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Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Five, no. 1
Summer 1982

Vol V, no. 1, page 22 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Martha Osborne, Lynnwood, WA

Many residents of Grayson County, Virginia migrated to Madison, Cherry and Hooker Co's, NE in the late 1800's.

Book 1

Jonathan OSBORN m. Agneys WELLS, 24 Sept 1796 by Elisha BEDWELL
Reuben CORNETT m. Betsey BOWEL, 18 Dec. 1809 (marriage bond)

Samuel LONG m. Molly CORNETT, 12 Sept 1811/12 by Elisha BEDWELL
Aquilla GREER m Polly FIELDER 19 May 1814 by Elisha BEDWELL

James CORNUTT m Polly RANKINS 4 Dec 1814 by Elisha BEDWELL
Daniel DELP m Peggy COUCH 13 June 1813 by Elisha BEDWELL

Reuben CORNETT m Ceily PENDLETON, 16 Oct. 1815
Philip DELP m. Gincy WRIGHT, 5 Dec. 1822 by Jona THOMAS

Solomon OSBORN m. Hannah COX 14 Feb 1822 by Jone THOMAS
Peter DELP m. Sarah RUDY 12 May 1823 by Jona THOMAS

Jonathan JENNINGS m Clarissa GOAD 22 Feb 1827
Wm. FARMER m Polly BEDSAL d/ Daniel BEDSAL (marriage bond) 15 Jan 1828

Mathew FIELDER m Dorcas ISOM d/ John ISOM 25 Feb. 1825 (bond)
Jeremiah JENNINGS m Peggy ROBINSON d/ John ROBINSON 20 Sept 1826 (marriage bond)

William SCOTT m. Mary JAMES 27 Jan 1834 by Jona THOMAS
Jacob DELP m Elizabeth SAGE 14 Feb 1836 by Jonathan THOMAS

William BOBBIT m Celia JENNINGS 3 March 1836 by John VAUGHN
Alfred CORNETT s/ Reuben m. Elizabeth RUSSELL d/ Philip RUSSELL 20 Mar. 1837 (marriage bond)

Eli DANIEL m. Elizabeth SOUTH 7 Sept 1837
Thomas DALTON m. Mary JENNINGS 29 May 1833

Book II

p. 10 Mar. 16, 1863 Wm. B. OSBORN, age 48, single, born in Grayson Co. VA son of Wm. & Polly OSBORN, m. Sarah EVANS, age 28, single, born in Ashe Co. N.C. d of James EVANS marriage performed by Solomon OSBORN.

Vol V, no. 1, page 23 - Summer 1982

p. 7. 18 March 1860 Dannis FIELDER, age 50, widowed, born in Grayson Co. VA s/ Dennis and Delia FIELDER. m. Mary M. FIELDER, age 36, widowed. b. in Grayson Co. VA d/ Stephen and Milly BOURN. Marriage performed by Randolph FIELDER.

p. 12. 4 Jan. 1866 Leander BOYER, age 26, single, born in Grayson Co. VA. s/ John and Jane BOYER, m. Susan RECTOR, age 15, single born in Grayson Co. VA. d/ Jacob and Mahalah RECTOR. Marriage performed by S. CLARKE.

p. 14. 30 May 1866 Harvey BOYER, age 31, single, born in Grayson Co., VA. s/ Daniel and Susan BOYER. married Ann DUFFEY, age 24, single, born in N.C. d/ Richard DUFFEY. Marriage performed by John WALSH.

p. 15. 22 Nov. 1866 Floyd ANDERS, age 19, single, born in Grayson Co. VA s/ Thomas and Sarah ANDERS, m. Nancy OSBORN, age 21, single, born in Grayson Co. VA. d/ Enoch and J OSBORN Marriage performed by Stephen CLARKE

p. 16. 24 March 1867 John R. POOL, age 36, widower, born in Grayson Co. VA. s/ Jonathan POOL m. Missouri BOYER. age 22, single born in Grayson Co. VA d/ John and Jane BOYER. Marriage perfumed by Wm. O. REED.

p. 16. 4 April 1867 Harvey BOYER, age 19, single, born in Grayson Co. VA s/ S. & P. BOYER m. Mima AUSTIN, age 18, single, born in Grayson Co. VA d/ Wm. C. & B. AUSTIN. Marriage performed by Wm. 0. REID.

p. 18. 18 Aug. 1868. David GARRISON, age 73, widower, b. in Grayson Co. VA. s/ I & S. GARRISON, m. Charlotte CORNETT, 51, widow, born in Grayson Co. VA. d/ Denis and DELIA FIELDER. Married by Stephen CLARKE.

p. 19. 25 Jan. 1869 Daniel BOYER, 28, single, b. Grayson Co. VA s/ John & Jane BOYER. m. Liddy OSBORN, 19, single. b. Grayson Co. VA d/ Z. & J. OSBORN. M. by S. CLARKE, J.P.

p. 21 17 March 1870 E.J. FIELDER, 19, single, b. Grayson Co. VA s/ D. & P. FIELDER, m. M.M. DELP, 18, single. b. Grayson Co. VA. d/ L.& E. DELP. Marriage performed by J. LIVESAY.

p. 22. 30 July 1871 Isaac BOYER, 22, single. born in Grayson Co. VA. s/ Stephen & Polly BOYER, m. Sarah REEVES 17, single, b. Grayson Co. VA d/ Joshua & Anne REEVES. Marriage performed by E.F.S. COX

p. 28. 22 Oct 1874 Jon. K. BOYER, white, 26, single, b. in Grayson Co. Va. s/ John and Jane BOYER, m. Juncy PHIPPS. 22, single b. Grayson Co. VA d/ Jun. & M. PHIPPS.

p. 29. 27 Dec. 1874 John A. JAMES, 23, b. in Smyth Co. VA, s/ J.Y. & E.P. JAMES m. E.F. BOYER 18, b. in Grayson Co. VA. d/ S. & Polly BOYER. M. was performed by E.F.S. COX. John A. JAMES was a farmer residing in Wythe Co. VA.

p. 30. 7 Jan 1875 Harvey BOYER, 28, widower, b. in Grayson Co. VA s/ Stephen and Polly BOYER m. in Wythe Co. VA to Sally E. JAMES, 23, single. d/ James Y. and Eliza JAMES. Marriage performed by Jas J. PHILLIPS. Harvey BOYER living in Grayson Co. VA. Sally E. JAMES resided in Wythe Co. VA.

p. 31. 17 Oct 1875 A.P. MURRY 38, widower, b. Grayson Co. VA. s/ Thomas and G. MURRY, m. Mary GAMBILL, 27, divorced, b. N.C. d/ Wm. and C. JENNINGS. Married performed by S.M. DICKEY

p. 36. 19 Mar. 1878 John MURRY 17 single, b. in Grayson Co. VA s/ A. & C. MURRY m. Peggy ANDERS, 17, single, b. Grayson Co. VA d/ Thomas & S. ANDERS. Married by E.F.S. COX

p. 37. 29 July 1878 Stephen JAMES, age 26, single, b. in Smthe Co. VA s/ J.Y. & E. JAMES, m. Virginia BOYER 28, b. Grayson Co. Va. d/ J. & J. BOYER. Marriage performed by A.B. ELLIOTT

p. 40. 2 Jan. 1880 Robert E. MURRY, 17, single, b. in N.C. s/ A.P. & C. MURRY, m. Celia TAYLOR 21, single, b. Grayson Co. Va. d/ B. & N. TAYLOR married by Wm. 0. REID, Magistrate.

p. 41. 20 June 1880 James ANDERS, 22 b. Grayson Co. Va. s/ Bonney K. ANDERS, m. Laura WATSUN 17, b. Grayson Co. Va. d/ B.F. & Thursey WATSUN. Marriage performed by Elan James SHOEMAKER.

p. 41. 13 Aug. 1880 Henry ANDERS, 27, widow, b. Grayson Co. Va. s/ Thomas & S. ANDERS, M. Martha J. SHUMATE, 18, single, b. in N.C. d/ Jas & Nancy SHUMATE. Marriage performed by James SHUMATE, D.D.

p. 43. 30 April 1881 Enoch R. COX, 55, widower, b Grayson Co. VA. s/ Harden and Nancy COX m. Martha CROUSE, divorced, b. N.C. d/ Wm. and C. JENNINGS.

