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   The last great drive in connection with the war activities was the United War Workers' Campaign in November, 1918.

   Prior to that time the different war activities had been conducting separate campaigns, resulting in almost continuous drives for funds and to a certain extent interfering one with the other, and finally at the request of President Wilson the seven important associations, towit:

   The Y. M. C A., the Y. W. C. A., the Knights of Columbus, the Jewish Welfare, the War Community Service, the American Library Association, and the Salvation Army all united in one great drive for the purpose of raising $170,000,000.

   After the plan was fully outlined and the quotas determined, it became evident that the amount asked would not be sufficient for the needs of the different organizations, and at a meeting held at Chicago it was determined to ask that the quota be oversubscribed 50 per cent, which was finally agreed upon unanimously.

   This made the Nebraska quota $2,000,000 with the over-subscription $3,000,000, and the quota for Saunders County, $50,000, and with the over-subscription $75,000.

   The drive was organized to take place from November 11th to 18th, 1918, and considerable effort was put forth to give the matter the greatest publicity possible, it being left to the county organizations of each county as to the best manner of organizing and collecting the quota for that county

   The epidemic of "flu" seriously interfered with the drive all over the West, and Saunders County was unable to hold their drive at the time planned on account of the ravages of this dreadful disease.

   The Saunders county organizations having active charge of the work were represented as follows: Y. M. C. A., Charles A. Swanson, Wahoo; Y. W. C. A., Mrs. B. Scudder, Malmo; Knights of Columbus, Judge J. H. Barry, Wahoo; War Community Service, Judge C. H. Slama, Wahoo; the American Library Association, F. E. Alder, Wahoo; and the Salvation Army, A. L. Anderson, Wahoo; while the Victory Boys were represented by Mr. C. N. Walton of Ashland.

   This committee was organized by the selection of Judge Barry as chairman, Chas. A. Swanson as secretary, and W. A. Harnsburger of Ashland as treasurer.

   For the purpose of securing a quick action and a thoro organization, a dinner was held at the auditorium in the city of Wahoo, to which were invited all of the prominent workers in the county for the purpose of outlining the plan of work in a thoro and systematic manner before opening the campaign. But the night selected for this dinner proved to be so stormy that but comparatively few from out of town were able to attend, and the committee had to resort to other means to secure the desired results.

   A plan was then agreed upon which appointed the school boards of each school district in the county a soliciting committee for the purposes of securing the necessary pledges. The total valuation of all the property both real and personal in the county was secured, and also the value of all property in each school district, and the quota apportioned to each school district as their proportionate share to be raised was ascertained, a circular letter was prepared and sent out by the county committee to each school officer of every school district in Saunders county, fully outlining the plan for securing the pledges, giving the quotas to be raised by each school district and fixing a time for the holding of public meeting in the school house in said district, and offering to send out a speaker to assist at the meeting.

   Every four-minute speaker and every person who would volunteer to do so was secured and a thoro campaign was mapped out, and under the direction of Prof. Alder, public meetings were held in every school district in the county, at which a competent and able four-minute man was present to explain the situation, the necessity for the money, make suggestions and aid in securing the pledges. Due to this systematic and thoro organization, pledges amounting to over $80,000.00 were secured within a week, thus more than securing Saunders County's quota.



   Saunders county's quota on this drive was set at $2,500, but was more than doubled, for $6,000.00 was subscribed. The drive was carried thru in a very efficient manner and was organized to work by parishes as follows:

   The Central Coimnittee was: E. L. Klotz, J. H. Barry, Frank J. Hakel.

   Parishes: Malloy Church--Ira Williams, Ed. Malloy; Sand Creek--Ed. Murphy, Geo. Pollard; Estina--Mike Golliglee, Cy Conrad; Mead--Jess Phelan, Frederick Forgette, James Dwyer; Plasi--Jacob Woita, James Polak; Weston--Hubert Janda, Jos. Jisa, Frank Hakel; Touhy--Ed. Hruby, Rev. Father Nilejnek; Valparaiso--Rev. Father Fesler, Ed. Hruby; Colon--Chas. McDermott, Jr., Thos. Hrdlicka; Cedar Hill (Morse Bluff)--N. C. Wagner.

   To N. C. Wagner, whose picture appears above, is due the credit for the generous subscriptions for the K. C's. at Morse Bluff. His persistency and energy resulted in every one in the precinct being seen and given the opportunity to contribute.


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