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Volume 1, no. 4 pages 151-153
Spring 1979

by Mrs. Georgene Sones, Omaha Ne
Source of list "Constitution and List of Members of the Nebraska Territorial Pioneers Association" (1913) Lincoln


     Membership in the Nebraska Territorial Pioneers Association was limited to any person born in Ne or who became a bona fide resident of the territory prior to 1 May 1867 & all lineal descendants. Associate members were any person who became a resident of, or was born in Ne prior to 1 Jan 1876. Honarary members could be elected by unanimous vote of the members.

     Officers for 1913 were General Jacob H. CULVER, Charles A. BEACH, George H. MCGEE, Clarence S. PAINS, Edwin JEARY, George M. SPURLOCK, Charles J. BOWLBY.

     List of members whose last names begin with A & B, more in later issues:

Name:                         Address:           Place of       Settlement
                                                 Settlement     Date:
ADRIANCE, Fannie A.           d. 13 Nov 1909     Fremont        1863
ADRIANCE, Jacob               Fremont            Tekamah        1857
AHBE, Mrs. Fred R.            Athens, Pa         Omaha       b. 1877
ALEXANDER, Samuel             d. 18 Apr 1908     Lincoln        1868
ALEXANDER, Samuel J.          d. 23 Apr 1911     Thayer Co      1860
ALDRICH, Carl Milton          Nebraska City      Nebraska City  1860
ALLEN, Benjamin F.            Lincoln            Cass Co        1869
ALLEN, Elijah                 Benson             Omaha          1859
ALLEN, Lydia Lillian          Benson             Omaha          1859
ALLEN, Thomas Ellsworth       Pawnee City        Pawnee Co      1866
ALLIS, Otis Eddy              Council Bluffs, Ia Bellevue       1843
ANDERSON, David               d. 24 mar 1913     Platte Co      1861
ANDERSON, John S.             Seward             Seward         1867
ANDERSON, Mrs. Mary E.        South Omaha        Platte Co      1861
ANDRUS, Clint M.              Omaha              Omaha       b. 1866
ANDRUS, Mrs. Louisa           d. 22 Mar 1905     Omaha          1864
ARCHER, Michael               Plattsmouth        Cass Co        1856
ARNOLD, Mattie                Omaha              Douglas Co     1867
ASCHE, Mrs. A. Dove Wiley     Murray             Omaha       b. 1858
ASHLEY, Thomas R.             Decatur            Decatur        1860
ASKWIG, James                 Oakland            Tekamah        1857
AYER, Simon O.                Omaha              Gibbon         1871
AYLSWORTH, Mrs. Lillie J. R.  Kansas City, Mo    Bellevue    b. 1857
BAILEY, Horace T.             Crofton            Aten           1858
BAIRD, Rev. John Taylor       d. 01 Feb 1910     Brownville     1864
BAKER, Daniel Webster         Benedict           York Co        1874
BALCOMBE, Urban Belzoni       Omaha              Omaha          1867
BARBER, Mrs. Mary L.          York               Bellevue       1856
BARBER, Thomas                York               Sarpy Co       1866
BARDWELL, Charles E.          Lincoln            Tekamah        1866
BARDWELL, Mrs. Mary N.        Lincoln            Tekamah        1869
BARNES, Eli A.                Grand Island       Grand Island   1872
BARNES, Judge John B.         Lincoln            Ponca          1871
Nebraska Genealogical Society Vol. 1. No. 4, Page 152
B-Submitted by Mrs. Gorgene Sones, Omaha Ne