p. 45. 11 June 1882 Stephen BOYER, 22, single, b. Grayson Co. VA s/ Stephen and Polly BOYER m. Julia A. LAWSON, 21, single, b. Wythe Co. VA, d/ D. & A. LAWSON. Marriage performed by J. H. WEAVER

Vol V, no. 1, page 24 - Summer 1982

p. 46. 21 Oct. 1882 Enoch C. ANDREWS, 24, single, b. N.C. s/ R. & J. ANDREWS, m. Bettie MURRY 13 1/2, single, born Grayson Co. VA. d/ A.P. & C. MURRY. Marriage performed by Jas. SHUMATE.

p.48. 26 May 1883 Levi OSBORN 19, single, b. Grayson Co. Va. s/ W. & S. OSBORN, M. Jane RUTHERFORD, 21, single b. Grayson Co. Va. d/ F. & M. RUTHERFORD. Marriage performed by S. M. DICKEY

p. 48. 13 Oct 1883 J.M. JAMES, 25 single, b. N.C. s/ J.Y. & E.P. JAMES m. C.B. MEADE 24, born Scott Co. VA d/ I. & M. MEADE. Marriage performed by G.W. SUMMERS

Vol V, no. 1, page 24 - Summer 1982
Copied and submitted by Helen Peterson, Columbus, Ne and Violet Mohlman, Columbus, Ne


John WILL & Marie RICKERT, both of Platte Co. 5 July 1858 at house of Peter MEYER.
     Wit. Mrs. Ellen MEYER. C.B. STILLMAN, J. of P.

James E. NORTH & Nally S. ARNOLD, both of Platte Co. 17 Feb. 1859 at the house of Peter MEYER.
     Wit: Mrs. Ellen MEYER. C.B. SULLIVAN, J. of P.

Sorin MILLER & Mrs. Julia A. BEEBE, both of Platte Co. 24 April 1859 at the home of George SPAULDING.
     Wit: Cyrus TOLMAN & Lydia E. SPAULDING. C.B. STILLMAN, J. of P.

Charles BRIMER & Mrs. Mary LEECH both of Platte Co. 25 April 1859 at the house of F.G. BECHER
     Wit: John RECK & John RICKLY. C.B. STILLMAN, J. of P.

Adam DENK & Margaretha LOY both of Platte Go. 5 June 1859 at the house of Adam DENK.
     Wit: Josiah C. GASTON. Geo. HEWITT, Probate Judge.

Henry LUSCHE & Catharine NIESTEDT, both of Platte Co. 26 June 1860 at the house of the groom
     Wit: Henry and Mary RICKERT, by Henry MEYER, Teach. of the Gospel.

Charles A. SPEICE & Catherine BECHER, dau. of Gustavus BECHER, both of Platte Co. 31 May 1860 at the house of Francis G. BECHER.
     Wit: John BECK and Mary E. RICKLY. by C.B. STILLMAN, Mayor of Columbus and ex officio J. of P.

Francis G. BECHER & Mary E. RICKLY, both of Platte Co. 6 Nov. 1860 at the house of John RICKLY
     Wit: Gustavus BECHER and John RICKLY by Michael WEAVER, J. of P.

James McALLISTER, Jr. & Elizabeth POWELL both of Platte Co. 22 June 1861
     Wit: Jonas WELCH and Margaret SHACKLETON by Henry J. HUDSON, J. of P. for Genoa Prect.

Frederic GOTTSCHALK & Mrs. Margaretha DENK, both of Platte Co. 20 Aug. 1861 at the house of Mrs. M. DENK.
     Wit: John WILL & Mrs. Marie WILL by C. B. STILLMAN

Charles REINKE & Mrs. Margaret TILLING both of Platte Co. 20 Sept. 1861 at the house of the bride's father.
     Wit: Jonas WELCH and Michael TILLING at Genoa by Henry J. HUTSON, J. of P.

William B. HILL and Jenny WRIGHT both of Platte Co. 2 Oct. 1861 at the house of James L. JEFFRIES
     Wit: Michael SMITH and Lucinda JEFFRIES by Henry M. KEMP, J. of P.

Jonas WELCH & Margaret SHACKLETON, 25 Dec. 1861
     Wit: Joseph McFADDEN & Ellen WELCH

James DOTY & Jennette JONES, both of Platte Co. 5 Jan. 1862
     Wit: James JONES and Ann Jones

J.M.B. VANDEVERT & Cora TONCRAY both of Platte Co. 16 April 1862 at the house of R.W. CORSON
     Wit: Charles GERENTON and Walter C. STONE, by R.W. CORSON J. of P.

Levi EBY & Harriet PENN, 29 Oct. 1862 at the house of Thomas RUSSELL.
     Wit: Thomas RUSSELL and Angeline KEMP by H. M. KEMP, J. of P.

Joseph McFADDEN & Ellen WELCH, both of Platte Co. 12 Nov. 1862.
     Wit: R.P. KIMBALL and Susan SNEFFLAR

Henry HALL & Emma SMITH 11 Nov 1862 at the house of Mrs. C.R. BAKER in Platte Co.
     Wit: C.R. BAKER and G.C. BECHER by C.A. SPEICE, J. of P.

Nelson TURNER and Margaret STOW, both of Platte Co. 4 Dec. 1862 at Springville.
     Wit: Jacob COON and Abitha STOW by Joseph GERRARD, J. of P.

James HUTESON and Margaret FAIRLY, both of Merrick Co. 28 Dec. 1862 in the house of C. B. STILLMAN.
     Wit: C.B. STILLMAN and Jason PARKER by C.A. SPEICE, J. of P.

John DENEEN and Mrs. Mary SCANDLING both of Platte Co. 16 April 1863 at the house of David CARRIG.
     Wit: Thos. LYNCH and Mary A. HAYS by T.A. SMITH

Edwin EHRENS & Anna LOSEKE, dau. of John George LOSEKE. 21 April 1863.
     Wit: Mr. & Mrs. John George LOSEKE and Mrs. Kate SPEICE

Jacob FURMAN & Ann EBY both of Merrick Co. 21 June 1863 at the house of the bride in Merrick Co.
     Wit: Mr. & Mrs. Henry HURLEY and John EBY.

Jonathan JONES & Miss Pheby Jane GARDNER, dau. of Joseph GARDNER both of Platte. Co. 26 July 1863
     Wit: Joseph GARDNER and Katharena SPEICE

Vol V, no. 1, page 25 - Summer 1982
Early Platte County Marriages continued:

James BEAMAN & Miss Eliza M. HAGAR, both of Platte Co. 22 Aug. 1863 at the house of Robert CORSON.
     Wit: James BUTTOCK & Henry HAGAR.

Alonzo HUGGANS & Mrs. Malinda SMITH both of Platte Co. 26 Dec. 1863 at the house of William DAVIS.
     Wit: Wm. DAVIS and Noah CAUNN?

Uri BENNETT & Abigail W. TAYLOR, dau of James S. TAYLOR, both of Platte Co. 12 Jan. 1864
     Wit: J.S. TAYLOR and Mrs. A.W. TAYLOR

John LENNETT and Anna SIMMS both of Platte Co. 23 Feb 1864 at the house of C.A. SPEICE.
     Wit: Mrs. Kate SPEICE and Nathaniel STEVENS.

E.W. TONCRAY & Catharine RICKLY both of Platte Co. 13 March 1864 in the house of John RICKLY.
     Wit: I.N. TAYLOR and Isaac ALBERTSON

Henry (Heinrich) LOSEKE & Elizabeth KUMPF both of Platte Co. 28 June 1864.
     Wit: John HELD and Michael ERB

Benjamin F. McFARLEN Jr. & Carline BALDWIN, both of Butler Co. 26 June 1864 at house of James DOCATUR in Butler Co.
     Wit: J. HOBERT & F. C. JOHNSON

I. N. TAYLOR & Mrs. Sarah E. LAWTON both of Platte Co. 24 July 1864
     Wit: G.W. STEVENS And Mrs. Olive STEVENS.

George BERNE & Miss Rosena HENGGELER both of Platte Co. 27 Feb. 1865 in the house of William KELLY. by Rev. Wm. KELLY.

