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near Swedeburg, Nebraska. By the time he was ten years old, he had lost his mother, a sister, Ellen and brother, Carl. He has a brother, Rudolph, living in Wahoo. He attended rural school near Swedeburg and Luther Academy in Wahoo. He is an electrician by trade, having studied in Los Angeles at the National Electrical School. Ted is a member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, a life member of the Wahoo Gun Club, the Saunders County Historical Society, and was a member of the Wahoo Volunteer Fire Department for several years. Woodworking is his hobby.

   On May 6, 1921, he married Elvera Wagner, daughter of Grant and Lillie (Robbins) Wagner, from north of Memphis, Nebraska. She attended rural school and graduated from the Ashland High School. Elvera is a member of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Women, the Wahoo Federated Women's Club, the Idyl Hour Extension Club, the Saunders County Historical Society and the Saunders County Hospital Auxiliary. For twenty-nine years, she has served as a Red Cross Volunteer at the Hospital and Bloodmobile. They have lived most of their married life in Wahoo, with forty of those years at 659 North Walnut.

   In August, 1935, their son, Harvey, was born. He attended local school and Luther College. He spent four years in the Navy aboard the air craft carrier 'USS Franklin D. Roosevelt' (CVA42) and the cruiser 'USS Macon' (CA132), working in the weather department. His rating was AE2. Later, he received his Bachelor's degree at Kearney State College and his Master's degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. In 1969, he married Mary Ann Pallas, daughter of Edward Pallas and Ruth (Bahm) Pallas at the Czech Presbyterian Church, rural Wahoo. Mary Ann is a nurse at Immanuel Hospital in Omaha. Their daughter is Michelle Anne, born in Omaha, December 1974.

   In May, 1981, A.T. and Elvera celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Wahoo.


   Married in Lincoln, Neb. June 1, 1941, Elmer is the son of Edward and Anna Olson of Malmo, Neb. formerly of Valparaiso, Neb. Mary is the daughter of Wallace and Lillian Carlisle of rural Lincoln, Neb.

Elmer and Mary Olson
Elmer and Mary Olson

   Elmer and Mary have two children, Jacqueline M. Olson, born August 27, 1942, and Mark A. Olson born March 11, 1948.

   Jacqueline married Bobby Sain of Memphis, Tennessee and has two sons, Rod and Gary.

   Mark married Joyce Docter of Lincoln, Neb. and has 2 sons, Peter and Alex.

   Elmer has been engaged in diversified farming all his life with the help of Mary. Elmer and Mary have enjoyed many hunting and fishing trips from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico.

   Mary enjoys gardening, crafts and loves to sew, crochet and knit. Submitted by Mary Olson


   Julius Edwin Olson, oldest son of Peter B. and Albertina Olson, was born on a farm near Malmo, Saunders County, Nebraska, on January 13, 1878. He attended school in Dist. 97 and worked on his father's farm until age 15 when he moved with his parents to Wahoo in 1893. On January 15, 1900, he married Ella Peterson of Wahoo, daughter of Carl John and Charlotta F. Peterson. She was born in Sweden, September 18, 1874 and came to America when 7 years of age. His first business venture was in the clothing business firm of Johnson, Nicholas, and Olson in Wahoo in the late 1890's. In April, 1900, he moved to Malmo where he had a General Merchandise store for 22 years. In August, 1925, he moved to Bristow, Nebraska where again he had a General Store until July, 1945.

   He took organ lessons in Wahoo from Prof. A. Rocker and graduated from voice at Luther College in 1910. He served as church organist in Malmo Edensburg Church for 15 years, and in Rosedale Lutheran Church, Bristow for 15 years. He was in such demand to sing for weddings, funerals, and community affairs that he made good use of his musical education.

   Two children were born: Carl Edwin, on May 29, 1902, who passed away March 27, 1972, and Gladys Cathryn Swanson, born July 31, 1904, who resided in Wahoo.

   J.E. left this life November 26, 1945 in the Lynch, Nebraska Hospital. Ella lived until December 30, 1954, and died in her home in Omaha. Her kind ways and musical ability were enjoyed by all who knew and heard her sing.

   J.E.'s father, born December 17, 1883, died December 5, 1901. His mother, born April 24, 1858, died August 28, 1943. A brother, Henry, born September 30, 1879, died March 16, 1965. Sister Minnie Chore, born October 18, 1886, died March 14, 1974. She was married to Ernest Chore of Bristow who was born October 2, 1887 and died August 30, 1968.

