, Valparaiso        Dooley Jacob, Ceresco 
Daley Jerry, Colon              Depen Dennis, Mead            Dooley N J, Ceresco 
Dalrymple W H, Valparaiso       Derricks & Son, Colon         Doom Robert J, Ashland 
Dalstrom N, Malmo               Desnay Wm, Wahoo              Dosik Frantiska, Prague 
Dalt James, Morse Bluff         Devore J W, Yutan             Dougherty Patrick, Ceresco 
Dalton John, Ashland            Deweif John, Ceresco          Dow Peter, Memphis 
Dalton M M, Ashland             Deyer J M, Ithaca             Dowell A L, Wahoo 
Danel Wm, Morse Bluff           Dickson A J, Weston           Dowell Philip, Wahoo 
Danes G W, Malmo                Dickson K M, Morse Bluff      Dristy Olof, Ceresco 
Danielson C J, Malmo            Dierks A,  Fremont            Drozda Charley, Prague 
Danielson John, Ceresco         Dierks G A, Fremont           Drummond E S, Morse Bluff 
Davis & Keefer  Wahoo            Dierks John, Fremont          Dryden J M, Ithaca 
Davis A J, Morse Bluff          Dierks S,  Fremont            Dryden R, Ithaca 
Davis C, Fremont                Divorak Jakub, Linwood        Dryden Wm, Yutan 
Davis Fate, Ithaca              Dixen C, Wahoo                Dubek Joseph, Linwood 
Davis I N, Ashland              Dixen Robt, Ashland           Dubek Vaclav, Prague 
Davis J B, Ithaca               Dobesh Thos, Prague           Dudek Joseph, Prague 
Davis Joe G, Fremont            Dobrusky J F, Prague          Duerrbaum H F, Yutan 
Davis W W, Ashland              Dobson M J, Ceresco           Dugan Frank, Ithaca 
Davis Wm, Colon                 Dobson Wm G, Ceresco          Dugan Wm, Wahoo 
Dawson Alex, Morse Bluff        Docekal John, Linwood         Dunaway D C, Wahoo 
Dawson Wm, Morse Bluff          Dockweiler F C, Cedar Bluffs  Duncan J F, Yutan 
Day C A, Morse Bluff            Dockweiler J H, Cedar Bluffs  Duncan S J, Ceresco 
Dean Arthur, Ashland            Dockweiler Jur, Cedar Bluffs  Duncan W H, Valparaiso 
Dean Frank, Wahoo               Dodds Isaac, Memphis          Dunlap W H, Morse Bluff 
Dean Henry, Ashland             Dodds J R, Colon              Durkes Andrew, Memphis 
Dean W W, Ashland               Dodds Jas M, Memphis          Durkes W J, Ithaca 
Dech J J, Ashland               Dodge John, Linwood           Dutton Geo, Ceresco 
Dech W E, Ithaca                Dodge L H, Morse Bluff        Dwonick A,  Valparaiso 
Dech W H, Ithaca                Dodson C M, Wahoo             Dwyer John, Yutan 
Dech W, Ithaca                  Dokulil M, Wahoo              Dwyer M, Yutan 
Decker Sim, Wahoo               Dolejo Joseph, Weston 
~ E ~
Eagle G W, Valparaiso           Eggleston F H, Mead           Enybody J H, Morse Bluff 
Easom W H, Morse Bluff          Eggleston Francis, Mead       Enybody James, Ithaca 
Eaton Oliver, Ceresco           Eggleston G, Ithaca           Equist Andrew, Yutan 
Eberhardt Fred, Wahoo           Eggleston Wm, Mead            Eredt Joseph, Prague 
Ebert C D, Ashland              Ehrike Fred, Fremont          Erickson A & Son, Ithaca 
Ebert S S, Ashland              Eichmeir T Aug, Wahoo         Erickson Bengt, Weston 
Ebsen Peter, Morse Bluff        Ekdhal August O, Malmo        Erickson C J, Malmo 
Eceleston Burt, Ithaca          Eklund Andrew, Colon          Erickson Cara, Fremont 
Echerman Ezra, Ashland          Ekman Chas, Ithaca            Erickson Daniel, Weston 