(continued-Nebraska Territorial Pioneers' Association) BARNUM, H. Sizer Beatrice Blue Springs 1859 BARNUM, Myra H. d. 15 Doc 1913 Blue Springs 1861 BAROTHY, Charles Omaha Omaha 1858 BARR, J. Ross Greenwood Plattsmouth 1855 BARR, John Wesley d. 17 May 1912 Plattsmouth 1858 BARRATT, Jesse W. Omaha Sarpy Co 1861 BARRATT, John DeWitt DeWitt 1858 BARRATT, William Lebanon, Ks DeWitt b. 1868 BASSETT, Samuel C. Gibbon Gibbon 1871 BATES, Henry Y. (M. D. ) Belgrade Sarpy Co 1859 BATES, Louis A. Springfield Plattford 1859 RATES, William E. Springfield Plattford 1859 BATIE, Mrs. Frances (none given) Fontanelle 1854 BATIE, John M. (none given) Fontanelle 1854 BAUER, John Albert Wabash Louisville b. 1863 BAYS, William Valparaiso Agnew 1867 BEACH, Alfred A. Shickley Pawnee City 1872 BEACH, Amandus W. d. 03 Jul 1913 Weeping Water 1857 BEACH, Charles A. Cheyenne, Wy Weeping Water 1866 BEALL, Rev. Byron Lincoln Wood River 1860 BEALS, Mrs. Grace Elizabeth Omaha Omaha 1862 BEALS, Samuel DeWitt d. 27 Apr 1900 Omaha 1861 BEDFORD, Jeff W. Omaha Nebraska City 1862 BEEMER, Allen D. d. 29 Mar 1909 West Point 1864 BEGLEY, Daniel J. Springfield Douglas Co b. 1859 BEGLEY, John d. 22 Sep 1911 Omaha 1854 BELL, Mrs. L. K. (Sheffer) Ashland Ashland 1856 BELL, Ortha C. Lincoln Lincoln 1872 BINGHAM, John A. Lincoln Nemaha Co b. 1868 BINGHAM, Sarah J. Lincoln Nemaha Co 1866 BISBEE, Mary Ponca Ponca 1858 BLACK, James P. A. Hastings Omaha Agency 1860 BLACKBIRD, Alfred Macy Omaha Agency b. 1880 BLACKSTONE, Mrs. Amelia K. Tekamah Oakland 1857 BLAKELY, Mrs. Margaret O. d. 06 Doc 1908 Gage Co 1860 BLAKELY, Nathan d. 23 Jul 1907 Gage Co 1857 BLAKELY, William d. 02 Jan 1898 Gage Co 1857 BLEICK, Mrs. Dorothea Benson Omaha 1856 BLEICK, Frank J. Benson Omaha 1856 BLYSTONE, William J. Lincoln Tecumseh 1866 BOBBITT, Theodore N. Lincoln Cass Co 1864 BOBST, Samuel B. Humboldt Pawnee Co 1854 BOECK, Henry Plattsmouth Plattsmouth 1856 BOECK, Elizabeth Jane (Young) Plattsmouth Cars Co 1855 BOLDAN, John E. Tekamah Tekamah 1875 BOLER, John Jackson Jackson 1856 (continued)
Page 153 Spring 1979 NEBRASKA ANCESTREE
C-Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Sones, Omaha Ne
(continued-Nebraska Territorial Pioneers' Association) BORLAND, John P Exeter Exeter 1870 BOUVIER, Samuel David Desoto Omaha 1854 BOWEN, William R. d. 06 May 1899 Washington Co 1857 BOWLBY, Charles John Crete Crete 1870 BOWMAN, Anna K. Omaha Omaha 1857 BRAILEY, Elwin F. Omaha Albion 1872 BRATT, John North Platte Nebraska City 1866 BRETHOUWER, Berend John Normal Lancaster Co 1870 BRIGGS, Alexander G. d. 02 Apr 1911 Douglas Co 1856 BRIGGS, Mrs. John S. d. 17 Nov 1910 Omaha 1854 BRISTOL, Cicero L. Babb, Mt Lancaster Co 1856 BROWN, Adoniran J. Geneva Geneva 1872 BROWN, Erick Grand Island Omaha 1868 BROWN, Henry B. Lincoln Lancaster Co 1870 BROWN, Janes E. Norden Nebraska, City 1855 BROWN, Joshua P. Florence Omaha 1864 BROWN, Mrs. Margaret A. Greenwood Greenwood 1858 BROWN, Thomas Greenwood Greenwood 1859 BRUNER, Amelia (Brobst) d. 19 Jul 1909 Omaha 1856 BRUNER, Lawrence Lincoln Omaha 1856 BRUNER, Uriah d. 05 Jul 1905 Omaha 1856 BRUNING, Henry Omaha Omaha 1861 BRUNNER, Thomas C. Omaha Omaha 1867 BUCHANAN, Mrs. Kittie C. Beatrice Dakota City 1857 BUCKLEY, John B. d. 23 May 1913 Stromsburg 1873 BUCKLEY, Mrs. Tillie C. Stromsburg Nebraska City b.1861 BUFFUM, Austn W. Tecumseh Tecumseh 1866 BURCH, Hiram University Place Nebraska City 1855 BURKLEY, Frank J. Omaha Omaha b. 1857 BURKS, John M. Lincoln Nebraska City 1865 BURMESTER, Charles Emil Omaha Omaha 1861 BURRESS, James M. Auburn Nemaha Co 1856 BURTCH, George S. d. 09 Dec 1913 Bellevue 1855 BUSWELL, Elizabeth Beatrice Beatrice 1866 BUSWELL, Ezra M. d. 15 Oct 1906 Beatrice 1866 BUTLER, John M. Lincoln Pawnee Co 1858

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