William WARREN & Miss Evaline BALDWIN, both of Platte Co. 10 April 1865 at the house of R.W. CORSON.
     Wit: Mrs. Lydia BALDWIN and Mrs. R.W. CORSON. by R.W. CORSON J. of P.

George LAWRENCE & Miss Charlotte A. SKINNER, dau. of Joseph SKINNER. 30 April 1865.
     Wit: Joseph SKINNER and Byron SKINNER by Jacob ADRIANCE, Minister of the Gospel.

James HANEY and Miss Johannah HANEY, both of Platte Co. 28 Nov. 1865.
     Wit: John HANEY John DRUEN & Miss Mary Jane SCHOOTMAN both of Platte Co. 8 Dec 1865

Frank J. NORTH & Miss Mary L. SMITH both of Platte Co. 24 Dec 1865 at the house of James E. NORTH.
     Wit: James E. NORTH & Jane A. NORTH

John W. ROBLEY of Appanoose Co. Iowa and Miss Sarah GERRARD of Platte Co. 6 Feb. 1866 at the house of Joseph GERRARD.
     Wit: C.B. STILLMAN and Joseph GERRARD by John B. MAXFIELD, Minister of the Gospel.

Robert M. FROST & Martha F. SIBLEY both of Platte Co. 26 Feb. 1866.

James MURIE & Miss Mary C. FARNSWORTH both of Platte Co. 28 March 1866

Clark COUNCEY & Miss Mary HAYS both of Platte Co. 29 April 1866

Washington FULTON & Mrs. Ellen McFADDEN both of Platte Co. 10 June 1866

William JONES & Miss Margaret GORMAN both of Platte Co. I July 1866 at the house of Henry LUDWIG.
     Wit: Mr & Mrs H. C. LUDWIG by Joseph GARDINER, J. of P.

J. H. GARDINER & Miss Elva HURLBURT both if Platte Co. 1 July 1866 in the home of Horace HURLBURT.

James M. HASHBERGER & Elizabeth FARREN both of Platte Co. 26 Aug 1866 by Lewis WARREN, Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

James HUDSON and Miss Ellen J. MASON both of Platte Co. 1 Oct. 1866.
     Wit: Washington FULTON and Ellen FULTON.

J.F.G. MILLS & Miss Laura A. WILLIAMS both of Platte Co. 16 Oct. 1866.
     Wit: Joseph SELTZER, Enos WILLIAMS, Mary DANIELS, Rebecca SELTZER & Catherine WILLIAMS

James A. MADISON & Anna C. KELLY, of Platte Co.
     Wit: B.S. KELLY 30 Oct 1866

Philander GRAVES & Mrs. Sarah RUSSELL, of Platte Co, 18 Nov, 1866 by Jacob ADRIANCE, Minister of the Gospel.

Jacob GUTER & Rosena EGGER both of Platte Co. 28 Nov. 1866
     Wit: Jacob ERNST, at the house of Hy J. HUDSON.

Thomas BRADY & Mrs. Margaret SMITH both of Platte Co. 24 Dec. 1866 by Rev. I. M. RYAN

Henry C. WILSON & Miss Catharine GRANT of Platte Co. 1 Jan 1867

N. H. BARTON & Miss Melisa P. COOK, both of Platte Co. 10 Feb. 1867
     Wit: Rich. COOK, John KELLY N.D. FOSTER, Savil S. COOK and J.B. KELLY

Peter WALCH & Margaret 0. CONNOR both of Platte Co. 5 March 1867
     WIT: Charles W. WHALEY and John BROWNER by Rev. J. M. RYAN, Pastor

Francis B. SKINNER & Miss Amelia L. GARDNER both of Platte Co. 16 April 1867
     Wit: Sarah HUDSON

James GORMLY & Mrs. Mary EGAN both of Platte Co. 22 April 1867 at the home of I.M. RYAN.
     Wit: Mr & Mrs Wm HOULIHAN

A. G. HAVEN & Miss Julia Ann MAGRUE, both of Platte Co. 4 June 1867 at the house of C.H. WHALEY
     Wit: Christopher WHALEY and A.E. SEVERN

Michael MEROHN & Miss Dora LUCAS both of Platte Co. 28 July 1867.
     Wit: F.A. HOFFMAN by A. MILLER, Justice of the Peace.

Will B. DALE & Miss Caroline J. RICKLY both of Platte Co. 9 Oct. 1867 at the house of John RICKLY.
     Wit: John RICKLY and F. G. BEECHER by Henry E. BROWN, Minister of the Gospel.

Vol V, no. 1, page 26 - Summer 1982
Early Platte County Marriages continued:

William S. SKINNER & Miss Isabelle GURLEY both of Platte Co. 21 Oct 1867 at the home of Augustus MILLER.

William R. BOWMAN & Miss Mary Hellen DAVIS both of Platte Co. 10 June 1867 at the home of O.T.B. WILLIAMS.
     Wit: Mr. WILLIAMS and Miss E.C. SHAW by Sam GOODALE, Minister of the Gospel.

Wm. ANDERSON & Miss Amy MARQUESS? both of Platte Co. 17 Nov. 1867
     Wit: Charlotte CRAWFORD

Wm. G. STRATHERS & Miss Adeline E. GERRARD both of Platte Co. 27 Nov. 1867 at the house of Joseph GERRARD.
     Wit: Samuel S. SMITH, James BROWN and Bishop B. KELLEY by Joel WARNER, officiating Minister.

Herman LOSEKE & Anna JOHANNAS both of Platte Co. 2 Dec. 1867
     Wit: Henry JOHANNAS

David OBRIAN & Bridget McCADE both of Platte Co. 7 Jan 1868
     Wit: M. RAGAN

Albert SKINNER & Margaret McALISTER of Platte Co. 19 Jan. 1868
     Wit: Stephen McALISTER and Lizzie LAWRENCE by James McALISTER, Justice of the Peace.

John MILLER & Mary EGGER, both of Platte Co. 26 Jan. 1868 at the house of Charles BREMER
     Wit: Frank BECHER and Charles SPEICE by E.W. TONCRAY, Probate Judge.

James A. HARM & Miss Margaret GRANT both of Platte Co. 18 Feb. 1868
     Wit: Mrs. HALGHAN? and Mrs. RAGAN

Albert KEMP & Miss Elizabeth A. BALDWIN 14 March 1868
     Wit: Sarah HUDSON

Frank McCORMICK & Miss M. Agnes CLOUGH both of Platte Co. 27 May 1868

George GALLEY & Miss Helen Mary Minerva PASKA 10 June 1868 in the house of George GALLEY

Samuel GALLEY & Mrs. Lettuce BRINDLEY both of Platte Co. 15 July 1868 at the house of Charles BRINDLEY

Gotthelf POLEMKE & Miss Bertha TARNOW both of Platte Co. 19 August 1868
     Wit: Mr & Mrs ERB.

Nathan WOODS & Miss Angaline HASHBERGER both of Platte Co. 22 Aug. 1868
     Wit: Geo. YOUNG and Jno CARL

William GERHOLT & Mrs Mary WYSS or (WIES) both of Platte Co. 1 Oct. 1868
     Wit: Martin HYNES

George E. BARNUM & Miss Carrie KIMBALL both of Platte Co. 25 Dec 1868 at the house of Guy C. BARNUM
     Wit: C. BARNUM

Sylvenus E. CUSHING & Sarah E. NORTH both of Platte Co. 24 Dec 1868
     in the presence of Maj. Frank NORTH and Mrs. Anna GOODALE

Charles E. MORSE & Miss Alphansine H. NORTH both of Platte Co. 24 Dec. 1868
     in the presence of Maj. Frank NORTH & Mrs. Anna G. GOODALE.