Ecklund Peter C, Ceresco        Eliason A, Wahoo              Erickson E J, Ithaca 
Eckstein Wolfg, Linwood         Eliason Nils, Wahoo           Erickson Israel, Memphis 
Edgar J, Memphis                Elliott James, Mead           Erickson John, Ceresco 
Edstrom Axel, Colon             Elliott M F, Ceresco          Erickson John, Wahoo 
Edstrom G, Weston               Ellis J W, Yutan              Erickson L, Malmo 
Edstrom P, Weston               Ellison James jr, Mead        Erickson M, Wahoo 
Edwards J S, Mead               Ellison James, Mead           Erickson N A, Ceresco 
Edwards J W, Weston             Ellison William, Mead         Erickson Nels, Ithaca 
Edwards Jonathan, Weston        Elmelund S F, Wahoo           Erickson Ola, Ithaca 
Edwards P H, Ithaca             Ely D G, Cedar Bluffs         Essex John, Ceresco 
Eger Frank, Prague              Emberrheim Geo, Memphis       Esty W A, Fremont 
Eggers David, Yutan             Enbody Elijah, Ithaca         Ethell James F, Ceresco 
Eggers H M, Yutan               Engel Fred, Fremont           Evans Alfred, Ceresco 
Eggers John, Memphis            England B C, Malmo            Evans W F, Ceresco 
Eggert Fred, Memphis            Engler Frank,  Prague         Ewart H W, Wahoo 
Eggert Jacob, Memphis           Enstrom John, Ceresco         Ewing C, Fremont 
~ F ~
Fairley M, Memphis              Fishier John, Morse Bluff     Frana Joseph, Prague 
Fairmon Frank, Prague           Fitzgibbons S, Fremont        Frana Vencel, Prague 
Falls Larry, Mead               Flanders H M, Ashland         Frank Frank, Prague 
Fandel Emil, Yutan              Flanigan G, Ithaca            Frank L, Colon 
Fanning Michael, Colon          Flanigan P, Ithaca            Franson Aug, Mead 
Fanning Wm, Colon               Fleming Adam, Morse Bluff     Franson F, Colon 
FanterGustaf, Morse Bluff       Fleming And, Morse Bluff      Franta J, Linwood 
Farblik Frank  Prague           Fleming Gilbert, Prague       Franzen J, Cedar Bluffs 
Farmer L E, Ithaca              Fleming John, Fremont         Frazer David, Colon 
Farmer S M, Valparaiso          Fleming John, Morse Bluff     Frazier E A, Ithaca 
Farmsworth E C, Malmo           Fleming R jr, Morse Bluff     Frederick Albert, Ashland 
Farquit M, Fremont              Fleming Walter, Morse Bluff   Frederick Lewis T, Ashland 
Farris W D, Morse Bluff         Fletcher E, Colon             Freeburg Anthony, Weston 
Farwell M L, Ithaca             Flower H G, Fremont           Freeman C, Memphis 
Faulke J W, Malmo               Folke A, Morse Bluff          Freeman J P, Wahoo 
Feist Geo, Fremont              Folke C, Morse Bluff          Freeman John, Memphis 
Felt John, Colon                Folks R A, Fremont            Freeman L A, Cedar Bluffs 
Fench Joseph, Prague            Forcade Elias, Ceresco        Freeman S P, Ceresco 
Fennell John, Yutan             Forcade O M, Ceresco          Freeman T J, Memphis 
Fenton S L, Ithaca              Ford Joseph, Ceresco          Freeman Wm, Ashland 
Fetterman D F, Ceresco          Forget Joseph, Memphis        Freese Fred, Morse Bluff 
Fetterman D H, Ceresco          Forget Xavier, Ithaca         Fritzinger S H, Valparaiso 
Fetterman W F, Ceresco          Foster G C, Cedar Bluffs      Frostrom Alfred, Weston 
Feuerstein G W, Fremont         Foulks Arthur, Fremont        Frostrom C J, Weston 
Feuerstein John, Fremont        Foulks M, Fremont             Frostrom Jacob P, Weston 
