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Death Notices & Obituaries From
the INDEPENDENT Newspapers

The following obituaries and death notices from the Independent Newspapers were transcribed from the microfilm found in the NSGS library. You can see a catalog of the microfilm holdings of the NSGS on the NSGS website. (Note: these reels seem to be mislabeled. You can find them listed under the Wahoo Wasp.) A special Thank You!! goes to Linda Hedlund for transcribing them for us.

According to the newspaper inventory books at NSHS the Wahoo Independent existed from 16 Sep 1875 to 11 Nov 1886, when it became known as the Wahoo Wasp, until 29 Mar 1949 when the Wasp was absorbed by the Wahoo Democrat.

Transcriber's note: In places, the text from the newspaper is not readable on the microfilm. Linda has designated these areas with either a ? or __________.

Oct 7, 1875 - July 27, 1876
Sep 28, 1876 - Jan 11, 1877
Feb 15, 1877 - Oct 25, 1877
Jan 3, 1878 - Sep 26, 1878
Oct 17, 1878 - Jan 30, 1879
Feb 6, 1879 - Feb 27, 1879
Mar 6, 1879 - Apr 3, 1879
Apr 24, 1879 - Aug 24, 1879
Aug 24, 1879 - May 6, 1880
May 20, 1880 - Dec 30, 1880
Jan 20, 1881 - Jul 28, 1881
Aug 11, 1881 - Nov 10, 1881
Feb 2, 1882 - May 25, 1882
Jun 1, 1882 - Dec 28, 1882
Jan 4, 1883 - May 17, 1883
July 26, 1883 - Dec 27, 1883
Jan 10, 1884 - May 29, 1884
July 31, 1884 - Dec 18, 1884

