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Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Two, no. 1
Summer 1979

Vol 2, no 1 page 15 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Ms. Marilyn A. Calver, Ainsworth, NE

(These rosters of Ex-Soldiers & Sailors found in Brown Co. then are not all in Brown Co. now.
There are no other military records in the County.)

Statute of 1887, State of Nebraska (in part): the assessor of each precinct, township or ward shall make and deliver to the county clerk of their respective counties in 1887 and every 2 years thereafter, a corrected list of all persons who served in the U.S. army, navy and marine corps during the War of 1812, Mexican War, War of the Rebellion, designating rank, company, regiment, battery or vessel in which they served, present residence & postoffice address.

NAME               RANK      COMPANY REGIMENT             P.O. ADDRESS 
      Burley Precinct, 25 May 1867, Chas. ROBINSON, Assessor.
Wm. H. FREDENBURG  Pvt.      L       2 Reg NY Cav.        Ainsworth, Neb. 
B. S. SAWYER       Sgt.      L       5 Main(e) Vol.            " 
      Lay Precinct, 1 April 1887, J. W. KING, Assessor.
B. G. NUNNALLY     Bugler            4th Ind. Cav.        Newport 
G. E. BUTLER       Pvt.      A       64 Ill. Inf.         Long Pine 
J. M. SECLER       Sgt.      H       2 Ill. Inf.            " 
Geo. H. VOIGHT     Pvt.      B       37 Wis. Inf.         Bassett 
H. H. BURGETT      Pvt.      K       105 Ohio             Perch 
J. W. CLINE        Pvt.      D       39 Iowa              Newport 
Peter SHERRY       Pvt.      A       9 Maryland           Bassett 
J. W. KING         Pvt.      K       103 O.V.I.           Newport 
P. J. PUTNAM       Pvt.      D       186 NY               Long Pine 
John JASOX         Pvt.      B       105 Pa. Vol.            " 
C. G. BATES        Pvt.              5 Iowa               Beatrice, Gage 
Wm. FREAS          Sgt.              Pa.                  Perch 
Geo. Z. M. FOX     1st Sgt.  I(orJ)  87 Ind.              Newport 
      No precinct shown
David MATHER       Pvt.      A       59th Ill. Vet.       Ingallston 
Jere. D. LIKENS    Capt.     C       30th Ind. Inf.       Basset_ 
John DIGBY         Pvt.      K       26th Iowa               " 
Thos. H. HUTTON    Sgt.      A       29 Iowa Inf.         Newport 
Thos. J. LEE       Pvt.      D       39th Ill. Inf.       Carns 
Sam. H. LIKENS     Pvt.      F       13 Mo. Vet. Cav.       " 
Albert KEMP        Pvt.      H       7th Mich. Cav.         " 
Arthur KEMP        Sgt.      H       7th Mich. Cav.       Basset 
Geo. W. WALLACE    Pvt.      G       126th Ill. Inf.      Carns 
Moses FRASIER      Corp.     H       95th Ill. Inf.       Basset 
Seth BATES         Pvt.      A       1st Neb. Vet. Cav.      " 
James COOPER       Pvt.      G       35th NY Inf.         Mariaville 
George BROWN       Pvt.      F       163rd O. Inf.        Carns 
John L. HUTTON     Pvt.      E       1st Neb. Vet. Gav.   Newport 
Alexander SCHLEGEL Pvt.      A       1st Mo. Lt. Arty.    Grace, Neb. 
James _ TRUAX      4th Corp. H       45 (or48) Ind. Vol.  Duff, Neb. 
      Blaine List
      William PICKERILL  Corp.     G       47 Wisconsin         Stuart, Holt 
                   Pvt.              116 Indiana          Co., Neb. 
Thomas SLATTERY    Pvt.      G       12 Iowa                " 
Summer 1979     - 15 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 16 - Summer 1979
Brown Co. Roster cont'd,

NAME              RANK COMPANY REGIMENT            P. O. ADDRESS 
      Gracey Precinct, 27 May 1887, W. F. KIRKLAND, Assessor
W. O. PULVER      Pvt, B       100th Ind.          Newport, Brown 
                                                   Co., Nebr. 
Amos THURLOW      Pvt. A       42nd Wis.           Stuart, Holt 
                                                   Co., Nebr, 
      Brinckerhoff Precinct
      A. C. KENDALL     Pvt, C       149 Penn. Inf.      Bassett, Nebr, 
Geo. E. BATES     Pvt. ?       9 Ills. Cav.           " 
Alex. DEBOLT      Pvt. C       77 Ills. Inf.          " 
Bonapartt PALMER  Pvt. C       77 ? ?                 " 
John D. HOLT      Pvt. B       Doniphans Reg.      Long Pine 
                  Mexican War      Missouri Cav.
L. D. BATES       Pvt. E       74 Ills. Inf.           " 
Robert B. STIGILE Pvt. M       192 Penn. Inf.          " 
Benjamin CLARK    Pvt. C       6 Iowa Inf.             " 
Geo. W. BARD      Pvt. A       10 Iowa Inf.            " 
John ROE          Pvt. A       10 Iowa Inf.            " 
Joshua McCOY      Pvt. C       77 Ills. Inf.           " 
James THOMPSON    Pvt. E       5 Col.(?) Inf.          " 
Israel F. BATES   Pvt. A       1st Neb. Cav.           " 
Geo. E. DUNAWAY   Pvt. A       1st Neb. Cav.           " 

Vol 2, no 1 page 16 - Summer 1979

Letter purchased at an antique shop by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, NE
Naponee Neb (Franklin Co.)