Fiala Anton, Linwood            Fowler C, Morse Bluff         Fry C M, Colon 
Ficenec George, Prague          Fox Albert, Ashland           Fuchser Chris, Yutan 
Ficenec John, Prague            Fox Anthony, Ashland          Fuhs Jacob, Valparaiso 
Ficenez F, Ithaca               Fox Barney, Ashland           Fujan F A, Prague 
Ficenez Joseph, Ithaca          Fox Ed, Ashland               Fujan Frank, Prague 
Fiedler Frank, Weston           Fox Jacob Y, Wahoo            Fujan Joseph, Prague 
Fiedler Powell, Weston          Fox Myron, Ashland            Fujan Vencel jr, Prague 
Fiedler Vencl, Weston           Frahm Chas, Malmo             Fujan Vencel sr, Prague 
Finn N, Ithaca                  Frahm Claus, Weston           Fuksa Albin, Prague 
Finval Jonas, Ceresco           Frahm Geo, Colon              Fuksa Frank, Weston 
Firacek Ondry, Prague           Frahm H H, Morse Bluff        Fuksa Vencel, Prague 
Fish F F, Ashland               Frahm Henry, Morse Bluff      Fuller A R, Ithaca 
Fisher & Simonek, Prague        Frahm J C, Malmo              Fuller C W, Ithaca 
Fisher C A, Fremont             Frahm Jacob, Morse Bluff      Fuller J S, Ithaca 
Fisher Henry A, Prague          Frahm Jacob, Yutan            Fulmer Jos, Mead 
Fisher Jay, Malmo               Frahm John, Yutan             Furgurson S C, Cedar Bluffs 
Fisher M C, Fremont             Frahm M, Colon                Furr Chris, Yutan 
Fisher M, Malmo                 Fraley F H, Ceresco
~ G ~
Gabriel J, Cedar Bluffs         Gilkeson C, Ashland           Granger John H, Ashland 
Gaeth E, Fremont                Gilkeson D F, Ashland         Graquist M N, Ashland 
Gaffin J N, Colon               Gilkeson J A, Ashland         Graver G C, Ceresco 
Gallagher John, Fremont         Gillespie M S, Cedar Bluffs   Graves G B, Valparaiso 
Gamble R C, Mead                Gillett E, Cedar Bluffs       Gray C, Weston 
Gammon Hugh, Memphis            Gilster Ferd, Memphis         Gray Frank, Cedar Bluffs 
Gard Charles, Ceresco           Givillim J M, Colon           Gray Richard, Malmo 
Gardainer J D, Morse Bluff      Glar Stuber, Ithaca           Gray Sehn, Malmo 
Garnett Wm, Ashland             Glasburn L D, Valparaiso      Gray Wm, Cedar Bluffs 
Garton J F, Ithaca              Glaser Ferd, Cedar Bluffs     Green A, Fremont 
Gaskin John, Ithaca             Glass B P, Ceresco            Green Fred, Fremont 
Gerke John, Colon               Glass H P, Ithaca             Green W L, Wahoo 
Gesford John, Ceresco           Glenn Luther, Cedar Bluffs    Greever D P, Valparaiso 
Gessford David, Wahoo           Glenn Wm, Fremont             Gregory S R, Yutan 
Gibbs Arthur, Wahoo             Glor Jacob, Prague            Griffin Crason, Yutan 
Gibbs Charles, Ceresco          Good W F, Ithaca              Griffith J, Prague 
Gibbs W J, Ceresco              Goodhardt H, Morse Bluff      Griffon Thos, Cedar Bluffs 
Gibley Wm, Morse Bluff          Goodill Thos, Morse Bluff     Grimes Dennis, Memphis 
Gibson Charley, Ceresco         Goranson A J, Ceresco         Grizzle Henry, Morse Bluff 
Gibson Chas, Memphis            Gordon F E, Ceresco           Gunderson S, Ithaca 
Gibson Henderson, Ashland       Gottberg Chas, Weston         Gustafson C A, Ithaca 
Gibson Nels, Ceresco            Gould P A, Ashland            Gustafson C I, Ithaca 
Gibson Peter, Mead              Gould S A, Valparaiso         Gustafson Chris, Ithaca 