   Brother Ernest was born July 30, 1892 and died January 31, 1976. He was married to Audrey Engelke who was born November 7, 1891 and died April 5, 1972. They had no children.

   Brother Henry was unmarried. Sister Minnie had two daughters. Helen Cook, born February 12, 1917 and is married to Earl Cook of Omaha. They have a daughter, Cathie Stibbs, and a son Thomas. The other daughter, Enid Stanton, born Nov. 8, 1924, is married to Pastor William Stanton of Sidney, Nebraska. They have three daughters: Sandra Williams, Nancy Marty and Deborah Stanton, and a son, John. Submitted by Gladys Swanson


   Eric Olson and Anna Anderson were married in 1895. He came from Sweden and homesteaded in Saunders County. Anna was born in Saunders County near Swedeburg.

   Two of their four children grew to adulthood. They are Axel Theodore (1900) and Rudolph (1908). They both live in Wahoo. Axel Theodore married Elvera Wagner in 1931. They have one son, Harvey (1935), who married Mary Ann Pallas, daughter of Edward J. and Ruth Bahm Pallas. They have one daughter, Michelle Anne (1974).

   Rudolph is single and a retired farmer living in Wahoo. By Elvera Olson

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Olson Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Olson Wedding, May 3, 1895


   Peter W. Olson came from Sweden to Saunders County in 1879. He was twenty-four years of age. He worked as a hired hand. He saved his wages and bought land. In 1883, he purchased a team and began cultivation of his own land. From time to time he added to his holdings until he had three hundred and fifty-eight acres. Mr. Olson was married August 21, 1885 to Miss Elsa Hockinson, a daughter of Peter and Hannah Hockinson. To this union seven children were born. Ednum married Hannah Nordenstum of Bertrand, Nebr. He lived in Grand Island, employed as a plumber. Two daughters, Lenore and Lodema, were born. Evelyn lived at home. Evald married Esther Anderson, lived in Red Oak, Iowa, and for many years, was a Medical Doctor. Percy and Duryea, twins, completed the family.

   Duryea married Victoria Liliedahl and they had one son. Duryea farmed one mile east and one mile north of Swedeburg.

   In the late 1920's, Percy rented the farm when his parents moved to Wahoo. He farmed two hundred acres one mile east and one-fourth mile north of Swedeburg. He bought six mules and used them until the middle of the 1930's. Then he invested in a tractor. He improved the land by being one of the first in Saunders County to have terraces built.

   In May, 1929, Percy, married Florence Bengston, daughter of William and Ellen Johnson Bengston. Florence was born and raised two miles west of Swedeburg. To this union three children were born: Marlin, Jean, and Janet. Marlin and Phyllis, the former Phyllis Pearson of Ceresco, live on the farm. Marlin is the third generation farming the land. They have three daughters. Jean married Carl Mortensen and their four children live in Omaha. Janet married Richard Sayers, and their two children live in Millard.

   Percy attended public school at Dist. 29 and also chose to take the business course at Luther College. Florence attended Dist. 109 for ten years, then went to Luther College to finish her junior and senior years.

   Percy and Florence were active members of Grace Lutheran Church of Swedeburg. Percy served on the Church Council for many years. He was on the Board of Directors of Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company, and also on the board of Swedeburg Bank. He served on the school board of Dist. 29 for many years.

   Florence taught Sunday School for many years and was active in the Concordia Ladies' Society. Percy and Florence were baptized and confirmed along with their three children in the Grace Lutheran Church.

   In September, 1958, Percy passed away. Florence and Janet moved to Wahoo in October, 1958. Janet was in Junior College at Luther College. In 1961,

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Florence and Janet became members of Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Wahoo.

   In January, 1959, Florence started working at Saunders County Community Hospital. The year, 1961, she took a leave of absence and enrolled in the School of Licensed Practical Nursing Course in Omaha for a one-year term. She came back to the Saunders County Hospital and worked for eighteen years and also worked for Drs. Roy and Jack Swanson. In 1978, she retired from the hospital, is enjoying her retirement and is active in volunteer work. Submitted by Florence Olson


   My grandparents, the Jacob Orts, lived next door to the Hansons. When Mrs. Hanson went into labor Mr. Hanson came for my grandmother, then went for the doctor. However, Howard was born sooner than expected. His face was covered by a "veil." My grandmother told me she was frightened as she had never experienced anything like this, but she felt sure he would smother to death if it wasn't pulled off. So that is what she did. When the doctor arrived he congratulated her on using good judgment as the baby would have died had the veil not been taken off. The world would have lost a great musician had it not been for my grandmother.