July 25 - 1907

Dear Aunt Ella  We are all well and hope you are the same.
Grace's boy weighs 13 pounds now.
George Quinns have a nother boy.
Well Ella how is Grandma getting a long now days. I would like to see her.
Frank has been from Colorado Springs to Kansas City but he did not stop at home.
George Fish ran away and went to Moscoke but they do not know where he is now.
Rose Freeden has a girl her name is Hazel  Annie Quinn has a little girl her name is Ursel Bernetta Quinn.  Maud Fish has been very sich but she is better now so that she can be up.
She has been working in a centrel office her and Saddie.
Willard and harvey celebrated at Oxford the forth.
Emma weigh 51 bounds and I waigh 98.
They are having Mennonite camp meetting in Kaweltis grove east of Naponee. I have not went any yet It commenced the 18 of July and lasts till the 28.
Well Ella I must close for this time so good by from Veda to her aunt Ella
Answer soon.

Summer 1979     - 16 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 17 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Jackie Dallmann, Franklin, NE
Abstracted by: Glenn Crouch

THE MACON SENTENNIAL, Centennial Edition published 2 June 1972


     Mattis YELKEN and Will DEPINDENDER were married 12 Mar 1897 at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hippe YELKEN.
     Delialah E. GARRETT and John DAVIS were married 30 Aug 1899 by Rev. George P. TRETES. The bride is the eldest daughter of Franklin townsman Peter C. GARRETT. The groom is a Macon farmer.
     Emma GRUBE and Fred DAVIS were married one evening in Nov 1901 by Rev. Eugene CRIPPEN at the home of the bride's parents, nine miles northeast of Franklin. The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Otto GRUBE, the groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. W. DAVIS of Macon.
     Alice WIEKLUND and Will SHEPHARD were married at the home of the bride's parents Wednesday (Nov 1901) by Rev. Eugene CRIPPEN.
     Hannah STUHMER and William A. SAATHOFF were married 14 Apr 1910 at the beautiful farm home of the bride's parents by Rev. KOSTBAHN of Macon. The bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry STUHMER. Miss Anna STUHMER acted as bridesmaid and Johnie STUHMER as best man.
     Hannah SCHAFER and Charles STEINKRUGER were married 14 May 1916 at the home of Mrs. Fred SCHAFER, the bride's mother. The groom's sister, Dora STEINKRUGER, was bridesmaid and John EVERS was the best man. They will make their home on the groom's father's farm six miles north of Macon.
     Ella ECKHOFF and L. KIESER were married Sunday (1916) at the home of the bride's parents. Ella is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John ECKHOFF who live near Macon. The groom is the second son of Mrs. Jennie WALSON of near Hildreth. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. L. KOSTBAHN of the Macon German Lutheran Church. Among the guests were Miss Minnie KIESER and the best man John ECKHOFF Jr. The happy couple accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. ECKHOFF and son John left Wednesday for a motor trip and visit with friends at Downs Ks.
     Martha ACKERMAN and Rik KIESER were married last Friday (1916) at the German Lutheran parsonage by the pastor, the Rev. L. KOSTRAHN. The bride is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Heys ACKERMAN, who live one mile north of Macon. The groom is the eldest son of Mrs. Jennie WALSON (in previous article) of near Hildreth.
     Anna UBBEN and Bill TJADEN were married Sunday (1916) at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John UBBEN. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. George TJADEN who are among the leading citizens around Macon. The newly wedded couple will go to housekeeping on the groom's father's place north of Macon.
     Tillie YELKEN and Hi FOLKERS were married (1919) at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John YELKEN. The Rev. John SCHAUM of the Macon Methodist Church conducted the ceremony.
     Katri JANSSEN and Eld EBKE were married 07 Apr 1923 at the groom's parent's home. Eld is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry EBKE who are among the leading citizens of Macon.
     Dora STEINKRUGER and Hippe J. YELKEN were married 15 Feb 1923 at the home of the bride's parents. The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. William STEINKRUGER. The couple will set up housekeeping on the home place of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. YELKEN, west of Macon.

Summer 1979     - 17 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 18 - Summer 1979
Early Franklin County Weddings cont'd.