Gibson Swan  Wahoo               Graber L A, Wahoo             Gustafson Frank, Ceresco 
Gidley Jesse, Morse Bluff       Gran John, Mead               Gustafson P, Ithaca 
Gilchrist J D, Ithaca           Grandy C S, Colon             Gustus John, Colon 
Gilchrist James, Mead           Granger Henry, Ashland
~ H ~
Haas Aug, Ithaca                Hartel Anton, Morse Bluff     Hinek Frank, Linwood 
Haba John, Prague               Hartel Vencl, Morse Bluff     Hinzel Wilhelm, Ceresco 
Hackanson M, Malmo              Hartjoy Chas, Ceresco         Hladik Frank, Colon 
Haden Henry, Weston             Hass Herman, Ithaca           Hladik Frank, Weston 
Hadsall Chas, Weston            Hass Julius, Ithaca           Hladik John, Prague 
Hadsall H B, Weston             Hass L, Ithaca                Hladik Vinc, Weston 
Hadsall S B, Weston             Hassenplug Geo, Weston        Hoagland Geo, Mead 
Hagelin H C, Colon              Hassenplug Jno, Weston        Hobza Martin, Morse Bluff 
Hagerman A, Ithaca              Hassenplug Will, Weston       Hocker Samuel, Ceresco 
Hagerman F, Ithaca              Hatfield Ed, Mead             Hodds Robert, Malmo 
Hagerman R, Ithaca              Hatfield I B, Yutan           Hofbour Jacob, Wahoo 
Haggard C G, Wahoo              Hatfield J P, Yutan           Hoffman F, Morse Bluff 
Haggard D H, Mead               Hausmen Frank, Prague         Hoffman John, Prague 
Haggard L J P, Mead             Havens G L, Prague            Hofhor Saml, Cedar Bluffs 
Haggemann R, Ithaca             Havlik Jos, Prague            Hogan Pat, Yutan 
Haglund C, Malmo                Havloveck Andres  Prague      Hogstadt A, Weston 
Hagsberg John, Malmo            Hawkins C A jr, Fremont       Hohn C J, Malmo 
Hagstrom S J, Wahoo             Hawkins C A, Fremont          Hoist Hans, Yutan 
Hague Chris, Mead               Haxby John, Cedar Bluffs      Holden John, Mead 
Hajek Anton, Linwood            Haxby Robt, Cedar Bluffs      Holik Hans, Cedar Bluffs 
Hajek Frank, Weston             Haxby Wm, Cedar Bluffs        Hollingsworth A O, Valparaiso 
Hajek John, Linwood             Hayden Perry, Weston          Hollingsworth W, Memphis 
Hajek Wencel, Linwood           Hayes Dan, Colon              Holm K B, Colon 
Hakanson H, Wahoo               Hayes John, Colon             Holmberg Bengt, Wahoo 
Hakanson P, Wahoo               Hays Milton, Mead             Holmes John, Wahoo 
Hakanson T, Wahoo               Hays P P, Mead                Holtberg J A, Colon 
Hake Frank, Mead                Hayward J R, Ashland          Holthaus H, Morse Bluff 
Hakel Joseph, Weston            Headley H C, Weston           Holthaus W H, Morse Bluff 
Hakel Wencl, Weston             Heady E, Ashland              Holts John, Mead 
Hakenson J E, Fremont           Hecklander Otto, Mead         Holz A, Ithaca 
Halderman G, Ithaca             Hedlicka Anton, Wahoo         Homer Fred, Linwood 
Hall E, Ashland                 Hedlicka K, Colon             Honeywell Elain, Weston 
Hall J W, Prague                Hedlund C, Ceresco            Honeywell W S, Weston 
Hall Jasper, Ashland            Hedlund Jacob, Ceresco        Hood J R, Colon 
Hall Oscar, Ashland             Heidt Deltef, Mead            Hooker E, Mead 
Hall P J, Ashland               Heidt Nicholas, Mead          Hooker Wm, Ashland 