   My grandparents lived at 1146 No. Linden Ave., and my family, the Karl Swanholm's, lived next door to my grandparents on Linden Ave. Submitted by Carol Swanholm Rogers


   Anthony has lived in the Touhy area all his life, attended school District #111 and St. Vitus Church, also in Touhy. He walked the tracks to school many days from his home on the curve of Highway 79 to Valparaiso. He was born September 20, 1939 in Wahoo and graduated from Valparaiso High in 1956. He was the first-born son of Anton and Agnes (Jambor) Osmera. He has three sisters, Marie Maly, Betty Ann Tvrdy and Harriet Jakub and two brothers, Ernie and Richard.

Anthony Osmera Family
Anthony Osmera Family, September 1980

   Ann was born and raised in the Wahoo area. Born September 23, 1940, she was the only daughter of Math and Sophie (Hobza) Sladky. She has four brothers, Math, Joe, Bernie and Richard. She attended District #27 for three years and went on to St. Wenceslaus in Wahoo through the tenth grade. She graduated from Wahoo High in 1957. She worked for the county extension office for five years prior to her marriage to Anthony on June 10, 1961.

   They live on a farm north of Valparaiso. Anthony feeds livestock and does general farming. Mary Ann works part-time at Farmers Mutual Insurance Company in Wahoo.

   Their children are Gerald, Michael, Jeanne and Allan. They all attended District #74 and St. John's school in Weston. The high school they attend is Neumann High in Wahoo. They are all active in sports. Lisa Marie, their first-born, was stillborn and is buried in the Touhy Cemetery.

   The family are active members of St. Vitus Church, Touhy. Anthony and Mary Ann have served on Neumann related associations. Mary Ann is a member of the Nite Lites Extension Club.


   Ernie and I live on a farm north of Valparaiso. This farm was purchased by Ernie's parents, Anion and Agnes Osmera, in the 40's. Agnes was the daughter of Joseph and Emilie Jambor. When Anton died in 1956, Ernie and his brother kept up the farming. In 1967, Agnes moved to Brainard and we moved to the homeplace.

   We were married May 14, 1966, in Bruno. That's where I lived until I married. My grandfather, Anton Miratsky, came originally from Czechoslovakia and settled down by David City. He married Mary Wiskocil from Saunders County. Their son, James, married my mother, Estella Wittera, in 1941.

   Ernie went to grade school at Touhy. He attended Valparaiso High School. I went to a country school my grade school days. My first year in high school was spent at David City Public. The next year Aquinas opened and I graduated from there. I worked at the State Capitol and the Social Security Administration until I married.

   We have a lot of help on the farm with our six children. They are: Steve -- 15, Patrick -- 14, Jim -- 13, John -- 11, Mary -- 9 and Thomas -- 3. The younger children attend St. John's in Weston and Steve goes to Neumann. They're active in sports and 4-H, so it keeps everyone hopping around here.

   We all belong to St. Vitus in Touhy. We have held past positions as trustee and officer of the Altar Society. We are also former members of the Jaycees and Mrs. Jaycees. Ernie is a member of the Livestock Feeder's Association.

   One of the highlights we've been able to enjoy in the past few years was the children's First Holy Communion. Four of them were able to have a home Mass with Father Paul York. They each invited guests they wanted to share their celebration with. It is something they will always treasure.

   We raise hogs and cattle so there isn't much time for recreation around here. But the kids get to go fishing every now and then. We have a lake not too far from here that they enjoy going to. They also have a three-wheeler they have fun with.

   This is a great part of Nebraska to be living in. The folks are always friendly and always ready to help out. And country living has got to be the best kind of living. Submitted by Joanie Osmera


   Frank Ostry, son of Frantisek and Appolena (Maly) Ostry, was born on Feb. 4, 1846. He came to this country from Bohemia in 1872, to homestead and settle in Saunders County, Nebraska.

Frank Ostry Family
Frank and Marie (Schultz) Ostry Family -- Taken about 1898. Back Row: Mary Vlasak, Stazie (John) Polacek, Emilie Jambor, John Ostry, Frank Ostry; Front Row: Joseph and Louis Ostry (twins), Grandpa Frank Ostry, Rose Humlicek, Grandma Marie Ostry, holding Stanley Ostry, Adolph Ostry, and Anna (Ed) Polacek.