     Marie JOHNSON and John F. JELKEN were married 10 Apr 1921 at the home of the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. John F. JOHNSON, in Macon. The ceremony was performed by Rev. L. KOSTRAHN of the Lutheran Church. The two newly weds will reside on a farm just southwest of Macon.
     Bertha L. SCHMIDT and Carl T. YELKEN were married last Saturday afternoon (1927).
     Grace DeJONGE and Herman WILKEN were married 17 Feb 1927. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. DeJONGE of Macon. The groom is from Hildreth.
     Anna KRUSE and John REIL were married in Apr 1928. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred KRUSE. The groom is from Hildreth.
     The following weddings took place in 1928:
Hannah KLEEN and Herman FRUHLING
Elizabeth DIENER and Harm DECKER
Elsie BLANK and Frank HAMILTON.
     Wilhelemena POPINGS and John DUERING were married Wednesday (1907-1908) at the home of the bride's parents located four miles northwest of Macon. Rev. Ludwig KOSTBALM performed the ceremony.
     Annie SANDERS and Jacob FRERICHS were married Sunday (Feb 1902) in the Lutheran Church near her home.
     Ruth HAYES and James JOSH were married (Feb 1902) at the home of her parents. They will live on the John CHAMBERLAIN farm.
     Licenses were issued to:
Trientje BIENHOFF and Tobias J. TOBTASSEN on 02 Feb 1917
Anna G. FRITSON and Mimke U. KLEEN on 06 Feb 1917
Ocje H. BRUN of Macon and John W. FRERICHS of Macon on 14 Apr 1917.

Vol 2, no 1 page 18 - Summer 1979
A-Submitted by Glenn Crouch, Meridian, Id
Source Nebraska Place-Names by Lilian L. Fitzpatrick (1960) and Hammond Citation World Atlas (1976)

Settled 1870. Organized 09 Mar 1871. Boundaries defined 16 Feb 1867.



Vol 2, no 1 page 18 - Summer 1979
Fred KOCH of Kolb, Russia, settled west of Campbell, Franklin Co. in 1878. In 1893 he married Catherine ADLER of Hastings and they had 5 children. She d March 1907. In Oct. 1907 he married Katie KIMBLE and they had 3 children. Mr. KOCH moved to Oregon in 1925.

Summer 1979     - 18 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 19 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, Lincoln


Clear Creek Cemetery, also called the Griffing Church Yard,
in Clear Creek twp 4 1/2 m E & 1 a N of Steinaurn. Copied by Ruth Ann Hicks 20 Sep 1974.

WILCOX, Agnes J. 1870-1932 Mo
     Chauncey R. 1870-1952 Fa

PARRISH, Joseph C. 22 Mar 182O-11 Mar 1894 Fa
     Ruth E. 25 Oct 1821-11 Feb 1869 Mo
     Wm. W. d 27 Nov 1875 ag 28 y 8 m 8 d
     R. P. 23 Nov 1806-9 Sep 1874 ag 67 y 9 m 14 d

GRIFFING, Harriet S wf of Rev G. L. d 18 Jan 1880 ag 45 y 2 m 22 d

SMITH, Kezia d 20 May 1873 in her 75 y

MITCHELL, Johnie R. son of C.C. & M.A. d 11 May 1879 ag 3 y 26 d

GRIFFING, George Lane 13 Nov 1824-17 Aug 1886
     Ruth Edith dau of G.L. & H. S. 19 Nov 1869-28 Feb 1885
     H. Benjamine son of G.L. & H.S. 10 Mar 1871-19 May 1892
     Lucy H. dau of G.L. & H.S. 25 Jun 1865-23 Jun 1894
     George V. son of J.T. & F.M. 7 Jan 1897-12 Apr 1897

CONKLIN, Henry d 3 Sep 1887 ag 57 y 6 m 10 d GAR marker

CLIFT, Phedora A. wf of C.A. 17 Jun 1855-28 Oct 1880

HERRICK, Walter W. 6 Dec 1875-1 Sep 1881 ag 5 y 8 m 5 d
     inf dau 27 Aug 1874 -30 Aug 1874; ch of M.A. & W.D.

PHILLIPS, inf dau of M.D. & J.W. d 9 May 1888 ag 21 hours

BECRAFT, Amy 7 Sep 1858-18 Jan 1892

LENT, Abram Will d 28 Oct 1871 ag 15 y 8 m

ELLIS, Sabbina d 12 Oct 1881 ag 36 y

HODGE, Charley d 11 Dec 1885 ag 1 m 27 d
      Henry d 22 Dec 1884 ag 2 m 26 d; ch of J.B. & A.D.

CARRITHERS, Walter G. son of J.A. & Susie d 22 Jul 1881 ag 3 y 24 d

SMITH, William 22 Jun 1826-24 Jan 1889
     Martha S. his wf 26 Aug 1836-15 May 1907
     James F. 28 Feb 1861-29 Jul 1915
     George T. 14 Sep 1862-26 Apr 1931

NEISON, Mathews 15 Oct 1824-21 Mar 1904
     Caroline his wf 3 Feb 1821 - 12 Apr 1905 from cemetery records

WILCOX, R. P. 25 Nov 1806-9 Sep 1874 Civil War Vet

BILLINGS, Emma E. d 16 Oct 1879 ag 19 y 5 m 20 d

MITCHELL, Arthur son of E.L. & M.U. 1 Apr 1883 ag 11 weeks

MORSE, twin sons of Williston & Anna

COVAULT, inf son of John & Zella 4 Aug 1887-4 Aug 1887

HARMAN, Altie 24 Mar 1895-17 Jun 1897
     Joseph 8 May 1845-30 Apr 1907
     Sarah J 21 May 1853-23 May 1925
     Stiles Albert 28 Sep 1870-30 Apr 1931


Pleasent Ridge Cemetery, Clay township 6 1/2 m S of Pawnee City.
This could be also Prairie Star, badly kept, weeds very high, stones broken and fallen over.