Hall W W, Prague                Heitman Jiri, Weston          Hooly H L, Ashland 
Hallgren C, Malmo               Heller B S, Ceresco           Hoops J W, Wahoo 
Hallner A & Bro, Ithaca         Helman Vaclav, Prague         Hopkins G H, Weston 
Hallner J, Ithaca               Helsing A, Colon              Hoppel J A, Colon 
Haltrof Geo, Prague             Helsing Aug, Wahoo            Horkey Edward, Valparaiso 
Halubar Martin, Prague          Helsing Aug, Malmo            Horn John, Yutan 
Hamedal Josef, Linwood          Helsing Emil, Colon           Horn Michael, Prague 
Hamilton James, Mead            Helsing John, Colon           Houfek John, Malmo 
Hammit Geo, Ceresco             Helsing R, Colon              Houfek John, Weston 
Hancock John, Mead              Henck A, Mead                 Houfek Josef, Malmo 
Handlin Frank, Weston           Henck Henning, Yutan          Houska Frank, Prague 
Hanke F C, Ithaca               Henck Henry, Mead             Houza Frank, Prague 
Hanke M, Ithaca                 Henderson A, Ceresco          Houzka Jos, Prague 
Hanks J L, Morse Bluff          Henderson D W, Colon          Howe Loren, Ashland 
Hanline D, Ceresco              Henderson G, Cedar Bluffs     Howell D W, Ithaca 
Hannon Wm, Fremont              Henderson Wm, Cedar Bluffs    Hoyt Fred, Cedar Bluffs 
Hansen C H, Cedar Bluffs        Hengen P, Ithaca              Hradecky Frank, Weston 
Hansen C, Fremont               Henish & Wirka, Morse Bluff   Hromas Frank, Weston 
Hansen C, Cedar Bluffs          Henish F, Morse Bluff         Hromas John, Weston 
Hansen D, Morse Bluff           Henish J, Morse Bluff         Hromas Vaclav jr, Weston 
Hansen H P, Fremont             Henning Henry, Weston         Hromas Vaclav sr, Weston 
Hansen H, Weston                Henning P N, Mead             Hruby Frank, Weston 
Hansen J D, Colon               Henningsen H, Malmo           Hubbard Anson, Mead 
Hansen Ole, Fremont             Henningsen H, Morse Bluff     Huddle Arthur L, Malmo 
Hanson Hans, Valpariso          Henningsen John, Malmo        Huddle G, Malmo 
Hanson Hans, Wahoo              Henningsen Pete, Yutan        Hudkins John, Ceresco 
Hanson Jacob, Weston            Henricksen H P, Morse Bluff   Hughes C D, Ceresco 
Hanson John, Colon              Henrickson And, Wahoo         Hughes H R, Valparaiso 
Hanson John, Malmo              Henrickson P, Fremont         Hula Jos, Prague 
Hanson Josef, Malmo             Henry G F, Wahoo              Hula Vaclav, Prague 
Hanson P W, Ithaca              Henry H C, Ashland            Hulstedt C, Ithaca 
Hanson Pet, Malmo               Henry Solomon, Wahoo          Hulstedt F, Ithaca 
Hanson Peter, Ceresco           Hentges Frank, Morse Bluff    Hulstedt J, Ithaca 
Haraldson Carl, Colon           Hepebrand John, Mead          Hulstedt P, Ithaca 
Harden O, Ithaca                Herbst Fred, Yutan            Humboldt Frank, Mead 
Harding Jac, Cedar Bluffs       Herfordt Fred, Morse Bluff    Humlicek Jno jr, Prague 
Harding John, Cedar Bluffs      Herfordt T, Colon             Humlicek Jno sr, Prague 
Hardy J A, Weston               Herring Fred, Cedar Bluffs    Hunter C, Ithaca 
Harlin Chas, Cedar Bluffs       Herring Geo, Yutan            Hurka Andres, Prague 
Harman D E, Ithaca              Herring John, Yutan           Hurlburt J G, Valparaiso 
Harman F, Ithaca                Hetrick F, Ithaca             Hurlburt L C, Valparaiso 
