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   THE Sammies knew very well when falling under the shrapnel of the foes guns that their pain and sacrifice were one in the hearts of millions of mothers, sisters, wives and daughers. Blessed be the hands that wove bandages, the eyes that shed tears, the soul that had faith, the generous hearts that in the hour of trial palpitated with the world's bleeding heart.

   Toiling untiringly, often taxed beyond the limits of her strength, a victim of influenza, that she fought day and night during the epidemic, always a ready smile and a sheerful word for the dispirited, her very presence an inspiration, an angel of mercy on earth to whom the disabled men can never fully express their gratitude.

   From the patients and the corps men and the officers and the loved ones of those for whom you have toiled unselfishly come--"God Bless every one of you."

   To you all who did so much toward bringing about the final result we pay tribute of a grateful county. Your deeds shall ever live in our memory. The service you gave so cheerfully and willingly, your devotion and loyalty will be one of the great chapters in the history of Saunders County in the World War.


The numbers beside each name refer to the photo on the left.

Miss Bertha Ricker (1)

Entered the service September 18, 1918, and served with the Base Hospital at Houston, Texas. She is the daughter of Mrs. Benjamin Ricker of Cedar Bluffs, Neb.
Miss Esther A. Bruce (2)

Enrolled with the Red Cross December 1, 1917. In April, 1918 she was assigned to service at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Mich. In October, 1918, she was sent from there to Fort Omaha as chief of the operating room. She served here until September 14, 1919. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Bruce of Malmo, Neb.
Hulda G. Johnson (3)

Entered the service December 11, 1917 and served with Base Hospital No. 49 at Allerey, France. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Johnson of Mead, Neb.
Ellen E. Sutton (4)

Was called into the service September 17, 1918, and was sent to Camp Mead, Maryland. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sutton of Wahoo, Neb.
Gertrude Hakel (5)

Entered the service December 17, 1918, with the Army School of Nursing. She was sent to the Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hakel of Weston, Neb.
Gerda Eliason (6)

Was appointed September 4, 1918 to Unit 21 from Bethesda Hospital, and was sent to Great Lakes for further instruction. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Eliason of Swedeburg, Neb.
Miss Ora E. Neff (7)

Enlisted in Reconstruction Aid, Physio-Theraphy in October, 1918, but was not called into the service until November. She was present in the greatest nerve center hospital in the U. S., located at Camp May, N. J. She is the daughter of Mrs. Gertrude E. Neff of Mead, Neb.
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