William LAMB & Mary RYAN both of Platte Co. 22 Jan. 1869
     Wit: Thomas RYAN & Miss McCAN

John BROWNER & Mrs. Margaret CURRY both of Platte Co. 6 Feb. 1869 in the Catholic Church in Platte Co.
     in presence of Mrs. CANN and Wm HOLSHAN by J.M. RYAN, Pastor

Danel KANE and Mrs. Bridget MACK both of Platte Co. 7 Feb. 1869
     Wit: Mr. & Mrs. James HANEY

Charles N. ABBOTT & Miss Martha A. GARDNER both of Platte Co. 12 March 1869

John J. RICKLY & Miss Amanda C. DARLING both of Platte Co. 22 April 1869 at the house of Mr. DARLING.
     WIT: C.A. SPEICE & W. B. DALE

Jonas HEDMAN & Miss Christine ANDERSON both of Platte Co. 29 May 1869
     Wit: Chs. THRUSH and Sarah HUDSON

Eligah A. MIERS & Miss Cadelia HERLEY both of Platte Co. 2 July 1869 at the house of C. W. TONCRAY.
     Wit: Elisha SHOEMAKER and Hety O. REESE

Elisha SHOEMAKER & Miss Hety 0. REESE both of Platte Co. 2 July 1869 at the house of E.W. TOYCRAY.
     Wit: Mr & Mrs MIERS.

Vol V, no. 1, page 26 - Summer 1982
Submitted by: Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, Ne

Source: Plat Book of Platte County, Nebraska
Compiled from County Records and Actual Surveys--1899

NAME                          POST OFFICE                       SEC.     Name                      Post Office                    Sec.
        BISMARCK Prect.
BENNING, Gus                  Columbus        farmer             34      BUSS, Henry               Columbus        farmer            8
DISHNER, F. J.                Columbus        farmer             36      FRESE, Rev. A.W.          Columbus                         11
GROTELUSCHEN, John            Columbus        farmer              2            Pastor of German Evangel. Lutheran Christ Ch.
RAKE, Heinrich                Columbus        farmer              9      HAKE, William             Columbus        farmer            9
JOHANNES, William             Columbus        farmer             12      JAMES, J.W.               Columbus                         29
KRUMLAND William              Columbus        farmer             18            Mgr. Platte County Poor farm
LOSEKE, Gerhard               Columbus        farmer             11      KREYE, Arnd.              Columbus        farmer             4
LUCHSINGER, Franz             Columbus        farmer             16      LOSEKE, Louis             Columbus        farmer             2
MUELLER, Rev. G.              Shell Creek                        24      LOSEKE, Herman            Columbus        farmer             2
    Pastor-St. John's German  Evangel.                                   LUESCHEN, Henry G.        Columbus        farmer             9
SCHREIBER, William            Columbus        farmer             22      SAALFELD, John            Columbus        farmer            18
WURDEMANN, John               Columbus        farmer              3      SCHULZ, W.D.              Columbus        farmer            15

Vol V, no. 1, page 27 - Summer 1982
Patrons' Directory, Platte County, Ne continued (1899)

NAME                          POST OFFICE                     SEC.      NAME                           POST OFFICE                          Sec.
      BURROWS prect.
ALBERS, P.H.                  Platte Center  farmer             30      HUGHES, Hugh                   lumber
COONEY, M.E.                  Platte Center  farmer             33      KOON, A. L.                    loans & insurance
EVANS, John T.                Platte Center  farmer             30      MAIER & KOTLAR                 Blacksmiths
GERMAN, F.S.                  Humphrey       farmer              2      MIESSLER, C.F.O.               physician & surgeon
MINTKEN, Edo                  Humphrey       farmer              2      PASCHAL, J.L.                  Editor of the "Telegram"
SAVIDGE Chas.                 Tarnov                            10      PLATH, G. A.                   Livery and feed
         farmer & custom      thresher                                  ROBISON, I. D.                 County Judge
CIELOH, Joseph                Platte Center  farmer             28      SCOTT, G.A.                    Prop. "Clother House"
EISENMENGER, A.               Humphrey       farmer              1      TIESING, Berthold              physician & surgeon
FANGMAN, J.H.                 Cornlea        farmer              6      WURDEMAN, Chas.                mgr. Columbus Planing Mill
LAMB, Geo. N.                 Platte Center  farmer             30      CLARK, T. R.                   Physician & surgeon
PAPROCKI, Joseph B.           Tarnov         farmer             15      FOSTER & SMITH                 lumber
SMITH, Arthur                 Platte Center  farmer             28      GEITZEN, J.B.                  Mgr. of lumber co.
THOMAZIN, Geo.                Platte Center  farmer             19      GOTTSCHALK, L. F.              civil engineer
WOLF, Arthur                  Platte Center  farmer             30      BAGEL & STEVENSON              PRODUCE
ZAVIGE, G.S.                  Tarnov                                    HELD, Louis                    blacksmith & wagon-Maker
     gen. merchandise                                                   KERSENBROCK, J.H.              Prop. of Columbia Brewery
VENERABLE, Sister Bartholomew Tarnov                            14      LUBKER, Henry                  farm machinery
     Sister Superior in Polish Cath. School                             MARTYN & EVANS & GEER          physicians for the railroad
WOLF, F. B.                   Humprey        farmer             30                                               & St. Mary's Hosp.
           BUTLER                                                       O'BRIEN, Wm.                   County Attorney
KOZLOWSKI, Peter              Duncan                             1      PHILLIPS, G.W.                 County Clerk
     groc. & gen. merchandise                                           REEDER & ALBERT                Attorneys
TAYLOR, R.A.                  Silver Creek   farmer             18      SCHROEDER, G.A.                mgr. Columbus Roller Mills
          COLUMBUS                                                      STENGER, F. G.                 retired farmer
BANASCH, Stephen              Columbus       farmer             13      WHITMOYER & GONDRING           Attorneys
BEAN, H.C.                    Columbus       farmer             34             CRESTON
ERNST, W. T.                  Columbus       farmer              8      BARRETT, Wm.                   Creston         farmer              9
GALLEY, George Jr.            Columbus       farmer             27      DEPE, John                     Bohett          farmer             33
HOLDEN, H.D.                  Columbus       farmer             21      HAKE, Hermann                  Bohett          farmer             33
LOUIS, Jacob                  Columbus       farmer             20      KRAUSE, August                 Creston         farmer             28
MORSE, C.E.                   Columbus       farmer              1      MEYER, Lena                    Creston         farmer             28
NICHOL, J.E.                  Columbus       farmer             23      OFE, Charles                   Creston         farmer             16
POEFFEL, P. jr.               Columbus       farmer              4      SCHROEDER Albert               Creston         carpenter          30
RODEHORST, H.                 Columbus       farmer              1      SEVERIN, Fritz                 Leigh           farmer             13
SISSLE, Henry D.              Columbus       farmer             14      WARNSTEDT, A.H.R.              Leigh           farmer             13
WOLLBERG, R.                  Oconee         farmer             10      DECKER, Willis                 Creston         farmer             30
BARNUM, G.C. & T.E.           Columbus                          36      FRIEDRICH, K.A.                Creston         farmer              9
          farmers & cattle breeders                                     HELD, Jacob                    Leigh                              36
DODDS, Wm. F.                 Columbus                          13            farmer & fruit grower
        farmer & Livestock breeder                                      LAKE, J. L.                    Creston         farmer             33
GALLEY, John J.               Columbus       farmer             33      NICHOLS, I. J.                 Leigh           farmer             14
GATES, I.E.                   Columbus       farmer             21      REINS, Fritz                   Leigh           farmer              3
LISCO, R. G.                  Columbus                          26      SCHURR, John                   Creston         farmer             10
        farmer & Co. Commissioner                                       TAYLOR, J. L.                  Leigh           farmer             12
LUCKEY, Fred                  Columbus       farmer              2      WHEELER, S. J.                 Creston         farmer             22
NEWMAN, Wm. J.                Columbus                          26             CITY OF CRESTON
        farmer & livestock breeder                                      EVENS, J. H.                   Prop. of Creston House
PHILLIPPS, H.A.               Columbus       farmer              3      PETERSON, A. M.                Gen. Merchandise
REED, H.B.                    Columbus       farmer             18      THOMPSON, R.B.                 Attorney
SCHEFCIK, I. F.               Columbus       farmer             36      ZELLER, A. J.                  retired farmer
WINSLOW, H.M. &son            Columbus       farmer             16      PARKS, J. Frank                Contractor & Builder
         CITY OF COLUMBUS                                               SHORT & McKEE                  livery
BECHER, Jaeggi                real estate, loans, insurance             WAGNER, C. E.                  Publisher of "Statesman"
BUCHER, Wm.                   resident                                          GRAND PRAIRIE
BYRNES, J.C.                  Sheriff of Platte Co.                     ADAMS, John                    Creston         farmer              1
ELLIOTT, H.S.                 County Treasurer                          BRUEN, D.L.                    Humphrey                           14
GARLOW, C. J.                 Attorney                                               poultry farm
GLUCK, I.                     Real estate & broker                      GENTLEMAN, Wm.                 Platte Center   farmer             20
GRAY, S.C. & C.C.             hardware dealer                           HERTMAN, C.                    Platte Center   farmer             27
HEINTZ, A.                    Prop. of Columbus elect.                  JELDEN, John                   Columbus        farmer             35

