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   The ladies of Swedeburg and vicinity met at the Swedish church November 2, 1917, at which time the organization of the Swedeburg branch took place and the following officers were elected.

   Mrs. S. A. Peterson, chairman; Mrs. Geo. Nelson, vice chairman; Mrs. O. F. Liliedahl, secretary; Mrs. C. E. Danielson, treasurer; Mrs. A. G. Martinson, knitting chairman; Mrs. A. P. Olson, sewing and material chairman; Mrs. F. Eliason, membership chairman; Mrs. A. Gustafson, censor chairman.

   At the time of organization arrangements were made to hold a social (Box) at the school house at Swedeburg, November 8, 1917, to raise money to fill Christmas boxes for the boys. Mrs. A. Gustafson acted as chairman, and .$33.80 was raised.

   The surgical dressing class gave a program and social at Swedeburg Mission Church, March 20, 1918, and $41.65 was collected.

   The sewing department met weekly, having 33 workers, and reported 407½ hospital and refugee garments to their credit.

   The knitting department with 31 workers, had 133 articles turned in. The surgical dressing department was organized January 25, 1918, and had 60 enrolled, an average attendance of 30, and turned in 10,885 articles. A Junior class of 17 members worked with them.

   On November 20, 1918, after the signing of the armistice, the surgical dressing class celebrated by having a social good time with "eats." At this time the Ladies' Red Cross quilt was resold for $176.

   The Swedeburg teachers gave a box social at district 109 and turned in $275.60; $160.00 was turned in for membership and buttons.

   Practically all the work of the branch was done by 77 women, the time spent averaging from 3 to 800 hours each.

   At the annual meeting held October 16, 1918, reports from all officers were read and the following officers reelected:

   Mrs. S. A. Peterson, chairman; Miss Hugo Carlson, vice chairman; Miss Sigrid Pearson, secretary; Mrs. C. E. Danielson, treasurer.


   At the direction of the Wahoo county officers the ladies of Memphis called a meeting August 22, and the following officers were elected:

   Mrs. J. M. Packer, chairman; Mrs. A. L. Clouse, vice chairman; Charlotte E. Lambert, secretary; Mrs. Tom Colbert, treasurer.

   They decided to hold meetings every Friday at Mr. E. B. Lambert's store. Mrs. Lambert had charge of hospital supplies. 665 hospital garments and knitted articles were turned in. Mrs. Don Colbert was appointed censor.

   A special meeting was held August 16, 1918, for the election of officers, with the consent of the county chairman, and the following officers were elected.

   Mrs. A. L. Clause, chairman; Mrs. E. M. Anderson, vice chairman; Mrs. E. Olson, secretary; Mrs. M. Ullstrom, treasurer.

   The receipts for the year from donations and from the class play social amounted to $166.31. Mrs. Chas. Howe and Mrs. Geo. Klotz had the Junior Red Cross in charge, and the ladies of the chapter donated to the membership of it.

   Sewing was taken up by the chapter, and the ladies showed a great deal of interest in it. The champion among the older ladies for articles made was Mrs. S. Merriman, and among the younger ladies Naomi Owen. Knitting, too, interested them very much, and in this work, tho all did their best, Mrs. Chas. Ziegenbein, Mrs. A. O. Ullstrom, and Mrs. G. Ullstrom handed in the most knitted garments.


   On the 29th of August, 1917, 16 members of the Pohocco Women's Club, went to Arbor Heights school house and organized an auxiliary of the Saunders County Chapter of the American Red Cross. The following officers were elected:

   Mrs. Mary Hannan, chairman; Mrs. L. Willey, vice chairman; Mrs. Maude Stange, secretary; Mrs. Esther Thompson, treasurer.

   The officers acted as a committee to organize for work, and meetings. The following work was turned in: 178 hospital garments and 285 knitted articles. The ladies made a specialty of baby quilts and have 100 to their credit. Besides this the ladies made a Red Cross quilt with signatures on one side, charging one dollar a name. The quilt was then sold at auction. $112.15 has been turned into the chapter organization.

   At the meeting on October 16, 1918, the following report was given from Pohocco Women's Club social at Eyers, $238. Donated by Mrs. Willey and Mrs. Crinklaw money for writing out club year books: $11.50. At the meeting the following officers were elected:

   Mrs. Mary Hannon, chairman; Mrs. Esther Thompson, vice chairman; Mrs. Frances Moore, secretary; Mrs. May Magley, treasurer.