ANDREWS, Dudley d 6 May 1876 ag 86 y 2 a 6 d
     Mary d 22 Aug 1873 ag 66 y 4 d
     Ellen wf of D.C. d 15 Feb 1881 ag 29 y 10 m 18 d
     Ethel R. dau of A.D. & S.E. d 17 Dec 1884 ag 1 week

BOSTON, Clara dau of J. & C. 10 Sep 1874-14 Apr 1875

CRAMPTON, Sheridan 23 Dec 1871-30 Aug 187_?
     Sherman T. 28 Jun 1867 - 11 Jun 1874
     Eli G. 23 Mar 1870-8 Oct 187_?
     George E. 22 Dec 1864-27 Oct 1865
above 4 ch al of Eli & Lois
     John T. 24 Nov 1851-14 Mar 1912
     Ida A. dau of J.T. & S.J. d 30 Aug 1881 ag 11 y 6 m
     Levi Leslie son of J.T. & S.J. 15 Dec 1878 - 25 Jan 1879
     Eli 8 Jan 1823-3 Apr 1908; Lois 28 May 1830-7 Aug 1913

FREEMAN, Mary E. dau of C.W. & S.A. 5 Feb 1867-25 Feb 1867

JACOBS, Margaret L. 14 Jul 1813-17 Feb 1872 Mo
     inf dau of H. & M.E.

LEPLEY, Mellecent Mae inf dau of W.F. & Mae b 12 Feb 1903

MCCONNAUGHEY, Albert N. son of C.E. & M.S. 28 Jan 1885 ag 3 y 2 m 18 d

PRICE, Wm. 4 Oct 1811-14 Oct 1880
     Mary wf of Wm. 11 Jun 1812-20 Jun 1881

Summer 1979     - 19 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 20 - Summer 1979
Small Cemeteries in Pawnee County cont'd.

SWOGGER, Hattie dau of J. & N. d 6 Jan 1871 ag 3 y 6 m; Jacob 28 Jan 1872 ag 48 y 4 m 11 d

A cemetery 5 m S & 3 m E of Pawnee City, in South Fork township,
edged of a field and stones all down and mostly broken,
probably many more graves than could be seen; probably plowed under.
Copied 1 May 1974 by Ruth Anna Hicks.

BARKLOW, Myrtle May dau of A. & S.M. 8 May 1882 ag ? (broken)

BOSTON, ? wf of C.W. d 5 May 1882 ag __ __ 27 d

YOUNG, Ida Loantha dau of E.W.L. & S.E. d 19 Feb 1877 ag 24 d

Susie (stone broken)

Miller Cemetery, 1 m E & 2 1/2 m N of Table Rock in Table Rock twp, copied 1974.

BAUMAN, Henry son of Joseph & Madgalene 13 ? 1883-22 Aug 1884

CLEMA, Josephine wf of V. d 13 Dec 1878 ? ag 30 y

CUDA, our baby son of Charles & Dot b & d 12 Jun 1889

MILLER, Theresa dau of W. & A.M. d 10 Sep 1867 ag 3 y 3 m 5 d
     Anna Maria wf of Wm. d 4 Nov 1877 ag 54 y 13 d
     William 1817-1879
     Joseph 7 Mar 1872 - 17 Apr 1962
     Rose Theresa 4 Apr 1871-18 Jan 1958

OBRIEN, James d 26 Aug 1892 85 y ? ?

REUTER, Mary Anna 10 Apr 1835-11 Sep 1898
     Joseph 10 Doc 1833 - 27 Jul 1910
     Bertha Clara 7 Mar 1879-25 Jan 1962
     Joseph Peter 25 May 1879 - 21 Mar 1963
     Mathias B. son of J. & M. d 28 Nov 1879 ag 6 y 10 m 16 d

SHANNON, Mary Ann wf of Geo. A. d 21 Feb 1882 ag 47 y

GOODENKAUF, Eleanor wf of A.P. 1900-1921

MULLER, in memory of baby girl 30 Sep 1921

St. Peters Evangelical Cemetery, 7 m S & 2 1/2 m E of Pawnee City in South Fork twp.
Copied 1974 by Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks.

