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Front row seated, L to R: Charlotte Sousek, Terilee Roberts holding daughter, Dorothy Boettner, Ruth Lindquist, Gladys Cajka, Marlene McDonald, Millie Johnson; second row: LaVerne Gustafson, Arline Vybiral, Rose Walla, Arlene Peterson, Dolores Nygren, Thurlow Noble, Emily Mumm, Pauline Miller, Paul Freeman, Ted Lindquist; back row: Dagmar Peterson, Susan Miller, Mildred Pacal, Lester Zwiebel, Clarence Hanson, Erma Bartek, Bessie Wright. Joe Vculek photo.

Co-Chairmen -- Mrs. Ted Lindquist (Ruth), Mrs. Raymond Nygren (Dolores)
Family History Chairman -- Mrs. Ernest Cajka (Gladys)
Topical History Chairman -- Mrs. Orval Boettner (Dorothy), Mrs. Darwin Peterson (Dorothe)
Publicity Chairman -- Mrs. Gary Roberts (Terilee)

Precinct Chairmen:
Ashland -- Mrs. Don Graham (Alice)
Bohemia and Douglas -- Mrs. Ed Virka (Olga), Mrs. Mike McDonald
Cedar -- Mrs. Darwin Peterson (Dorothe), Mrs. R. F. Stoltenberg (Donna)
Center -- Mrs. Eugene Peterson (Dagmar), Mrs. Arlene (Coufal) Peterson
Chapman and Elk -- Mrs. James Sousek (Charlotte)
Chester and Elk -- Mrs. Sid Sedlacek (Helen)
Clear Creek -- Mrs. Russell W. Wright (Bessie)
Green and Wahoo -- Mrs. Duane Gustafson (LaVerne), Mrs. George Hageman (Imogene)
Leshara -- Mrs. Harvey Cernin (Mary Ann), Lester Zwiebel
Marble -- Mrs. Elmer Miller (Pauline)
Marietta -- Bob Ueberrhein, Mrs. Raymond Nygren (Dolores)
Mariposa -- Mrs. Elmer Pacal (Mildred)
Morse Bluff -- Paul Freeman
Newman -- Mrs. Raymond Walla (Rose)
Oak Creek and Rock Creek -- Mrs. Harry Tarbutton (Celice) and Thurlow and Marjie Noble
Pohocco -- Mrs. Gordon Miller (Susan)
Richland -- Mrs. Ernest Swanson (Margie), Clarence Hanson
Stocking -- Mrs. Mike McDonald (Marlene), Mrs. Ernest Cajka (Gladys)
Swedeburg -- Mrs. Fred Olson (Florence), Miss Victoria Martinson
Union -- Lester Zwiebel, Mrs. Harvey Mumm (Emily), Mrs. Orvin Karloff (Orlinda)
Bookkeeper -- Mrs. Norris Johnson (Millie)

Typists, proofreaders, and others assisting: Elinor Brown, Mary Brown, Kathy Murphy, Helen Sanderson, Virginia Jasa, Arline Vybiral, Peggy Tomsicek, Jared Ketner, Francis Whidden, Veda McNeely, LaVerne Vermeline, Maureen McDonald, Dorothy Meduna, Flora Ewart, Lucille Svoboda, Hilda Simodynes, Erma Bartek, Alyce Fleek, Anna Bartek, Catherine Nemecek, Margaret Meysenburg, Julia Styskal, Ernest Cajka Jr., Helen and Elsie Anderson, Shirley Yarmon, Mildred Asmussen, Ludvik Chapek, Nadine Humlicek

Message From the Chairman ...

   We would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the committee members for it is their dedication and donation of time and effort that enabled the vision of a Saunders County History Book to become a reality! A big THANK YOU to their family members for any inconveniences, for time not spent with them due to the doorbell or telephone ringing, the noise of the typewriter, the buzzing back and forth in the car gathering stories or photos, and composing stories, and to Ernest Cajkas for letting us use their home for committee workshops. We really appreciate all the help and the very long hours of work. It is truly a labor of love.

   THANK YOU to all other people in the county and those with a Saunders County connection who compiled and submitted stories and loaned photos, to those who promoted the book, to the newspapers for publicity, to all individuals who put forth effort to complete the book in any way. Without everyone's cooperation this book would not have been possible, as we seek to cherish the past, cultivate the present, and create a bright future!


Ruth Lindquist

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   This book is designed for all ages - young and old and for many future generations in mind. Stories were written from the forming of the territory to the present day happenings, stories of the early pioneers who left their comforts behind them and faced the terrible hardships of hostile Indians, grasshoppers, drouth, etc. of the rugged Nebraska environment. Their undaunted courage brought about Saunders County as it is today. This book has been written by the people and about people. Much concentration was placed on the years since the last publication of the Saunders County History Book of 1915. We will reach on into the future generations with hopes that this book will tell of our historical events that will enrich their heritage. There has been much progress over the years, but new happenings will insure a bright future for Saunders County.

   It has been hard but rewarding work, and our wish is that this book may become a cherished keepsake for each family, preserving the past for all who have ever called Saunders County "Home."

Saunders County History Book Committee

Saunders Co. sign


Nebraska State Historical Society
Saunders County Historical Museum files
Wahoo Newspaper
Ashland Gazette
Saunders County History Book - 1915
Centennial Books of Saunders County towns
Church History booklets
Courthouse records
Nebraska Blue Book
Photographers - Joe Vculek, Steven Ress, Adrian Bartek, Joe Vasa, Jared Ketner

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