   At a meeting held August 30, 1917, at the Baptist church, the Missionary Aid Auxiliary was organized and perfected, with the following officers elected:

   Mrs. A. M. Maxwell, chairman; Mrs. C. Wild, vice chairman; Miss Freda Engel, secretary; Miss Emma Baltz, treasurer.

   Meetings were held at the homes of the members every other Thursday. At a meeting held August 29, 1918, they discontinued their meetings with the aid society and called themselves the Baptist Auxiliary of Pohocco, and elected the following officers:

   Mrs. Alvina Wild, chairman; Mrs. Ellen Maxwell, vice chairman; Mrs. Margaret Wild, secretary; Mrs. Lydia Engel, treasurer.

   They turned in 204 hospital garments. They also collected large quantities of refugee clothing and fruit pits by personal canvass. Besides doing this they made infant quilts from scraps and sold four-pieced tops of quilts for $20.00. In the war fund drives they assisted by work and donations. Mrs. Alvina Wild was very active and enthusiastic in all Red Cross work and had charge of the knitting department from the beginning of the organization of the Missionary and Aid Society of the German Baptist Church Auxiliary.


   A meeting was held at Yutan in the high school building August 22, 1917, at which time the organization of the Yutan Branch of the Saunders County Chapter of the A. R. C. was perfected. The following officers were elected:

   Mrs. Lydia Bender, chairman; Mrs. T. V. Roberts, vice chairman; Mrs. Fred Steinbach, secretary; Mrs. Fred Stamp, Sr., treasurer.

   The board of education tendered the use of a room in the high school building for a work room. The ladies held their meetings every Wednesday afternoon.

   Mrs. Fred Stamp, Sr., was chairman of knitting; Mrs. J. W. Peters, chairman of work; and Mrs. Fred Steinbach, chairman of surgical dressings. Work done was as follows:

   Hospital and refugee garments 437, comfort kits 20, knitting 225, surgical dressings 9,289.

   Eight workers received certificates of merit for work done. Mention should be made of the fine work done by the German Lutheran Church, which gave a benefit raising $2,000.

   Auctions were sometimes held by the branch, and Col. Green was secured to act as auctioneer.

   At an annual election held October 16, 1918, the following officers were elected:

   Miss Lydia Bender, chairman; Mrs. Frank Brabec, vice chairman; Mrs. Fred Steinbach, secretary; Mrs. Fred Stamp, treasurer.

   The following chairmen were appointed: Mrs. Fred Stamp, knitting; Mrs. Elmer Peterson, surgical dressing; Mrs. Frank Brabec, treasurer.


   At a meeting held at Mrs. Allen Grow's house Nov. 27, 1917, the organization of Leshara Branch was perfected. An election was held and the following officers were elected:

   Mrs. Mary Hannan, chairman; Mrs. Paul Williams, secretary.

   Meetings were held every Friday afternoon at the homes of the members in Leshara, and the work was done at the time, and in the time between meetings at the members' homes.

   Mrs. Hannan was chairman of hospital supplies and knitting. At a meeting October 19, 1918, the following officers were elected:

   Mrs. Mary Hannan, chairman; Mrs. Ole Olson, vice chairman; Mrs. Paul Williams, secretary; Miss Luella Bishop. treasurer.

   Hospital garments made were 194, and knitted articles.


   At a meeting held in District No. 82, January 15, 1918, the organization of the Carey High Auxiliary of the Saunders County Chapter of the American Red Cross was perfected, and the following officers were elected:

   Mrs. Chas. Davis, chairman; Mrs. R. F. Harding, secretary; Mrs. Marion Sanderson, treasurer.

   It was decided to hold the meetings of the auxiliary one afternoon each week. Results were very good indeed. The work accomplished was as follows:

   Hospital and refugee garments 350, muslin bandages 398, and 2 sweaters.

   On March 4, 1918, Carey High held a bazaar at Carey High School and raised $300.00. On February 8, 1918, from the sale of pop corn $20.00 was raised and turned in, and September 19, 1918, money donated by individuals $20.10, and $23.70 from the sale of a quilt was turned in, making a total of $348.80 raised by the auxiliary.


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