ROGES, Nellie dau of G.J. & H.W. 1888-1889

FREDERICK, George 18 Mar 1822-15 Mar 1893

HORN, Henry 9 Oct 1843-22 Jun 1911
     Marie 5 Apr 1881
     Chris 23 Feb 1886

HEILER, Sophie Katharine 14 May 1828-25 Jan 1879

KATZ, Christopher 20 Jul 1852-17 Jul 1913
     Doretta his wf 13 Oct 1856-5 Jan 1902
     Henry 14 Oct 1846-12 Jul 1884 (stone broken)

PLINKE, Carolina 22 Sep 1849-14 Oct 1917
     Heinrich 15 Aug 1815-1 Apr 1891

POPPE, Fr. Hrinich 22 ? 1816-28 Feb 1901
     Carl Heinrich 16 Jan 1852 - 12 Apr 1874
     Sophie 27 Jan 1818-18 Sep 1870

PETERS, Herman B. 23 Aug 1879-26 Mar 1909

ROBBINS, Henry 30 Jan 1843-25 Mar 1918
     Emelie 11 Oct 1848-5 Apr 1910
     Lena 20 Nov 1858-22 Mar 1921
     August 23 Doc 1852-10 Jul 1927

SCHULZ, Fr. 1812-1902
     S. 1825-1891

SHOULTZ, Bertha 26 Jan 1888 ag 18 y 11 m

WERNER, Henry 11 Jan 1871-29 Aug 1945 son
     Henry 4 Oct 1849-29 Nov 1915
     son of H. & R. 8 Nov 1849-4 Aug 1905
     Regina wf of Henry 28 Apr 1849-Feb 1928

Haynes Branch or Keiser Cemetery, 3 m E & 3 m N of Table Rock in Table Rock township,
now-part of a pasture, but there are indications of lots more graves and it has been vandalized in the past.
Copied 1974 by Mrs. Ruth A. HICKS.

MARTIN, ? 25 Apr 1882 ag 16 y 3 m 2 d (stone broken)
     Preston son of N. & S. J. 22 Oct 1888 ag 19 y 8 m 26 d

KEISTER, Nemrod 24 Mar 1824-8 Dec 1893

Vol 2, no 1 page 20 - Summer 1979

Alvin GRAMLICH came to NE Territory 1855, Children: Sam, Adams, George, John, Fred Louis & daus. Mrs. I. M. ELWELL, Mrs. B. LAKE, Mrs. E. RICE, Sarpy County.

Summer 1979     - 20 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 21 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Audrey Fate Whitcomb, Hastings, NE


Spring Ranch is in SW Clay Co on the Little Blue River and was site of the Old Oregon Trail, Wells Fargo, and Pony Express Station. Clay County Historical Society has a copy of the original records.
AR=Assoc: records, GM=grave markers.

CONLEY (CONLY), AR= Jas, Kr & Kra, Kra W.B. & son. GM= Sarah A. wf of James

CONLEY d 17 Jul 1884 ag 68 y 7 m 24 d; Veteran Service Star Marker 1861-1865.

SNODGRASS, Rose dau of W.P. & M.E. SNODGRASS b & d 2 Jan 1877

CARROLL, AR=Mrs & Mr. GM= O. CARROLL, Co A 26 Il Inf GAR 1861-1865

CONDON, AR=D.D, Mr Nelson

CARROLL, AR=Frank. GM= Phillip J. son of W.F. & H. CARROLL d 21 Jul 1882 ag 7 y 4 d; Mother Hattie wf of W.F. CARROLL d 19 Oct 1889 ag 33 y 4 m

WHITE, AR-- GIBSON, Andrew lot transferred to WHITE child dau. Steven Wesley

WHITE 1854-1933, Clara Matilda WHITE 1864-1920

OSMON (OSMOND) Wm, purchased 1889

CONRADT, Fred child, purchased 1887

ROBERTS, Mr/Mrs. Edwin ROBERTS d 8 Jan 1885 ag 37 y

MESTON, Alex Mr; Marker base remains on lot but body of Mr MESTON reported to have been moved from cemetery. Engraved top has been placed loosely in NE corner of cemetery with engraving Alexander

MESTON b 1 Feb 1838 d 1 Mar 1890.

STEWART, Wm. A 28 Mar 1858-28 Oct 1930; Elizabeth b 30 Apr 1858 d 15 Sep 1949


RHODES, William P. 1853-1927; Laura A. 1856-19_

CUNNINGHAM, Jane wf of John J 4 Sep 1870-7 Apr 1905 & ch

MATHERS, H. 2 babies purchased 1908

SMITH, S.P.C. child, purchased 1908

KRELL, Geo lot transferred

HARLAN, Edward David 1866-1928; Mary Ellen 1879-1968

PURDY, Wilford=AR, GM=husband & father Alfred James d 29 Mar 1914 ag 66 y

KEMP, Alfred T. 2 Oct 1876-12 Jun 1903

STEWART, John d 7 May 1897 ag 43 y 11 m 1 d; James d 3 Oct 1927 66 y 17 d & Sam

MCKEOWN, Thomas d 7 Mar 1929 ag 78 y 8 m 2 d

HLAVATY, Wm. fa & mo, bros, fa & Mo, 2 ch of John; Vaglav d 28 Nov 1877 ag 56 y; Mary d 1 Feb 1900 ag 63 y

BAINTER, Elizabeth wf of James d 7 Mar 1885 ag 48 y 10 m 15 d

ANDREWS, Elizabeth wf of J. d 3 Jul 1885 ag 38 y 4 m 5 d; Rhoda A. wf of Jeremiah d 8 May 1887 ag 25 y 9 m 26 d