Vol V, no. 1, page 28 - Summer 1982
Patrons' Directory, Platte County, Ne continued (1899)

NAME                          POST OFFICE                    SEC.     NAME                             POST OFFICE                      Sec.
          GRAND PRAIRIE Prect.
KELVE, Joseph A.              Humphrey      farmer             6      ZACH, Franz                      Humphrey        farmer
MAURER, J.S.                  Humphrey      farmer            10      ZACH, Ignaz                      Humphrey        farmer
ROEDIGER, Rev. Edmund Humphrey                                 5      ZACH, Vincenz                    Humphrey        farmer             31
          Pastor of St. Mary's                                  CITY OF HUMPHREY
WALTER, Henry                 Platte Center farmer            32      BLOEDORN & BETHSCHEIDER,         Prop. of Blacksmith
WEMHOFF, Clemens              Humphrey      farmer             8      COOKINGRAM & McALLISTER          lawyers
WENDT, Frank                  Humphrey      farmer             4      CONRAD, Geo. W.                  agent for CROWELL Grain Co.
WIESER, Vincent               Humphrey      farmer            17      DUFFY, Geo. W.                   publisher of "PlatteCo.
BECHER, D.A.                  Columbus      farmer            36                                               Democrat"
BODMER, Alfred                Humphrey      farmer            14      FELDMANN, Rev. Bartholomew,      Pastor German Cath.
HELLBUSCH, W. C.              Creston       farmer            13                                          Church of Tarnov
HOESLY, M.                    Platte Center farmer            16      FORSAITH, W.                     Prop. of Granville Hotel
JOHNSON, Heye                 Humphrey      farmer            11      GILSDORF, Jos.                   Prop. of Midway Saloon
LUCHSINGER, Martin            Humphrey      farmer            10      HERBES & WERNER                  Prop of Humphrey Tubular Well Works
MORROW, E. C.                 Platte Center farmer            33      BUNKER, H. & Bro.                Lumber dealers
SCHELP, Wm.                   Platte Center farmer            28      KETELSEN & BONES                 Prop. of Steam Brick Plant
WALTER, George                Platte Center farmer            32      KURZER, Rev. Florence,           Cath. Priest
WEMHOFF, Joseph               Humphrey      farmer             3      LACHNIT, Jos.                    Prop. of Capital Saloon
WETGEN, A. F.                 Platte Center farmer            34      LEACH, E. H.                     Prop. of City Restaurant
WIESER, M.                    Humphrey      farmer            18      MARTYN, Bey                      Cashier at Citizen's Bank
            GRANVILLE Prect.                                          McKINLEY, J. C.                  Physician & surgeon
BENDER, Peter Jr.             Cornlea       farmer            32      SWALLOW, C. H.                   Editor of "Humphrey Democrat"
BENDER, H. C.                 Cornlea       farmer            30      TIESKOETTER, W.H.                Prop. of Commercial Hotel
BROCKHAUS, Frank              Humphrey      farmer            36      VOSE, W. H.                      Physician & surgeon
BUNKER, John                  Humphrey      farmer            15      WALRATH & SHERWOOD               Lumber dealers
CLAYMON, Herman               Humphrey      farmer            10      OTTIS & MURPHY                   Banking
COUCH, E. J.                  Cornlea       farmer            32              JOLIET PRECT.
GILSDORF, Guido               Cornlea       farmer            18      CLARK, M. J.                     Humphrey        farmer             12
GILSDORF, Mathias             Cornlea       farmer            18      HUMPHREYS, W. E.                 Postville       farmer             34
HALE, D.A.                    Humphrey      livestock         25      JENSEN, Peter                    Lindsay         farmer             17
HEESACKER, Cornelius          Humphrey      farmer            26      JONES, Wm. R.                    Platte Center   farmer             25
HEMMER, Nicholas              Cornlea       farmer            18      JONES, Thos.                     Postville       farmer             26
KLATTENBURG, George           Cornlea       farmer            28      JONES, Owen                      Postville       farmer             16
MEREK, August                 Cornlea       farmer            20      LLOYD, David W.                  Postville       farmer             10
Melcher, John                 St. Bernard   farmer             4      MOCK, Daniel                     Lindsay         farmer              6
NIEBER, H.                    Cornlea       farmer            19      NELSON, N. P.                    Postville       farmer             21
OLMER, Richard                Humphrey      farmer            24      NIELSON, J. C.                   Lindsay         farmer             18
SMITH, J. W.                  Humphrey      farmer            36      PARRY, Owen                      Postville       farmer             25
TERNUS, John                  Humphrey      farmer            21      PETERSON, Peter C.               Lindsay         farmer              7
TERWILLEGAR, Ohs              Cornlea       farmer            30      PETERSON, Andrew                 Lindsay         farmer              8
VAN DYKE, Nick                Humphrey      farmer            15      RUZICKA, M.D.                    Lindsay         farmer              3
WEGENER, Herman               Humphrey      farmer            24      STENZEL, W.                      Lindsay         farmer             30
           HUMPHREY Prect.                                            THOMAS, David                    Postville       farmer             26
ALDERSON, W. A.               Humphrey      farmer             9      WILLIAMS, R. J.                  Postville       farmer             22
BENDER, John W.               Humphrey      hog dealer        22              CITY OF LINDSAY
BRAUN, J.                     Humphrey      farmer            30      ERICSON, Peter                   retired farmer
BROCKHAUS, Joseph             Humphrey      farmer            31      HOWARD, Thomas
DIXON, Elsworth               Creston       farmer            25      JOHNSON, John P.                 farm  machinery dealer
ENGEL, Antona                 Creston       farmer             1      KOCRENDERFER, U.S.               Owner of Lindsay Hotel
FUCHS, Ferd.                  Humphrey      farmer            29      PAINTER, Sam K.                  dealer of gen hardware
GRAVES, R.R.                  Humphrey      farmer            34      RIEDE, Peter P.                  dealer in wine, liq. cigars
HARPER, J. R.                 HUMPHREY      farmer            20                 LOST CREEK            Prect.
LOHAUS, Henry                 Humphrey      farmer            18      ARNDT, Wm.                       Platte Center   farmer             24
PRANG, Gus                    Creston       farmer            14      FELDMAN, Rev. Bartholomew,       Humphrey
REITZ, John                   Humphrey      farmer             7           Pastor German Cath. Church
REMENDER, Fred                Creston       farmer             2      HARMS, Diedrich                  Platte Center   farmer              5
ROLLMAN, Albert               Humphrey      farmer             4      KEELER, John                     Platte Center   farmer             18
SCHMID, Frank                 Humphrey      farmer            17      LOSEKE, Wilhelm                  Platte Center   farmer              4
TOUGH, D. H.                  Humphrey      farmer            27      MAHER, Ed                        Platte Center   farmer             13
VEITH, Ignatz                 Humphrey      farmer            26      MYLET, Thomas P.                 Platte Center   farmer             22
WARD, James                   Humphrey      farmer            19      TESSENDORF, Albert               Platte Center   farmer              5
WEBSTER, I. H.                Creston       farmer            10      TESSENDORF, Gustave              Platte Center   farmer              7
WATTS, Chas.                  Monroe        farmer            18

Vol V, no. 1, page 29 - Summer 1982
PATRONS' Directory, Platte County, Ne continued (1899)