Harmes Jno P, Fremont           Hetrick J A, Wahoo            Hurst Jas, Cedar Bluffs 
Harmes Joseph J, Prague         Hetrick R F, Ceresco          Hurst John, Wahoo 
Harmes Joseph, Prague           Heze Chas, Morse Bluff        Husenetter Wm J, Linwood 
Harmon J M, Weston              Hickel G, Cedar Bluffs        Husher A, Cedar Bluffs 
Harmon W H, Fremont             Hicks J D, Ceresco            Hutchison E W, Ashland 
Harms W, Ithaca                 Hightsoe John  Ashland        Hutchison J B, Ashland 
Harper D C, Prague              Hill James, Weston            Hutchison J E, Ithaca 
Harrell John W, Ceresco         Hillman Chas, Fremont         Hutchison J G, Ashland 
Harris J, Ithaca                Hillman J D, Ithaca           Hutchison J H, Ashland 
Harrison Herman, Weston         Hills A E, Wahoo              Hutchison Jas, Weston 
Harrison Jas, Yutan             Hills D B, Wahoo              Hyde James, Fremont 
Harrison Richard, Yutan         Hills M S, Malmo              Ideln J E, Ithaca 
Hart E, Ithaca                  Hinek Adam, Prague
~ I ~
Isackson A, Wahoo               Isackson L, Malmo              
Isackson John, Malmo            Isherwood Thos, Ceresco
~ J ~
Jaca Vencl, Weston              Jensen Lars, Yutan            Johnson John, Malmo 
Jackman Fred, Cedar Bluffs      Jensen N, Malmo               Johnson John, Yutan 
Jackson A J, Colon              Jepsen Hans, Cedar Bluffs     Johnson L, Ithaca 
Jackson Fredrick, Malmo         Jepson Peter, Mead            Johnson Leander, Mead 
Jackson G R, Ceresco            Jesse L M, Wahoo              Johnson Louis, Yutan 
Jackson Peter, Wahoo            Jessen J P, Morse Bluff       Johnson M, Fremont 
Jacobs Henry, Mead              Jica Mike jr, Weston          Johnson Martin, Ceresco 
Jacobs J C, Ithaca              Jica Mike sr, Weston          Johnson Nels, Fremont 
Jacobs Peter, Mead              Jirik Joseph, Prague          Johnson P J, Malmo 
Jacobs Wm, Mead                 Jiroski Peter G, Ceresco      Johnson P M, Ithaca 
Jacobson Fred, Weston           Jirovec J, Morse Bluff        Johnson P, Fremont 
Jacobson Hans, Weston           Jirovsky Thomas, Weston       Johnson Paul, Weston 
Jacobson John, Weston           Jisa Matej, Wahoo             Johnson Pet, Malmo 
Jacobson M, Cedar Bluffs        Jocken J, Ithaca              Johnson Pete, Colon 
Jacobson N, Malmo               Johansen Carl, Ceresco        Johnson Peter, Weston 
Jaka John, Weston               Johansen P, Cedar Bluffs      Johnson Peter, Yutan 
Jally G, Ithaca                 Johnson & Perry, Cedar Bluffs Johnson R C, Fremont 
Jally H, Ithaca                 Johnson A F, Ithaca           Johnson R, Cedar Bluffs 
Jambor Frank, Prague            Johnson A jr, Ithaca          Johnson Rudolph, Colon 
Jambor, Joseph  Ashland         Johnson A M, Wahoo            Johnson S G, Mead 
James Oglevie, Ashland          Johnson A sr, Ithaca          Johnson S, Fremont 
James Thos, Memphis             Johnson Albert  Ceresco       Johnson Willie T, Wahoo 
James W P, Mead                 Johnson Andrew, Mead          Johnson Wm T, Mead 
Jamison E, Weston               Johnson Aug, Colon            Johnston A, Ithaca 
Jamison Jas, Weston             Johnson August, Malmo         Johnston O F, Ithaca 
Janky Jakub, Linwood            Johnson Axel, Colon           Johnston T J, Ceresco 