BUCHANAN, P.L. (dau) two

CONDON, Kate L. wf of D.D. d 7 Apr 1885 ag 34 y 3 m 11 d

BURNETT, David (baby), purchased 1885

CARGILL, Susan wf of Robert d 29 Jun 1883 ag 42 y

PISHNA, Maria wf of Anton 18 Aug 1882-30 Apr 1908, baby Gertrude M. b 15 Jan 1902-d 10 Mar 1902; Records disagree

RANKIN, H. (child); N sid Mother, son 1915; purchased 1899

JACKSON, J. E. (child) purchased 1889

CONLEY, W. B. (Bruce) transferred to E.D. HARLAN/HARLAND


AIKMAN, Addison 11 Mar 1868-28 Sep 19061 Carrie E. 31 Mar 1875- Jan 1947; Loyde L. son of Mr/Mrs d 3 Sep 1897 ag 9 m 8 d

OVERY, Sarah & Emma in memory of Fa, Mo, bro & sis; purchased 1900

WILLIAMS, AR=S.W. Mr; GM= Robert A. b 29 Oct 1857 d 11 Jan 1879

CLIFTON, John Sr, Mr/Mrs; purchased 1901

JACKSON, Levi Mr/Mrs; purchased 1885

Summer 1979      - 21 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 22 - Summer 1979
Spring Ranch Cemetery cont'd.

SHORR/SCHORR, Magdalena 24 Jul 1831-3 Jul 1909; Rose Amelia CLIFTON (sic)

CLIFTON, Rose Amelia 1875-1963; John Wesley 1873-1943; Our son Arthur 1913-1914; Eugene W. 1930

BALDWIN, William S.1858-1918; Mary Frances his wf 1853-1922; Meester, Accy 1905

COBA, Andrew 1861-1914; Sarah 1852-1916

STRATTON, Hattie E. wf of H.M. 17 Apr 1865-7 Feb 1906

BOLLI, Salina wf of Hy 10 Jul 1856-2 Oct 1899 ag 43 y 2 a 22 d; APPEL, Charles W. 23 Jul 1887-23 Jun 1903 ag 15 y 11 a son

DERR, George W. d 27 Sep 1900 ag 66 y; Noah L. son 17 Feb 1899 ag 32 y

WHITCOMB, Nettie dau of L.C. & E.D. d 24 Mar 1885 ag 7 y 11 a 9 d; (also buried here in unmarked graves Father Lewis Cass 1849-20 Aug 1913 ag 65 y 6 a 28 d; son Carl Burton 1879-1920; Grdson Melvin L. KILLER d inf ca1890; verified by death certificates, family records & Livingston Funeral Records at Hastings City Hall. The WHITCOMB's are not recorded as burials in the Cemetery Records so they must be incomplete for if this is true of our family, it seems quite possible that others could be buried here also? Audrey WHITCOMB)


CRAWFORD, E. I. Co B 111th NY Inf, Vet 1861-1865

SCHENCK, W. R. Mr & son, purchased 1885

BRYANT, Maude dau of Louis N & M.S. d 13 Sep 1872 ag 5 y 7 m 20 d

OSGOOD, Niles child

HALL, Jas. child, purchased 1902

JONES, John W. d 25 Sep 1882 ag 69 y 10 m 13 d; Thomas J. son of J.W. & M. d 15 Mar 1885 ag 33 y 8 m; Margaret wf of John W. d 3 Oct 1894 ag 77 y

TAYLOR, James A. d 27 May 1882 ag 32 y 2 m 15 d; Elizabeth* A. wf of J.A. d 15 Mar 1885 ag 36 y 7 m (see No. 11 of a series of "Western Americana," "The Lynching of Elizabeth TAYLOR" by Jean WILLIAMS, The Press of the Territorial, Sante Fe NM)

BROWN, Ed child, purchased 1893

AUSTIN, E. D. purchased 1900

NUISILLARD?/NUIRILLARD?, Eli Mr, purchased 1900

IRELAND, Thomas Father, purchased 1885

KEMP, Lily dau 1884-1884; Bertha Mother 1857-1930; Thomas J. father 1846-1932

GARDNER, Josephine ch of Geo 12 Jan 1895-24 Jan 1895 =GR; AR= Wm.

ZEIGLER, Wm. H. b 2 Oct 1873 d 6 Jun 1900; 2 sons 1 dau

ALBER, 2 ch of A; Mary L. b 18 May 1896 d 7 Nov 1897

STEATHEM, Nettie M dau of Wm & I.M. STETHEM 17 Feb 1886-19 Feb 1886; Ina Mae 1866-1934; William 1855-1937

GROOM/GROOMS, Peter P. husband of Mary A. d 7 Feb 1890 ag 79 y

DAGGETT, Chas. child

DONALDSON, George d 21 Jul 1893 ag 58 y; Maggie d 4 Jan 1907 ag: 49 y (continued) ALBRIGHT, Thomas M. 26 Mar 1862-25 May 1915; Martha W. mother 1861-1942; Sarah T. ALBRIGHT OWENS 1866-19401 Anna M. ALBRIGHT MAX 8 Sep 1866-21 Feb 1976