NAME                          POST OFFICE                   Sec.      NAME                             POST OFFICE                      Sec
            LOUP Precinct
BLAZER, Hector                Duncan        farmer            22      BURKE, John J.                   Platte Center   farmer             21
EISENMANN, John               Duncan        farmer            19      GROSSNICKLAUS, John              Columbus        farmer             24
KUMMER, J. G.                 Duncan        farmer            17      IVES, A. H.                      Columbus        farmer             35
            MONROE Prect                                              KUNNEMANN, H. L.                 Columbus        farmer             12
ANDERSON, Robt. C.            Genoa         farmer & shipper  18      LACKEY, John                     Platte Center   farmer             32
BAKER, James                  Monroe        farmer            14      LUESCHEN, J. D.                  Columbus        farmer             25
BECKLAM, Wm.                  Monroe        farmer             2      MARK, John                       Platte Center   farmer              5
CEDAR, P.P.                   Genoa         farmer            30      OZIAS, L. P.                     Columbus        farmer             25
DANNALS, E. B.                Monroe        farmer            10      RICE, Myron A.                   Platte Center   farmer             22
ERICSON, J.                   Monroe        farmer             2      STEMS, J. F. Sr.                 Platte Center   farmer              4
FELLERS & GILLAN              Monroe        farmer            10      STEMS, J. F.                     Columbus        farmer             10
GERTSCH, P.                   Platte Center farmer             1                  SHERMAN
GLEASON Bros.                 Monroe        farmers           27      ASCHE, B. H.                     Leigh           farmer             12
HART, Bros.                   Monroe        farmer            10      ASCHE, W.                        Leigh           farmer             14
HODGE, John A.                Genoa         farmer            32      BARJENBRUCH, Henry               Leigh           farmer             10
HYATT, N. Secor               Monroe        farm  & insur     26      BONING, Fred                     Neboville       farmer             22
JENKINSON, D.W.               Monroe        farmer            36      BROCK Henry Jr.                  Neboville       farmer             22
LAWSON, John H.               Genoa         farmer            16      BROCK, John                      Neboville       farmer             26
MAGNUSSON, 0.                 Monroe        farmer            10      BRUGGER Bros.                    Neboville       farmers            26
MATSON, A. E.                 Monroe        farmer            11      DASENBROCK, Fred                 Leigh           farmer              3
MOHR, John                    Genoa         farmer             5      DAVIS, F. E.                     Boheet          farmer              8
OLINE, Mrs. M.                Monroe        farmer             3      DOERSCH, John                    Neboville       farmer             22
PEARSON, Nels                 Genoa         farmer            21      FRANK, Rev. L.                   Leigh           Pastor St. Paul's
PERDUE, A. E.                 Monroe        farmer            15             German Lutheran Church                                        2
POLLARD, W. M.                Genoa Potato  farmer            17      GROTELUSCHEN, Wm.                Creston         farmer              7
RUSSELL, Albert               Monroe        farmer            24      GROTELUSCHEN, Gerhard Leigh      farmer                             25
SACRIDER, J. E.               Monroe        farmer            24      GROTELUSCHEN, Henry              Columbus        farmer             36
SIPPLE, Wm.                   Monroe        farm. &rel est    10      HEMBD, Lulius                    Creston         farmer             18
         CITY OF MONROE                                               HERCHENHAN, Gustave              Neboville       farmer             14
ALEXANDER, Geo. F.            owner of livery, feed                   HOLLMAN, D.                      Boheet          farmer             28
                                    and stable                        JENNY Bros.                      Neboville                          24
COLE, W. C.                   dealer of hardware, machinery                   farmers & cheese makers
      and owner of Monroe Feed Mills                                  LITTELMANN, J. H.                Boheet          farmer             28
GERRARD, E. A.                owner of "Looking-Glass                 LOSEKE, Louis                    Neboville       farmer             36
                                    paper                             LUDTKE, H.                       Boheet          farmer              5
LIGHTNER, S. W.               Dealer in building matls.               LUESCHEN, Herman G.              Boheet          farm.& postmast.    8
SACRIDER, H. I.               real estate, loans & ins.               MACKENSTADT, F.                  Leigh           farmer             12
STROTHER, R.G.                Editor of "Republican" and              REESE, Wm.                       Boheet          farmer             20
                                     P.O.                             ROBERT, L.                       Leigh           farmer             10
       CITY OF PLATTE CENTER                                          ROSCHE, Gerhard                  Boheet          farmer             20
BLOEDORN, Wm.                 dealer of hardware & farm               SCHULZ, Henry                    Creston         farmer              6
                                 machines                             STAAB, John                      Boheet          farmer              4
BURNS, H. C.                  mgr. of Edwards & Bradford lbr.         WENCK, Theodore                  Boheet          farmer              4
CARRIG, Henry C.              real estate                             WILKE, Henry                     Boheet          farmer             28
GRUENTHER, C.M.               cashier of Platte Co. Bank              WURDEMAN, Herman                 Leigh           farmer             12
      and editor of "Platte Center Signal"                            WURDEMAN, Wm.                    Leigh           farmer             13
HANSEN, Hamer A.              physician & surgeon                     WURDEMAN, J.H.                   Boheet          farmer              9
HANSEN & DARK                 druggists                               WURDEMAN, R. H.                  Boheet          farmer             10
KEHOE, K. A. dealer grain,coal, & mach.                                          ST. BERNARD
KRAFKA, Anton carpenter-joiner, painting                              BORN, Otto                       St. Bernard     farmer             10
MOFFETT, John                 real estate, insurance                  BOLLINGER, W. G.                 Lindsay         Rector Lutheran
NEELY, E.E.                   owner-Plate Center Roller Mills                                                               Church         2
ORLSON, & STONE               Livery, feed & drayage                  DIEDERICH, M.                    St. Bernard     farmer             10
PINSON, Robert                postmaster & town clerk                 FRANCISCAN Fathers of St. Bernard                                   11
PUGH, Geo. F.                 physician & surgeon                     HAUCK, Bernard                   St. Bernard     farmer             16
SCHEIDEL, George              farmer                                  HEIMANN, Jos.                    St. Bernard     farmer              3
VAN ALLEN & HEYL              Pruducers' Elevator                     JENSEN, Chris W.                 Lindsay         farmer             31
        SHELL CREEK                                                   KOEPPE, M. John                  Lindsay         farmer              4
BAKENHUS, Henry               Columbus      farmer            14      McCARVILLE, Hugh                 Lindsay         farmer
BEHLEN, Fred                  Columbus      farmer             1      RAMAEKERS, J.W.                  Lindsay         farmer              7
BENTHACK, P. L.               Platte Center physician         11      SUEPER, John                     St. Bernard     farmer
BRUNKEN, Johan                Columbus      farmer             2

Vol V, no. 1, page 30 - Summer 1982
Patrons' Directory, Platte County, Ne continued (1899)

NAME                          POST OFFICE                    Sec.     NAME                             POST OFFICE                      SEC.
       St. Bernard cunt.                                                    Woodville, cont.
SUMP, Chas                    Lindsay        farmer            8      CURRIER, J.W.                    Woodville       farmer              7
WESTPHAL, A. H.               St. Bernard    farmer           14      DEVINE, John                     St. Edward      farmer             20
          WALKER                                                      FINCH, Will                      Woodville       farmer             18
ANDERSON, Ludwig & C.A.       St. Bernard    farmers          17      HAU, Geo.                        St. Edward      farmer              5
                                                                      HAZLITT, John                    West Hill       farmer              1
ANDERSON, Ed                  Looking Glass  farmer            2      JAMES, J.E.                      St. Edward      farmer             28
ATKINSON, Nils                Looking Glass  farmer           10      JOHNSON, Laurets                 Palestine       farmer             22
BORG, G.A.                    Looking Glass  farmer            2      JUSTUS, L.                       St. Edward      farmer             33
DAHLSTEDT, E.J.               St. Edward     farmer            5      KEITH, J. R.                     St. Edward      farmer             28
ENG, OSCAR                    St. Edward     farmer            6      KIERNAN, Jas.                    St. Edward      farmer
GIBSON, Swan J.               Newman Grove   farmer           31            county commissioner                                           10
HOLLORAN, Dan                 Lindsay        farmer            1      MIDDLETON, Geo.                  Genoa           farmer             10
JOHNSON, Grant                Looking Glass  farmer            4      PEARSE, Swanty                   West Hill       farmer             12
KAMRATH, Frank                Newman Grove   farmer            3      PETERSON, H.F.                   St. Edward      farmer              6
LENGREAN, A.A.                Looking Glass  farmer           33      PETERSON, Jno. J.                Palestine       farmer             22
MATSON, Peter                 Looking Glass  farmer           34      ROLF, A.G.                       Palestine       farmer             35
NELSON, F. J.                 Newman Grove   farmer           17      SCHMIDT, T. Arnold               St. Edward      farmer              8
NILLSON, N.N.                 Newman Grove   farmer           28      WELIN, Peter                     Palestine       farmer             36
OLSON, Hans                   Newman Grove   farmer           14      WERNER, H.                       St. Edward      farmer              3
OLSON, Nils                   Looking Glass  farmer            3      ZIMMERMAN, John                  St. Edward      farmer             34
           & postmaster
PETERSON, Nils                Looking Glass  farmer           11                MISCELLANEOUS
ROOD, John                    Looking Glass  farmer           10      GRAVES, L. V.                    real estate & notary public Leigh, NE
SALESTROM, Andrew &Peter      St. Edward     farmers          17      STOCKS, L. G.                    real estate & Loans Genoa, Ne
SELANDER, Frank                Newman Grove  farmer           32      WALKER, Bros.                    owners of Newman Grove Roller Mills
STONE, Charles                Looking Glass  farmer            2
ABRAHAMSON, John              Palestine      farmer           26
BERNDT, John                  Palestine      farmer           26
CLARK, Roy                    St. Edward     farmer            7
CROSIER, Geo.                 St. Edward     farmer           28