Janky Josef, Linwood            Johnson B, Ithaca             Jonas John, Colon 
Janovec John, Linwood           Johnson C B, Valparaiso       Jonas Joseph, Weston 
Jansa V, Ceresco                Johnson C J, Fremont          Jones David, Cedar Bluffs 
Jansen H D, Mead                Johnson C J, Ithaca           Jones S H, Wahoo 
Jansky Martin, Prague           Johnson C O, Wahoo            Jones W H, Morse Bluff 
Jasa Mike, Weston               Johnson C T, Valparaiso       Jones Walter, Morse Bluff 
Jasperson Elmer, Ashland        Johnson Chas, Mead            Jonsson Nels, Ceresco 
Jasperson John, Ashland         Johnson Chas, Memphis         Jonsson Per, Ceresco 
Jayhawk Winslow, Weston         Johnson Chas, Yutan           Jora Martin, Prague 
Jeffords A M & Co, Cedar Bluffs Johnson E J, Mead             Jorgensen John, Weston 
Jeffords G W, Cedar Bluffs      Johnson E L, Valparaiso       Juckett A S, Fremont 
Jehorek John, Weston            Johnson Emil, Weston          Juckett B D, Fremont 
Jelinek Frank, Linwood          Johnson G A, Ceresco          Judds Carl, Wahoo 
Jelinek John, Prague            Johnson G J Olof, Malmo       Juhl Hans, Fremont 
Jelinek John, Weston            Johnson Geo E, Wahoo          Junek Thomas, Prague 
Jelinek K, Morse Bluff          Johnson Geo M, Ashland        Jung John, Cedar Bluffs 
Jenks A E, Ashland              Johnson Geo, Cedar Bluffs     Jurgens Geo, Colon 
Jensen C F, Cedar Bluffs        Johnson Gust, Wahoo           Jurgens Hans, Cedar Bluffs 
Jensen H, Morse Bluff           Johnson Harlon L, Ceresco     Jurgens John, Cedar Bluffs 
Jensen Hans, Cedar Bluffs       Johnson J W, Ceresco          Jurgens Peter, Cedar Bluffs 
Jensen Hans, Fremont            Johnson John A, Mead          Jurgenson L, Cedar Bluffs 
Jensen I, Valparaiso            Johnson John A, Weston        Jurgenson Peter, Mead 
Jensen J P, Fremont             Johnson John J, Mead           
Jensen Julius, Fremont          Johnson John, Fremont
~ K ~
Kach Henry, Valparaiso          Kennedy J K, Ceresco          Koch Jurgen, Morse Bluff 
Kacirek Frank, Weston           Kennedy M, Cedar Bluffs       Koenecky Frank, Wahoo 
Kadavy Frank, Weston            Kennedy Pete, Colon           Kohler Julius, Fremont 
Kaiser Eli, Ithaca              Kentfield S W, Ithaca         Kohout John, Ceresco 
Kaiser Henry, Ithaca            Kerr D E, Ashland             Kohout Wencl, Linwood 
Kaiser Levi, Ithaca             Kiefer Frederick, Colon       Kolas Frantisek, Weston 
Kaiser Peter, Ithaca            KieferJacob, Colon            Kolb Jno, Memphis 
Kaiser Wm F, Ithaca             Kiesbye Hans, Cedar Bluffs    Komenda Frank, Wahoo 
Kaiser Wm, Ithaca               Killian C A, Linwood          Konecky Frank, Wahoo 
Kallstrom J F, Malmo            Killian J, Cedar Bluffs       Koranda John, Prague 
Kallstrom John, Malmo           Kimble A J, Cedar Bluffs      Koranda Thos, Prague 
Kamberling E, Malmo             Kinegar James, Yutan          Kouhout James, Ceresco 
Kane James, Yutan               King John, Ceresco            Kovanda Alois, Prague 
Kantor Jerry, Prague            King John, Cedar Bluffs       Kovar Thomas, Prague 
Kantor Joseph, Weston           Kingery Peter, Mead           Kraak Wm, Mead 
Karloff Chas, Yutan             Kinhart Geo, Ashland          Krafka Frank, Ceresco 
Karloff Fritz, Mead             Kinney Daniel W, Weston       Kralik Joseph, Cedar Bluffs 