WOODS, Emery baby, purchased 1916

MAUL, John baby; Herman inf; purchased 1909

RANKIN, Henry H. son of H.G. & S 1 Mar 1884-2 Nov 1909; Inf son of H.G. & S b & d 12 Sep 1898; Clarence son d 28 Apr 1918 ag 18 y 10 m 1 d; father Hiram G 1841-1922; mother Sarah his wf 1855-1915 (Sexton & Treasurer rec disagree)

STEATHEM/STEATHAM, Robert Sr husband of Elizabeth d 24 May 1898 ag 77 y 8 m

CASE, Joseph d 7 Nov 1894 ag 32 y 5 a 3 d=GM, AR=John

ALLISON, G. W. child, purchased 1893

BUTTERFIELD, Wm. wf, purchased 1908

DORAN, Elizabeth wf of Robert 17 Mar 1834-1 Mar 1901

Summer 1979     - 22 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 23 - Summer 1979
Spring Ranch Cemetery cont'd.

FOUTS, Daniel P b 16 Jun 1818 d 18 Dec 1895=GM; AR=Jo

CRAIGG/CRAIGH J. F. adopted son, purchased 1896

TATMAN, Fern dau of E.B. b 12 Feb 1889 d 11 Oct 1891; Roy 6 Sep 1882 d 20 Dec 1891; Earl 5 Aug 1885-5 Oct 1891=GM; AR=3 E.R. children


CELLY/CELLEY Rufus D. b NY 4 Aug 1816 d Spring Ranch 4 Mar 1882; Mathilda wf of R.D. d 20 Jan 1916 ag 94 y; Mattis d 3 Nov 1891 8 y 6 m; mother Gertrude wf of Geo. BRYSON d 7 May 1903 35 y (this lot enclosed with iron fence with GRAHAM)
GRAHAM, G. W. b 7 Oct 1855 d 6 Jun 1891

JACKS, Hattie M wf b 22 Jul 1855

BAKER, Alexander 1801-1880; Sarah his wf 1815-1880 (one of first in cemetery)

KNEPP, Cris (unmarked & one of first in cemetery)

Potters Field-no markers: Liston SHRILEY, Mr PRATT, Mr JEWETT, Mr FOWLER, Louis YOST, Ezra MORBLE child 1911


See plat or map of 1882.

Vol 2, no 1 page 23 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Marcia Lin Stewart, Lincoln

Births:                                Deaths:                  
John Henry LOSEE        20 Sep 1940    Frederick Ransom LOSEE   2 Jun 1913
Josephine Caroline ROLL 10 Apr 1848    Josephine Caroline ROLL 16 Dec 1922
Mina                    30 Mar 1873    John Henry LOSEE        17 Mar 1929
Charles Albert          23 Feb 1877    Charles Albert LOSEE     7 Jul 1956
Lorenzo Leroy           14 Dec 1878    Edna May BURTON          4 Sep 1963
Edna May                13 Aug 1880    Edward John LOSEE        6 Feb 1968
Edward John             26 Nov 1882    Lorenzo Leeroy          25 Jan 1971
Frederick Ransom         6 Feb 1885    Eva Irean SHAFER         7 Nov 1971
Eva Irena               21 Jan 1888
Miss Mina LOSEE and Mr. Geo. E. GARRIES     15 Aug 1894
Miss Edna LOSEE and Mr. Mont APPLING         9 May 1906
Miss Eva LOSEE and Mr. Maynard R. SHAFER     9 Feb 1910
Mr. Edward LOSEE and Miss Cora MCWHIRTER    21 Jun 1911
Mr. Charles LOSEE and Mrs. Inez STILL       25 Sep 1923

Marriage Certificates (not bound in Bible):

State of Illinois, County of Marshall: This Certifies that Mr. John H. LOSEE of La Prairie in the State of Illinois and Miss Josephine ROLL of La Prairie in the State of Illinois were at Residence of J. H. LOSEE in said County By me joined together in Holy Matrimony on the Fifth day of January in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Six. In Presence of the Bride's rather and Mother and Many Guests. (Signed) William WOOLLEY. State of Illinois, County of Marshall: This Certifies that Mr. John H. LOSEE of La Prairie in the State of Ills. and Miss Emma ROLL of Lawn Ridge in the State of Ills, were at Lawn Ridge in said County By me joined together in Holy Matri mony on the 6th day of March in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundrad and Seventy Two. In Presence of Mr. Charles ROLL and Miss Amelia WESSENSE(E).

(Signed) Josephus COLLINS, Minister of the Gospel.