   While homesteading in Section 2-15-5, he purchased 40 acres of land from the Union Pacific Railroad Co. in Section 35-16-5 on June 27, 1873 for $160.

   He and Marie Schultz, daughter of Josef and Marie (Buchar) Schultz, born Nov. 27, 1851, traveled with a wagon load of grain and crossed the Platte River on a ferry. They were married in Fremont, Nebr. on Jan. 30, 1877, at the rectory by Father John Donegran. Their witnesses were Charles Sedilak and Miss Carrie Marekey.

   On Aug. 24, 1879, while still homesteading, he purchased another 40 acres in Section 35-16-5, adjacent to the 40 acres he purchased in 1873 from Josef and Mary Kaspar for $300.

   His homestead was granted on July 23, 1880, after he already owned 80 acres which he had purchased. During the 1880's, he moved off the homestead onto the 80 acres he had purchased and built the farmstead where it is presently located.

   On March 9, 1891, he purchased another 80 acres in Section 35-16-5 for $3,000 and two other farms for his sons in the early 1900's.

   Frank was one of the charter members of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church when it was built in 1901. This church building was dismantled in Sept., 1982, to make way for a new church.

   He was a tailor by trade and made clothes for all the family. They had eleven children: Mary (Jan. 24, 1878 -- Mar. 16, 1971), married to Charles Vlasak; Emilie (Apr. 4, 1879 -- Jan. 1, 1934), married to Joseph Jambor; Anastazia (Apr. 27, 1881 -- Nov. 9, 1973), married to John Polacek; Frank J. (Oct. 15, 1882 -- Aug. 22, 1972), married to Anna Palensky; John (Jan. 24, 1885 -- Mar. 27, 1971), married to Marie Pollard; Anna (July 30, 1887 -- Feb. 22, 1920), married to Edward J. Polacek; Adolph (June 16, 1889 -- July 25, 1966), married to Lillie Vyhlidal; Louis C. (June 16, 1891 -- June 27, 1971), married to Lydia Humlicek; Joseph (June 16, 1891 -- Oct. 21, 1952) married to Mildred Stecher; Rose (Aug. 30, 1893 -- Feb. 3, 1981) married to Anton Humlicek; Stanislav (Dec. 16, 1897 -- Nov. 17, 1905).

   Frank Ostry died Aug. 20, 1916, and his wife, Marie, died Apr. 11, 1934. Submitted by Jerome and Mary Ann Ostry


   Frank J. Ostry, son of Frank and Marie (Schultz) Ostry, born October 15, 1882 and Anna Palensky, daughter of Charles and Agnes Palensky, born July 13, 1887, were married at St. Peter and Paul Church in Abie, Nebraska on October 3, 1911.

   They made their home on a farm three and one-half miles west of Prague. To this union were born five sons and three daughters. Bringing up a family during the war and depression years was difficult. However, with staunch faith and trust in God, hard work and many sacrifices, they managed to provide a decent livelihood and a happy, peace-loving family. They were active members of St. John's Catholic Church. All the children attended St. John's Catholic Grade School and Prague Public High School.

   The eldest son, Joseph, born March 3, 1914, married Marie Matulka, (December 11, 1913) at Assumption Church, Dwight, Nebraska on May 27, 1941. While bringing up their family of five, they farmed near Ulysses and later moved to Aurora, Colorado. Presently, they are living in Wahoo. Their two daughters are Notre Dame Sisters.

   Ivan, the next oldest, born July 14, 1915, sought employment in Omaha for a number of years. He is at this time living in the retirement center at Lucas Hall in Omaha.

   Agnes, now known as Sr. Agnes Marie, was born September 3, 1917. She made her Religious Profession of vows as a Notre Dame Sister on August 13, 1940. Sister taught grade and high schools in Nebraska and Iowa and is teaching at Roncalli High School in Omaha at the present time.

   Lillian, born August 3, 1919 and Emil, May 27, 1921, live on the family farm carrying on the family tradition. For many years they untiringly took care of the parents in their later years. Emil served in the armed forces in the Pacific during World War II. He is an active member of the Catholic Workman Lodge.

   Cyril and Leonard, twin sons born May 25, 1925 died in infancy.

   Anne, now Sr. Mildred, was born September 11, 1927. She made her Religious Profession of vows as a Notre Dame Sister on August 13, 1950. Sister taught in grade schools in Nebraska, Iowa and

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