Karloff Wm, Memphis             Kinney M, Fremont             Krantil Josef, Linwood 
Karlstrom Chas, Weston          Kinter Geo, Fremont           Kratky Anton, Prague 
Karsch Emil, Malmo              Kippling R B, Ithaca          Kratky F V, Weston 
Kaspar Anton, Prague            Kirchman H, Morse Bluff       Kratky Frank, Prague 
Kaspar John, Prague             Kirchman W C, Prague          Krause Chris, Cedar Bluffs 
Kaspar Joseph, Prague           Kirchnavy Joseph, Weston      Krause F, Morse Bluff 
Kaspar Michael, Prague          Kirsch Wm, Fremont            Kremlacek Anton, Prague  
Kaspar Vencl, Prague            Kiser John F, Prague          Kremlacek Frank, Prague 
Kastil Dorota, Weston           Kiser M, Prague               Kremlacek Joseph, Prague 
Kastl Frank, Prague             Klapace Frank, Morse Bluff    Kriezal Carl, Cedar Bluffs 
Kastl John, Prague              Kleinworth Hans, Mead         Krondak John jr, Prague 
Kastl Vencl, Prague             Kliment Anton, Prague         Krondak John sr, Prague 
Kaufman W, Ithaca               Kliment Frank, Weston         Krong E A, Wahoo 
Kavan Frank, Linwood            Kliment Joseph, Weston        Krong L P, Wahoo 
Kavan J Frank, Linwood          Kling Fred, Mead              Kroston Wm, Ceresco 
Kavan Jacob, Linwood            Klotz John H, Ashland         Krska Frank, Linwood 
Kavan James, Morse Bluff        Klotz Joseph, Memphis         Krska Matij, Prague 
Kavan John  Linwood             Klotz Wm C, Ashland           Krug Jacob, Cedar Bluffs 
Kavan John, Ceresco             Knapp & Green  Ithaca         Krug L, Cedar Bluffs 
Kavan John, Morse Bluff         Knapp Albert, Ithaca          Kruger Fred, Yutan 
Kavan Philip, Ceresco           Knapp DeWitt, Ceresco         Krusemark Chris, Yutan 
Kearns Delbs, Memphis           Knapp H B, Ithaca             Krusemark Fred, Yutan 
Keck Wm, Valparaiso             Knapp J W, Ithaca             Kruth Hans, Malmo 
Keeker Henry, Morse Bluff       Knapp N W, Cedar Bluffs       Kubelek Frank, Prague 
Keely John, Mead                Knapp R H, Cedar Bluffs       Kubelek John, Prague 
Keetle C, Ashland               Knapp R H, Colon              Kubik Frank, Prague 
Keller Fred, Morse Bluff        Knepper John H, Ceresco       Kubik Vencl, Prague 
Keller John, Yutan              Knicely C W, Ashland          Kucera Fred, Weston 
Keller Paul, Morse Bluff        Knight Johnson, Ashland       Kucera John, Weston 
Keller Ulrich jr, Wahoo         Knipel J P, Ithaca            Kucera Jos, Prague 
Keller Ulrich, Wahoo            Knipel Vencl, Prague          Kucera Joseph, Weston 
Kelley Aaron, Yutan             Knode Ed, Ithaca              Kucera L A, Weston 
Kelley Dan, Ceresco             Knowles Jesse, Ithaca         Kudlacek M, Weston 
Kelley Frank, Yutan             Knox John M, Malmo            Kuhr Henry jr, Yutan 
Kelley Gibson, Mead             Knuth Peter, Morse Bluff      Kunasek Charley, Colon 
Kelley Ira, Ceresco             Knutson Pete, Ashland         Kunesh Frank, Prague 
Kelley John, Ceresco            Knutzen H, Cedar Bluffs       Kunesh Wencl, Linwood 
Kelley M, Cedar Bluffs          Knutzen Henry, Wahoo          Kurfman Daniel, Ashland 
Kelley S F, Weston              Kocarnik Frank, Prague        Kuypers James, Wahoo 
Kempton A P, Mead               Koch Carl, Cedar Bluffs 

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