Summer 1979     - 23 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 25 - Summer 1979
The Once a Week Literary Society, later known as Owls Club,

was organized in David City (Butler County) in October 1898.
Charter members:

Mrs. Evaline BARNS       Mrs. Vessie CROSTHWAITE 
Mrs. Ad& HALL            Miss Gertrude HUMPHREY 
Mrs. Helen KLOSTERMAN    Mrs. S. MYATT 
Mrs. Ida OSTERHOUT       Mrs. Clara PATRICK 
Mrs. Jessie REYNOLDS     Mrs. Hattie REINHARDT 
Mrs. Sadie RISING        Mrs. Belle RUNYON 
Mrs. Gertrude SCHAAF     Miss Laura WARD 
Mrs. Madessa WOLFE
Summer 1979     - 25 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 26 - Summer 1979
Submitted by: Rosalie Trail Fuller, Lincoln, NE
From the NEBRASKA CITY NEWS, Saturday, April 25, 1885 (in part)

McCook (Red Willow Co.), April 17... left McCook on last Wednesday morning in an open spring wagon, containing five other passengers, bound for the land office at Oberlin, Kan., to see what was to be seen, and if possible to become possessor of some of the promised land in $bleeding Kansas$. However, before leaving the town we will try and give you a bird's eye view of the same -on paper. McCook contains about 2,000 inhabitants, and is situated on a side hill, the site being a most beautiful one. The Lincoln Land company have put In water works, and the stores as well as the residences are all supplied with water in this manner* This is the end of the middle and western divisions of the Republican Valley road and the B. & M. company have expended a great deal of money to make it one of the prettiest towns in the state. The business houses and residences are nearly all constructed of pine and of the latest design. Occasionally, you see a house built of stone, but rarely. The residences are all surrounded by nice yards and present a very beautiful appearance. Our crowd was somewhat smitten with the town and would have located their claims near the sane were it possible. South of the town is the Republican river from which the water to supply the town is taken. It is not a very wide stream, but the water is clear and not impregnated with alkali as much as some of the streams in your portion of the country. We crossed the long wooden bridge over this stream and were on our way to Kansas.

The hotel accomodations at Oberlin are the poorest imaginable with bed bugs and fleas in abundance# We returned to McCook this afternoon and will start home in the morning. Every train brings a fresh supply of land seekers and the stages are kept busy day and night carrying them over into the state of Kansas in quest of some of that 'promised' land.

While strolling up the street to take a look at the two large skating rinks which have been erected in this place, we had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Wylie CORNUTT, of Culbertson, and Miss Bena TAIR, a former resident of Nebraska City, but who is now married to a prominent gentleman of this town, whose name we cannot just now call to mind. Both ladies were the perfect picture of health and had just come in from Culbertson. ---E.D.M.

Vol 2, no 1 page 26 - Summer 1979
Donated by: Nebraska State Historical Society, Lincoln, NE

NOTE: Not in chronological or alphabetical order

(Typed pages of information in the vertical files at the N.S.H.S.) Sheridan County

June 1889: Chas. BARESSE

4 July 1889: Ed HEPPACH; JOY; E. V. HEPPACH; Hon. CRAVATH.
     (Claim contesting) ___ MULFA, ___ TRIPP, ___ EDWARDS, ___ MINER, ___ WILLIAMSON of Hay Springs.
     C. C. AKIN of Rushville.

20 Oct. 1889: Karl KABDAL; MORE & SHEPHERD; W. P. MUSSER Co.

3 Nov. 1889: LAKESIDE REPORTER, 7th newspaper in Sheridan County. Mr. PAINTER, editor.

1889: W. B. McQUEEN, cashier of new National Bank.

Dec. 1889: Edmond JAMS here to prove up, he traded with the Indians here 40 years ago.

15 Aug. 1889 from AINSWORTH STAR, Sheridan Co. paying $1000 rent for court house privileges.

Feb. 1890: Bennett ERWIN, cattle stolen and slain.

Summer 1979     - 26 -

Vol 2, no 1 page 27 - Summer 1979
Names from the RUSHVILLE STANDARD Cont'd.

25 May 1890: ___ SELDER on Deer Creek.

7 Sept. 1890: Levi SHEEN 4 1/2 miles east of Rushville, J. L. FURNEANS 14 miles southeast of Rushville on Niobrara.
     Gordon without a newspaper.

7 Dec. 1890: Jim CLARK to furnish flour for Pine Ridge troops.

5 Sept. 1890: 78 pupils in Rushville schools.

28 Nov. 1890: HEPPACH'S ranch.

8 May 1891: Freese (?) SANDOZ

1892: Jim DAHLMAN rode range for NEWMAN in 1879. HUNTER ranch.

1885: Bob McCARTHY filed bond as justice of peace at Gordon - first in vicinity, W. W. WOOD, C. C. AKIN and
     ___ WESTONER proposed to commissioners to act as County attorney until Jan. 1886. WESTONER selected.


23 June 1893: Hail north of Gordon killed 6 Indians camping in tepee.

19 March 1926: C. PATTERSON; W. W. WOOD; W. H. MESLOAN.

9 Sept. 1895: Irrigation ditch opened at Pepper Creek on Mirage Flats.
     MESLOAN and ESTON were to speak but did not attend.
     D. F. Van FLECK of Rushville spoke.

26 March 1895: SANDOZ post office established with mail from Rushville to Grayson.
     Jules A. SANDOZ, postmaster.

18 Sept. 1895: Jules A. SANDOZ of Running Water precinct, unanimous choice of his precinct
     for nomination of Clerk of District Court.

Summer 1979     - 27 -

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