Vol V, no. 1, page 30 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Eldon Meisinger, Plattsmouth, Cass County, NE
Precinct         Cemetery                               General Location 
Salt Creek       Sheffer Pioneer           1 1/4 miles West of U.S 6 northern Pct boundry, midway 
                                           between Greenwood and Ashland 
South Bend       Wortman (Private)                                  West side of Interstate 80 
                 Hill (Private)            1 mile South of South Bend 
                 Riverview (South Ben)     1 mile SE of South Bend, on blacktop 
                 Trinity Lutheran          Southern edge of Pct. North of Murdock 
                 Emanuel (Ger. Evang.)     SE corner of Pct. NE of Nurdock 
Louisville       Riverview                 East edge of Louisville 
Eight Mile Grove Glendale                               East of Louisville, North side of Highway 66 
Plattsmouth      Oak Hill and Holy            Western edge of Plattsmouth, on west side of US. 77-75 
                 Pleasant Ridge (Horning)  South of Plattsmouth, approx. 3 miles E. of Mynard 
                 Billings (abandoned)      In Plattsmouth at 9th St. & 8th Ave. 
Greenwood        Greenwood                 South of Greenwood 
                 Belmont                   Central part of Pct. 3 miles North of Alvo 
                 Alvo                      SE part of Pct., just North of Alvo 
Elmwood          North Elmood (abandoned)  NW part of Pct. NW of Murdock 
                 Callahan                  SW of Nurdock 
                 Wabash                    SE of Murdock, NW of Wabash 
Center           Immanuel Loth.            N edge of Pct, SW of Louisville, 1/2 mile W of Highway 50 
                                                 on church road. 
                 St. Patrick's             North edge of Pct. SE of Louisville, NE of Manley 
Mount Pleasant,  Grandview (abandoned)     2 miles N, 2 1/2 East of Weeping Water 
West Rock Bluff  Eight Mile Grove          NW corner of Pct. 
                 Young                     NE part of Pct. 1 mile North of Murray junction 
                                                                          east of US. 73-75 

Vol V, no. 1, page 31 - Summer 1982
   Precinct         Cemetery                             General Location 
West Rock Bluff  Otterbein                 SW corner of Pct. north of Nehawka 
                 Lewiston                              BE area, S. of Murray, I mile E of U.S. 73-75 
EAST Rock Bluff  Dom (abandoned)           NE corner 
                 Clemmons                  NW corner of Beaver Lake, west side of Pct. 
                 Rock Bluff                SE portion of Pct. 
                 Kanosha (abandoned)       SE corner of Pct. 
Tipton           Camp Creek                I mile W, 3 miles N of Eagle 
                 Dunkard                   1 mile S of Alvo 
                 Wright (private)          I mile East 1/2 mile north of Eagle 
                 Eagle                                    2 miles East of Eagle, south side of US 34 
Stove Creek      Elmood                                north edge of Elmwood, West side of Highway 1 
Weeping Water    Oakwood                   Northern edge of Weeping Water 
                 Avoca                     1/2 mile west of Avoca 
Nehawka          St. John's                NW of Nehawka 
                 Mt. Pleasant              north of Nehawka 
Liberty          Buck                      NW corner of Pct. 
                 East Union                I mile E of U.S. 73-75, north of Union 
                 West Union                                 west of Union, 1/2 mile south of U.S. 34 
                 Dysart-Hoback (abandoned) SW portion of Pct. 
                 Sciota                    SE corner of Pct. 

Vol V, no. 1, page 31 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Cindy Steinhoff Drake, Avoca, Ne


The following information was taken from the Cass County School Superintendent Records which are on file at the Cass County Courthouse in Plattsmouth as well as being on microfilm in the Nebraska State Historical Society Archives. The original record gives the age of the student, the number in each family and the legal description of where the family resided. The parent or guardian is given in capital letters with the student's name in lower case letters. Only children between the age of five and twenty-one were listed.

Joseph GRAHAM    W.Z. DAWSON      Ellis          Frank           Flora 
Ralph            Kate             B.C. MARQUARDT Nora            Thomas 
O. TEFFT         Fritz HEINE      Louisa         Joe             Melvin Beard 
Clarence E.      Henry            Emma           J.D. TOMPKINS   H.A. RUHGA 
Robert WILKINSON Fred             Lena Brower    Robert          Emma 
Lenna            Mary             J.B. BETTS     Albert          Willie 
C. COCHRAN       Dora             Joe            Rosetta         Charles 
Mabel            Anna             Frank          W.M. ROWLAND    Fred Behrmann 
Cyrus            Otto             Alice          Mary            J.B. CARTER 
F.B. BUESCHING   J.W. BROOKS      Della          Calvin          Nettie 
Geo. A. Ost      Otto             John           A. SHELDON      Emmet 
G.W. DAVIS       Hattie           Fred           Carrie          Jordon ANDREWS 
Myrtle           Dick KOSTER      Edna           Esther          Thomas 
A.A. BARDEN      Lena             J.F. BRENDEL   Lucian           
Bert             Chris. Steffens  Mattie         D.W. FLESHMAN    
Alden            Jacob OPP        Grace          Attie            
Chas. PARKER     John             Onis           Sarah            
Lillie           Stella           Geo. WALZ      James            
Walter           P.P. PECKHAM     Emma           Clarence         
Leonard          Lulu             Anna           Annie            
Alfred           John             Minnie         Richard          
John             Mabel            Delia          E.B. QUINTON     
G. HATE          S.S. SRIVEN      P.A. DOWNS     Edith            
Fred             Bertha Johnson   Maggie         Mamie            
Jesse            M.D. MARQUARDT   Andrew HIGGINS J. CONRAD        
F.W. RUHGE       Louis            Annie          Clarence         
Herman           Ede              Wm. ALLEN      Detloff BANNICK  
John             Minnie           WM.            Fred             
Gustave          selma.           Geo.           Lizzie           
Sophia           J.F. KAUFMAN     James          Thomas MOZINGO   
Sophia Gollner   Wilhelmena       Albert         Charles          
Fred BARTELL     C.A. KAUFMAN     C.C. SHERFEY   Oliver           
Henry Emshoff    Chas. A.         John           Nora             

Vol V, no. 1, page 32 - Summer 1982
Submitted by D. JoAnn Schiefelbein, Wichita, KS
From Hamilton County Atlas of 1903