Names Index

Adams, Mrs.
Adsit, Mr. Schuble
Alexander, W. B.
Allen, Edmond
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Emanuel Anderson
Anderson, Ericka
Anderson, Laura M.
Armstrong, Mary A.
Arndt, William
Ashton, (children)
Ashton, (children)
Asplund, Willie
Bailey, Jacob
Baker, Arthur S.
Baltz (children)
Barton, Clara M.
Barton, John
Beebe, Walter
Beebe, Walter
Bennett, Elizabeth
Benton, Wm. I.
Bird, (child)
Bivins, Ethel M.
Bivens, R. W.
Blakewell, Emma
Bodley, Francis William
Bouslough, Geneva
Boyer, (child)
Boyle, Billy
Boyle, Jonathan
Broadwell, W. P.
Brown, Henry J.
Buck, Henry W.
Bullard, Mary E.
Bunnell, Hon. T. A.
Burbank, Mrs. Cynthia M.
Burr, Mrs. Sarah L.
Cachelin, Mrs.
Cachelin, Mrs.
Carlyle, Miss Gertrude
Christiansen, Hubert Arthur
Christiansen, Mary
Chritton, Mrs. R.B.
Chubb, Georgia M.
Clark, Mr.
Clark, Bertha
Clark, Mrs. Mary S.
Clauson, John H.
Clegg, Isaac
Closson, Mrs.
Coffran, Charley
Coleman, Harry
Coleman, Lillian Pearl
Compton, Abby
Copp, (infant)
Copp, Charles S.
Copp, Lorenzo
Cowles, Gertie
Daharsh, Marcus
Darr, Martha
Davis, Carrie
Davis, Charles Calvin
Davis, Nancy
Day, Frank B.
Dayton, Mary E.
Dean, Clarissa
Dean, Homer
Devendoff, E___ M
Dihel, W. F.
Dunlap, Alfred
Dusenbery, Roy
Eccleston, Eliza
Eddleman, Anna
Eggert, Xarier
Ekdahl, C. E.
Ellis, John
Enbody, Millie
Ethell, Sarah
Eyer, (child)
Ferguson, (child)
Finn, Jas. N.
Finn, John L.
Flatman, Robert
Fleming, Agnes May
Fleming, Thomas
Fox, Aaron
Gabler, Chris
Gaeth (children)
Glassburn, M____
Gould, Edward
Graham, (infant)
Gray, John G.
Gray, John G.(2nd listing)
Gray, S. W.
Green, William
Gregory, Brantly M.
Gregory, Noble
Gregory, Noble
Hadley, Jonathan
Hadsall, Philena
Hall, Edward Everett
Hancock, Mr.
Hancock, Flora B.
Hanson, Ole
Harrison, Benjamin George
Hayes, Thomas
Hedges, Wabern
Hetrick, (young man)
Hill, William
Hills, Edith Estelle
Homer, Mrs. Anna
Homer, Anna
Horton, Laura
Howard, Albert B.
Howard, Mortimas
Howard, Nellie
Howell, John Lincoln
Howell, William D.
Hoya, Samuel
Huyck, Sadie
Jamison, Mr.
Jansa, Eddy
Jayhawk, (Children)
Johnson, (infant)
Johnson, (child)
Johnson, Anna
Johnson, Eunice L.
Johnson, Mrs. Henrietta Bell
Johnson, John D.
Johnson, Minnie Kaiser (infant)
Kelley, Amanda B.
Killian, Carrie
Killian, Thomas
Killian, Thomas Henry
Kumbera, Joseph
Kyser, Lillie
Ledvina, Joseph Albert
Lee, Tom
Lees, Amy
Linblad, Isaac
Little, Frank B.
Long, Eddie
Luke, Sarah
Lyon, A. J.
Madigan, Charley
Manners, George H.
Marble, Ethel May
March, (infant)
Margrave, J. M.
Marsh, Mrs. Bella Dean
Marsh, George D.
Mauck, John Wesley
Mays, Andrew
McClung, Jas. M.
McCord, Elizabeth
McDonald, Thomas
Meeker, Mrs.
Menard, Florence
Mengel, Mrs.
Mengel, Judge I. R.
Middleton, Charlie
Miller, Marietta
Monson, Otto Ray
Moon, Cassie
Moon, Lulu
Moon, Ve____
Moore, John
Morrison, Emma
Mosher, Charity
Mullendore, Willie
Munford, Hiram
Murray, James
Musselwhite, Maud
Nelson, Charlie Oscar
Nelson, Henry
Newlean, Josie
Newlean, Julia Charlotte
Noteware, Col. J. H.
Novak, (child)
Nye, Leafy
O'Conley, John
O'Conner, Mr.
O'Conner, John
O'Kane, Brantley
O'Kane, Florence J.
Okeson, Anna
Olson, (child)
Olson, Minnie Paulina
Osborn, Frank
Osborn, Joseph
Osborn, Mary
Passo, William
Pembleton, George W.
Pembleton, Mrs. Mary E.
Perry, Jeremiah
Peters, Alice
Peterson, Louisa
Phelps, Eikanah
Phelps, Nellie
Pitzer, George
Plymate, Mrs. Lorinda
Pollock, (Child)
Posansky, Henry
Posansky, Mrs. Mary
Randall, Amanda Davis
Reno, (child)
Richling, Lorenz V.
Riddle, Eddie
Riddle, John
Robb, J. W.
Robbins, Wm. H.
Roberts, Mary
Rockwell, Mrs. A. B.
Rodarmel, (infant)
Rolfe, Eddie
Rolfe, Mrs. L. V.
Rollf, Issac T.
Rone, Henry
Ryman, Carrie
Sco_t, (child)
Scow, Oliver
Shanahan, Mrs. Mary
Sharkey, J. L.
Sharrar, Gracie
Sharrar, Maud
Sleeth, Mrs.
Smith, (child)
Smith, (infant)
Smith, Austin
Smith, C. D.
Smith, C. D.
Smith, Edwin Burton
Smith, Mrs. Emma
Smith, Harry
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mrs. Phoebe
Staats, J. H.
Staley, Frank
Standage (child)
Standage, Mrs. Lizzie Woodworth
Steen, Mrs. Ellen M.
Steen, Theodore
Stoup, Andrew
Stowitts, James D.
Swartz, F__nk
Taber, Mrs. C. E.
Teachman, Joseph
Thayer, Willie A.
Thompson, Melissa
Tiffany, Horatio
Trainer, (infant)
Treachman, Sarah J.
Trechnile, George
Trechnile, Mary
Twombly, Daniel
Van Alstyne, Nettie
Van Alstyne, Willie
Vybiral, Joe
Walker, S. N.
Walradt, Mrs. Laura Stocking
Weaver, Mabel
Weidensell, Jacob
Wendt, (child)
Westman, Lars
White, Rev. A. G.
Whitman, Frank
Whitten, Thomas
Wickard, (Infant)
Wickard, Willie
Wikel, Charles A.
Will, (Child)
Williams, Freddy E.
Wolfe, Bertie
Wollen, Forrest
Wood, Dr.
Worley, George

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