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   In the midst of all other national war activities some one conceived the idea of a heretofore neglected means of obtaining funds for assisting the Government in its stupendous task of maintaining its huge armies of soldiers and civilians--and financing and feeding the almost bankrupt and starving nations allied to us in this world war.

   This fortunate idea resolved itself into what became known as the War Savings Stamps Campaign, which was launched early in 1918.

   As in all other drives for funds, Saunders county responded exceptionally well, in fact, by the time the Government had notified the local organization of a plan that they thought would be the most satisfactory for obtaining quotas, Saunders county had organized, got to work on a plan of its own and oversubscribed its quota.

   The banks were of invaluable assistance in handling the stamps and continued to do so until the postoffices took them over.

   We cannot give enough praise to Mr. Elmer Johnson of Wahoo, county chairman, and his associates who jumped into the harness at once, and made the drive such a huge success. Briefly this is what they did: Set a quota, organized a committee in every community, and appointed a chairman, who in turn appointed his various assistants. When this was done they set to work to make it a success, devoting a great deal of time and energy to making speeches and personal calls soliciting funds, and as a result it was a great success. They went over the top with flying colors. Of course this was made possible only by the entire county buying stamps as they had bought Liberty Bonds, and given to the Red Cross, freely because their heart was in the cause for which they gave and bought.



   Town---Chairman's Name           Quota   Subscribed
Wahoo, E. J. Bredenberg . . . . . . 64,000   70,000
Ashland, G. Scott . . . . . . . . . 40,000   40,000
Prague, Tom Simanek . . . . . . . . 25,000   27,000
Rescue, C. E. Slonicka . . . . . .  15,000   16,000
Weston, T. Kriz . . . . . . . . . . 32,000   45,000
Valparaiso, E. A. Odman . . . . . . 28,000   32,000
Yutan, Clifford Ireland . . . . . . 24,000   25,000
Ceresco, Chas. Anderson . . . . . . 21,500   22,000
Mead, Mrs. Ostenberg . . . . . . .  21,000   25,000
Cedar Bluffs, E. F. Peck . . . . .  25,000   30,000
Malmo, C. W. Bruce . . . . . . . .  19,000   23,000
Morse Bluff, F. A. Hines . . . . .  19,000   20,000
Colon, Geo. Mowers . . . . . . . .  18,000   20,000
Ithaca, Th N. Railsback . . . . . . 18,000   20,000
Wann, D. Grimes . . . . . . . . . . 16,000   25,000
Swedeburg, A. J. Martinson . . . .  16,000   18,000
Memphis, E. H. Ehler . . . . . . .  15,500   19,000
Touhy, Joe Kacirek . . . . . . . .  15,000   20,000
Leshara, Ole Nelson and Chas. Davis 14,000   33,000


   This highly important and humane work of raising money in the county to help these starving and devastated peoples was carried out under the direction and supervision of a county committee, the officers of which were:

   Rev. N. L. Packard, Rev. C. J. Johnson, Mr. J. M. Oshlund, Prof. F. Alder, Prof. C. A. Landin, Mr. C. S. Ficenec.

   Their work was part of a nation-wide campaign to assist and relieve the pitiable sufferings of these noble people who for ages have been so terribly abused at the hands of the merciless Turk. As in all drives of this kind, Saunders county responded unusually well.

   The task of putting this over was no small one, and great credit is due the committee and its workers making it the success it was. It required a great sacrifice of time, and the responsibility was no little one. This drive, like all others of similar nature, showed how ready everyone was to assist and serve the nation in its hour of need.


   As a supplement to the draft board the medical board rendered very valuable service. It worked under the direction of Dr. Smith of the medical board.

   Dr. Smith and Dr. F. E. Way constituted the executive head of the board, ably assisted by Drs. McCreery, Tornholm, McCaw, and Kirkpatrick. All the doctors of the county were, however, members of the board and rendered very valuable assistance in examinations of the selected men whenever it was necessary to call on them. If you will remember that there were hundreds of men called, all being obliged to have a physical examination, you will realize what a stupendous task these doctors had to cope with.

   Much credit is due all of them for this very valuable service, rendered the country in its time of need.


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