Sect. No. Name
1.  A.G. ISAACSON          13. H. J. PERRIL           21. Elizabeth EDGAR Est. 
    church                     B.C. PEDERSON              Fredk. LARSON 
    John M. PETERSON           Peter LARSEN               Jas. PETERSON 
    Frederika SWEDBERG         T. HANSEN                  R. PETERSON 
    C.O. LARSON                Peter C. HANSEN            C.A. POWERS 
    Nels PETERSON          14. Hans J. JOHNSON            J.F. ADAMS 
    P. G. PETERSON             H.P. JOHNSON           22. John EICHELBERGER res 
    C. T. ANDERSON             L.C. PEDERSEN              Aaron EICHELBERGER 
2.  C.J. ERICKSON              J.P. JONES                 B.A. HIATT 
    A. JOHNSON                 A.E. SCHERTZ               E. J. WHITTEMORE 
    G. ISAACSON                J.A. SCHERTZ res.          Martin KOHTZ 
    John H. ANDERSON           Peter LARSEN               F.R. KOHTZ res. 
    Newton POTEE           15. Edward JOHNSON             M. SHANEYFELT 
3.  D.E. DANHAUER              Chris NELSON           23. Joseph A. SCHERTZ 
    Samuel HILLIGAS            A.W. HICKMAN               Peter LARSEN 
    S. I. BENSON               J.P. JONES                 school 
    C. WILSON              16. M.V. FISH                  A.E. SCHERTZ 
    Rosetta VAN CLEAVE         A.M. JOHNSON               M. SHANEYFELT 
4.  James NICKELS              F.A. FARLEY                James R. RYBY 
    John ELLIS                 J.L. FARLEY            24. Nels ANDERSON 
    D. E. DANHAUER             Joseph LAND                A.L. ANDERSON 
    J. B. GLETZER              W.S. LONG                  Ernest STEGEMAN 
    J.P. PETERSON              J.J. FARLEY                Peter HEMINSON 
5.  Myrtle P. ATWOOD et al     R. COX                     Chris LUFF 
6.  John TURNALL               (Marquette)            25. Chris LARSEN 
7.  Myrtle P. ATWOOD et al 17. M.W. JAMES                 H.T. OLSON 
    Mary E. HAYES              Peter TUNALL               H.J. THOMPSON 
8.  Myrtle P. ATWOOD et al     Peter HEDBLOWN             Peter ANDERSON 
    George A. REYNER           D.F. HARQUIST              L.H. HANSEN 
    A.P. ANDERSON              J.J. FARLEY            26. J.M. STALNAKER 
    J.L. OBERT             18. David HIXSON               Michael LEIBHART 
9.  Minnie CUDNEY              E.W. LARSEN                H.E. LEIBRART res. 
    J.B. GLETZER               J.P. BUTE                  F.L. CLOTHIER 
    H.D. HALL                  H. J. WILLIS               Roy NEWELL 
    Peter HEDBLOM              M.W. JAMES                 Peter ANDERSON 
    A.M. JOHNSON           19. P.G. HIXON                 school 
10. Margt. MAY                 W. ZINGSHEM            27. J.W. HERBIG 
    Nelly NICHOLSON            E. G. REYMERS              F. W. KARR 
    J.D. FERGUSON              R. K. HUGHES               Neils ERICKSON 
    Erick NELSON               school                     Caroline HERBIG 
    cemetery                   W. ZINGSHEIM               F.L. CLOTHIER 
    Joseph MOIST               Geo. MOORE             28. R.H. LINE 
11. Isaac KEMBLE               W.M. COLLICOTT             Joseph WARNEKE 
    Della BENTON               R.K. HUGHES                Joseph COLLINS 
    John G. GWARTNEY       20. Wm. A. TARBELL             P.M. RYAN 
    John KEMBLE                C.A. ADAMS                 D. F. HARTQUIST 
    H.P. JOHNSON               T. N. ADAMS                A.O. HARTQUIST 
    N.P. JOHNSON               D.E. MERIDITH          29. John M. PETERSON 
12. school                     Chas. GREEN                Peter HEDBLOM 
    Mary NUGENT                Fredk. LARSON              J.F. ADAMS 
    Nels PETERSON              T.N. ADAMS                 W.T. ZIGLER 
    Jos. A. RUBY           21. Myrtle P. ATWOOD et al     Fredk. HERBIG 
    Peter LORENZEN             D.T. GREER                 Joseph WARNEKE 
    P.A. PETERSON              (Avon)                     Chas. MIDEKE 
13. Saml ANDERSON              A.W. HICKMAN               school 
    Peter LORENZEN             Jas. PETERSON          30. A. CARLSON 

Vol V, no. 1, page 33 - Summer 1982
1903 Hamilton County Atlas continued:

30. O.W. CARLSON           32. Rex GOTHE              34. S. LARSON 
    W.A. TARBELL               Daniel FYE                 Geo. P. KAUFMAN 
    John M. PETERSON           cemetery                   A.S. MATHER 
    N.I. NEANDER               church                     Wm. LEMMONS 
    P. SANGEY              33. P.M. RYAN              35. Sakarius LARSON 
    Morton KEE                 D.F. HARTQUIST             Jas. ARMSTRONG 
31. Chas. MIDEKE               D.F. HARTQUIST             M.M. KAAE 
    G.A. DANIELSON             W.C. CHAMBERS              Rollo GOTHA 
    John CARL                  E.J. HAINER            36. J.W. LANE (lease) 
    Joseph WARNEKE             Dolos KEARNS               Chris FEDDERSON 
32. Morton, LEE                E.G. SICKMAN               Peter NISSEN 
    B.F. BOSSINGHAM        34. Geo. RUSSELL               L.P. LARSON 
    John CARL                  W. LEMMONS                  

Vol V, no. 1, page 33 - Summer 1982
Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, Ne
From: The Omaha Bee, Douglas County, Ne. January 4, 1911

     Name and address                          School         Year 
Thomas ASTLEFORD, 2794 South Ninth St.         Bancroft       1904 
Philip BLEECK, 4010 North 25 Ave.              Saratoga       1898 
Walter BRACE 4101 North 28 Ave.                Monmouth Park  1897 
Robert BUNSER, 2924 North 25 St.               High           1896 
Opal BURKS, 1622 Clark St.                     Kellom         1902 
Charles Reed CAMPBELL, 3004 Elm St             Windsor        1894 
Mirtha CARNEY, 2112 Chicago St.                Central        1903 
Bernice CLARKSON, 2403 North 22 St             Lake           1901 
Thomas P. COGAN, 3507 South 20 St.             Vinton         1900 
Herman DOHSE, 1901 Ontario St.                 Vinton         1898 
Ledia FULLER, 1523 Marcy St.                   Leavenworth    1903 
Burth HILL, 2530 North 19 St.                  Lake           1904 
Irene HINMAN, 3420 North 25 St.                High           1896 
Luella JACOBSEN, 2744 Maple St.                Howard Kennedy 1898 
Fannie JENSEN, 2721 Spalding St.               Lothrop        1900 
Theodore JOHNSON 1816 Charles T.               Kellom         1898 
Raymond MANWARREN, Seventeenth and Webster St. Cass           1902 
William D. McCULLOCH, 3434 Sahler St.          Monmouth Park  1901 
Irene NELSON, 1902 South 29 St.                Dupont         1904 
Ellen NORDSTROM, 4736 Seward St.               Walnut Hill    1902 
Arthur O'BRIEN, 2226 South 18 St               Castellar      1902 
Mary O'HALLORAN, Fifth and Spring St           St. Patrick    1897 
Floyd OVERHAUSER, 3338 Manderson St.           Monmouth Park  1897 
Dorothy PAYNE, 1516 North 41 Ave               Walnut Hill    1904 
Sebastian PICCOLA, 1603 South 5 St             Lincoln        1901 
Fred PLEULER, 1417 Pierce St.                  Comenius       1895 
Mary PULLMAN, 3229 Pinkney St.                 Howard Kennedy 1905 
Mary PAGER, 1120 North 40 St.                  High           1895 
Tracy SALLANDER, 4206 Brown St.                Central Park   1905 
Edward SCHLOTFELD, 5603 North 16 St            Sherman        1896 
Catharine SEWISS, 563 South 28 St.             Farnam         1897 
Richard H. SHANNON, 3323 Seward St.            Franklin       1896 
Clifford SHIELDS, 3508 North 28 St             Sacred Heart   1904 
Oscar SHIRLEY, 2806 Dodge St.                  Farnam         1902 
Anna STOCK, 1207 Chicago St.                   Cass           1895 
Karimira SZCZEPANIAK, 424 Locust St.           Im. Conception 1899 
Leroy WEBURG, 2710 Ames Ave.                   Saratoga       1905 
Horton V. White, 1728 South 32 Ave.            Park           1905 
Albert WITZIG, 3427 South Thirteenth St.       Vinton         1897 
Walter WOODROW, 2715 Fowler Ave.               Saratoga       1899 

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